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    • So much this, I’d love to know what state these morons live in just to rub their ignorance in their faces.

    • Seriously I’d bet money that many of these complainers live in states where its legal to open carry without a permit and it doesn’t even effect them. That or they live in a state where people conceal carry all around them and they just don’t notice because just like a bunch Illinois sheriff’s/police chiefs said after IL got conceal carry it was a “non-event”

    • They’re right to freak out. Because open carry and campus carry are dangerous things that no one has ever tried before!!!

      Or not.

      • Most people don’t know that its legal in so many other places already. Not as much campus carry, but definitely open carry.

        Somebody posted “Texas is the most irresponsible state for allowing this,” and I responded that it’s nothing new around the country. No response…

        And it will be a non event as it always is, but even a copy buddy of mine started catastrophizing about a civilian accidentally shooting other civilians during a campus terrorist takeover or something. I told him that he literally took it past logic into a reduction ad absurdum situation that might be possible(technically), but it can realistically be rounded to zero.

      • +1.

        The Texas economy is great. All these logic-deficient bleeding hearts can GTFO.

    • Just think: if only Austin would pass MANDATORY scary black rifle open carry, maybe these slave state transplants would go home!

      Genius? I don’t know….that’s a strong word.

      • but, but, they can’t go back! the liberal polices enacted by the people they voted for a have created a financially (and morally) bankrupt place where they cannot get a job to support the life style they love! Its dangerous to go back! they might get robbed or raped or both (and killed) during a home invasion! now see here, you all in texas are just going to have to change the things they don’t feel comfortable with, like it or not!


        sigh, deport em to mexico or cuba, i hear they have very progressive liberal policies in place, they should see first hand how well they are working for a few years.

      • (Sigh) Constitutional Carry hasn’t caused any of the stupid people in Vermont to leave. In fact they keep coming.

  1. It is so sad that they do not realize that the people who carry legally are statistically even lower to harm them than the police.

    • Even if they don’t realize, they flat out don’t care. It still shakes there world view and some people can’t handle that.

  2. What’s it to these people – you don’t like open carry, you don’t like guns? Don’t go to places where people open carry and like guns!

    I don’t like hip-hop music – simple solution – I don’t turn on the hip-hop radio station or go to hip-hop clubs. But I don’t get on people’s s–t if they choose to do so.

      • Roll up my window, confident in the knowledge that in 20 seconds, they will be gone and I likely won’t ever see them again.

      • Wait a few minutes for the light to turn, and then continue with my trip, and my life.

        Not such a conundrum after all.

      • Why is it people think that because someone doesn’t like something that somehow we want to ban it, or hate those that enjoy it. I’m an old school muscle car kind of guy. And while I don’t like, and would likely never own one of those “tuner” cars, I can respect the work put into the ones who REALLY know what they are doing.

        I’m a heavy metal musician. I don’t hate those that listen to different music than me. I can be annoyed when someone pulls up next to me with their system vibrating their doors off, but I just ignore it and move on with my life. And quite frankly, I listen to so much different music that it’s silly to pin it down to one style. The most I will do is ask someone who’s thumping in a parking lot to turn it down if they pulled up and are next to me while I’m having a conversation. If that… Normally I just walk away. Why? Because I’m armed. Even a silly confrontation could have serious consequences if it takes the wrong turn. That armed society thing kind of applies more to the armed than the disarmed. We HAVE to let things roll off our back or risk serious consequences…

        • I was attempting to show the fallacy of his argument. He stated that folks who dislike open carry shouldn’t go around folks that do. He gave the analogy that he doesn’t do hip hop so he doesn’t go to places that do.

          He ignored the fact that sometimes hip hop comes to you. It can be quite obnoxious especially at a traffic light. Open carriers can be obnoxious too. Is everybody around them supposed to leave when they are around? Should everybody stay home so as not to encounter an OCer?

