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Well, there can’t be any doubt that the attack on the kosher supermarket in Paris was anything other than a terrorist plot to kill Jews. The above video removes any doubt that the Islamic State had Amedy Coulibaly under its ideological and tactical control. What’s more, there’s more to the story, and none of it good for French Jews. reports that the sole woman killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack was Jewish . . .

Sophie Bramly, the cousin of Jewish Charlie Hebdo columnist Elsa Cayat, was asked whether she believed that Cayat had been “specifically targeted.”

“Yes, I do,” Bramley responded. “They spared all the women, and she was the only one killed, and she was the only one Jewish.”

And this from

On Sunday, prosecutors said they have linked shell cases found in the eastern Paris town of Fontenay-aux-Roses, where a jogger was shot and severely wounded, to a Tokarev gun carried by Mr. Coulibaly at the kosher grocery on Friday.

I can’t find the jogger’s name or religious affiliation. Hundreds of thousands of French Jews aren’t sticking around to find out his religious affiliation. . . .

Jews are fleeing terror-hit Paris because of growing anti-Semitism in France, one of Britain’s most influential Jewish journalists said today.

Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, spoke out after an Islamic terrorist took six people hostage and held them captive in a Kosher supermarket in the French capital.

In a series of tweets he said: ‘Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave’.

‘So, it’s a fluke that the latest target is a kosher grocer, is it? . . .

18 months ago France had around 500,000 Jewish residents – the largest population in the EU – but experts expect the number to fall to 400,000 within a few years, Mr Pollard’s newspaper said.

Mr Pollard said: ‘It is the largest emigration of Jews anywhere since the war. That’s a simple fact. report doesn’t point out another simple fact: the Jews emigrating to the UK are just as defenseless as the Jews in France. British Jews have no civil right to keep and bear arms. In fact, they are just as dependent on the state for their protection as they are in France. How reassuring is this?

The Community Security Trust (CST), which provides security advice to Britain’s estimated 260,000 Jews, said police in London and Manchester in northern England had agreed to increase patrols at synagogues and other venues over the next days.

‘There is currently no known link to the UK, but CST is in continuing contact with police and government, and there will be increased policing in Jewish neighbourhoods for this weekend’s Sabbath,’ the trust said on its website.

Ahead of yesterday’s anti-terrorism march in Paris, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tweeted a message inviting Europe’s Jewish population to emigrate to the Jewish homeland to escape the anti-semitic violence, should they so desire. As we’ve reported here previously, Israel is hardly the home of gun rights, either.

In fact, American Jews enjoy a unique status in the diaspora; citizens can exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves against anti-Jewish violence. Even though some – maybe even most – don’t. And some – maybe even most – live in parts of the U.S. that prohibit armed self-defense. And pay the price.

Some, like this author, do exercise their gun rights. Because “never again” means being ready, willing and able to fight for your survival.

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  1. “Ahead of yesterday’s anti-terrorism march in Paris…”

    Anti-terrorism march? For what, terrorism awareness month? Maybe pass out some “fight terrorism” swag.

    Unless that march included rifles, it pretty much rings hollow.

    • Maybe this anti-terror march is what the US Military should be doing when they get attacked in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    • Brought to you by the same kind of people that say “You can defeat a corrupt government with Twitter.”

    • I love these SJW types. They feel they can right all the wrongs in the world with a keyboard.

      Anonymous declared war on Mexico’s drug cartels. I guess they figured that defacing websites would intimidate some of the world’s most brutal thugs:

      Anonymous quickly lost their nerve when the cartels got their own tech investigators to out the anonymous guys. It turns out, that when people employ violent tactics, marches and website hacking don’t amount to much.

  2. Today, I’m being politically incorrect.
    My t-shirt has Rodins “the thinker”
    sitting on a toilet. The caption below says
    “the Koran, now in two ply.”

  3. Unfortunately, “Unarmed Jews” is a bit repetitive. In France. In England. In Germany. Everywhere.

    Depending on any European government to protect anyone is a fool’s errand. When it comes to Jews, it’s like asking coyotes to guard the henhouse. Anti-Semitism runs deep in European society, and Euro governments, who have been infected with that same disease throughout history, should not and cannot be trusted.

