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Richard Shoop, 20

“A gunman who opened fire at a New Jersey mall Monday night later holed up in a back room and shot himself in the head,” CNN reports. “No one else was injured in the mall shooting . . . ‘We know that his intent was either suicide or to do something that would cause police to shoot him, which we call ‘suicide by cop,’ Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli told CNN’s New Day . . . Richard Shoop, 20, was known by local law enforcement. He had a history of drug use and abuse, Molinelli said. ‘He at least thought that he was reaching a point where there was no recourse but to take his own life.'” Details on how Shoop got his gun in gun-control-mad NJ to follow . . .

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  1. Hmm… drug abuse and criminal history, sounds like the perfect media proclaimed “Tea Party member”, until of course they find out he was an Obama supporter, then he was just misunderstood and needed help.

  2. Why, oh why, are you giving this shitbag publicity by posting his likeness on TTAG?

    Don’t give these defectives an ounce of publicity for their massacres!


    • To be fair I think that argument applies more to the mainstream media than a blog. No one here is going to be influenced to shoot up a public place to get their 15 minutes of fame or break a high score.

    • There was no massacre, no one but him was killed or injured. It’s pretty clear he had no ill will towards anyone and as such i’m not sure it’s fair to lump him in with actual murderers. In general I agree with your sentiment, I’m just not sure it applies to this guy.

  3. Imagine that, a prohibited person getting access to a gun! I thought background checks and strict laws like the kind they have in New Jersey was supposed to prevent these sort of things from happening?

  4. Good. I’m glad he’s dead. I was just settling in to watch Castle and The Walking Dead last night when the first email came in about this stupid sonofabitch. Twenty minutes after my “this will be the last update” update, I was asleep. Never did get to see zombie brains fly. Asshole.

      • Rick is an idiot. I think an honest vote at the prison would vote his ass out instead of Carol. This show can be so sloppy and stupid with the latest greatest example of Daryl not watching the road and driving into a pack of 10,000 zombies. You would think if you’re in the middle of an apocalypse and you’re attempting to drive 50 miles for a maybe cache of medicine that you’d PAY ATTENTION TO THE F’N ROAD! Of coarse the other 3 people in the car don’t say a single word as Daryl approaches the herd….WTF it’s not like they were checking their email on their smartphone, maybe it would have be a good idea to be on the alert?

        The thing I hate is that it’s just LAZY screenwriting……what the only thing you could think of as a writer was to have your lead “mad skilz hunter/gatherer” be blindsided by his own stupidity of not keeping his eyes on the road? How about instead a human opponent shooting out a tire with an ensuing mini-battle (Darryl to the rescue again). See how simple that was.

    • Take a good look at the *kid* in the photo above.

      The New York Post reported that police raided the suspect’s home in Teaneck early Tuesday morning and encountered his father, Charles Shoop, who dropped to the ground and told police he was not armed before shouting,
      “Is this because of my son Richard at the mall? I am heartbroken over this! He called me! This is my f–king kid! You have no f–king idea what I’m going through! Just imagine if this was one of your kids.”

      Probably mostly a result of his drug habit.

      Anyone out there have a son. HE could never do something like what Shoop did, right??

      One can only hope such a tragedy never visits their own family. EVERYONE loses – except the grabbers who dance in the blood of the people personally affected by the tragedy.

  5. Well the picture makes him look like a rap clown, not the typical brooding limp wrist psycho out to impress Jodie Foster.

    With nobody reported dead but the alleged perp you have to wonder if this went down the way they said or if it even happened at all, especially with all the contradictory reports that came out with this one as it was happening. It seems like the fantasy island shit is getting worse every time someone hears shots in a public place.

    • No need to create these scenes, they create themselves. Look at the lockdown in Connecticut yesterday. SWAT swarming a campus and national news reporting 11,000 students locked down and confined to their rooms because of what was treated as an “active shooting.” Trouble is, there were no shots fired and no guns found. Just reports of “someone carrying something that looked like a samurai sword, strapped to a backpack.” And “what might be a handgun.”
      I’m sure the scene wasn’t invented to create mass hysteria, but too many people have been brainwashed into seeing guns and swords and bombs and drama everywhere.

      • The bleating is getting pretty tiresome. I expect soon enough that there will be a scene where the cops were called because someone thought they saw an assault rifle…on a baseball field. At the plate. Bleat, bleat, bleat.

        Bleat, bleat, bleat….


        • I’d like to see one conclude with the cops tracking down the dimwit that called in the report and arresting them for “Making a False Statement” or “Stupid in Public” or something like that. Especially if a hyped-up SWAT Ninja Operator blasts a group of unarmed moms as a result.

    • Yeah, this. I’m not feeling the callous remarks others are making about this kid. Addiction’s a terrible thing.