          Just as we wish others to be considerate of us while they are playing their music, we should be considerate of others when out and about with our guns. We are not the police. Keep them concealed. You win more with honey than vinegar.

        • No, everybody should realize there are people who choose to live their lives differently from what you might prefer and learn to cope with that fact. Out in the real world, you just might run into someone listening to music you don’t like, wearing something you don’t like, saying something you don’t like. Oh well. Toughen up, learn some life skills, and deal with it.

        • +1000

          Sometimes avoiding the three “stupids” involves removing yourself from a stupid place that wasn’t stupid when you got there

        • “You win more with honey than vinegar.”
          And you win even more with shit than honey; what’s your point? Yes, you’re darn tootin’ we should ignore, ostracize, and ridicule obnoxious people (of all stripes) while celebrating the noble, but that is beyond the scope of government, which is to regulate that which base social norms cannot; brute criminality. If all visible firearms are ‘rude’ to you to the point you cannot tolerate them, I’m afraid you may have a gun phobia, or at the very least an emotional hang up. Sorry hoss.

          • I wish I had a gun phobia. I’d be a lot richer. I was out shooting in the backyard this evening as a matter of fact, but I also respect my neighbors by abiding by the social mores of my area–to wit, when I walked around the property after I was finished, I kept it out of sight so as to not alarm anybody.
            It’s kind of like talking to yourself or picking your nose in public. While it is legal, it’s considered bad form if you do it. OC is the booger of the gun world. I do it at home only.

  3. I love the infantile tantrums from people with little or no emotional control. At least my 13 month old has an excuse, he’s 13 months old.

    I can only imagine the calls for violence against Texas gun owners at CSGV.

  4. Illustrating the polarization of the country. Very few in the middle. Just patriotic Constitutional Americans and PSH from left wing worshippers of the state.

  5. We aren’t really a nation anymore. The massive divide between us is a defacto civil war. It’s still a cold war at the moment. As with a marriage gone bad it’s best to divorce before things turn violent. Of course the Marxist states will never lets us go because they need the wealth and productivity of the more free states…

    • On the east coast create a country from Washington DC in the south to Boston in the north.

      On the west coast create a country out of northern California.

      Offer a free ticket to those in the center of the Restored United States to the east or west.

      I can dream, can’t I?

    • @Craig–Brother, you have it all backwards, it is the Marxist states that have already seceded from the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

      @Geoff-All or nothing as compromise has gotten WE Citizens in this position.

      Fail to participate in Politics don’t be surprised to be ruled by your inferiors. Plato obviously took political correctness into account when he said that.

      • Its supposed to be “obviously never” thought about Political correctness corrupting the politics, instead of lack of participation. Ethos trumps Logos as one of his students philosophized about, and this is sadly true in our current time.

      • [q]I don’t like politics…[/q]

        I hear this all the time from my circle of people (that I only barely consider friends), and my GF, which pisses me off a bit.

        Me retort always goes something like this:
        “Politics doesn’t give a f**k what you like. It’ll come into your home, rape you, steal your money and children and then skullf**k you for sport.”

        Maybe that’s why I don’t have friends anymore.

    • Its not just the revenues and resources the progressives need. Its the desire for control. Power over people is intoxicating to the progressive left and they can`t stand to know that someone is not under their boot.

  6. Awww, they’re so cute when they stamp their little feet and shriek like a two-year old…

  7. SWEET! Anything we can do to keep y’all from coming to ruin our state, like you’ve done to yours.

    Mission Accomplished!

    BTW….Rep Pancho Nevarez was on MSNBC today, apparently saying the legislature was intimidated into passing open carry and campus carry.

  8. So when some crazy person attempts to shoot up a university again and a law abiding open carry college student stops them, lets see what people have to say then. I think this is great.

  9. What RF did is a good lesson for us. The anti-gunners can cut and paste our comments just as easily. It pays to not give the anti’s fuel for their flames.