    Tough Jews will survive. They will arm up and defend themselves — yes, even in France, or do you believe that only Islamic terrorists can smuggle arms? The weak, the trusting, the passive will die. It’s very Darwinian. And appallingly sad.

    • Yeah no kidding. I’m sure quite a few Uzi’s will be falling off a truck soon. If they haven’t already.

      • This might explain the sloppy “entry” by the french SF. Could be they weren’t going to take a bullet for any of the sons of Abraham.

        • Muslims are also the “sons of Abraham,” through Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, Abraham’s second wife.

          • Ralph,

            You betcha.

            Not to second-guess the Big Guy, but…what would things be like if G-d said “no” to Sarah when she asked for her own child. Or, if Hagar never got pregnant. Since G-d is all-seeing, He should have seen these problems coming. 8>)

        • Concerning Ishmael:

          “He will be a wild donkey of a man,
          His hand will be against everyone,
          And everyone’s hand will be against him;
          And he will live to the east of all his brothers.”
          Genesis 16:12 (NASB)

          Sounds like God knew EXACTLY what would happen, and gave full warning.

    • “Muslims are also the “sons of Abraham,” through Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, Abraham’s second wife.”

      Proof second marriages are not a good idea.

      • She was less his second wife, more like his maid/concubine. Sara (Abraham’s primary wife) actually was the one that came up with using her maid Hagar to pass on the lineage, but grew jealous and hostile to Hagar and her son after realizing right then and there it was a dumb idea.

  4. “Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other, and each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked.”

  5. “Because “never again” means being ready, willing and ARMED (able) to fight for your survival.


  6. Call me radical, or even insensitive. But in my humble opinion we need to wipe all muslims off the face of the earth or this will never stop. Just my 2 cents worth.

      • Because there are sooooo many Jewish terrorist groups going around murdering and beheading, all in the name of their G-d.

    • I find it interesting that its the same exact opinion that radical muslims hold regarding non-muslims. So give me your pitch – how is you wiping out all muslims different then them wiping out you and yours?

      • Well I can’t give you a 100% answer since I’m not the one who made an original comment, but I’ll take a shot at it.

        The difference is that in general, people in the West would rather leave them alone if they leave us alone. In contrast, the Muslims who are responsible for pretty much every terrorist attack in recent memory will not. They want you to submit to the will of their God, or die. Just by existing as a non Muslim, they believe you offend God.

        If they don’t want to let you exist, that’s a pretty significant difference.

    • By that same line of reasoning, lets wipe the Jews from the face of the earth. And the gays. And the dirty Mexicans. And the Hindus. Any one that’s not white and Christian. Then left’s kill off anyone that’s not the right type of white. Or Christian. Let’s just cut to the chase and say we only should let the Master Race live, but only is your the right type of Christian.

      Yea. That is about right ain’t it?

      • I’m fine with leaving the Jews, gays, Mexicans, Hindus, non-whites and non-Christians alone. But I’d have to think long and hard about Democrats. 🙂

    • You do realize that there are a billion Muslims in the world, don’t you? So what do you suggest, nuclear weapons? Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, parts of India, Malaysia, Burma, Georgia, Chenya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, and the rest of North Africa, Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, parts of Armenia, China, and Croatia….and good parts of England, 4% of France, large populations in the US….and I’m not done yet. Good luck with that.

  7. And yet, Jewish politicians believe more anti-gun laws will solve the problem, be it there or here in the U.S. Loretta Weinberg, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, plenty of culprits in all the blue states. Wake up people, this isn’t funny anymore. Stop passing useless laws that do nothing except keep law-abiding citizens disarmed. Arm your local shuls, let all the other good guys in your neighborhood keep and bear arms, so that none of this religious based terrorism happens here. Congregations in NY and NJ are sitting ducks. The sad reality is that an armed cop at the door during shabbat services may not be enough at some point.

    • “And yet, Jewish politicians believe more anti-gun laws will solve the problem, be it there or here in the U.S.”

