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“I think that’s negative. That’s not probably supposed to be. I think it’s not proper, it’s improper to have guns in school,” proclaimed Neptune Middle School parent Armando Vega when informed that eighth grade teacher Gema Evans had illustrated a history lesson with – gasp! – a prop rifle. Thankfully, not every parent staggered toward the fainting couch when they heard the news. As parent Maurice Dellafano pointed out, “It’s just a prop. No big deal. Can’t fire, so who’s it going to hurt?” So no biggie, right? Well . . .

Unfortunately for Ms. Evans, Neptune is part of the School District of Osceola (Florida). That’s the same school system that suspended 8-year-old Jordan Bennett for having the temerity to make a gun out of his fingers (he didn’t even say ‘bang’).

So no clemency for the social studies instructor. She’s been “reassigned” for her heinous firearms faux pas. As Sonny and Cher astutely observed, the beat goes on.

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  1. Man, the people that run the government schools are simply hysterical, aren’t they? I don’t mean “funny” hysterical, I mean red-faced, slobbering, total mental short-circuit hysterical. Gotta have another talk with my son about how they plan to school my granddaughter…

  2. When are we going to institute a “Zero tolerance for stupidity” policy? We can teach kids about islam but not christianity, expell students that chew a poptart so it looks like a handgun, and protect our most precious assets, our children, with “Gun free zone” signs that tell murderers they won’t be met with any resistance at all?

    I could go on for an hour, but I won’t….

  3. My old high school physics teacher told stories about how he used to shoot a .22 LR into a stack of hanging textbooks. It was a demonstration of the conservation of momentum, and the kids used to love it. He had to stop somewhere before the GFZ school act due to pressure from hysterical teachers.

    I’ve got to say that I’m intolerant of the hysterical liberal progressive mindset. If I were to live according to what makes them feel comfortable and safe, I would have no freedom to speak of. No motorcycles, no guns, no salt, no bigs sodas, no life. I could maybe watch a movie about multiculturalism and eat overpriced organic broccoli, as long as I had a permit for it.

    • One of my college history professors let a guy bring a K-98 Mauser, and the bayonet, to class and pass it around. He also brought a live .50 BMG round. But then, it was a private college…

      • My American Gov’t teacher had a Mannlicher-Carcano that he would challenge us kids to rack off three rounds as quickly as we could, aimed dry fire. He didn’t believe the Warren Commission on JFK.

    • I had an 8th grade science teacher who was in the Reserves. He brought in a Red Army PPSh-41 SMG to class and passed it around in the last 1950’s. We all thought it was cool to hold a gun captured from the bad guys. It was a trophy in the unit’s display case.

  4. Glad my kids are grown. Home school people. What about the drum and bugle corp who carry faux guns? This sooooo stoopid…

    • +1000 on grown kids out of the .gov indoctrination edumacation institution.

      Programs like welding, auto shop, pipe fitting/machinist, ROTC, slowly but surely are being phased away.

      Now books like Bruce Has Two Daddies, are taught along with “participation awards” because everyone is a winner.

      One day, long after we’re gone, a foreign country won’t have to worry about a gun behind every blade of grass, just smaller scattered sections that requires a bit more effort.

      My son knows this, and will remember. Aim small, miss small.

  5. The American public school system constantly reveals itself as the leftist indoctrination camp that it really is. The administrators are the petty bureaucrats that every leftist government needs. The teachers are, for the most part, incompetent buffoons who can’t make a living doing anything else. The entire system needs to be dismantled, starting with the unions and school board politicians that control it.

    For the children.

  6. “I think that’s negative. That’s not probably supposed to be.” Armando Vega, Neptune Middle School student parent

    More PC: Political Constipation …… Pussy Constipation….. Pansy Correctness. It’s PLAIN. STUPID.
    Maybe teaching them about war is too “negative” too…. let’s just all hand out lollipops, and sing about sunshine, Obama, “Hope,” and his magical unicorns!

    In my high school we had REAL decommissioned M1 Garand Rifles for JROTC drills anbd shows, and a pellet gun marksmanship club, not some prop rilfe.

  7. Please, home school your children. If you can. If you care.

    And don’t respond with “X would never happen in my child’s public school”, because at one point you could have said the same about any school in the US.

    • Homeschooling doesn’t always work out well, especially not with parents who are too easy on their kids or not knowledgeable enough about the subjects….. What does a parent who never majored in it know about chemistry?… Even if they did, I bet they never majored in all other subjects. Not to mention, the kids won’t get to interact with other kids. It’s not suited to people unless they live somewhere out in the boonies.

