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“Four Inland Empire men charged with plotting to join Al Qaeda and the Taliban and threatening to commit ‘violent jihad’ against Americans trained at Southern California paintball courses and shooting ranges,” reports semi-incredulously. I smell a rat. A very expensive rat. “A portion of the case rests on a confidential source who befriended Santana and Deleon and wore a recording device, according to the complaint. The source was paid more than $250,000 by the federal government in October and received unspecified ‘immigration benefits,’ according to a footnote in the complaint. The source was previously convicted of trafficking in pseudoephedrine.” Can you say “entrapment”? Anyway, again, “To prepare, the men allegedly practiced firing semiautomatic weapons at area shooting ranges.” And to prepare against terrorists every adult American should practice firing semi-automatic weapons at their local shooting range. Meanwhile, I wonder if these guys played COD and stabbed any pork roasts.

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  1. Nothing smells quite like bovine excrement. And this smells fresh. A paid informant with a deal to be made? Not a source I would trust without lots of verification.

  2. God I hope they don’t attack paintball for this, the kids don’t have a say in gubberment and don’t have an NRA to back them up. I can just see the gun grabbers in their disappointment going that route.

  3. “Pseudoephedrine” tracker is there confidential informant? So they’re relying a guy who probably helped athletes cheat or mixing up some homemade Theraflu?

    I hope the doesn’t sat a bad precedent of the government watching our shooting ranges more closely than it already does.

      • Come on, it’s for the best! I mean, of course the meth chefs have ways to acquire it without going to CVS, and control has driven up prices and made producers and users more violent and desperate, but just because prohibition has never ever ever worked ever doesn’t mean it won’t magically start working now!

        Don’t whine, don’t ask questions, just give up your ID and end up in some government database when you need cold medicine or just buy the shit that doesn’t work. Like prohibition!

  4. Hmmm sounds to me like someone thought it would be ok to do his duty to his??country!!
    Oh wait, it isn’t his country, and he made a decent chunk of change in the deal!!
    Nothing like seeing our government at it’s best!!!!

  5. Something smells real fishy here….i wish the feds would pay me 250k to insite some people into breaking the law.

  6. Good report we as American must prepare to defend our nation and YES with Black Rifles and Good Old M1As!!! And I see Obama: We must ban Assault paint guns, too lethal for home ownership!!!! LOL

  7. Hello TTAG readers,

    I would like to ask you an honest question. How would you feel if you were at a local gun shop or shooting range, and saw young practicing Muslim men there, either browsing firearms to purchase or testing out their guns at the range. Would this make any of you uncomfortable based solely on the fact that they are Muslims handling firearms?

    I’m asking because I am a 25 year old Muslim American male, born and raised in this beautiful country, looking to get buy my first handgun for home defense, but to be completely honest with you, I am hesitant to walk into the gun store because of a fear that I may be mistreated or harassed, or even just looked at suspiciously because of my appearance. I turned down a trip to a gun show with a friend for this very reason, and just wanted to post this question here to see what the average American gun owner has to say about it.

    Thanks for your time.

    • I honestly don’t believe I would have a problem with you being in a gun shop an being Muslim.
      My problem is with the radicals who think that killing their wives and/or daughters just because they”dishonored” the family by wearing or sayin something unapproved… Yea not real fond of that. The belief that women and girls shouldn’t be educated is, in my opinion, wrong.
      I have not read any of the Koran in a long time so please correct me if I am wrong. I am always open to learning new things and seeing both sides of the story!!!

      • I’m not a fan of gay bashing Catholics, protestant Lynch mobs or holier-than-thou Hasidim, but I don’t apply the behavior of a minority to the majority and neither should you.

        • If it actually were the minority and not established doctrine, plain to see when a Muslim couple walks down the street together, I could half agree with you. I’m not saying all Muslims are bad, but I have as little respect for their dark age misogynistic customs as I do for Scientology’s new age brain washing, the Catholic church’s long history of sadistic abuses and mass slaughter campaigns, and Judaism’s propensity for cultivating superiority complexes so deep seated Gentiles are sometimes viewed and spoken of as non human. The individuals don’t have to do much, just like “pro-2A” Democrats aren’t personally supporting gun control, it doesn’t really matter.

          I have come to the conclusion, that one useless man, is called a disgrace. Two are a law firm, and three or more become an organized religion/government/other individuality suppressing organization.