      Jews and Progressives do this because to do otherwise would challenge their worldview, something on which they base their entire identity. Even when shown graphic evidence that having a disarmed populace dramatically increases their personal danger, they retreat further into denial and call for more of the rope to hang themselves. [H/T V. I. Lenin]

    • The worst gungrabbers in the US are Catholics. Harry Reid, Malloy, Biden, McCarthy, Cuomo, Durbin, Pelosi, Gillebrand, Leahy, Markey, Menendez, Mikulski, Murray, Reed, Brady, McAuliffe, O’Malley, every Catholic Archdiocese in the US — the list is endless.

      Wake up.

      • More Catholics than Jews. A lot of gun grabbers are Jews. Of course, all of the gun grabbers come from many directions, but they all grovel on bended knee before the altar of the gun free nirvana golden calf of government control over individual rights.

      • Ralph, as a Catholic gun nut (among other things, but Democrat is certainly not one of them) the fact that so many of our Catholic politicians and clergy are anti-gun is greatly frustrating. All may not be lost, however. I moved here from the Ozarks, where Catholics are fairly rare outside the city of Springfield, and what’s more, I’m not alone. The number of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Atlanta has increased from a few tens of thousands to well over a million in the past few decades. And while a lot of them are pretty liberal, immigrant Catholics in particular, even more of them are absolute red-blooded conservatives. It shows in Georgia’s election results, too. So as bad as it may seem, all is not lost yet.


  8. Probably posted this here before, but in my mostly jewish family, located in mostly northern states (Mass, Ohio), total gun ownership is ZERO. Outside of my bro & I, no guns, no carry and honestly no clue.

  9. “Some, like this author, do exercise their gun rights. Because “never again” means being ready, willing and able to fight for your survival.”

    While I’m not the first to note this, the whole “never again” schtick is more of a bumper sticker than a warning to oppressors, at least among the Reform & Conservative Jews in my circles.

    Ralph, “coyotes” indeed. And those Jews (and other scapegoats) will have plenty of time to think about how they got there while they bleed out on the floor.

    Mr. Pierogie, I can only guess that these “Jewish” politicians are themselves well protected. If they don’t need a gun, then we “little people” don’t either. The alternate view is that they are evil facilitators and/or supporters of oppression.

  10. I find it ironic at best theyre leaving one “multicultural utopia” in France and heading to a similar “utopian” island aka Ol Blighty.

    Hell they’re more than welcome here, Bienvenue mon amis! Maybe we could even impart some desire to secure their personal safety now that they are more aware of exactly what will happen.

    Since I felt this was more than fitting, a quote from Frederick Douglass:
    “No man can be truly free whose liberty is dependent upon the thought, feeling and action of others and who has himself no means in his own hand for guarding, protecting, defending and maintaining that liberty”

    • Religious and ethnic affiliations aside, most are bound to be classic European socialists. I think the good old UK is a great place for them. Or anywhere for that matter, as long as they don’t come to the US and add to the leftists voting block.

      I’ll take 500 Lone wolf terrorists over a half million voting socialists any day.

    • “No man can be truly free whose liberty is dependent upon the thought, feeling and action of others and who has himself no means in his own hand for guarding, protecting, defending and maintaining that liberty”

      A-freakin-men. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate this is either a slave or a target, and they don’t get a choice in the matter.

  11. Most Jews in Europe are leftists. But even Jewish leftists know when they are being targeted by fascist Islam. The leftists in Europe wanted the socialist governments, including in France, where they opted for those governments to protect them, to provide for them cradle to grave care and the wimpy Frenchmen invited in the Muslim underclass to do the work they did not want to do.

    Like the monkey, that, sings and beats on his drum, “I don’t want to work, I just want to beat on my drum all day!”, many Frenchmen could sing, “I don’t want to work, I just want to sit in the cafe all day!” Such is the state of most of Europe, where the citizens have trusted their government to protect them, and thus they are sitting ducks for criminals, the mentally unsound, and jihadists.

