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“The coverage of gun control and gun issues is really the last vestige of group-approved bigotry. It’s the one place where you can make fun of an identifiable group of people, you can do caricatures of them as being stupid.” – Gun Talk host Tom Gresham, ‘Gun radio’ is up in arms [at]

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  1. Shouldn’t it be “Bigots R They” or … I dunno, nothing sounds good. But the headline seems backwards. This is about other people being bigoted toward gun owners as a class, not about gun owners being bigoted. Though I’m prejudiced against stupid, but I don’t think “stupid” can be defined as a class of people.

    • haha stupid is slowly becoming a population group, just hold out till 2016 😀

      I thought about the same thing for a little bit, but then again, we’re racists to the anti’s anyway right?

  2. I really feel like the topic of guns is an outlet for pent up hatred for some people. Check out NPR’s comments section any time they do a story on firearms. It’s ridiculous.

  3. It’s the only intellectual arena in which my intelligence, sanity and penis size are regularly called into question during a debate.

  4. I don’t know…. try wearing a dishdasha to the airport to see another example of “group-approved bigotry.”

    • Cant you make fun of religious people in general? People make fun of me being a muslim, I take it with a smile and make fun of their religion too.

        • …you wouldn’t, would you? Because you are so steeped in the culture war nonsense of Fox News that you think the only people who are on a cross anymore are white Christian males.

      • File your complaint with the most dynamic, vocal, and newsworthy factions of your religion….Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

        The good- heartedness of America and the Judeo-Christian values that barely hangs on in this country is the only reason there wasn’t a REALLY HUGE glass parking lot made in the Middle East on 9/12/2001

        • It’s called a BILL OF RIGHTS, not “good-heartedness”, dimwit. Only a truly dimwitted bigot would say what you said in the same sentence as “good-heartedness”. GFY. HARD.

    • We’ve got official state sponsored bigotry towards Christians today. And legally mandated accommodation for ever other group. Atheists have more rights and protection.

  5. It would probably bother me more if, you know, I didn’t own guns.
    In the immortal words of Francis X. Hummel in The Rock: “You call it what you want. You’re down there, we’re up here. You walked into the wrong -Goddamn-room!”

  6. No, everyone is also just fine with the ridicule of fat people and smokers as well.

    I should know, I’m a fat smoking gun owner.

  7. I’m so freaking tired of PPL sticking their corporate logos in their head shots, their only motivation is Money, either by forcing a viewer to see their ‘Guerilla Advertising” or Low Drag, blah blah accouterments, they hope to push a product, in this case themselves.
    I know it’s called a ‘environmental headshot’ and they have been around for decades but can’t someone grow a sense of aesthetics and just turn that switch off?

    • …no one’s forcing you to see, read or look at anything. He’s wearing a hat and a jacket with logos. Get over it.

      • +10. As one with a degree in Advertising who also happens to despise Advertising, I see nothing wrong with the picture.

    • Hey, you don’t know for sure that Tom’s hat is GT for “Gun Talk,” he could be into racing. Or he forgot to comb his hair before the photo, and that was the only hat he could find.
      Either way, I really like that Gunsite jacket. I’d love to get one, but that would be the height of “poser” for me, since that’s as close to the academy as I’m likely to get.

    • Wow. It’s actually a terrific radio show. Also… last I checked, this is still (barely) America… it’s fine to promote your own friggin’ radio show in the hopes of bolstering a wider audience in order to secure more funding from advertisers so you can… make more money? Contrary to popular leftist beliefs, it’s ok to want to make more money. Somebody’s gotta support the welfare state.

  8. well, evidently its in vogue to hate people for things like their political affiliation, social status, groups they belong to, etc…. I’m going back to the good old days and hating people because of their ethnicity, gender, intelligence, and sexual orientation.

    Hey, if its good enough for them, its good enough for me.


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