This frame grab from surveillance video provided by the Kansas City, Kan. Police Department shows two suspects authorities are looking for in connection with a fatal shooting at a bar early Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, in Kansas City. (Courtesy of Kansas City, Kan. Police Department via AP)
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Two men were involved in an altercation in the Tequila KC Bar in Kansas City, Kansas Saturday night. According to the Kansas City Star, one of the two was refused service and kicked out of the bar about 11:00pm.

They left the building, retrieved handguns, then returned about 1:30am and opened fire in what is being called a “targeted shooting.” Nine people were shot and four have died.

One of the two has been arrested. Both have been charged with first degree murder.

From the Associated Press . . .

One of the two men accused of opening fire inside a Kansas bar early Sunday, killing four people and wounding five others, was arrested Sunday afternoon while the other remained at large, police said.

Javier Alatorre, 23, and Hugo Villanueva-Morales, 29, were each charged with four counts of first-degree murder, police in Kansas City, Kansas, said in an early Monday release. Alatorre was arrested late Sunday afternoon in Kansas City, Missouri, but police were still looking for Villanueva-Morales, considered “armed and dangerous.”

Bail for each was set at $1 million. The release says Alatorre was arrested with the help of the FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and police in Kansas City, Missouri. A prosecutor’s office spokesman didn’t immediately respond to an email asking whether he has an attorney

Villanueva-Morales and Alatorre each faced criminal charges in Missouri, and Alatorre’s criminal record also included previous convictions, according to online court records in Missouri and online Department of Corrections records in Kansas.

One of multiple shooting victims is loaded into a coroner’s van following a shooting at Tequila KC Bar, Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, in Kansas City, Kan. (Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star via AP)

Villanueva-Morales had a pending third-degree assault charge in Missouri. Alatorre, meanwhile, had past convictions for fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement in Kansas and for driving while intoxicated in Missouri. He also had pending charges in Missouri for tampering with a motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance and resisting or interfering with arrest, detention or stop. And in 2017, an order of protection had been ordered, barring him from abusing, stalking and possessing a firearm.

The two men apparently had a disagreement with people inside Tequila KC bar, left, and then returned with handguns, police spokesman Officer Thomas Tomasic had said.

“We think there was something that happened in the bar earlier probably,” Tomasic had said. “Unfortunately, they left and decided to take it to another level, came back and started shooting.”

Around 40 people were inside the small bar when gunfire erupted around 1:30 a.m., Tomasic had said. The gunfire sent people running for the exits, with the injured leaving trails of blood as they fled. One of the injured was trying to get a ride to the hospital when ambulances arrived.

“It’s a pretty small bar, so if you have two guys come in and start shooting, people are just running, running anywhere they can,” Tomasic had said.

All four men who were killed were Hispanic, but Tomasic had said authorities did not believe the shooting was racially motivated. The shooting happened in a neighborhood with a large Hispanic population.

Among the dead was a man in his late 50s, another in his mid-30s and two in their mid-20s, police said. Authorities did not immediately release their names.

However, Juan Ramirez, of Kansas City, Kansas, told The Kansas City Star that his 29-year-old nephew was among those killed. He said his nephew left behind a 6-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter.

“I don’t wish this upon anybody,” Ramirez said.

Kansas CIty Bar Shooting
Kansas City, Kansas police investigate the scene of a shooting at Tequila KC Bar Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, in Kansas City, Kan. (Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star via AP)

Bartender Jose Valdez told the newspaper that he had refused to serve one of the suspects on Saturday night because the man had previously caused problems at the bar. Valdez said the man threw a cup at him and left, but returned later with another man shortly before closing time.

The gunfire created smoke inside the business, Valdez said, and he thought the building was “going to cave in.”

Valdez said three of the people killed were regulars whose parents also frequented the neighborhood bar.

“I don’t know what to make of it. A sad day for everybody who lost their lives and their families,” he said, choking up. “How can you go into a place full of people and just start shooting?”

The state’s congregational delegation also weighed in, with Republican Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids describing the shooting as “senseless.”

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  1. “All four men who were killed were Hispanic, but Tomasic had said authorities did not believe the shooting was racially motivated. The shooting happened in a neighborhood with a large Hispanic population.”

    Well, if race was not a factor, then why slip that in there at all?