  12. “Well, there can’t be any doubt that the attack on the kosher supermarket in Paris was anything other than a terrorist plot to kill Jews” No doubt? Really? Why no mention of magic ID’s to identify the perps…..And this isn’t a propaganda website?

        • So of all the stores in all of Paris, the islamic terrorist picks a Jewish store randomly. What are the odds! Oh and by the way, the islamic terrorist said he wanted to kill Jews, that’s why he picked that store. Several surviving witnesses stated he said that.

    • While at least imo there is always doubt about anything(you know what they say about a sure thing), I imagine if you were looking for a person of Jewish heritage, the 2 sure places you could find said people would be in an all kosher store or at a temple.

    • You did notice that the perp, still carrying his rifle, was shot and killed as he tried to exit the store? It’s notlike we don’t know who did it.

  13. But I thought that these people were only anti-Zionist and had nothing against Jews per se /Sarc.

    As I said before, if you don’t stand with Israel then you are effectively a Nazi.

    • If you don’t stand with Obama then you are effectively an Anti-American?
      (Damn, I just discovered I’m anti-american… I never felt that way :()

      Most of the countries today are lead by poor and bad leaders. Some people out there could be against Obama, Hollande, Cameron, Merkel, Netanuahu, Putin, etc… without being effectively against any people from the USA, France, UK, Germany, Israel or Russia (to name few only).

      However, regarding the Jihadists, there’s no doubt they’re targeting some countries and their people.

        • Since he’s the President… to any people outside of the US, Obama is (representing) the USA… Do you think that someone living thousands miles away will know John Doe, the average Americans living in Utah (or any state of your choice)?

          To any foreigner, the USA are the main public figures such the President, but also the Artists, Actors, and every products the US do export such McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Apple, well, you name it. Just like French are the wine, cheese & baguette.

          We have a perfect example here with Charlie Hebdo attack. When we look at the French gun control laws, we say: “Look what the French did to themselves”… when in fact, it’s the result of some politics.

          So yeah, we might not like it (him), but yes, for most of foreigner, Obama = USA

        • Let’s not forget he was twice elected President, with nether race being that close.

          He is at least as much America as you can say any one individual is.

          Proves we are one F—d up nation, but still……

        • @Texas-

          Actually, what proves how f-d up the country is, is that he was actually a better friend of the Bill of Rights than the other guy.

      • If you don’t stand with Obama then you are effectively an Anti-American?

        Then I guess that I’m as Anti-American as I can be.

    • That takes the cake of the worst comment ever in this forum. Congratulations. Even better than your insisting that you can read the minds of people from 225+ years ago. Hilarious entertainment here, can’t make show like this up.

    • While I do support Israel, saying that not siding with Israel makes you a Nazi, is effectively the same as saying: “You can never criticize anything Israel does no matter what it is on penalty of being a bigot.”

      And that’s just stupid.

      I reserve the right to criticize any nation or any behavior and not avoid saying something bad about an ACTUAL bad action just because it comes from a traditionally oppressed group.

  14. Since we talk about Gun Control and Jews, I was wondering for a long time if someone could explain me: Why Gun Control is heavily supported and lead by jewish people?

    If there’s one ethnic group in the world that should have keep in mind the necessity of firearms, to me, it would be jews, don’t you think? Luckily there’s RF and some organisation such JPFO that do some great work for the preservation of firearms ownership, but still, it amazes me to find out that most of gun control laws were supported by jewish politics/lobbies (not only in the US, in France as well).

    Does anyone could provide some kind of explication and reasons why?
    RF? Maybe do you have some lights on that?

    • How about capitalizing the “j” in “Jews”? I noticed you capitalized the “j” in Jihadists.

      There is no Jewish anti-gun lobby. There are anti-gun lobbies. There are Jewish lobbies. Liberal Jews are liberals first, Jews second. Actually, Judaism is not pacifist. It is pro-active. Pro-self-defense. Being anti-gun, is in effect, contrary to Judaism.

      • Why capitalizing the “j” in Jews? for the same reason of capitalizing the “g” and “c” in Gun Control… none!
        I wouldn’t try to read much into it since I haven’t capitalize all of the “j” in jews or jewish if you read again my comment.