  10. They’ll huff and they’ll puff, and they wil forget about it. I wonder how many know not to apply to Colorado schools because of campus carry, which is not watered down there, unlike in Texas.

  11. Texas is a horrible place. Don’t go there. It’s a throwback to the Wild West. I know. My family has been hostage here since before it was a state. I even had a relative die in San Antonio……… From gunfire

  12. Oh no, now a bunch of whinny, anti-gun twits aren’t coming to Texas.

    Damn the luck.

  13. Is it bad that the only reason I open carry to some parts in Arizona is to scare the Liberals back into California?

  14. Please let the would-be border-jumpers know about campus carry and open carry. Maybe it will keep them from slithering into Texas.

    Or maybe not.

  15. The real question here is; what ELSE can we do to keep you dopes away? This beautiful anti-hipster force field must be reinforced!

  16. These whiners should go talk to the ladies who have been raped, molested, stalked, or otherwise threaten while on a college campus. Now, they can also go talk to the people at Va Tech, the spouse of the professor who was shot or the numerous students that have been shot on campus or off campus.

    Now let’s hear then whine because of the foot hanging out of ………..

  17. I see this as a major plus for the average intelligence level for typical TX college campus (more nitwits head out of state and fewer nitwits head there). This also helps edge up the Lone Star State on my retirement home list competing with Northern Florida and East Tennessee.

  18. Looks like the collective IQ and civility of Texas is now due for another increase.
    Nice job!

  19. You could build some huge sand castles with the amount of sand stuck in their nether regions….

  20. Those that say they will stay out of Texas,i’m betting Texas will survive just fine..Good for Texas..Let the crybabies whine and boo hoo.No one will give a damn.

  21. Don’t let them know that year after year El Paso is listed as the safest large city in the country. Last thing I need is a bunch of libitards clogging the highways.

  22. As y’all should be aware of, Colorado state campuses have permitted concealed carry for a few years now. I’m not sure about open carry on campus, but I doubt that’s permitted. As y’all have been reading the daily accounts in the lamestream media about the bloodbaths that have resulted, we here are rejoicing in Texas’ decision to take the spotlight off Colorado. So many dead, so many wounded… oh, wait…. really? Not??? Whadya mean “NOT ONE INCIDENT”???? (Sound of libtard heads exploding…)

  23. You mad Gun Thumpers?

    Criminals wouldn’t have weapons if you didn’t possess them.

    These twitter/facebook comments are more intelligent and telling it like it is. The rest of the safe civilized world is perfectly fine not carrying weapons around and they’ve the lowest crime and suicide rates in the world and don’t have the tainting influence of the NRA defiling them.

    Wake up you inbred sheeple hicks, Your not really “free” or safe if your NRA tyrant masters want people especially our most vulnerable to carry instruments of death around that will likely be ending up harming you or a loved one just to practice an outdated right created by racist old white men.

    Sorry ammosexuals, But studies from the New England journal show that own a gun is more likely to injure or kill you or a loved one than protect your fat gun-tard butts from fictitious “bad-guy”.

    It’s nothing but windmills gun-nuts, Nothing But Windmills.

    • Hmm, Argon, you should probably put in a sarcasm tag otherwise people might think your parody of the classicly irrational and delusional boiler plate ravings and ad-hominem attacks of the typical anti-freedom gun phobic immature nanny stater is real.

    • You trolled this site with the most often propagandized yet thoroughly debunked anti-gun talking points in recent decades. Try harder or go do something productive.

    • Not to feed a troll here, but the “more likely to injure or kill someone you know than an intruder” applies to literally every object in a home.

      Just think about what the comparison is: the number of times a household item is involved in an incident that injures or kills someone with whom the person responsible has constant, daily contact, versus the number of times it’s in an incident that injures or kills a stranger in essentially a chance encounter. That the former is larger number than the latter is such an unsurprising result, it feels like a waste of electrons to even type it.

      • Reading these comments, One can’t help you idiots are still drinking the NRA kool aid and spouting the same pro-gun that you ammosexuals sheep just eat up.

