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The fine folks at SIG SAUER read TTAG. Well, at least they read the articles we publish relating to their products, and they’ve been following the TTAG P320 content contest very closely. So far they appear to be very impressed with the quality of the articles you are generating — so impressed, in fact, that they are dropping another P320 into the pot. So now there are TWO P320 handguns that will be given to some lucky TTAG readers. But there’s a twist with this one . . .

It will be awarded at random.

The first P320 will be given to the winner as we promised at the outset, but for P320 numero dos the recipient will be given to a random participant. You still need to submit something worthy of being posted on TTAG (so a submission consisting solely of “lol give me dat gat” won’t fly) but you don’t need to be the best. You just need to give it a try.

The deadline stays the same, you have until the end of the month to submit your articles to [email protected] with β€œP320 CONTEST” in capital letters in the subject line. And good luck!

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  1. Could they offer a CA-compliant handgun?
    It’s not like we are the least populous state in the nation….

    • No. Swiss do not comply with low quality legislation. They are only interested in high quality products going to high quality people in high quality regions with high quality legislation.

      Just think “honey badger doesn’t care” and watch this amusing clip:

        • Mosquitos are high quality when you put high quality ammunition in them. This means hyper velocity – not federal or winchester bulk plinkage πŸ˜‰

        • A gun built for only one type of ammo? The CCI Mini Mag?
          That in fact is the design – around only one type of one manufacturer’s ammo….
          They say so themselves.

          A buddy of mine got one.
          He was not putting subsonic, shorts or other crap in the gun. 36 and 40 grain bullets rated at 1200 fps (give or take). The thing choked all the time.
          Many other owners have had the same issue. It’s not the ammo.

          The barrel insert (it’s not a solid barrel) of my buddy’s gun was not rifled at the midpoint (quality indeed)….
          They replaced that soon enough, but when he got it, he became a self-taught gunsmith. Lucky for him he owns a machine shop.

          After tweaks and adjustments and polishing the thing finally feeds almost as well as my M&P 22 pistol….

          I’m sure SS makes a center fire pistol as smooth as Swiss Cheese, but I’m not going to swallow some supercilious declaration of absolute superiority about all their products.

        • I’m sure SS makes a center fire pistol as smooth as Swiss Cheese, but I’m not going to swallow some supercilious declaration of absolute superiority about all their products.

          You hear that? It’s the sound of a Sig Sauer rep typing up an email to TTAG telling them under no circumstance is a P320 Sig Sauer handgun to be awarded to anyone by the name or by alias of “DrVino.” πŸ™‚

        • My Mosquitos works well with Remington Thunderbolt and Federal Auto Match (the most consistent in many 22’s if it can be found).

        • Although the Mosquito has the SIG brand on it, it is not a true SIG as it is made by GSG under license.
          That said I have mixed feelings about the Mosquito as I do most blowback semi-auto .22 pistols as, sparing the rare few such as the Buckmark and the MkIII-22/45, most of them that I have found are really particular about their ammo.
          But there is a pair that participate in a local .22 pistol league who use Match barrel Mosquitos and Walther P22s and do rather well for themselves…even against MkIIIs and Marvels.

      • Boo hoo….

        I challenge them to publicly and outright declare that I am not worthy of their product because I said here what many people say about their entry into the 22LR semiauto sector.

      • Yes we know.
        I was recently looking for a Taurus 94 in polished stainless.
        I want an affordable plinker that I can get tuned up and use to practice those heavy DA pulls.
        Wouldjabelieve the polished stainless is not on the roster but the black (blued?) finish is?

        • Polished finish is obviously unsafe. The glare may blind you can cause the gun to “go off”

    • Thanks to New York and New jersey you aren’t even the least free any more!….. don’t worry your politicians are doing their best to get you back to first place!!

  2. Heh, Mosquito. Nice one.

    Good on Sig for placing another of their more refined products out there for us peasants. They’re determined to get their name out there these days, what with kicking the ATF in the dick multiple times these past few years.

    Say, is anyone else feeling… Lucky?

  3. no love for the semi literate 9th grade dropouts? sigh….. I’ll keep reading… and try to comprehend.

      • Why would you think of that one? Sig designed that model to be an affordable, reliable alternative for people of lower means. They make much better polymers than the 2022

    • I’m not sure how Sig offering two handguns in a writing contest constitutes TTAG receiving advertising money. The contest might drive traffic to the website, but as far as I can tell, TTAG isn’t getting any money from Sig. I could be wrong, though.