        I haven’t talked about Judaism at all. This is not what I said and asked. I know it’s pro-active… that’s why it does actually surprise me.

        What I said is that if you look at Gun Control, it’s heavily supported by jewish politics and lobbies.
        I’m not making that up, there’s some reading on it on JPFO. Not agreeing with that would be like saying that Gun Control isn’t heavily supported by Democrats…

        Maybe I’m asking the wrong question then (I actually never really gave a thought on that). Are jewish politics in the US more inclined to be Democrats? That would actually give a reasonable answer if it would be true. But I’m not even sure there’s an answer to that, since I’m not looking much at the religion of politics (I never considered it relevant).

        Just thinking out loud…

        • The biggest group of gungrabbers in the US are Catholics. Harry Reid, Malloy, Biden, McCarthy, Cuomo, Durbin, Pelosi, Gillebrand, Leahy, Markey, Menendez, Mikulski, Murray, Reed, Brady, McAuliffe, O’Malley, every Catholic Archdiocese in the US — this list just skims the surface.

          You’re not “thinking out loud.” You’re not thinking at all.

        • Who’s pushing and voting the laws?
          Celler, Metzenbaum, Kohl, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Lautenberg, Levin, Lantos, Specter, Blumenthal, Lieberman, Nadler, Rothman, Rahm, Bloomberg, Giffords, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center, B’nai B’rith International, The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism…

          So yeah, I’m not thinking at all…

        • You are wrong. In fact, you are spreading ignorant lies about Jews in general. By your posts, I would say you are a closet anti-semite.

        • @stan: My comment could be ignorant, but your comment is very laughable. I love when people immediately use the anti-semite card as soon as someone is saying anything about jews. To me it’s very laughable someone tells me that… because even if I’m not religious, I decent from a jewish family from Germany during WWII… So yeah, you think I’m anti-semite! You’re an idiot then!

      • Stan,

        “It is pro-active. Pro-self-defense. Being anti-gun, is in effect, contrary to Judaism.”

        Right on, bro! As Lord Byron used to say: “It’s in the Book.”


    • I’m going to take a swing at this, though I am not Jewish, and my understanding of their history is admittedly not complete. I will start with the assumption that you live in America (as I do). Much of Jewish history after 600 or so BC is the history of people who migrated away from their ancestral home. Even the ones who stayed in Judea lived under the rule of foreign powers for centuries. Babylonians, Romans, Muslims of various empires.

      Unlike the early history of immigrants to the Untied States, where foreign peoples came with the intent to start a new life and become Americans, Jews did a remarkable job of retaining their culture and traditions as they spread through Europe. Though they may be French, British, or any other nationality, and upstanding members of those societies, they retain a sense of who they are and where they came from.

      They never had the numbers in any country besides Israel to dominate society or government. This matters in Europe far more than Americans can easily understand, because Europe has a long tradition of intolerance beyond what modern political correctness can comprehend. Look up the Inquisition and pogroms for some good examples of that, way before anyone could bring Hitler into any argument.

      I believe the (subconscious, if anything) anti gun Jewish mindset goes something like this-
      1. People, for whatever reason, have hated Jews for millenia.
      2. Jews living as minority communities in foreign lands will never be strong enough to defend themselves by force.
      3. If Jews cannot defend themselves on equal terms, they need a protector, preferably one with overwhelming force available.
      4. Since the State has a legal monopoly on force, protection is maximized by co-opting the State (this does not mean the Jews run Washington, or Hollywood, or any other kind of conspiracy, merely that they engage in the same kind of lobbying for enlightened self interest that any other group would do).
      5. In a perfect world, the government will maintain peace and not suddenly flip and go Nazi. Why? Well, nobody else who wants the State to have a monopoly on anything has successfully answered that, either. Living in denial is easier than facing the truth.

      Jews who realize the problem with #5 are those who are willing to defend themselves.

