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Zombie training (?) at Northern Virginia Tactical (courtesy

Back when Time magazine was a thing, appearing on the weekly periodical’s cover was the kiss of death, career-wise. The photo essay Zombies: Gun enthusiasts’ perfect target indicates that the Washington Post has inherited Time’s knack for jumping on a bandwagon long after it’s been abandoned. “Zombie culture has invaded gun culture with zombie shooting competitions popping up throughout the country. The outbreak in gun clubs has also helped bring new shooters into training sessions.” The perforating the pretend undead trend died about a year ago, and stayed dead – except for a few isolated pockets of contagion. The fact that Northern Virginia Tactical would teach anyone to shoot two [dissimilar] guns simultaneously or agree to have a student pose that way, tells you all you need to know about zombie “training.” RIP, Zombies. And…someday…the Post.

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  1. The only thing that I care for in the zombie craze is the thought process ” If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for anything.”

      • Intelligent zombies are the rare instances where the zombie condition does not completely eradicate all evidence of thought. Some works of fiction depict zombies with personality and intelligence, the only difference being their hunger for flesh. They are extremely dangerous, as they can still use weapons such as guns or swords, and can devise plans to overcome human barricades, traps and the like.

        George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead also depicts zombies slowly evolving/developing both a social hierarchy, and the ability to use tools and execute coordinated attacks.


        • “Intelligent zombies are the rare instances where the zombie condition does not completely eradicate all evidence of thought.”

          I can’t tell if you’re talking about the gun control movement or not. 🙂

  2. The zombie craze/phase has certainly died down, but it hasn’t been extinguished yet. I have at least one friend who is into guns in a big way now but likely would have never gotten started with it if it hadn’t been for the zombie shoots. I never really understood it either and while I don’t recommend that anyone double wield their guns, it is true that it did attract new shooters and for that reason I will not knock it.

    • Because that’s how you shoot when you kill zombies in Killing Floor (a zombie-killing game).

    • Because it’s fun? Because it feeds a fantasy? Because learning to shoot offhand is practical in the event your strong hand is injured or otherwise preoccupied? Because……..what’s it to you? Because guns. That’s why.

  3. He is holding them wrong. You are supposed to hold them right next to eachother and fire simultaneously. That, or use one to provide cover fire by blindfiring while taking aimed shots with the other one. The latter technique obviously isn’t useful against zombies. A third technique is shooting with one while having the other as a backup in case you run dry or is presented with a better opportunity (target to the left is faster to engage with left hand and vice-versa).

    Yes, I dual wield given the opportunity.

  4. The only cool thing about zombie crap is that it typically comes in bright green…

    My woman doesn’t like pink, but loves green. Which make shopping for gun stuff with her more fun.

    • The tons of cheap Hornady Zombie Maxx .223 that my LGS can’t get rid of is pretty cool too. At least for me.

  5. The Washington Post is a media zombie. It’s been dead for a while, but it hasn’t quit moving yet and it’s still dangerous.

  6. if a meme appearing on the WaPo website means its jumped the shark, then that must mean the AR-15 assault shotgun and gun control are RIP. Sounds more like hope than anything else. I doubt anything Jeff Bezos owns (like WaPo) is going bye-bye anytime soon. As for zombies, that craze has been walking dead for a long time yet still finds new victims and eats their brains. I feel pretty sure zombies will be with us for a long time.

  7. I tried firing two guns once. Banged their slides together from the recoil and decided never again would I abuse my babies like that. Thankfully neither of their finishes were marred.

  8. If you are going to shoot 2 at the same time do it with something like a ranch hand or mare’s leg using the spin cock technique in order to win the cool factor.

  9. Fear not, zombie lovers. “The Walking Dead” was renewed and new episodes will be aired starting in October. ‘Cause you just can’t kill a good zombie show.

  10. At least he got an all purpose nylon holster that’s probably big enough to hold both guns.

  11. I have to admit, I love zombie shoots. That’s just a lot of fun and it really brings out the young shooters. Zombies have been a great gateway drug for the shooting community.

  12. I tried that two gun trick years ago when I was young and dumb and while it did put a lot of lead down range I just barely hit the target more than once or twice

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