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We posted a video similar this one on our Facebook page during TTAG’s DDoS attack. I’m posting a better view here to highlight the French police’s piss-poor performance at the kosher supermarket attack for our main page readers. It really is a total disgrace. One that Dan and I predicted when we heard that 1500 police had surrounded the crime scene. French army jokes aside, this cock-up proves there comes a point in policing when too many resources creates chaos. We saw it in the circular firing squad in the wake of the Boston bombing. We’ll see it again the next time there’s a terrorist attack in the U.S. I mean you’d hope ANY of our SWAT teams would do a better job than this. But I wouldn’t count on it, if you know what I mean. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. One of the all-time worst examples of police tactical bafoonery was the Jeffrey Dorner cop killer hunt in CA. OMG! It’s a pickup that might be close to the color of Dorner’s truck that he may or may not be in…fill it full of lead!!

    The videos of the police surrounding the cabin that he was holed up in before they torched it was hilarious. Watching cops run up to the tailgate of a truck, stick their M4 around the truck and fire a few shots blindly, “pew, pew, pew!”, then turn and run back to where they came from…pure comedy gold!

    (disclaimer 🙂 I’m very pro cop and come from a long line of law enforcement.)

  2. The more dangerous aspect of this is our enemies observing our reactions and then planning to take advantage of it. That is, one or two relatively small incidents as diversions to occupy the vast majority of resources available. Then the actual attack. For example, diversionary explosives at one or two ‘important sites’ in DC, resulting in resources reacting to the sites as well as increasing security at all other ‘important sites’. Then an attack on a soft target like a mall or school.

    • Much like the attack in Norway, with an explosion occupying everyone in the city while the shooter walked around unimpeded on an island, shooting as he pleased.

      • I predict something happening in UK or Germany waayy before anything happens in the USA. Years of regional wars have allowed weapons and explosives to leak all over Europe. In France, Belgium and Germany the EU itself estimates 2x more guns than they know about in circulation. Also, in those countries and the UK, the Muslim unemployment rates is 30% to 40% depending on the source you read.

        There are a lot of idle hands and minds who are angry and have nothing to do. The Eurozone will see more attacks before we do. I also read about an anti-immigrate sentiment that is about to boil over. The Eurozone will get ugly come summer.

        • You give the Euros too much credit. Did you not see the pictures of the 4.7 million person march in Paris? They will continue to tolerate and subjugate. We’re a long way off from them doing something substantitive about their home grown extremists (Islamists or anti-immigration). The anti-gun culture is strong over there. They’d rather submit to a quasi-police state than see their own citizenry armed. Period.

    • All the more reason to carry so if something were to distract leo and military you won’t be completely helpless

  3. “I mean you’d hope ANY of our SWAT teams would do a better job than this.”

    They’d get the entry right, but at the wrong address.

  4. You have already seen this kind of screw up in the Navy Yard shooting. You had a bunch of different SWAT teams showing up and getting into a turf discussion. You also had Navy Master at Arms, i.e., Military Police on a military installation who could have effectively dealt with situation without every calling in the civilian LEOs. This is the sort of “everybody wants to play” syndrome that led to Goldwater-Nichols in the 1980s.

    • While monitoring the events at the Navy Yard Shooting, I learned from my wife that her friend’s husband is on the U.S. Park Police was responding. I heard that and said, “WTF? Over? Why are they doing that?” My wife wanted to know if I was responding (I am a Fed and was posted in DC at the time) So I went to the TV and watched as every fat ass Fed in or out of a uniform show up in their Fedmobiles and strap on their tacticool gear stowed in their trunk and tooled up with their accessorized M4 just to run to the scene and be filmed on the perimeter by the rabid media. The best was watching these Barney Fife’s strut around with their guts hanging over their 5.11’s and holding those M4’s in the one armed, straight trigger finger, weapon up pose that is almost mandatory when barking orders at passing motorists while in front of those cameras. Then the cameras cut to a squad of REACT Marines with M16A2’s and soft covers moving inside the fence, responding to suspected locations of the shooters. Their weapons carried at the ready, moving efficiently with hand and arm signals. What a difference they presented to the Fed’s outside (and I am a Fed). It was embarrasing. I was embarassed for me and my chosen profession.