    • Guesty:

      Simple, everything today, in our current environment, is based on race. The next article we see on this event will be that one of the assailants is actually white, who happened to have a tan. Once again, those evil white supremacists at work.

      • … and once again, we’ll see the revival of the “white hispanic” that the DNC likes to drag out of their bag of tricks whenever they want to blame whitey.

      • If they’re able to convince people that Javier Alatorre and Hugo Villanueva-Morales are white then I’ll tip my hat to them. That’s some great mind control.

      • I don’t know…

        Look like a couple of fine upstanding Illegal Aliens to me.

        …with Criminal Records of course just like the rest of Shitbama’s ‘sons’.

        • I was wondering about the immigration status of these two fine young men on their way to choir practice.

          Of course we can’t mention that in an article.

    • I’d guess that it was a case of
      – They asked because it might be interesting
      – It wasn’t interesting
      – They had the info so they reported it in case other people wondered

      Honestly, just basic reporting.

      • If two Hispanic guys shoot up a bar filled with mostly Hispanics why would race be a question at all? Clearly it wasn’t racial. No need to ask or to report about it.

        • They’re pushing the narrative that we need gun control because of white supremacists, but the reality is that people of color are more likely to be killed by other people of color (and whites are more likely to be killed by whites). No racists or AR-15, so this will be dropped everywhere except KC.

    • “Well, if race was not a factor, then why slip that in there at all?”

      I guess you didn’t get the memo. The greatest existential, imminent threat this country faces (outside of the climate crisis) is WHITE SUPREMACY (gasp). So naturally, journalists have been conditioned to search it out even when it’s nowhere in sight.

    • I checked the name, and the guy arrested , , and he is probably illegal. He has the same name as a very famous reporter in mexico. one of the enrichment of the open border is the criminal class coming across to evade their law enforcement in their home country . they cannot be traced or tracked here and can assume any name they want , and get ID in that name. so natural y since we have no way to check the background of the people sneaking across, it is an easy way for their worst criminals to escape law enforcement in their home country.
      of course the national media will ignore this “mass shooting ” because it is about the 8 millionth example of what lunacy our open border is. the GOP wants the cheap labor so they fully support it too.

  2. How long will it take for the dipshit democrats to blame guns used in this crime by what clearly appears to be two knucklehead criminals?

  3. Were the suspects legal? Illegal? If the latter, will local authorities cooperate with ICE? Inquiring minds want to know. Regardless, this was a tragedy and consolations to the families of the dead and the survivors.

  4. Why is this even on TTAG? Spanglish criminals shoot up a bar. Wow. It happens in Chiraq quite often and it doesn’t get a national report. Not muy bueno!

    • Have to agree with you, this is a daily occurrence in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, LA and a host of other cities.

    • To some it’s always a surprise when “white” hispanics kill each other. To many people it does not fit the narrative. But gangs south of the border do get a great deal of attention on TTAG. Justifiably so I think.
      There is plenty of ethnic violence outside of the black community. But the press refuses to cover that. Also it depends on who runs the cities. Seattle and San Francisco are run by the sexually Liberated Left. So the crimes there are not reported widely.

  5. Who wants to bet those firearms were not legally obtained?

    These two were clearly part of the catch-and-release justice system.

    • You talking about the 2 suspects or the 40 innocent people? I’m not a fan of hanging at bars but I do understand we are social creatures and the local watering hole provides an outlet for that. Pretty cold to call 40 people just having a good time “stupid.”

      • Ignore it.

        There’s a sizable contingent of folks who think that “stupid times and places” is “any place I don’t understand you being because it doesn’t fit into what I would do”.

        I had to go to Walmart at 3am awhile back and people right here on TTAG strongly suggested that the only reason I would have for going there at such a time was that I must be up to no good.

        • “I had to go to Walmart at 3am awhile back and people right here on TTAG strongly suggested that the only reason I would have for going there at such a time was that I must be up to no good.”

          Huh? That’s the best time to go to God forsaken Walfart. Less idiots (both customers and employees) to deal with at that time in the morning. How is avoiding stupidity a nefarious action?

        • I am unsure why people came to that conclusion.

          I just know that there was a story about some shady shit at a Walmart and I remarked that the parking lot scene could indeed be sketchy at three in the morning if you stopped by at that time.

          It was then suggested that I shouldn’t have been there and could have no possible valid reason for going there, the not so subtle suggestion being that I was up to something nefarious.

