Parent Pulls Knife at PTA Meeting to Promote Armed Teachers. Point Taken?

That's not a knife! (courtesy

Despite the YouTube caption, I don’t think the knife in question is a switchblade. Looks like your average pocket knife to me. (I half expected someone in the crowd to yell “That’s not a knife!” in an Australian accent.) While I don’t know the who, what or where, the why is clear enough . . .

The bandana wearing knife guy is making ye olde self-defense point: when seconds count the police are only minutes away. Lest we forget, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, when seconds counted the police were already there and did nothing.

Anway, I think the parent could have handled the reaction a bit better, but point taken (so to speak). Yes?


  1. avatar SurfGW says:

    He had the sharpest item but was clearly not te sharpest tool in the meeting. LOL

    1. avatar Flinch says:

      No kidding. He reminds me of a bad internet meme. And derailed the conversation down a rabbit hole filled with syntax distinctions.

    2. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

      Nobody who spoke sounded sharper.

      1. avatar FB says:


        “Its insanely illegal”.

      2. avatar Cliff H says:

        Somehow I doubt that a parent having a folding pocket knife in the school library is “insanely illegal!”, but even if it was, he made his point. If someone stopped using their phone for even a minute and dialed 911, how much damage could a criminal have done with such a knife before the police arrived?

        And he never threatened the girl with the knife, never gestured at her or opened the blade, so no brandishing, no assault, definitely no battery.

        Unfortunately he took a big chance to make his point and it was apparently totally lost on everyone in the room who kept up the mantra of “That’s illegal, you can’t do that in a school!” And yet there was absolutely no one to STOP him from doing it and once it was done no one to do anything about it except whine and take videos. Just like Parkland.

        The thing everyone missed is that he could just as easily have entered that school and that meeting with an AR pistol under his jacket, which was his exact point.

        1. avatar Chris Mallory says:

          He clearly showed the girl the knife and asked her “What are you going to do now?”. He committed assault and might have committed the offense of terroristic threatening.

          What he did was stupid.

        2. avatar John in Ohio says:

          “He committed assault and might have committed the offense of terroristic threatening. ”

          I’m not going to debate or argue the point so this comment is for others. The guy clearly was demonstrating, and she was well aware that he was speaking hypothetically. This is evidenced by what he was actually saying. Notice several times that he said, “If.” Paying attention to the first part of the video makes it clear that he is engaged in a public, hypothetical demonstration and did not commit any offense other than possibly violating any no weapons law/policy that may have been in place. Context is important.

        3. avatar Wzrd says:

          His very valid point, and the irony of their reaction to the situation, was definitely lost on most in that room. It never ceases to amaze me- seeing people refuse to address the dangerous and unpleasant possibilities of reality. People are soooo stupid.

  2. avatar Geoff PR says:

    I think he proved his point in spades.

    The average fuckwit citizen has *zero* idea what a weapon is…

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      He made a perfect point. I would have started emptying my pockets and come out with at least a half dozen weapons.

    2. avatar Wzrd says:

      Apparently “switchblade” is to knives what “assault weapons” are to guns.

  3. avatar Jross says:

    For every one out there reading this, if you wear a bandana like this please stop. It looks incredibly stupid. Bald? Nobody cares. Ride a Harley? Nobody cares. It makes you look like a middle aged guy that’s getting thick in the middle that would pull a knife on someone to prove a point.

    1. avatar Supermike says:

      Heh…. I thought it was Axl Rose… 😉

      1. avatar ironicatbest says:

        F U Sipermike, Now I’ve got “take me down too where the girls are pretty,” playing in my head. LOL….. My wife had Gunz and Roses played at her funeral. What a woman she was, my biker chick who always had my back. Life goes on

    2. avatar Ed says:

      Thats the only thing you have to bring to the conversation, a snide remark about the guys bandana? I garantee you wouldn’t walk up to him (or me) and make that same remark…because chances are you’d get your teeth knocked down your throat before you could skin your Taurus and have a first round FTF. What an asshole.

      1. avatar Dave says:

        That’s so adorable! Trayvon Martin also thought that criminal thuggish battery on a POTG was a smart idea.

      2. avatar Alexander Nix says:

        And if that was your school teacher wife or daughter that bald fat hog spinner was puffing up too you’d probably want to “make him swallow his teeth” right? He’s a coward, threatening a woman with a knife, nothing more. He’s probably gonna plastered with the rest of his white trash “club” this weekend and brag about. Most bikers are criminals and most criminals are cowards when faced with comparable force, just like most bangers, you know it.

