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Next Post reports that Oklahoma concealed carry permit holders—and anybody else with a gun—still have to keep their piece under wraps. Earlier this week, Governor Brad Henry’s vetoed House Bill 3354 [download pdf here], which would have brought the joys of open carry to The Sooner State. The legislature failed to roust the 68 votes it needed to tell Henry where to put it (65-29). Seven members did the Obama thing (didn’t vote). Others (unnamed) traded their vote for the usual political beak wetting. That said, “Rep. Lucky Lamons, D-Tulsa, a former police officer, said about two dozen Tulsa police officers contacted him and urged him to vote against the bill . . . Lamons said the measure also didn’t allow police to ask for the concealed-carry permit of a person openly carrying a weapon to verify that person had the proper gun training.”  Huh? I could see where that could go very badly wrong. Anyway, seems the Open Carry campaigners weren’t that good at making their case. Opponent Rep. Dan Sullivan, R-Tulsa: “My question has always been, why do we need it (an open carry law).”

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