      • Most teachers don’t major in the areas you mention, they major in “education” which doesn’t expose them to or require them to take chemistry at all or math past how to add and subtract

        • I used to correct the teachers’ notes on my kids exams and make them take them back to school and give them back to the teachers. Parent-teacher conferences were quite interesting. This was high school in the 80s.

        • I used to work for a former teacher who got out. He told me that most of his former colleagues dreaded grading exams because they didn’t understand how to calculate percentages.

          There is a shortage of teachers qualified to teach STEM classes. It has been proposed to offer positions to people with formal education and actual work experience in the fields they are to teach after running them through abbreviated teacher training. The teachers’ union bitterly opposes this.

      • My kids rapidly surpassed my knowledge of science and math–which, in fact, was vastly more than that of my wife, who was their main “teacher”, until the oldest (our daughter) took over the teaching of her younger brothers. If you do it right, home schooling LETS your kids learn. The daughter is now–ironically–a middle-school science teacher in a gov’t school.

      • Jon,

        Let me give you a false choice: your kids can either not know much about chemistry or they can not be subjected to the idiocy that passes for public school administration in early 21st century America. I know which I’d pick.

        But the fact of the matter is, children just aren’t that difficult to teach. You can give your kid a high school chemistry education with nothing more than your local public library, and there are far, far better resources than that available. It’s a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t rocket science.

  8. I remember taking a Civil War-era muzzle-loading handgun to 2nd grade show-and-tell (it is a family heirloom from the battle of Vicksburg that I’ll probably never see again). For that matter, when I was in 10th grade the history teacher asked a Civil War re-enactor to come in and demonstrate his gear…complete with rifle.

    That was only the early nineties. The way they’ve clamped down on stuff like that, I feel like an old fart now.

  9. When I was in 7th grade in the early 2000’s we went to a Civil War reenactment and all of the students fired 1861 Springfield rifles in a volley. Shockingly no one died or became a spree killer as the result of this traumatic experience.

  10. I brought my Flintlock Rifle made by TVM into my class when I was giving a lecture on the Rev War,but again, I work at a private school.

  11. Pretty soon history will not be taught, because a major part of US (and world) history is one war after another, and thus students might be exposed to pictures of GUNS, and we all know that that would harm their tender psyches, turning them into raving psychos who will demand super soakers for summer vacation.

  12. We have succeeded in wussifying our children…they fear everything…next thing you know, teachers will get in trouble showing pictures of guns…it’s a history class…you can’t pretend guns don’t exist…

  13. Just replace all the handguns with walki talkies,and longguns with and mops brooms, etc. Then all the children will know that wars where fought not by soldiers with guns but by the jaintors that the public school system prepares them to be.

  14. It is totally different in my school. I am on my high school’s rifle team and when we have away matches we have to bring our rifles to school and teachers walk by sometimes when we have them and no one cares. I always think of these cases and how lucky I am when I go walking into school with a couple of rifle cases in my hand and am glad my school district has at least a little common sense.

  15. 6th grade. 2000-2001. My teacher wasn’t the most “engaged”, and thus we had a lot of free time. He used to sit on his computer on ebay shopping for collectible coins while we moved the desks to the edges of the room, and after he took notice of this being our “go-to” when we had free reign off the class, strategic positions denoting forts or bases, depending on the battle we just learned about, and reenacted the battles using yardsticks for guns. He had a box of probably 30-40 yardsticks. We’d fashion them with “scopes” for sharpshooters or snipers, pistol grips and magazines if it was Vietnam. If it was WWII, we knew that if we were the Americans, we only had 8 “bangs” before we had to go “PING!” and stop to reload.

    This was post-Columbine, but pre-absolute zero tolerance to anything; probably the last school year of relative “freedom”, as 9/11 was perpetrated in the very beginning of the following. THAT is when everything turned to PC stupidity in my area.

    I also know of someone who successfully smuggled in, and carried around an airsoft AK-47 all day in high school in a guitar bag, along with a guitar, just to prove a point to him/herself that the security theater is just that. Theater.

  16. Sometimes I hate this country. Well, more specifically, all the scared little chicken shit whiny bitches that I have to share it with.

  17. I go to a highschool and here we have about 30 false rifles, and there’s even a shooting range in the basement, unused of course

  18. “And here, children, is where over a hundred immigrants were killed by gun violence…”

    “Ooh, Mrs. Robinson, were their hands up?”

    “Yes, Timmy, AND they couldn’t breathe!”


    -overheard during public school field trip to the Alamo

  19. Oh how the times have changed. I still remember in on of my HS classes (graduated 08) a teacher with the principals permission let us bring in a long bow, recurve bow, broad sword, and even a muzzle loader with powder and minie balls for a presentation. Can’t imagine how well that would go over now days


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