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Police Chief Art Acevedo is a political appointee. Sheriff Parnell McNamara was directly elected. Of course, that’s not the only difference between these two law enforcement officers, who both testified in the Texas Senate regarding bills enabling campus carry and open carry. Acevedo keeps the peace in liberal Austin. McNamara does his job in deep red McLennan County. Acevedo believes women shouldn’t be able to carry on campus because rapists would use the guns on their victims. McNamara believes armed citizens are the first responders. Period. It looks likely that both campus carry and permitted open carry will soon land on the governor’s desk for signature. Will Acevedo get the message and instruct his officers to leave open or campus carrying Austinites alone? Watch this space.

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  1. We see this a lot in California–big city police chiefs (hired by a liberal big city city council) are all vehemently anti-gun, while a majority of the elected sheriffs (except those in counties where the big cities are) are pro-2A and generally “shall issue.”

  2. Art Acevedo is from Cali and is a big-gov shill. His primary purpose is to push laws that steal your freedom in the name of safety. He’s on the radio in Austin all the time, total sellout. He also won’t standup for his patrol officers. Can’t stand the guy.

  3. McNamara is my kind of hero. Wish we had more like him! Send HIM to Cali and maybe he can fix some of it!

  4. Acevedo is full of that common sense that isn’t so common anymore. He’d rather see an innocent person raped than a criminal dispatched lawfully. Doesn’t surprise me he is from California. Wonder what he did there to make him decide to relocate to Texas?

  5. The four star general wannabes are anti gun and the regular guys wearing suits are pro gun…

    Surprise, surprise

  6. Arty is from CA? Woo hoo, you mean we got rid of one? Guess all those tax breaks, incentives and that booming economy are attracting all kinds to Texas……who do you guys want next? Maybe some of our awesome attorneys? teachers? or newspaper reporters?

  7. I think people assume far more malice than is warranted for men like Acevdeo. Sure, what he’s advocating for is a violation of rights, and its a bad idea besides.

    But that doesn’t mean he is evil.

    He very likely does not want the women in Austin to come to harm, nor men. Likely he doesn’t desire that college students come to harm, either.

    He’s WRONG, but there certainly are anti-gunners who argue in good faith (I can’t watch the video at work). They sincerely believe that putting more guns into the hands of average people is a bad idea. From someone who is used to a big-government state, it may simply be what he’s used to, and he really believes that expanding gun rights further (sorry, restoring gun rights), would be harmful.

    Keep in mind that demonizing is what the Left does. We shouldn’t emulate them. By all means oppose these people – their ideas will enable the truly wicked, and so should be opposed on principle – but don’t ascribe malice to them unwarranted.

    • You are more gracious than I am John P. Every police administrator has a solemn duty to understand our rights, the Law, and best practices. That includes Chief Acevedo. If he did his job, he would have to look no further than Utah to see that there is not a single instance where a rapist disarmed a female college student and then shot her with her own handgun. (There are no “prohibited places” in Utah.)

      And Chief Acevedo could cast a wider net: see how many times an attacker disarmed and then shot his female rape victim — versus how many times armed women have driven attackers away.

      Finally, Chief Acevedo could consult with Detroit Police Chief James Craig or Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to understand if attackers are disarming and shooting armed female victims in their territories.

      The facts are out there and are obvious to Chief Acevedo. At best he thinks he knows what is best for women and is all too willing to shove it down their throats. At worst he is a tyrant who gets off on forcing other people to be harmed. I suppose in the middle he could be a paid shill of Bloomberg.

    • If he truly cared about the people, rather than validating how own bad ideas, there are mountains of readily and freely available data that proves, beyond a shadow of debate-ability, that more privately owned guns is better for both the individual and the collective.

      The fact that he doesn’t recognize this shows that he cares more about his own opinions than about people’s safety. And even if he has somehow been mislead in a completely convincing way, the fact still remains that his intentions are irrelevant. The road to hell is paved with them, and folks who enable evil rarely think that they’re not doing the right thing. That doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for what they create.

    • They (the gun grabbers) think you (the gun owner) are a baby killing, evil, scum of the earth, death monger.

      And you (the gun owner) think they (the gun grabber) are okay people, but a little dishonest and misguided.

      You shouldn’t fight fire with bubbles.

      Gun grabbers hate your guts and demand your right be stripped by gov’t, and if need be, from your cold dead hand. Don’t take these people lightly.

      Know your enemy like you know yourself. – The Art of War.

    • Um. No. I believe he’s the same dude who said women should just lay there and take it when being raped, and not fight back, because after all that’s what counseling is for. That is evil.

      • That’s the one I was looking for. If he would at least offer some kind of empirical evidence that having a gun makes it more dangerous for victims than facing a rapist unarmed, I might be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m not seeing anything in the vid to push me in that direction.

  8. If they pass open carry and carry on college campuses and in college buildings, I might have to seriously consider moving to Texas. The crazy hot summers sure suck, though.

    • Texas is big. North Texas doesn’t have the heat, but you can feel free to keep the cold and snow in the winter. OTOH, crazy hot summers are really fun if you live on the gulf coast, or on a lake.

  9. Acevedo has proven time and time again that he is nothing more than a puppet to the liberal establishment. The article nailed it; he is a political appointee, whereas conversely the Sheriff is elected by the citizens of a County. Just FYI, the Sheriff is technically THE top of the totem pole when it comes to authority in law Enforcement in your county.

  10. Abolish all appointed law enforcers. All law emforcement certificate holders should be under the direct control of an elected sheriff. (Who is also certified and preferably has an advanced degree or experience in law enforcement matters)

    The office of the sheriff can do both law enforcement, courts, jails, warrants, and civil summons.

    At this point in America, do we really need police or police departments when the sheriff and his or her deputies can and will do the job?

    Oh right. The mayor and or city council need a suck up appointee to make sure their kin and yes men don’t get arrested.

    Ditto with the state police/highway patrol too. The governor does not need state troopers as protection, when some armed guards will do or the governor CA carry his or her own Flippin gun.

  11. All CLEOs should be elected. Including chiefs of police. It wouldn’t eliminate anti-2A asshattery in their ranks but it would curtail it significantly.

    • They should also be promoted from within rather than imported from other states that may have completely foreign values and standards. A chief from California in a Texas city? Even in Austin that’s not a good fit.

      • Lord and General Zod, how would this be made, hmm, workable for people who just want to move To take a job opportunity? Let’s be honest, any city of Texas wants to hire one of two experienced police officer born in Texas but Certified in North Carolina

        2 applicants:

        Applicant A is working in Charlotte For the County Police, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

        Applicant B is working in Raleigh For the Wake County Sheriff’s Office

        I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which one is the statist and the other a semi constitutionalist

  12. “Acevedo believes women shouldn’t be able to carry on campus because rapists would use the guns on their victims.”

    What in the blooming hell is this logic? I’m surprised he could say this with a straight face.

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