      It really is time to reorganize things, law enforcement things, in the US. We’ve gotten out of hand, focused on the wrong solutions (buying tacticool gear) and forgotten what it is we are supposed to be doing (our actual jobs). I don’t know how to get it back in shape, it’s so far out of whack. You guys here, really have only the vaugest ideas of how bad it is. Most of it is misdirected conspiracy theory (the GOV is buying up all the ammo to limit the supply and skyrocket the price). LOL. Never attribute genius to what is actually incompetance. Because that is mostly what you see (Benghazi).

  5. I respectfully disagree. These guys are not combat troops, they very likely have not encountered a situation quite like this, so what you are seeing is cherry men who haven’t had to effect entry full speed real time. Does it excuse the fact that only one man effected entry, while the rest crowded the fatal funnel? No. However, this is what AARs are for, and I’m certain that if they are professionals in any way, shape and form, they’re learning from this so that mistake isn’t made again.

    If this was the Legion, I wouldn’t expect this style of issues. But they’re not, and training only takes you so far. The guys that were there are now more apt to corrections and refinement than any other French police or domestic counter terror unit, and likely will not allow the same mistakes to be made.

  6. I’m confused, that guy they all did mag dumps into in the door of the supermarket… was he a cop or the terrorist? I couldn’t tell and it doesn’t look like they could either. Also, gotta love the noob in the bottom right who squeezes his arm between two others and empties his pistol into the guy in the doorway after he had already gone down and the corpse had stopped twitching. Guess everyone wanted a piece of the action. Its like in high-school football when a linebacker comes running from the opposite side of the field and jumps on the pile after the guy with the ball has already been tackled.

    • That’s exactly what I was wondering, if it was the lone cop that went in now coming running out because a grenade went off

    • That was the terrorist. I think the guy being carried off in the next segment (looked like his leg was hit) was the guy who courageously (unintentionally) entered all by himself. I have to say, amid all the poking of fun, I don’t know that the doorway was not filled with automatic weapons fire as soon as he went in, thus dissuading further entries until the mag dump ended. Likewise, I don’t know how many rounds hit his shield before he was hit in the leg.

  7. How many entries has RF done? This is a classic Monday morning QB job being called from a news snippit. You’re out of you league here RF. Just stop, and stick to what you know.

      • I’m saying that RF doesn’t have the relevant experience to call it one way or another. I’m saying he didn’t have the point of view of the entry team. I’m saying it he had the luxury of watching this after it happened at calling out what went wrong.

        There are far too many guys like RF who are experts in things they’ve never done, never will do, and know nothing about. There are guys on the field who have to make plays, adapt to changed circumstances, and they have to do it in real time where consequences are deadly, they’re final.

        So yeah, RF should SHTF and stick to reviewing AR widgets.

        • “So yeah, RF should SHTF and stick to reviewing AR widgets.” lol

          Do you mean, RF should SHTF, or RF should STFU? LOL

          Hmm…..your point’s well taken…and well demonstrated. Perhaps you should just read, and leave the blogging to the professionals.

        • I just don’t see how he’s wrong. Monday QB or not, that was a bad entry. You don’t have to any real experience to say that was a bad entry. Saying that you need experience to have a say in if that was a fuck up is like saying that you need to be a rocket scientist to say that the Challenger was a fuck up.

        • So, by your logic, no one but an experienced politician can recognize a flawed law, no one but current/former professional football player can recognize a blown play, and no one but a certified mason can recognize a poorly-built foundation. Interesting world you live in.

        • I was an air winger in the Marines. Wasn’t exactly kicking in doors every day, or any day really. But the ONE thing I do remember about MOUT training at MCT, is that you get out of the doorway. Everyone anywhere who has been taught anything about entry knows this, so RF is right.

    • dano,

      We can all plainly see that one guy going inside while all of his comrades stand outside is an awful operation. Further, we can all plainly see that having 20 people on both sides of the door without assigned shooting lanes is insanity. Those guys are lucky that they didn’t shoot each other because they were certainly aiming at each other.

      You never let one man run inside alone. They should have had four guys go in initially (with assigned shooting lanes) and followed up with additional waves of four to six guys to maintain security/control on the back side of the guys on point. This isn’t rocket science.

      And, no, I am not a high-speed low-drag operator. I simply have a brain.