      • Oh please! This scumbag made a CHOICE! He CHOSE to use drugs as a means to escape his reality and then he CHOSE to go out in grand fashion with the whole country watching. F*@K HIM! I seriously doubt you would be so sad if he had off’d one of your loved ones. I cannot feel bad for someone who put hundreds of innocent (ok it’s Jersey but, still) lives at risk not to mention our 2A rights! Good riddance!

        • Of course they would feel differently if he’d killed one of their loved ones, but this guy killed NO BODY’S loved ones. Why do you believe a non-murderer deserves the same disdain as a murderer?

        • People who play the “disease” card with addiction are sad and lie to themselves. My mother has had a disease called breast cancer several times. She didn’t want it, nor did she choose it. Addiction is a choice, a very poor one. You reap what you sew.

  6. This guy supposedly worked at a pizza place in the mall.
    Makes you think twice about ordering food from these places, doesn’t it?

  7. Dag. Thought it was Justin Beiber that killed himself… happy for a second…

    But a drug addict and felon with a gun? Thought gun laws were supposed to make it impossible for him to have one…

    • I saw a 19 yr old girl fumble through an AR-15 purchase at Academy yesterday. First, staring at a whole rack of them, she asked “Does Academy sell AR-15’s?” Next, she tried desperately to recall the specific model number “he told me to get.” Finally, she’s actually on the cell phone with “him” and relaying his desired features to the numbnuts behind the counter.

      I asked the firearm dept. supervisor if he was seriously going to let that go through. He said as long as she’s clean and gets a proceed, then there’s nothing he can do, which we all know is b.s. Meanwhile, I couldn’t purchase the specific handgun I wanted because the only one they hand in stock in a 20 mile radius there was on “hold.” Seems some other jackwagon in mid-October tried to buy it and got neither a deny or a proceed. The law is three days w/o either and the sale can go through. Academy’s corporate policy, however, is to hold the firearm for that customer for 30 days, just in case a proceed comes back and the customer still wants it. So I can’t buy it until the middle of November.

      So who knows where these psychos get their guns? We have dealers like Academy ignoring common sense across the board. The system leaks like a sieve for criminals, but backs up like Hoover Dam for the rest if us.

        • I am fully in favor of gun sellers being able to deny sales when they find the situation… questionable. Based on the info presented, this one seems a little like that. If it was a super sale, and the last one, and they’d been looking for days, and the store was about to close, and the husband was still at work, then I could see it. And yes, I know people can lie, but basically if it passes the smell test, I’m OK with it. Does that make sense? If it feels “off,” I think it’s OK for the seller to say no.

  8. But, as RF has stated, he should be allowed to have his guns including fully automatics even though he had a prior history with police and drug problems. As long as his 2A is protected without any sort of check…it is okay.

    • WTF is your issue? Has he been convicted of a felony? Has he been adjudicated mentally incompetent? If no, then he’s cleared. Rights are not to be denied on a whim.

    • You really all that concerned about a kid with a $100 bill poster on his wall being able to afford his way to a “fully-automatic?” Hell, I’m a responsible grown ass man, and unless I want to buy it out of somebody’s trunk, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to join the giggle switch club.

    • And I suppose you would be ok with the police denying you the purchase of a vehicle because you’ve had a speeding ticket? He’s either a felon or he’s not and at that……the argument can be made that non-violent felons have a right to self protection too.

    • You forgot the part of that dream world where felons would be in jail or executed. Obviously you can’t let them out like we do now AND automatically restore their gun rights.

    • Shawn,

      If we do not trust an ex-convict to own firearms, why did we release him/her from prison? A violent individual can use a large rock, hammer, or knife to quickly and quietly kill someone. Those items are available everywhere and you will never have to pass a background check to purchase a knife or hammer much less rocks which are laying around on the ground everywhere.

      Please make sure you understand the point. I don’t favor violent ex-convicts being able to purchase firearms. I favor violent convicts staying in prison until they are no longer violent. Then anyone who is out of prison is presumably non-violent and should be trustworthy to purchase any kind of firearm they want, no questions asked.

      The problem here is violent convicts on the loose amongst us. And the solution is to keep said violent convicts in prison.

      • Amen. If you can’t be trusted with a gun, WTF can you be trusted with?

        The prison system: perpetuating the lie that they actually rehabilitate anyone, and keeping the police machine well funded and growing.

        Can’t we outsource our prison detention system offshore (like everything else) where there are fewer human rights? Make prison a proper deterrent?

    • I just gave up on the rumor mill and went to bed around 11. My buddy and family in Paramus are all safe and sound; that’s what counts for me. I’ll check the news tomorrow, once the cops and Feds get their stories straight. For all they know right now Bigfoot is a suspect and is at large in the Pine Barrens with the Jersey Devil. I have better ways to use my life.

  9. I’d probably be depressed and might consider offing myself too, if I’d defaced my body with all that hideous ink work.


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