    3. avatar Dave says:

      Choice of social uniform =/= reasonable suspicion of a crime.

      1. avatar Alexander Nix says:

        That’s quite liberal of you. If you apply that belief to all demographics of society, then at least you wouldn’t be a hypocrite, you would of course still be quite wrong though. People present themselves as they are or at least want to be perceived, dress is a form of self identification in the case of biker’s and other gang members, criminal sub cultures quite literally.

    4. avatar Esoteric Inanity says:

      Ad hominems notwithstanding, but all the same go to hell. Also stop wearing pants, they aren’t necessary when one is such a big ass.

      1. avatar Alexander Nix says:

        Ride a Harley and dress like a criminal do we? Don’t like being stereotyped? Makes you feel your super special, all important individuality has been diminished? Stop being such a snowflake,… snowflake.

  4. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    My comment on YouTube:

    Oh, he brought a knife to a school. Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!! Unbelievable. Sheep hoping that the sheepdog will show up and intervene.

    So sad. It’s little wonder that people panic when there’s a bit of snow coming or the power goes out for an hour or two.

  5. avatar Robert says:

    Proving once again that liberals DO NOT have the ability to think or reason logically. They can’t see the truth if it punched them in the face! The POV camera kept recording “it’s illegal, it’s illegal!” Of course it is illegal, you duffus, that was the whole point and you could not grasp it!

    1. avatar Damned Lies and Statistics says:

      Just curious, what exactly is illegal about it? The knife was clearly closed the entire time and wasn’t held nor pointed in a threatening manner. Is it just straight up illegal to bring a knife to any school? Does everyone just open packages and chop/cut/slice food off school grounds, put the knife in a vehicle and then bring the items into the school?

      1. avatar Brandon says:

        It’s not illegal in all places. Each county has different laws pertaining to knives at schools. My daughter’s school will let you conceal carry if you have shown proof of a CCL and they have a copy on file. So for people to just say that’s illegal without knowing the counties laws is pretty funny to me.

  6. avatar Ed says:

    “Switchblade,” lol.

    This morning on CBS’ breathless coverage the Kalifornia confiscation squad’s collecting of guns from felons, the reporter referred to two seized weapons as “rifles.” As they passed by the camera, it was clear they were two break action, single-barrel shotguns.

    To hell with informed and accurate reporting, because OH LAWD, SCARY GUNNZZZ!!!!

    1. avatar Pete says:

      Don’t forget the reaction to Pop Tart guns.

  7. avatar Sven79 says:

    Apparently all knives are switchblades now, just like all rifles are AR-15s.

  8. avatar Sgt of Marines says:

    A. Not a switch blade
    B. Never threatened anyone
    C. Made a very prescient point
    D. Point lost on most of the braindead parents especially the dunce who kept saying “this is totally illegal.
    E. Most people won’t prepare for the worst, they will HOPE for the best, a sorry display of stupid parenting. Those are the ban all guns people.

    1. avatar KTR says:

      I would add that I never saw him open the blade and I wouldn’t refer to him “wielding” the knife since he didn’t have it opened and he wasn’t using it in a threatening manner.

      If he had been waving a fixed blade around, I can see that as “wielding”.

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        Point taken. Text amended.

  9. avatar Sgt of Marines says:

    I must admit I am mildly surprised by the people who read this blog and still missed his point. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!! His attire has nothing to do with that!😎😎

    1. avatar Chris T from KY says:

      You are so correct. His dress is not the point. Having volunteer armed teachers willing to defend other people’s children is the reason for the meeting.

  10. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    They’re break dance fighting!

  11. avatar Joe R. says:

    Parent yells “BOMB” and pulls fire alarm at PTA meeting, 24 parents injured, 7 dead in the ensuing melee.

    The first biggest weapon against you is you (the second being the idiot next to you), if you listen to disarmament aholes.

  12. avatar Moltar says:

    freakin brutal…. not the comments just that sweet lookin bandana. Man if he had been wearing a denim jacket he could’ve become my next hero… Ok anyway my odd fashion taste aside (seriously that bandana is freakin sweet!) yes progtard parent #456 that is totally illegal and probably against school policy but the question is what can you do about it while waiting for the 5.0 to show up? Answer: not a whole hell of a lot unless you’re willing to get stabbed or cut. Same goes fro a firearm so the point being once the weapons come out law abiding progtards like yourself are effing screwed, you may as well drop trou, bend over, and smile like a doughnut until the police finally arrive and save your hide. Until then you are at the mercy of your attacker.

  13. avatar strych9 says:

    Could be an autoknife or not. It’s basically immaterial.