      • +1000!!!!!
        Regardless of your religion being an American gives you the same rights as every American has and is entitled to.
        Anyone who would give you crap over being a Muslim and legally owning a gun is wrong and should be overlooked!!!

    • Maybe folks would think you were an undercover fed trolling for a hate crime and based on that they’d either leave you alone or pretend to like you…I’d like to turn the question around and ask a politically correct, left leaning tolerance and diversity type person the same question and see what their answer is. One the one hand, you have a conspicuously Muslim individual (oppressed, therefore virtuous and good), BUT, he’s engaged in a right wing behavior, therefore not good. My guess is that it would be considered politically correct for a Muslim to arm himself, BUT ONLY if he said he was doing so because he was afraid of being victimized for his religion.

      • Good question! But the problem is….& you and I and everyone else knows that were a Muslim man to make the statement that he was buying a gun because he felt threatened or feared for his life that he would still have a hard time getting the firearm and especially a ccw license in places where the local LEO chief has to approve it!
        It is an unlikable part of human nature but it is there ingrained into people’s base human nature.!!!

        • Wow… Nobody else found the implication that people of the gun would mistreat this person based on his appearance as really insulting? That question just fed into the stereotype that gun store browsers are a bunch of racist rednecks who think every Muslim is a terrorist…. Thanks!
          Here’s a question in return… As a Jewish American zionist who has Israeli parents, I would really like to take a job in a community in Michigan that is predominantly Muslim but I’m afraid I may get harassed or physically threatened due to my background…. Should I do it?

          • Well for the sake of clarification: if you or I or anyone else dressed as a Muslim man would have went into a gun store how do you think the owners & patrons would look at you when you walked in??
            Even before you say a word you will see that look of wonder in their eyes 99% of the time.
            I wasn’t trying nor intending to insinuate anything about racist rednecks or anyone else. Hell I am probably as redneck as they come, living in a community of poor country folks totaling about 700 or 800 people who are of different races, religious beliefs,etc.
            I consider myself pretty damn tolerant in regards to race, religion, etc.
            My point was that a Muslim, dressed as we normally see Muslim men dressed, were to walk into a gun store and want to buy a gun for self protection because he felt his life was in danger there would be hesitation and maybe a little leeriness on the part of the gun store owner. More than likely because of past incidents involving Radical Muslims who believe in Jihad and want all Americans dead!!
            That was what I was trying to point out. I apologize for not being clearer and more concise in what I was posting!!

        • Oh cry me a river, Joe. He asked a frank and honest question that deserves a frank and honest answer. Are you saying anti-Muslim sentiments don’t exist within the right-leaning community?

    • Unless you were wearing some kind of religious regalia (that someone was familiar with) how would anyone know you’re a Muslim? Sure, some might assume, but those are the kinds of people that assume anyone with dark skin, a beard and a funny accent is looking for their next target.

      I do my best to give exactly no shits about someones ethnic appearance or religious beliefs, and I think most people do to, but I guess I could always do better. Thank you for posing a frank and thoughtful question for us to think about, and for being a good ambassador for your faith to people who might not be familiar with it.


    We all know Californias super strict gun laws keep is people and this country safe from criminals!

  9. Apparently their plans for attacking U.S. military installations went something like (and I quote):

    “I wanna do C-4s if I could put one of these trucks right here with my, with that. Just drive into, like, the baddest military base,”

    Beavis and Butthead join Al Qaeda.

  10. I saw this in the news yesterday. This is puh-thetic. We paid 250k to a junkie to rat out a gang of imbiciles. Then we gave him citizenship to seal the deal. Way to go DHS. I’ll sleep much better tonight with operations like this. The agents probably put themselves in for awards and meritorious step increases, and will probably get them.

    What they should have done is just let them go to Afghanistan where they would wind up killing themselves. The US military is not worried about 4 more dip-sh1ts with no real training (playing a few rounds of paintball does not equal training. Nor does pliking a few rounds off at the local range). These guys would have ultimately just got themselves killed doing something stupid.

    Better yet, give their names to the Pakistani or Afghani security services and watch them simply – dissappear. Then you could charge the meth cooker with a felony and just deorted him instead of giving him money, which he’ll just turn around and use to make a bigger meth operation.

  11. Just par for the course for Homeland Security when it comes to ‘foiling’ terror plots.

    It’s not online but there’s an excellent article in this month’s Outside magazine about the case of Eric McDavid, an ‘eco-terrorist’ who was chasing a confidential informant honey pot.

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