        Studies do show that having a gun in the home leads to increased homicide or suicide to the user or loved one.

        The only purpose for guns is to traumatize, injure and kill.

        Not some everyday household or public things to survive.

        Keep telling yourself gunophiles

        There is no place in the civilized world for guns became your average everyday intelligent citizens don’t want them, THEY don’t NEED them, There is no more use for them anymore. This is not your post apocalyptic mad max fantasy where every tom, dick, harry or Jill can walk around with military weapons.

        How are places like Europe, Australia and Japan Tyrannies?

        Answer, They’re not, They’re much safer, civilized and better educated than you back-wood inbred hillbillies

        That is what the police is for, But yet, you idiots continue to dance on the graves of innocent people that have to die because you can’t help to getting your fix.

        • Wow, Argon…

          You actually *believe* that!


          (Yeah, yeah, I’m feeding the fvckwit troll…)

        • Yeah, you can almost hear him panting and wheezing, right?

          I wouldn’t have said anything, but as someone who deals with data and metrics every day, that factoid always raises my hackles. It’s like the 95% of auto accidents happen with five miles from home or whatever that dumb factoid was.

          A huge amount of trips take place with a five mile radius of home and the ones that go outside that radius start and eventually end within it. Therefore, the vast majority of auto accident opportunities are going to be within five miles of home and correspondingly, the vast majority of the accidents.

        • Sorry Argon. But your “facts” aren’t. The law abiding gun carrying citizens are shown to be more law abiding than the police, 0.5% to 1.5% versus the general population which is 5% that end up being charged with a felony.

          Suicide in Japan, where gun ownership is outlawed, is double the rate as the Us. They jump out windows and committ Hari-Kari. Studies show that suicide rates stay the same regardless whether guns are available or not.

          Even the Dept. Of Justice came out with a study, showing that guns are used to defend against criminals more often than are used by criminals or used in domestic violence incidents.

          Guns aren’t “needed anymore”? Hardly, studies show guns are used to defend against criminals (depending on the study) 50,000 to 2 million times a year. Even the lowest estimate is almost 5X the amount of 11,000 homicides each year.

          A personal anecdote. I started carrying a gun 18 years ago when a human predator tried to mug me. We fought, I barely won. As he ran away, the attempted mugger points back at me and says “Your dead M.F.” So taking him at his word, I bought and carried a .357 magnum revolver. I’ve carried a gun 24/7 ever since.

          You obviously have a rabid hatred for gun owners Argon. You hate us because we represent freedom, being personally responsible, independence from being dependent on the government. Everything you hate and fear.

          Do I hate you back Argon? Honestly, no.

          I feel sorry for you. I hope you can come to your senses, without having the experience of being attacked, being severely injured or killed by a human predator attacking you or someone you love and care for and you being unable to stop the attack because you are defenseless.

          Look up Cannon Christian and Chris Newsom, they are a good reason why having a gun is needed and could have made a difference.

        • Auto correct. (Shakes head) Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

          Having a gun wouldn’t guarantee defending against the multi day rape, torture and ultimately murder they both experienced, but it would have given them a chance.

        • And here I thought that you were being all tongue-in-cheek.

          “They’re much safer, civilized and better educated than you back-wood inbred hillbillies”

          Heh. Civilized. Right.

          On average:
          -Europeans have considerably smaller houses than Americans; the average for new construction in the US in 2009 was 2200 square feet; Greece is 1350, France is 1200, and Switzerland is-ROFL-890. Italy is smaller still.

          -Europeans have less disposable income than Americans; there are exceptions to this rule, most notably Switzerland, but for the most part, people in Europe are, to use the vernacular, poor as sh-t, yo.

          -Our GDP per capita exceeds all European countries with the exceptions of Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland according to data from the World Bank, and all except those three and San Marino, according to the IMF.

          -Our unemployment rate is lower than that of most European countries.

