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Plutocrat Michael Bloomberg liked the style of Pennsylvania Democrat Kathleen Kane so much that he threw $250,000 at her 2012 campaign for Attorney-General. After she won election, Ms. Kane began paying off Bloomberg’s patronage, by going on a tear, restricting firearms license reciprocity with states such as Idaho and Utah and Florida, in part because either she or her patrons didn’t like the idea of an out-of-stater acquiring a license from Florida or Utah and using it to carry in the Keystone state. Even though the licenses are still good for Florida and Utah residents. (Idaho is still verboten — I’m still not clear why.) Kane has more pressing things on her mind right now . . .

Pennsylvania’s AG has been in a bit of a scandal concerning her involvement in the unauthorized release of information from a 2009 grand jury investigation involving some of her political opponents. How bad is it? Well, last month, she was indicted for “obstructing administration of law or other government function, official oppression, criminal conspiracy, perjury and false swearing.”

Then her erstwhile Democrat allies began pulling their support. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has apparently just decided that it’s also had enough: the Allentown Morning-Call reports that Pennsylvania’s top legal official is now temporarily suspended from the practice of law.

The court’s 5-0 ruling, issued today, means Kane must surrender her law license — which she needs to do her job — under an “emergency temporary suspension” sought last month by the court’s disciplinary board for lawyers. In a one-page order, all justices agreed with the board that the perjury and related charges Kane is facing for allegedly orchestrating and lying about a grand jury leak have her damaged her ability to oversee the statewide criminal and civil justice functions her office provides the commonwealth.

Technically, Pennsylvania attorneys general must be licensed to practice law, although the court went out of its way to state that it was not barring her from holding the job. Still, it looks like some tough going for another gun control supporter. Of course, it’s par for the course as far as Bloomberg allies are concerned.

[Hat tip: Bitter @ SNBQ.]


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  1. Two months after I got my Utah permit she revoked reciprocity.

    Hopefully someone will fix that once she is gone.

    • I’m currently residing in Illinois and this is why I haven’t bothered getting any CCW yet.

      This is why we need national reciprocity on CCWs.

      • I too live in Illinois-Indiana recognizes my cc…which takes care of 99% of my travel. You could hold your breath forever waiting Dark Shroud.

  2. Sometimes Idaho takes heat just for being Idaho. You know what with all the freedom and liberty to be left alone, not to mention the natural beauty of the Gem State. That makes lots of people nervous, its like its too good to be true. Wyoming understands.

    • More likely due to the “old’ Idaho license allowing 18 yr olds, “enhanced” license upped the training requirements & we now enjoy reciprocity with 34 states.

    • It doesn’t please me because it just means PA needs a trackhoe to dig itself out of its liberal bs, but it should be at least a cautionary tale to (D) pawns out there that, party is everything, and individuals are nothing, and after you’re done doing satan’s work over at the evil blue house of (D) a used t-a-m-p-o-n has a longer useful half-life, and less rope to hang itself with.

  3. “obstructing administration of law or other government function, official oppression, criminal conspiracy, perjury and false swearing”

    god I am so sick of reading about Obama and Hillary here at TTAG…

  4. steve in MD worry about your own state I can”t carry in your state either. what states does MD honor? NONE!
    i retired after working in NJ for 38+ years and was sick of all my co workers crying about not being able to carry in Pa. with an out of state NONresident permit. if you have a resident permit from your HOME STATE PA. will issue you a nonresident permit. and I found out from the loudest complainer that he hasn’t voted in NJ for about 6 years.

  5. Well, I suppose I don’t have too much room to talk, as our state AG is under felony indictment, too (Lobbying disclosure violations as a private citizen, not abuse of office as AG, but still…)

    Nevertheless, these are very serious charges and while I wouldn’t necessarily say that all gun grabbers are guilty of such abuse of office crimes, neither does it surprise me when they’re criminally charged thusly.

    Howsoever this turns out, even with what we already know about this person, PA should demand much, much more out of their candidates for public trust and not install such political hacks in high office. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble.

  6. Unfortunately it’s the hacks that are most likely to apply for the job (elective office in general). And there’s a whole industry dedicated to the proposition that you can apply lipstick to the pig(s) and get paid well for it. Apologies to any actual Porcine Americans out there reading this.

  7. Pa resident here. Im getting tired of the fact that i find out more about my states gun laws and going ons on this sight than any of my local news sources. And before anyone says anything i do try to keep up on it. The most i saw about Miss Kane before reading this article was that she is under investigation for releasing court documents. And everything i saw was tring to make it look like it was just a hatchet job. I didn’t even know she was a Bloomberg toadie till i read this.

    • I can relate. In 1987, when FL was passing its “shall issue” CCL, I was stationed in Okinawa, some 8-9000 miles away. Later comparisons showed that I knew more about the process, the reasons, and the result than my brother did, while he was a FL resident the whole time. Its the mushroom theory of gun control, feed ’em shit and keep ’em in the dark. Several years later, he didn’t even know it had happened. This is a guy with a graduate degree in engineering, BTW.

  8. What part of “shall not infringe” don’t they understand? Definitely a violation of the 2nd. I wonder if Hillary would be on the same page as this crap? No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS
    Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  9. Good riddance to this loser! Anyone aligning themselves with Bloomberg really has to be scutinized, they are truly bought and paid for.

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