      Europeans in general seem to think this way. Perhaps it’s a legacy of the divine right of kings or something, it’s certainly not something your average Christian American believes or even understands. Still, if a people have lived and often thrived living that way going back through Pontius Pilate and beyond, it’s a hard thing to change. If it’s engrained deeply enough in a culture, they might not even realize they’re doing it.

      • Actually, I have no idea if it’s _the_ reason, but it could make sense. I can definitely understand the “need” for a protection by a larger entity… which would, by definition, be the government, and therefor some preferences for political parties that want to give more power to the government (such Democrats).

        Thank you Hasbrubal! That’s a very interesting comment… I’m gonna sleep on it, thanks!

        • The problem with that explanation is that for centuries in the Diaspara, Jews were forbidden to own land, work in specific professions, or own any weapons.

        • Stan, I think the explanation for the things you list goes back to people hating Jews, and putting restrictions on them to make them second class citizens rather than killing them outright. The reason the elites of the past never went the route of killing them (Godwin’s law aside) is that the Jews made themselves very useful.

          Money lending is the most commonly cited example of this- the Church held that usury was a sin, so Christians were not heavily involved in finance as it existed at the time. Jews were not as restricted, and became wealthy beyond what the public at large thought they deserved. The Templars also became heavily involved in finance, and became incredibly wealthy- until Philip IV had many of them killed and their money seized.

          There are, of course, many differences between the history of Jews in Europe and the history of the Knights Templar. For this purpose I think the most telling one is that I don’t think Jews ever did anything to make themselves appear frightening or powerful as a group to the rulers of the time, but the Templars were a group both frightening and powerful, a military force more disciplined than any king’s feudal army and with more money than the Pope. Worse for them, they were talking about forming their own nation in France. At this point they moved from being a useful minority to a dangerous one.

    • It seems like the Jews actually living in Israel GET self defense. They don’t have a badass military for nothing.

  15. Encouraging Jews to leave Europe and go to Israel to escape terrorism is kind of like taking a man with a peanut allergy to the Planters factory.

    • I don’t think Netanyahu wants French Jews to move to Israel to escape terrorism. He wants them to move someplace where the people will welcome them, rather than hating them for who they are, and where if they die, they have a better chance of going down fighting like men than being slaughtered like sheep.

  16. So, the French Jews are fleeing to other Countries where they think the Government will do a “better” job of protecting them from Islamic Terror…Hmmmmm…

    • So, the French Jews are fleeing to other Countries with lots of gun control, where they think the Government will do a “better” job of protecting them from Islamic Terror than in Gun “Grabber France. Fixed it for ya.

  17. Well yeah RF. Playing out rapidly to the end of the Age. The gathering together of the 12tribes of Israel. The fulfillment of bible prophesy from Genesis to The Revelation of Jesus Christ. It’s HERE folks. Whether you want it or not…sell your cloak and buy a sword. And things will get worse in the good old USA.

    • I don’t have a lot of cloaks. But I do have several safes chock full of “swords.” And ammo. And a couple of tactical tomahawks. And a bunch of BFKs — yup, Big Knives.

      • Hey Ralph Abraham had no second wife. He had a concubine(or servant or slave) by whom he had a child Ishmael. But you got the right idea about cloaks to sell. I have the same weapons…

  18. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tweeted a message inviting Europe’s Jewish population to emigrate to the Jewish homeland to escape the anti-semitic violence

    Umm…does Benny not watch the news? Moving from France to Israel to escape the anti-semetic violence is like moving from Rhode Island to Texas to escape the heat.

  19. So Jews are leaving France for places such as England and NYC? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Jews usually love their Leftist politics including gun control. I quit feeling sorry for the followers of Bolshevik politics long ago regardless of origin.

  20. Well, at my schul (Orthodox), I’d say at least 20% of the men and 10% of the women (hard to say what goes on in the other side pf the mechitza), carry

    • Rabbi,

      I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one carrying at my Reform schul. I’ll bet that I’d be one of a handful at the Conservative one I’m thinking about joining.

  21. The problem is that European society wants to be welcoming and accepting of all. But that’s the path of death — always has been. Try doing it with a human body: it requires shutting down the immune system….