          -America has more cars and trucks per capita than any country in the world with the three exceptions of San Marino, Monaco, and Lichtenstein; most of Europe owns approximately 1/2 to 2/3 the vehicles per capita that Americans do. Put another way, in Amerikaland, we don’t have to share a single 100hp, 1.2L sub-compact shitbox for an entire family, because, you see, in Amerikaland, we have *money*.

          -Comparing crime rates across international borders is a fool’s errand for a myriad of reasons that include but are not limited to different reporting and recording standards, varying rates of cultural homogeneity in different countries, etc., but if you insist on pursuing fatally flawed data to support your argument… Your definition of “safer” is very different from mine. The UNODC does indeed record a higher murder rate per capita in the US than in most of Europe; HOWEVER, the US’s total crime rate per capita is lower than the majority of the EU, often considerably-about 41 crimes per 1000 people per year in the US vs 61 in France, 110 in the UK, 138 in Sweden, and 209 in Iceland. Perhaps our murder rate is higher because the little sh-ts that run around Munich, London, Rome, Oslo and the like scribbling graffiti all over everything, or rioting and setting cars on fire in France, get shot when they pull that garbage over here.

          I could bring up all kinds of more trivial stuff-you know, things like how the ESA manages to make even NASA look good, or the shockingly different outcomes between the Charlie Hebdo attack and that incident a few weeks back in Texas-but I won’t.

          Heck, I won’t even point out how, every time mean old Russia does something scary, or every time Germany starts a fight, it’s the US that has to go over there and put countries in time out, and pass out band-aids and kiss everybody’s boo boos all better. (That was mean. I should feel bad. I don’t. But I probably should.)

          No, no. I won’t do that. Instead, in honor of our more intelligent, more worldly, more cultured and clearly superior European brethren, tomorrow morning, when I’m standing in my garage in my detached, suburban home, deciding whether I should drive my Z06, my M5 (see, I don’t hate EVERYTHING from Europe!), or my $80,000 diesel truck that’s bigger than some Parisian apartments and makes enough torque to tow Switzerland, I’ll take a moment of silence. And, in that moment, I’ll ponder what it would be like to have all that education, all that culture, and aaaallllll that safety, only to live in a crappy little row house the size of my kitchen, driving a crappy little VW Polo, and being faced every morning not with the dilemma of which 400hp vehicle I should drive to work that day, but instead, with the question of whether I can afford to pay congestion charges for my Polo that day, or if I should just take the tram instead.

          Hilarious, man. Thanks for the laugh.

        • Siorus,

          I haven’t noticed you posting before, but that was awesome. LMAO. Keep up the good work.

    • “Criminals wouldn’t have weapons if you didn’t possess them.”

      In the article “Australian Gun Grab Goes to the Next Level”, you said the same thing. You totally ignored the article’s links to Australia gun smuggling and gun manufacturer(which means that CRIMINALS BREAK THE GUN LAWS), thus making the gun grabbing laws irrelevant to any criminal, you moron.

  24. The tears of stupid degenerates are sooo tasty…

    I wonder how many of them live in a NO PERMIT REQUIRED Open Carry State, and don’t even know it because they’re stupid degenerates?

  25. It’d be nice if these people actually read what was written in both of these laws. They have zero to do with each other. Open carry is still not allowed on campus, only concealed.

  26. since these jokers live on feelings, someone should ask em how if feels to have their political AND world views broken at the same time.

    • No, It is gunophiles like you that living on feelings and contribute to no logic or reasoning what so ever.

      How any more innocent people have to suffer because of your sick gun fix?

      And btw, Pro-gun states like texas have higher murder rates than states with stricter gun control.

        • This is the reason the change in the general public as to supporting gun ownership as more of a benefit than a detriment. What is also pertinent is regardless of the murderous rate of a state, the murder rate drops or at least stays the same after carrying a concealed is passed, crime rates definitely don’t go up after more kaw,abiding citizens start carrying a weapon concealed.