        • Responsible adults are not in bars (or “sketchy” areas) at 1:30am. If you’re past 25 and still hanging on in bars grow up.

        • “Responsible adults are not in bars (or “sketchy” areas) at 1:30am.”

          Blanket statement noted.

        • @neiowa
          Just to be clear. If my family and I are coming home late from a trip or just being out and about that means my wife, 11 year old child, and I are up to no good in some criminal action? God forbid we stop in somewhere on the way home, why I bet that’s grounds for immediate imprisonment, don’t pass jail, don’t select a jury, just directly to prison. What if I have a drink at home and I’m the only one drinking, does that mean I’m an alcoholic? How about going for a walk after dark to avoid the heat of the day, does that mean every house that is passed is being cased for the next B&E? Yep some of us need to grow up but I’ll let each individual figure out who does and who doesn’t need to do just that.

  6. This is absolute proof why we need more gun control. It was not illegal enough for these two convicted criminals, one of which additionally has an order “barring him from abusing, stalking and POSSESSING A FIREARM.’ (emphasis added). It just needs to be illegaller for them to possess firearms and it needs to be illegaller for them to shoot and to kill people. Since it was not illegaller enough they were not kept from shooting, but if we made it more illegaller these criminals with no intention of obey the law,.., well right, it should be more, more more illegaller!

  7. All four men who were killed were Hispanic, but Tomasic had said authorities did not believe the shooting was racially motivated. The shooting happened in a neighborhood with a large Hispanic population.

    Oh, the lengths we’ll go to, to avoid saying the SUSPECTS are Hispanic…

      • 1) It’s an adjective, not a noun.
        2) Well, Mr. Know-it-all, do the murders prefer to be called Latino or Chicano? What about the dead guys? Maybe they preferred different adjectives, which caused the dispute.
        TLDR: GFY

  8. Welcome to mexico, or what a large number of areas around the US will soon become the longer we allow MILLIONs of ILLEGAL to remain here that have no right.

    • Large number of area’s in the U.S. that WILL become Mexico/Third World? How about the large number of area’s in the U.S. that HAVE become Mexico/Third World…

    • They will self deport if its made illegal to hire them. They got here on their own. They will leave on their own.

      • It’s already illegal to hire them. People have been doing it anyway for years. And people who come here looking for work are not the problem. Those that come looking for a handout and free ride are the problem. End welfare, public housing, public schools, Medicaid and other healthcare for the indigent, WIC, and the access card (food stamps). Then the bums will self deport in a hurry, and the ones who actually want to work to improve themselves will stay. If we end all of the government programs for our own citizens too maybe our native bums will self deport as well.


  9. What’s sad about this situation is people went to this bar to socialize and have a good time and wound up dead.It should be no wonder more people are arming themselves to prevent violence against themselves.I carry more then ever now because of the society we live in especially because I’m a senior.

  10. 1. Are they here legally or part of Obutthole’s DREAM act?
    2. Did they legally possess the firearms?

    I bet “NO” to one or both. NUFF SAID!

  11. They sound like some fine upstanding young Liberals that should be running free in all Sanctuary cities. If only to keep the population of democrapic voters down……

  12. Reminds me of a Guatemalan that I used to work with many years ago. When he drank he got ugly and wanted to fight someone, anyone. Every single time. The main guy here was one of those guys, had been thrown out before for bad behavior while drinking. I read that it took four guys to evict him this time. So when he came back in high dudgeon, he was gunning for everyone.

    • Alcohol doesn’t cause violence. It just lowers the inhibitions that would normally stop people from committing violence.

  13. I read this on DailyMail and was surprised that they included a fecesbook photo of the victim wearing a MAGA hat and they had a photo of the “no guns” sign on the door. If this was a members only club (as I have read), then I would assume they have a membership list that would identify the suspect.

  14. I don’t go to bars or night clubs any longer. I don’t go anywhere that looks even remotely unsafe.
    Especially places where different demographics dominate. Why stand out and be a taefet?

  15. “How can you go into a place full of people and just start shooting?” Anyone want to field this incredibly stupid, ignorant question?

  16. Are they Illegal? If Not I’m Surprised they haven’t been Labelled “White Hispanics” since they brought up “Race”. Sounds like a Bunch of Drunk Mexicans – Very Normal for that “Culture”.


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