      • I’ll take some money from Sig. Give me some money. I’ll post nothing but positive comments about Sig Sauer products regardless of topic, talking point, or subject matter. I take cash, check, guns, ammo, and gun parts.

        • I am a gun whore. I will admit to that.

          But lets be honest… a Sig Sauer (E.G. P226) in everyone’s hands – what is wrong with that? Come-on you know you would like to have a P226 in hand right now. Everyone with a Sig – its not a bad thing. (Ah-hum – $10 Sig – write me a check).

    • I came here to write the same thing. In their minds, there appears to be no impropriety since P320 != money.

    • SIG is giving these guns straight to the readers (you). We get some content out of the deal, but we aren’t getting any money from them for doing it. So I don’t see it as a conflict.

      • I don’t think you guys are doing anything wrong here, Nick. This is actually a pretty cool opportunity.

        And I don’t think anyone who regularly reads here thinks I’m a mindless cheerleader for anything, so hopefully my opinion is noted.

  4. I don’t like the idea of just random folks getting the guns randomly. You should earn it, nothing I ever got was randomly given to me. No, I disagree with this wholeheartedly.

      • You KNOW his childhood sucked. He was raised on gruel and haggis (gruel with chopped up lamb lungs). I mean Really!

        • I’ve had Haggis. My grandmother is from across the pond and she makes it from time to time. I generally make a point of having something “come up” when that happens.

        • It’s not that I don’t like the idea of free stuff, but competitions usually involve COMPETING. You know, competitively. Just out of interest, were your childhoods devoid of all competition?? Damn, that must have been dull as all hell. I just think that if you want to win something you should have to fight for it. Not literally, though. You get nothing for nothing, my dad always said.
          And Christmas is not about the receiving of gifts, but when people GIVE them, it’s out of their own free will, because they want to light up someone’s face, to be nice. If I wanted something myself, I got the money for it or I didn’t get it at all. It is called fending for yourself.
          BTW- Over here, we call it porridge. And I happen to enjoy haggis. Nothing tastes better that freshly-chopped lamb’s guts wrapped in intestines. It’s not for everyone, but I cut my teeth on it along with whiskey and tartan.

    • You still have to competently write an article that is up to TTAG’s publication standards, it’s not like they’re throwing everyone who posts here’s name in a hat.

      • Well, they have put my stuff up there… I’m sure my high school English teacher would be questioning how high that bar is… πŸ™‚

  5. Speaking of posting, what’s going on with Mobile? Was I dreaming that yesterday it was finally back to where Mobile worked on my mobile AND you could reply to individual comments in Mobile?

    Now it’s back to me having to manually toggle to Desktop to reply to a comment.

    Does strike work on this forum?

  6. You’re NOT dreaming Swarf. It’s jumping back & forth. I asked the same thing a few days ago. My wife doesn’t want me to
    use her computer for play so I only comment on mobile. Yesterday’s mobile was downright schizophrenic. That being said maybe I should draft a decent article & try to win a gun.

    • It’s modular, no need to wait. Write up some content, get in there, win the gun.
      When SIG has the conversion kits ready, the swap takes seconds, and you’ll have your 45 and a 9.
      Variety is the spice of life.
      And 9mm is a much cheaper spice…

        • I can reload for that small of a difference… Around here, it’s usually 7-8$ difference.

          Besides, 2-3$ a box can add up really quickly if you shoot 2-3 boxes a week.

  7. well I’ll just have to buy a Sig just for the support they’re giving TTAG. I do like that p226….

  8. Just to clarify– the random drawing will be the pool of people who get their submissions posted on TTAG? Or any submission by email– that isn’t something like “hey gimme dat”?

  9. It would be great, should this kind of generosity happen again from a manufacturer, to do a “Readers Choice”, rather than random. Everybody has their picks on which entry should win, and it would give a sense of community for the readers to be able to award one of their own.

  10. Hey Nick, just wondering if we should expect acknowledgment replies to our email entries. And yes, I’m aware that everyone now knows I sent in an entry that hasn’t been published. Starting to think I screwed up the email somehow…

  11. I do not know about the rest of you but for the most part the new generation of semi-auto 22’s have a hard time just running with standard high velocity ammunition. My wife has a Walther P22Q and getting it broken in and running smooth is a lot harder than her old P22. I am not impressed with the new plastic semi-auto’s. But, if someone were to give us one I wouldn’t complain.

  12. I sell handguns at a national dealer and have had great response to the P320. They love the feel, the ability to change calibre and size. Just waiting for a shipment to sell more. Got one on order for myself.


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