    Human bodes are full of bacteria. That’s good; they enable us to live. A country can be full of ethnicities, and that’s also good; it makes them vibrant. But at least our bodies know how to deal with ones who won’t be part of the culture: kill the bastards, every last one.

  22. My understanding of American history and sociology, with a few personal anecdotes thrown in. The reason the anti-gun lobby has so many “Jews” and “Catholics” has little if anything to do with religion and a lot to do with urban living after a European heritage. Maybe many of you don’t know that there were Jewish people in NYC when it was called Nieuw Amsterdam. And that the oldest continuous synagogues in the US are in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, not exactly the gun-grabbers’ favorite states. Or that the last Vice President of the Confederate States of America was Jewish. Maybe you do know that the atomic bomb was, for all intents and purposes, designed and built by Jewish and Italian-Catholic boys from NYC, all one generation off the boat and more than a little bit patriotic. So please, don’t play the religion card.

    It is a fact that most Jewish and Catholic immigrants came to the US through one of the major eastern ports, NYC, or Boston primarily depending on the country of origin. They came from countries like France, Germany, Italy, Russia, where personal gun ownership was non-existent; or if Irish Catholics from the UK, doubtless prohibited by the majority population. Guns were in Europe, by the mid and late 1800’s pretty much only in the hands of the monarchy, the military and their related goon squads (Cossacks, and the like). Like South America today. They all came through these big cities and many settled there. There was no hunting/wilderness/French and Indian Wars tradition. Handguns were the province only of gangsters and other assorted criminals in the big cities. So they sipped the anti-gun Kool Aid from the moment they got off the boats, and were willing to drink it from their European heritages.

    Nonetheless, I find it fascinating that in my family, devout non-owners of weapons, we had one relative who, despite the long odds against it, became an auxiliary policeman (most likely) so that he could obtain a nearly un-obtainable goal – a CCW permit in New Jersey and a handgun to go with it. The father of a friend obtained what some would consider even more golden – a CCW permit issued in Manhattan! No-one ever asked how he got it. Some things just are not asked. And in college I met a person whose family had left those big cities long ago for a rural community in the midwest. He hunted, raised and ran hunting dogs, did all the things non-Jewish rural people in the midwest did and do including owning guns and thinking nothing of it. Much later I moved to a rural southern community and met many non-Jewish, non-Catholic people who relocated there from gun-grabbing states and cities in the northeast. They met local people who were gun owners and nice guys, and very soon they all bought shotguns and joined a club. And then rifles. It took me a bit longer, but the same thing happened, You meet people who are gun owners and find out they are regular guys. And then you take a few lessons and find out that those couple of times long ago with a pellet pistol easily translated to Glocks and Rugers. And then you have better eye-hand coordination than you ever realized, and the weapons with which to practice.

    It is incorrect and insulting to brand gun-grabbers or 2A advocates by their religions. This is much more an urban vs. everywhere else thing. The great challenge for 2A supporters is to legitimize handgun carry in urban areas, and to work to overturn or prevent further growth of “assault weapon” bans in gun-grabber states. Breaking down the DC, Chicago, CA, and NYC handgun bans and hassles is the most important success for 2A advocacy groups in recent years. Next is to encourage people to use their rights and legally purchase the weapon(s) of their choice, get good training, CCW if they wish, and then make their position known to the politicians.

    Final point but the most important one. The first “prepper” I met long ago had an M1 rifle and a tactical shotgun displayed prominently over the pool table in the basement, a fully stocked fallout shelter, and I suspect a fully stocked ammo cabinet. He was the father of a close friend. They were of German-Jewish background and had lost relatives in Germany during WW2. He was not a “prepper”. He was, however, prepared.

  23. “In fact, American Jews enjoy a unique status in the diaspora; citizens can exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves against anti-Jewish violence.”

    I’d like to point out that this is true also in the Czech Republic. Aren’t synagogues (churches etc.) “no gun zones” in the most of US? Well, a Jew surely can CC to synagogue in the Czech Republic. And as it happens, the country has been and remains the least antisemitic in Europe.

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