      • If you have a brain you’d know what you don’t know and you’d stop pretending like you know something you don’t know. You weren’t sticking your face through that door, nor did you have a view inside that store. But keep going on about the expert you are in things you’ve never done.

      • I saw one other shield, and it was not in position to enter, blocked by many without shields, who IMHO had no business entering at that point. I did love the enthusiastic mass entry just as soon as 400 rounds had been dumped into the threat at point blank range. Keep defending those “pros”, you can probably convince anyone who has not seen the video.

    • No, what this actually is is another example of another sniveling apologist — i.e. YOU — wanting to silence dissent and nay-saying from the citizenry in order to pay homage to a particular moment of laughable incompetence.

      If anybody should be sticking to what they know, it’s you, and that’s probably writing parking tickets.

      • I don’t write parking tickets, my main job task is warrant service and execution of court orders. The dissent you talk about is coming from a bunch of guys who think a CCW permit makes them an expert in something other than filling out a gov’t form.

        It must be nice to go John Madden on the replay.

        • or… you know… The large chunk of us that spent time clearing buildings against threat of automatic weapons fire and IEDs… You know… The people with actual combat experience rather than a glorified wet-nurse.

    • Come on. RF writes a blog while sitting in his virtual basement. He is an expert on evrrything. I am sure that he would be able to evade the AK rounds from the BG right in front of the doors. And solve opening a gate and bawky sliding door while getting shot at cause he is an expert. And since GIGN is considered one of the best SWAT teams around I am sure all his critcism is correct and he has done countless entries. Cause he is an expert.

      HONESTLY – TTAG has just about run its course. Unique in the begininng it now has inane reviews and troll posts like this one by RF. I am sure its about time RF will sell it to some sponsor and move on. He has run out of steam.

      • It’s not hard to figure out that they botched the entry, and I have serious doubt as to this even being the GIGN. You don’t have to be a mythical “Only One”, contrary to what you obviously think, to see just how badly this was conducted.

        Better yet, let’s see your credentials. I have serious doubts that you yourself even have any to start with. By that token, you should definitely STFU yourself.

        HONESTLY — The credibility of the “BUT YOU WEREN’T THERE!!1!1!!11!” crowd (which includes you in case you didn’t catch the hint) never existed and their churlish attempts at squashing dissent never carried any weight. It still doesn’t and they still don’t; it never did and they never will.

        TTAG hasn’t “run its course” and hasn’t even come remotely close. In fact, it has even yet begun to fight — and I bet that really pisses you off.

      • Pikes, see uncommon_sense’s post above.

        The truth is that these police are lucky they didn’t kill each other – and I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out in the near future that they killed some hostages.

        No offense, they need better training.

        Your comment is like: I say Peyton made a bad pass (which he did) and you say, “have you ever played QB in an NFL game”……… That I have not does not change the fact that Peyton tossed a stinker.

        • No, it’s like saying you didn’t have the view of the field that Manning had. You didn’t have to do anything in real time. You didn’t have to calculate the 21 other moving objects on the field and what they might do. Oh, and you had all of about 2 seconds to come to the conclusion of when and where to throw the ball if at all throw the ball.

          It’s easy from the armchair, and it’s easier on a monday after you’ve watched the play a dozen times in 3/4 speed.

        • @Dano
          … How much training does it take to know that you send the grenade in the door before you send your entry team in? (Not the other way around.) Or how about not stacking up entry teams directly opposite each other? The execution was piss pour, but it’s clearly a case of bad planning meeting bad doctrine.

          Quite frankly a brand shiny new set of 0351s straight out of Pendleton would not have jacked this up nearly as badly.

      • You know, I have never seen RF claiming to be an expert on everything, I have seen him claim to have opened a forum where actual experts can clear up questions about firearm related subjects. Several above spent my reading time ranting against someone critiquing this “performance” without offering a single bit of information themselves, just simply an obnoxious troll attempting to stir up trouble. Waah! Waah! WAAH!! Look at me! Look at me! Look at ME!!!

      • “HONESTLY – TTAG has just about run its course.”

        And yet you still keep right on reading it.

        Tell you what, dano – Start your own own blog and dazzle everyone with your brilliantly written tales of serving paperwork.

    • Don’t need to do any breaches to see how mucked up this one was.

      Brand new soldiers and Marines fresh out of boot camp do a better job.

