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TTAG reader Freddie Serna writes:

In the one of the recent episodes of Sons of Guns [above], Will Hayden stated, “Red Jacket has been given the opportunity of a life time. We will be headed out to Las Vegas [2012 Shot Show] soon to present a weapon that will be used to protect our nation’s nuclear facilities in harsh desert sands and heat conditions. If we pull this off it will open up doors I have been trying to get for years” (03:09 – 03:24 and 03:49 – 04:05 minutes). An image of a nuclear facility and its nuclear security personnel then appears. It’s the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona—where I work. Our Legal department reviewed the information and decided not to take any action; Palo Verde was not mentioned by name and the image is in the public domain . . .

Let me state that there is/was absolutely NO weapons presentation of any kind between Will Hayden/Red Jacket Firearms and the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Nuclear Defenders in Arizona. For the record, there is/was NO weapons deal of any kind either. (I previously notified my company on Will Hayden/Red Jacket Firearms safety culture.)


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  1. Opportunity of a lifetime. Game changer. Nevah bin dun befo’.

    The reason most of the things they do have never been done before is because they’re all stupid ideas in the first place.

    Does anybody actually believe much of what is depicted in the show? They always cite (anonymous) clients who are ostensibly military, LE, private security firms, etc. And they all need these slap-dash idiotic weapons by Saturday.

  2. “The reason most of the things they do have never been done before is because they’re all stupid ideas in the first place.” Sweet line!

    I usually never watched an entire episode, but after the Desert Eagle “creative editing” incident, I stopped watching entirely. In re-runs of that episode, they selectively cropped out the Beretta.

  3. All of these types of “reality shows” are scripted (remember the drill pipe punt-gun featured in ‘American Guns’). They are meant to be entertainment using once-in-a-lifetime oportunities, extremely rare finds, and idiot-appealing conversions. This episode is no exception. True right-wing gun-nuts know there is limited credibility on these programs.

    As Vincent Laguardia Gambini said, “What he just said… it’s all bullsh*t.”

  4. It just continues the trail of screw up coming out of RJ Firearms. From leaving class 3 weapons unattended in a restricted area of DFW Airport to losing their FFL for failing to keep records. Having been in the gun business and a retired armorer this show is a joke. Anybody who know anything about the licensing of firearms is well aware of the BS that comes from the show.

  5. Despite them being stupid, to be honest I don’t even like their guns. This is my personal opinion of course but it is just silly. I watched I think one or two episodes, and basically lost to many brain cells so I have moved on to more entertaining shows, like Dancing with the Stars lol

  6. Dancing With The Stars is highbrow culture compared to Sons Of Guns. Hell, reruns of My Favorite Martian are practically BBC documentaries by comparison.

  7. Oh come on guys, RJ can’t help that they making money faster than Pres. BAM-BAM can print it. I have told you all before that there is no accounting for taste, or the lack of it. Yes the show is inane, the daughter is dummer than the duck that flew into a wind turbin, not to mention she needs some severe plastic help. But look at this way, even the anti’s know this show is rigged.

    Now moving on to American Guns, pretty much the same comments, except the daughter is better looking, and it’s the wife that has had the help of plastic, without much success.

    • Paige dressed as a hussy is a cheap bonus but for me American Guns would be halfway watchable if they showed more of the son’s engraving abilities.

  8. Um, really news? “Stock/public domain image used on tv show” is an article now?


    • It is not a public domain image article. It’s really about the loss of integrity in America. People/businesses that lack integrity are constantly looking for new gimmicks to increase their bottom-line even if it includes fabricating a story. The worst part of America’s loss of integrity is the people that stand by and do nothing or come up with an excuse to explain the loss of integrity.

      • But the show didn’t mention the name of the nuclear plant, who they were communicating with or what kind of deal they were showing. They used the image of Palo Verde to assist the viewer, not to make a point about RJ selling to them as a secret code. It doesn’t make sense, if they wanted to say they were selling guns to Palo Alto they would have come out and said it, not dodge around it and then throw up an image to be sneaky. You have your panties in a twist because a show you don’t like used a picture of your work. Don’t make this about a larger issue than what it is.

        • It is too bad the people at Palo Verde (PVNGS) are complaining about stock photos of the plant being shown, But I guess they have some need for self promotion since they are likely the worst facility in the US as far as security is concerned. As someone who worked in the PVNGS security department for 6 years I can give some examples: 1: Loaded AR 15’s left in unlocked vehicle secured by gun locks which can be opened using a 9 volt battery. Consequenses: None. 2: The president of the security guard union threatening other employees for doing their jobs as required. Consequence: None. (Even thought shortly after the president was arrested and charged for having kiddy porn on his home computer. 3: The executive staff of PVNGS security notified of serious security issues at the plant allowing anyone to gain access to fissionable materials without setting off a single alarm. Consequence: The person making the notification demoted and given the worst assignments available. 3: The security director using intimidation and coercion against educated, experienced, and highly qualified employees because their suggestions would be “too expensive” He’d rather spend tens of thousands of dollars fitting an old bread truck with ballistic panels (but substandard glass) by a minion who kisses his butt. This is not sour grapes: this is coming from a retired state trooper, Marine Corps veteran, certified weapons instructor, and MBA who is simply concerned about how security at the nation’s largest nuclear facility is run.

  9. I watched a marathon of American guns and sons of guns while I was sick… That was a horrible experience

  10. Ahhh, Reality TV – an oxymoron if ever there was one. When life gets dull and mundane, lets film:

    Lumber jacks fighting with each other, sometimes with chain saws – which never happens, at remote timber cutting sites,

    Alligator hunters who stick their hands into the water to be filmed by an underwater camera so we think their hand is about to be food, where every gator on the line is “Old Treeshaker, Ol’ Maneater, or some other dinosaur that is only 2.5 feet long,

    Every storage unit purchased has a gold bar in it that is found in a dresser drawer, never planted there by the producers (sic),

    Almost every reality show on has been proved to be a fraud. Stop watching them and they will go away.

    • Here here. Unfortunately, we have a whole generation who grew up on Jerry Springer’s chair fights and who keep watching them.

  11. I saw that “wonder” weapon they supposedly built for the Department of Energy. I was not even remotely impressed.

    any PWS will kick the shit out of any adams arms gas piston conversion if you desire a gas piston. However any noveske upper with a chrome lined barrel, BCM bolt upgrade kit, and Wolff XP buffer spring, is state of the art as far as AR15s go anyways.

  12. Not meaning to defend anyone here but the person who does the editing, who inserted that video of that specific power plant, has nothing to do with Red Jacket. That’s all on Discovery’s side of things and there is usually a disconnect between the illustrator and the people who do the work.

    Other than that, yes they lost their licence, yes Vince had it solely when the whole Season 2 thing went down which is why everyone flipped out and yes Red Jacket still has a licence but it’s a different company on paper.

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