    What I find amusing/scary is the guy who keeps say that it’s illegal. He also says “He can’t…”. Well, guess what twinkletoes? HE DID so quite obviously, even though the law says he may not, he CAN. And that’s the point.

    Jesus parents who don’t know the difference between “can” and “may”…

  14. avatar Larry says:

    That’s no switchblade, that’s an AR15!!!! Run and hide.

  15. avatar ACP_arms says:

    I’d say he made his point, if he where to have actually used the knife how many people would have been injured or killed well waiting on the police? “But it’s illegal!” And yet someone brought a knife to the school anyway. I guess if something is illegal it doesn’t stop it from happening. Poor fool.

  16. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    Those people are somthing else. Talk about farm animal stupid.
    Sheep…every last one.

  17. avatar Mas Cool Arrow says:

    It all goes back to mindset. I used my knife at work to open a box and a busybody saw it and told me I wasn’t supposed to have a weapon at work. I looked on her desk and saw a pair of scissors and asked her what they were. She gave me a look like I’m a dumbass and said they’re scissors. I held them up to the blade on the knife to show that the scissors were quite a bit longer than the knife and asked what I stabbed you with them.

    The point is whether it is gun, knife, scissors, or fire extinguisher, they are only tools. The weapon is what you have between your ears.

  18. avatar George says:

    He may not have been dressed for church but he was maybe the only non-snowflake there !

  19. avatar RidgeRunner says:

    “You can’t pull a switchblade on a kid!!”

    “Calm down, Francis.”

  20. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    Had he shown up in his best tweeds and tam and made the same point, they still would have freaked. He made his point just fine. Those in attendance are not necessarily his true audience, anyway. People watching on youtube, though perhaps not those commenting there, get what he’s saying, and they’re thinking about it.

  21. avatar Fred D. says:

    That’s ILLEGAL , that’s ILLEGAL was yelled by a socialist liberal in an attempt to have the common sense / fact of the matter speaker shut down ! They were hoping that by yelling ” that’s ILLEGAL ” an air of panic would result & perhaps some official / officials would intervene & stop this speaker from making an undeniable point , a point socialist & liberals don’t want made & talked about !
    These socialist liberals only want their agenda heard & will stoop to anything to get their way !
    One very important thing to realize from this is ,, socialist are being proactive !!
    AMERICANS had best get off the couch and get active ! Else learn to live by the rule of entities that WE detest !
    As to school safety for OUR Children , I say , OUR Children should have the same security that OUR CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS deem themselfs worthy of !
    Metal detectors , controlled access , and armed security !
    Why are WE ALLOWING lieing cheating LAWYERS ” corrupt public servants ” to place themselfs on a pedestal ABOVE our children ?
    Our corrupt ” LAWYER ” public servants will argue , it would be too expensive to protect OUR Children with the metal detectors , controlled access & armed security that they enjoy & force TAX PAYERS to pay for !
    While they spend billions of TAX PAYERS DOLLARS supporting ILLEGAL ALIENS against OUR will , and hundreds of billions of TAX PAYERS DOLLARS propping up FOREIGN governments , in the name of ” foreign aid ”
    I don’t speak for everyone , but personally OUR Children are far more worthy of protection than the bunch of crooked LAWYERS that are stealing us blind from behind a wall of security WE are forced to pay for !

  22. avatar Kevin J. says:

    The person filming has their head in the sand. The world we live in is very dangerous. He was making a very good point. Stop believing that life is rainbows and skittles. Everyone believes that nothing is going to happen to them. Stop being victims. Be aware of your surroundings. Learn how to defend yourself and others. This is reality. Anything can happen at anytime. Be prepared.

  23. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I see a beret and not a bandanna? , I’ve commented on here several times laws do not stop lawbteakers from doing what they do. Ironically some replys were to the negative, how I would have been unable to purchase, own, a gun. No law has ever stopped a crime. What would have been cool is if some nut drove his pickem up truck into the building jumped out with a shotgun and that dude with a knife planted it hilt deep in the top of the his head, maybe they’d have gotten the point then. I doubt it

  24. avatar Trapper Dunlap says:

    He’s right! If you cannot give him a answer then your completely missing the point!!! Some things no matter how hard you try your not going to prevent.

  25. avatar Red Dawn says:

    He creates a valid point. Might not have gone about it the right way, but it proves that just being an entitled millenial is not enough to save your bacon. Remember a weapon can be anything manipulated to cause physical bodily harm. Ex: scissors, pen, pencil, etc. Firearms are not the problem. Just a tool. Reference the franklin regional high school attack in murrysville, pa where a bullied teen attacked twenty some students with kitchen knives. Just by saying “you cant do that, that’s insane” doesn’t cut it. No pun intented. Smarten up, get a haircut. You need to fight force with force! Now go do your homework.