      • To be fair, I’d send them to SOI first… But your point is well made. The tactics deployed here show an abhorrent lack of planning and training. It’s one thing for the situation to go tits up when the lead starts flying, it’s another thing altogether when the initial breach and entry was so poorly planned. (I mean seriously, entry teams stacking up opposite each other? Really?) This looked more like a counterstrike replay than an actual operation by people who knew what they were doing.

        • One thing I haven’t seen questioned, who raised the screen inside the door? Watch the video, there was a shield where I cannot imagine one of the entry team reaching the controls, yet the shield rose, and the lone entry guy ducked under it. I suspect the terrorist then opened up full-auto, but can’t tell. That would pretty well explain why there were no followers for a couple moments, then the perp cooperated by charging into 3,000 cops forming up into a circular firing squad, probably with an empty gun. Did the perp open the screen to precipitate the awarding of 72 Virginians plus or minus? How did that happen?

        • @LarryTX: The door could be open from outside, that’s what the store manager do. There’s a box outside with a key. I can’t see it, but I’m sure one of the RAID team guy was turning the key.

          And yes, from the reports and interviews I saw, the terrorist emptied (apparently 2 magazines) his AK-47 right after the first guy enter, and that’s why the rest of the team covered and did shoot back. The whole building had explosive that apparently was neutralised during the assault by the first guy, that got shot in the leg.

          There was 4 dead hostages prior the assault. Confirmed at least 2 hours before the assault, including by the terrorist himself on an interview he gave over the phone and confirmed later by the other hostages. The terrorist killed them immediately when he came in. One thing to note is that apparently one hostage tried to respond immediately to shoot back (carrying a gun… legally or not, we don’t know) but he died.

          On the 15 other hostages alive before the assault, all of them walked away alive and not injured after the assault.

          A second police officer got shot, but so far we don’t know if it’s from the AK shots, from a direct shot from his colleague or one of the ricochet when they did neutralise the terrorist in the end. No words on that so far…

    • Yeah, I see what you mean. This analysis should really be done by an experienced tactical operator with a lot of tats, trigger time and testerone; someone like…THE RABBI!!!

    • They say the 4 dead were prior to the breach. I call BS with that amount of firing.

      Especially since you see several people (including cops) being carried away. Hardly likely that the terrorist, who was too busy running towards the gunfire with the rifle down, did all of that.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Lots of cops firing into the store in different directions. Even after the terrorists was shot.

        What use are the heavy ballistic shields and body armor if they don’t use it to close in on the threat? I saw one cop with the right idea (blitz and occupy) but beyond that, they all held back.

      • Well, you could see one lying on the floor in the entry video, pretty much before the entry and firing started.

      • Well, you just talk without knowing the story then… Because 4 hostages were already dead and confirmed dead before the assault. And none of the others died or have been injured during the assault… They all walked away alive and not injured.

  8. What is up with just one police officer running inside while all of the other police wait outside? How can anyone even define that a “dynamic entry”???

    And what is up with all the police wearing Darth Vader helmets?

    • Actually, that was the ONE guy who did what you’re supposed to do in that situation. The rest of his team, however, jacked up and piled up in the doorway. There’s a reason you move your team through the door as fast as possible.

    • I did that in a paintball game once and promptly got lit up by everyone on the opposing team. Apparently I’m the only one who heard the starting whistle.

      Granted, paintball lets me have infinite do-overs, but that first pink splatter between your eyes is a great wake-up call that you never want to be on a two-directional firing range.

  9. The Aussies screwed up theirs too. I’m not saying I could do any better nor am I some tactical entry expert but where are all these elite units we always hear about?

  10. I would have expected more from the GIGN. I have trained with them and they always impressed. Maybe it was a “Local Yokel” Paris Tac Team. One thing I know from years on the teams is that the real thing is always different than training.

    Of course I do know all you “Haters” would have taken care of the situation with precision, speed and violence of action ALL BY YOURSELVES…just like Chuck Norris!!

    • I will just leave this quote here:

      Maxwell Smart: I think it’s only fair to warn you, this facility is surrounded by a highly trained team of 130 Black Op Snipers.

      Siegfried: I don’t believe you.

      Maxwell Smart: Would you believe two dozen Delta Force Commandos?

      Siegfried: No.

      Maxwell Smart: How about Chuck Norris with a BB gun?

