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I reckon the sound of ripping fabric would probably lead observers to conclude that the OFWG was experiencing a weight-related wardrobe malfunction, rather than giving the bad guy a heads-up that papa bear was tooling-up. Which is good thing, right?

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  1. The problem with carrying inside a vest or coat is two-fold:
    1 – It is a two-handed draw. One to hold the clothing, the 2nd to draw. This means that you can’t draw if your support hand is busy blocking, striking, dealing with a 3rd party or injured. For that reason I always prefer a carry and draw method that can be done with one hand.

    2 – Clothing flops around a lot and may be extremely difficult to locate during a physical altercation. The vest/coat flap may be in front of you, to the side, or even to your rear and may not be quickly grabbed. A fight is NOTHING like the range. Any time delay in getting your hand on your gun may spell disaster.

    • Carry solutions such as those in the video ARE less accessible, but depending on your situation, they may also be more secure, and/or more concealable. Carrying concealed is, in and of itself, a balancing act; One must balance those three factors, and find the best mix of the three for their unique circumstances.

  2. Least its not ‘ANKLE’ Carry. Thats so stupid in practical everyday application that it actually ought to be outlawed… get you killed – as its done too many times! THUS while I say: It ought to be outlawed!!

    FIRST RULE OF DEFENSE: NEVER – EVER- ‘GO DOWN’ ON YOUR ATTACKERS!!! But then again – if ya gotta tell a moron that…

    • Ankle holsters have their place. They are relative good in a car since they are unencumbered by seatbelts and they have applications in ground fighting where reaching a gun on your belt would be impossible.


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