    1. avatar Anon says:

      22 injured in that knife attack, not killed. Not one killed. Unwittingly your making an anti 2nd amendment argument, one that gets made here all the time unbeknownst to the hapless commenter, do you even realize that?

  26. avatar John in Ohio says:

    But… but… but… that’s illegal!

    ROTFLMFAO. Statist fools.

  27. avatar Alex in Oregon says:

    I like the fact that he handed it to what I have to assume is a PTA board member and they HANDED it BACK to him!

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      I thought that was interesting as well.

  28. avatar tjlarson2k says:

    Why waste time performing magic in front of cows? They’ll never understand. Any person too stupid or willfully ignorant to take measures to protect themselves and their offspring from an attacker deserve whatever fate has in store for them. It’s sad we have a decent percent of the population that would rather remain untrained and unprepared for a painfully obvious and altogether predictable threat.

    This is simply a contemporary example of natural selection at work.

    When a predator is introduced to a herd of prey and what happens? If left to it’s own devices, the predator will kill all the prey until none is left (even if that means it will die in the process for lack of food eventually). The weaker prey that are easier to catch die first and the stronger or more clever prey that escape or fend off their attacker may survive or successfully defeat the predator.

    Don’t spend any more time mourning fools.

    1. avatar Anon says:

      “When a predator is introduced to a herd of prey and what happens? If left to it’s own devices, the predator will kill all the prey until none is left (even if that means it will die in the process for lack of food eventually). The weaker prey that are easier to catch die first and the stronger or more clever prey that escape or fend off their attacker may survive or successfully defeat the predator.”

      Wow, guy, have you ever read a book? Or even watched a discovery or Nat Geo special? I don’t know what your describing, but it is nothing that occurs on planet earth. And having a gun doesn’t make you stronger or more clever in the Darwinian sense, but of course guns are known to make people feel that way. It’s also nice to here that you feel murder victims “have it coming”, “cause there weak”. Get drunk and spout that rubbish off to the grand kids at thanks giving do you?

  29. avatar Kyle in Upstate NY says:

    At first when I saw the picture, I was thinking, “Oh great, one of those gun rights people who make us all look bad,” but upon watching the video, I have to say that he has a point (no pun intended there :D).

  30. avatar Onyx's Valet says:

    What bothers me about the “arm teachers” debate is the false comparisons that are being made. People are saying that the police not entering the school and engaging the shooter as they were supposed to be trained. Or asking if we can make are teachers into soldiers. Those are are comparisons. We are not suggesting that the teacher leave a place of safety and search of a shooter. They are sitting ducks awaiting the entry through an only door and preparing to take him out when he first enters the room. Big difference. It would not take a huge amount of effort to train teachers to handle this situation. The first room will always be lost. No time to react. However the tests have shown that with as little as 15 seconds of preparing the subjects were able to get into position.

    Please watch for and correct when possible any time the opposition raises this false comparison.

    Onyx’s Valet

  31. avatar Onyx's Valet says:


    “Those are are comparisons should” read: “Those are are false comparisons”

    Onyx’s Valet

  32. avatar Chupacobra Bob says:

    That’s illegal! That’s illegal! So is bringing a firearm to school and shooting unarmed students and teachers but I’m sure if they would have just informed the kid who just shot and killed 17 people that it was illegal to do so that he would have put down his gun and stopped. I personally carry a pocket knife with me everywhere I go including picking up and dropping off my child at school and the thought never crosses my mind about using a tool (which is what a knife is btw) to harm anyone. A hammer is also a tool but if I use it in an act of violence towards another it is then and only then a weapon. It seriously bothers me that ignorant people can’t distinguish between the two because they are told what to think instead of rationalizing but the sheeple will follow anybody willing to lead them to the slaughter and use a tragedy to further a political agenda.

  33. avatar james says:

    I bet the guy screaming switchblade wet himself and crapped in his jeans.

    The concerned dad would have been better off using a blue training pocket knife or
    a photograph of one.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Like the guy who handed a card with “gun” written on it? I think using the real knife was a better choice for effect.

  34. avatar MeRp says:

    I lol at the people who say he threatened the girl with the knife. If you hold a knife like that while threatening someone with it, you may need some remedial education on the person the pointy end goes into!

    Even people who use the thumb and forefinger grip for knife fighting still have a) the blade open/exposed and b) are holding the handle with the remaining fingers. Both are fundamental to success!

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