    • Or… You know… We would have led the way into the room with a grenade and follow with an officer, rather than the other way around… Just you know, basics.

  11. Naw, Us ” Haters” take our cue from US Swat teams..roll up in the MRAP, execute the GSMTTS move on the target area. ( General Shermans march To The sea ) to secure the area.

  12. A disclaimer would have been helpful. I think anytime you see someone get shot, something like [warning graphic] should be accompanied.

    • All due respect, I think it is pretty safe to assume that a video clearly labeled as that of a terrorist attack might include some graphic violence. If this was a post called “Cute Fluffy Bunny Video” and at the end showed a beheading, you’d have a point.

      • Agree. ‘Nuff said.

        And respecting the feelings of those who support and condone terrorism is way outside the lines, IMHO.

  13. All the news agencies are saying that France will be deploying “10,000” troops — are they actual military? I know they have a national police. Anyone know the pecking order of police force?

    • Yes, it’s 10,000 military troops, apparently mainly for counter-terrorism and security of the territory. But we don’t know much about it yet. However, there’s three kind of police forces in France:

      1) The National Police, which is a national police force, which also include assault team such GIPN (Assault/Intervention National Police force) and RAID teams. They are employed by National Police, and therefor they have union and have shifts and not always live on base.

      2) The Municipal Police (which works with and for the National Police but is handle/paid by the city. It’s a “city” police. Most of the time those Police officers don’t have firearms, they’re some kind of step between civil guard/neighbourhood watch and the national police). This is actually this kind of police officers that flee away from the Charlie Hebdo scene because they didn’t have firearms. Most of Municipal Police Officer would love firearms, but since it’s not really a government agency, they were depending of the French Gun laws. Apparently since the Charlie Hebdo, the Primer Minister and Interior Minister (head of the National Police) did ask all police officers to always carry their firearms. So, wait & see…

      3) Gendarmerie, which depends of the ministry of defense (DoD), is a “proximity”, mainly deployed in rural and country side places where there’s no city big enough to have a Municipal Police, nor a National Police station. Now they do obey to the Interior Ministry for all organisation and work task in link with National Police. But all human ressources depend of the Defense Ministry. Gendarmes are military troops with military training, then specialised in law enforcement instead of “infantry”, “artillery”, “intelligence”, or any other military specialty. Since they are military, there is no union whatsoever and they are available 24/7 and live directly on base on a “Gendarmerie Brigade” (a campus around which station for all Gendarmes and their families). The Gendarmerie has the GIGN (the Assault/Intervention Group of the Gendarmerie) which is equivalent of the RAID.

      The Protection service for the French President is composed of people selected from the GIGN and the RAID.

      I hope it helps 😉

      • Thanks!

        Also, I saw this today (sorry pay wall) “French law enforcement officers have been told to begin carrying their weapons at all times because terror sleeper cells have been activated over the last 24 hours in the country, a French police source who attended a briefing Saturday told CNN terror analyst Samuel Laurent.”

        Does that mean the police do not normally carry off duty???

        • (Sorry for the delay, I’m not always on the blog). Yes, they generally are not carrying off duty. And I’m not even sure they were legally allowed to carry off duty if they wanted… I know, for any Americans, it sounds crazy!

          But also, I have to admit that until lately, France had a low rate of homicides per firearms, and violence. But the last 5 or 10 years, things are slightly sliding and it’s not necessarily true anymore.

    • And for how long are those 10,000 to be deployed? Only good answer is “until there are no muslims”, but I doubt it. Just showmanship and politics, without meaning.

      • So for you, the “final solution” is simply to kill 1.6 Billions people in the world and everything will be fine, right?
        If I recall well, I think some guys in the past already had some similar ideas with another ethnic groups, it didn’t really played well.

    • Yes… Because breaching a room with a tiny handful of terrorists while they are surrounded on your home turf is totally the same as assaulting a terrorist hideout on foreign soil with minimal on call support.

      • You neglected to mention that there were around 3,000 of you against 3 terrorists with 15 hostages, and the bad guys did not know about a dozen of those hostages. Its all the same, right?

  14. The team was quite lucky that the terrorist hadn’t taken up a low firing position.
    By the time that the door rolled up there would have looked like an out-take from Kill Bill #1 tea room.