          It is easy to check the facts spouted by both the anti-freedom group versus the pro-freedom group.

          We, the pro-freedom group, have the facts on our side. Thank G-d! for the internet.

      • Dont feed the troll – especially ones that use hyperbole, fail to fact-check, and whine like a little bitch.

        • Yeah, but it is so satisfying to show them how wrong they are. We won’t probably change this Argon persons mind, but for those many others reading these posts, they can read and judge as to which side makes the most sense.

          This is why the general public has by more than a majority have come to support gun ownership as a positive thing. They have come to see a law abiding citizen with a gun is a force for good

      • Wrong, silly, TX has a lower murder rate than CA, IL, MD, NJ.

        States with looser gun laws than TX, like VT, ID, WY, MT, have even lower murder rates.

  27. TX campus’ are about to become the safest. I always wonder how the anti-2A people rationalize vilifying law-abiding citizens? If you carry legally you clearly are not a criminal and in all likelihood one of the more responsible citizens. Good TX is interested in protecting the Rights of The People.

    • “…I always wonder how the anti-2A people rationalize vilifying law-abiding citizens?”

      The do something really simple…. they add a “yet” to the idea.

      Try it, you’ll will actually be amazed at how simple it is.

      You haven’t gone on a murderous rampage. “Yet.”

      It doesn’t require facts to support the idea because you can’t prove something that hasn’t happened. It doesn’t infringe on their world view because they know in their black little hearts that they are truly superior. And it allows them to change the direction of the argument away from facts, which they can’t argue, and squarely into Feelings, of which they have a few and have strongly.

      Here’s the best part….. When they use the “Yet” it signals everyone else that you are dealing with a Statist, Fascist, or general Hoplophobe (or all three).

  28. And here I can’t wait to retire and move to Texas. I hope this drives out some more of the liberal idiots.

  29. I wonder if any of them will just keel over when there are no figures to support thier fears?

  30. This really is a significant benefit!

    The media, and leftists, BIRM, always freak out over whatever TX does. They have to run us down because we inbred hick ammosexuals are the ones keeping Obama’s jobs numbers from being so horrible.

  31. Before I even bought my first gun, I noticed that the reports of muggings and assaults in my area seemed to concentrated around college campuses, with student carrying backpacks being over represented in the victim reports.
    My state is permitless OC and may issue for CCH. But college campuses are mandated safe work places for criminals. One would have to be totally brain dead to not see the correlation.

  32. Now all we need to do is to proclaim that every citizen within the city limits of Austin is required to carry. I think that might take care of the tiny blue dot in the sea of red…


    Colorado has had this for years. And outside of the city and cesspit of Denver, we’ve always had open carry.

    Show some consistency for once in your pathetic lives and kindly go back where you came from; you’ll surely be happier in the PRK or the Eastern Seaboard (pick the appropriate urban hive from this region).

    Take Governor Chickenlicker with you.

  34. To ccl in Texas you need to be 21. Not sure how much of an impact this will have regardless of which side of the fence you call home. This is the only dumb thing i see out of all of this.

  35. Hy everybody,
    I’ve been following you for some months from this side of the Ocean (Italy), and always refrained from posting anything, just because my permit had expired and I did not feel I fit here without it.
    Yesterday, after 3+ months I finally got it back for the coming 6 years.
    Limits? A whole lot!!!
    Still, I’m really happy I can now get back to the range and fire at will.
    Reading all the threads about the many antis trying to limit your freedom to carry (wether concealed or open), I would just invite them to good ole europe (capital is missing voluntarily!), and show them how it looks like where almost everybody is unarmed.
    Only thugs carry, and no one can stop them.
    Carry on with your efforts at staying free and armed.
    I respect and, uncommon to me, also envy you.
    Keep tough folks!

  36. *Patiently waiting for more Argon the Antiquarian comments. Checks supply of snacks and beer. All good. Won’t be long now I am sure…*

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