    • In all fairness, I believe I heard that the cops had access to the live store video security cameras. They may have had a good sense that he didn’t have bombs and that he was poorly positioned.

      OTOH, I heard that bit of info on the MFM so there is a VERY good chance that it’s wrong.

  15. I’m not an operator, but that looks like a cock up. Two dozen officers near a choke point? Not only is that an entry nightmare, which is what we saw, but what about the major risk in putting that many bodies in close proximity? What would have happened if the shooters had lined high grade explosive along the walls, or if there was another shooter armed with an RPG, a remote detonation to a bomb in a car or even a rifle?

    All this shows is how woefully unprepared the French government is when it comes to 4G war. Someday the west is going to get hit by a Mumbai style attack, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

    • I love when people speculate on how well forces are prepared or not, what they should have done or not, supposedly knowing everything about the situation by watching a youtube video… Man, it must be great to be THAT good!

      Yeah, they were not prepared… the guy had explosive all around the building, he emptied two magazines of AK-47 on a very close entry, and on the 15 hostages before the assault, all of them walk away alive and not injured… and the terrorist has been neutralised. Yeah, I just guess that what happens when you’re not prepared.

      • 1. We only have their word that no one was injured in the assault.
        2. Good results don’t excuse piss poor planning, tactics, and execution.

        • We only have “their” word? From whom??? We have words from the 15 hostages that was there and interviewed by all TVs out there. That’s not enough? Or maybe you’re one of those conspiracy theorists that don’t believe them maybe, crying out loud to the conspiracy and that it never happened? Give me break…

        • Yes… Because the French government has never been known to censor news reports to benefit their political agenda… [/sarc]

      • Phil, I don’t profess any expertise but how can you not see the very real problem of having THAT many individuals congregated in in one spot? Just because it worked out ‘alright’ doesn’t mean it wasn’t poorly executed. My points remain valid. If this were more like Mumbai, or say the Chechens during the theater standoff, it could have been disastrous and I am not the only one whose noticed that.

        There are also individuals who do have said experience that have commented to that effect. The French got ‘lucky’, if you can call 4 dead villains and some wounded officers lucky.

        • I love when people keep commenting when they absolutely know nothing from the event beside some videos they saw online. It’s funny how people always think they know better… until they actually do it by themselves. “Try walking in my shoes…”. No later that this afternoon, I talked with an ex-officer of the GIGN, who probably did hundreds of operations like that in his life, and somehow nothing about the entry came during the discussion.

          Anyway, few weeks/months from now, we might just have the occasion to observe SWAT teams from other countries to some similar operations for similar reasons… This is not something I wish, but I’m quite sure it will happen. That’s actually one thing my friend and I agreed for sure. Wait & See then…

  16. FWIW, it takes years of training with a handgun to make entry in a hostage situation against a badguy armed with an AK. Also, first guy in appears to have been shot by his own guys(with a handgun) as he moves to the right as he penetrates the store.

  17. the whole bunch is lucky the bad guy didn’t have a grenade to roll under the door as it started to roll up. also, the officers shot some of their own. good thing they were armored up , or it would have been a lot worse.

  18. In the mean time… on the 15 hostages before the assault, 15 walk away completely safe and not injured, and the terrorist has been neutralised. I’d say, they did the job for what they’re paid for…

    The 1,500 police forces were not Assault teams, but it was to completely close the whole neighbourhood to be sure no hostage could possibly escape one way or the other. I might be wrong, but I think only two special units were there for the assault. The GIGN and the RAID (the two top intervention groups), and the BRI was in support.

    I’ve got commando training with the reserve of the GIGN (people not qualified yet to enter this elite group) and they were really good, kicking ass of everyone, including me. But I guess, it’s always easier to seat in front of a computer typing things to talk crap about someone else performance.

    Would we just celebrate that no hostage has been killed during both assaults and that all terrorists have been neutralised?

    PS: Anyhow, we will see how good each country assault teams will be, because there’s no doubt in my mind this is just the beginning of the year and it’s definitely coming. I personally bet on London for the next target… another “gun free zone”… Hopefully I might be wrong for once!

    • Yeah Phil, blah blah blah experience, blah blah knowledge, and results too, BUT, what you don’t know is that I’ve watched Youtube videos of Navy SEALs, SAS, Rangers, French Foreign Legion, and I saw Speed 1, 2 and 3 multiple times, and I have a Nat Geo special about Delta Force ON BLUE RAY!!! Top that.

  19. That was a “progressive” entry. I find it hard to believe even france would consider that tactical. But then again the french thought the Maginot Line was a good idea.

    • What do you mean? The Maginot Line was a brilliant idea… It’s not like the Germans would just bypass it via Belgium… Again…

  20. I’ve got one for TTAG’s resident military nerds: media outlets are now reporting the terrorists had an “M-82 rocket launcher”/”M-82 grenade launcher”.

    The closest I can come would be one of several vehicle-mount grenade launchers capable of firing the M-82 66mm smoke grenade – but that doesn’t seem to make much sense.

      • But have you ever heard of an “M-82” rocket/grenade launcher? I’m trying to find out if this is another “.9mm handgun”.

        • Nope, never heard anything about M-82… Same as you, the closest thing I found is a simulation smoke grenade thing in 66mm… But I think it might just be some B.S…. because I did follow the whole event, and I haven’t heard anything to describe what kind or model of grenade launcher or RPG they had. And knowing the French government, they might not tell it.

          And if my suppositions are correct, the grenade launcher and RPG should probably be some Russian models, coming from Eastern Europe Countries (such Serbia), like most of the weapons used by criminals in France.

      • No, it was actually,”…the had M80’s too”, as in, they had those really big firecrackers that you can get in Tijuana, as well.

  21. That looked like one of those videos people take at the front door of a store when they open the doors for black friday, except with guns.

  22. Dano,
    I worked for and was in the military for over 40 years.
    Senior managers DONT get involved to a great deal in emergency exercises, they are too busy punching their ticket. BUT, when the whistle goes off, they are in charge.
    There are TOO many response agencies involved, plus add the problems with Motorola’s radio system (which many organizations use) and you’ve got Boston all over again. . . . . a complete cluster f$7k.
    At Columbine, some of the records are sealed til 2027. Why? My guess is embarrassment.
    Don’t depend on alphabet agencies to react properly.

    They don’t practice enough.

    RF is right on. Many situations don’t require experience, just common sense.

  23. I cannot believe my eyes. I watched the video, and it is amateur hour. It has been at least 25 years since my time as a military cop, so my training is rather dated; but I remember that even in our first few days of EST training, we were never that bad. They had the resources of an entire country to throw at the problem, and that is the best they could muster. It kind of reminds me of the movie Demolition Man.

      • Hey Desert Ranger …former EST….Hoowah!! I am also former a EST and FAST SP. Lets keep using code so no one else knows. I remember those days and nights on ART, SRT and AFT. Rollin’ in a Peackeeper protecting the WSA!!

    • To be fair, France isn’t really a country, it’s more like a tourist attraction with a president.

  24. From what I read on French websites, RAID did this one. The GIGN dealt with the 2 other guys.

    I highly recommend the movie “The Assault” (2010), the story of Air France 8969.

  25. I think the Entry Team needs to go to Muscatatuck Urban Training Center of which I live about 12 miles away from. (MUTC) is a 1,000 acre urban training facility located near Butlerville, Indiana. MUTC is used to train civilian first responders, Foreign Service Institute,[1] joint civilian/military response operations, and military urban warfare. “The uniqueness that exists at Muscatatuck and that urban setting is unequal to anywhere that I’ve ever witnessed in the United States Army.”
    -Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh, 2010[5]
    MUTC has open house for us serfs to admire the training grounds of which our Special Forces train at. It is quite a complex.

    • Don’t get me wrong, but French don’t need to go the MUTC.

      They have their own facilities, the “CENZUB”, a 15,800 acres facility that reproduce the layout of a 5,000 people small city, for the formation of urban and close quarter combat. A complete bataillon (250 to 500 troops) could train in the mean time, for police forces/military join actions in case of emergency crisis, including heavy military equipment such tanks and missile launchers in case of modern war situation…

  26. If people weren’t being killed it would be funny. Keystone Cops stuff. Clownsmanship from both terrorists and police. And civilians in France aren’t trustworthy with guns. Very rich, you can’t make it up.

  27. Ok, when the one guy makes entry, then moves to his right, I could swear the guys on the right side are blindly shooting as he crosses in front of them. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t picking slugs out of the back of his vest after that.

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