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  1. The market speaks! Hey mom, if you’re against it, don’t send your kids there. I’ve been shooting since i was a wee young lad with the ‘old man’ and when i hang out with some of my 30 yr old pals that are ‘novices’, their lack of respect for weapons and safety is appalling sometimes. At times, downright dangerous. Early education is key to being a respectable member of society.

    • +1 I have been shooting since I was five. I think its great. Like he said “take the mystery out of guns” I had a friend growing up that that had anti gun parents and he had an unsafe interest in them. so my parents talked them into letting us teach him to shoot, and after that, I think since the mystery was solved. He was over it. My parents had been worried he might get a hold of one of theirs and shoot someone but we taught him safe handling and let him shoot and he lost the unsafe interest some children have.

  2. I think this is a great ideal when both my kids were 10 that was their birthday present from me …introduce them to what a real gun does. After a few times at the range they lost all their curiosity in guns.. the only thing i am reserved about is the age limit i do think 8 is a little young for that to be introduced maybe I’m wrong but 2 years does make a big difference….and besides this is right in my neighborhood…(gun mom’s…gigity)

  3. With proper supervision, I see no problem with it.
    I recently took a friends’ 10 year old to the range with his dad for his first shots. Kid had a GREAT time.

  4. Provided there are enough safe guards to include responsible mature adult supervision I like this idea.

  5. I started shooting at 8 at summer camp. I will never forget it and I wish it was mandatory for all school children. I don’ think it will make kids gun nuts, but when you learn at a young age that guns are not toys, and the whole thugs life bit is just plain stupid you will focus elsewhere.
    I think it is a great idea for the kids, and I am sure they will have plenty of safe guards, group size restrictions etc.

    • I wonder if they’ll do what that Hawaiian gun range does for foreigners, where the gun is locked facing forward and can’t swivel more than a few degrees.

      ………..naaaaaaaaah! (Relatively) free state and whatnot.

      • I think kids are more easily trained than foreigner adults.
        – They are more willing to listen and learn.
        – There is no problem understanding the English language.
        – They can be controlled by adult intructors in ways that an adult would not allow you to control them. For example, if an adult instructor grabs a kid’s arm, he is strong enough to stop the kid from moving unsafely, and the kid will emotionally accept physical restraint from an adult when necessary.
        – etc.

        Have an hour of classroom instruction, maybe a 5 minute video showing the massive damage a gun can cause, lots of time talking about gun safety (the four rules and what they really mean), a little hands on with blue guns only (grip, trigger pull, sight picture, pick up the gun (finger off the trigger), put it down, etc.).
        Go to the range. Discuss the four rules and range safety rules again.
        One kid and one instructor in each lane. Start off with no bullets in the gun. Practice a few dry fires following all the gun-safety and range safety rules.
        Put one bullet in the gun. Repeat for a few times.
        Put several bullets in the gun. Repeat a few times.
        At all times on the range, they are supervised with one adult instructor per one child. Two minor strikes and you’re out. One major strike and you’re out and don’t come back again.

  6. IN other words, BEST 10 yr birthday party ever.

    I did buy my god-son a 10/22 for his 10th bday, so at least he got some of that. He wanted a party at Lasertag however. We ended up with strange teams. His father, two uncles, and me vs every kid. His father, and two uncles are cops. I also have a little bit of training. We destroyed those little bastards.

  7. So the mom “has done some gun control advocacy before”. Full stop, don’t care one bit what she has to say.

  8. I so wish I had seen that earlier. I live right around the corner, and when my daughter is old enough, she will go. Ranges around her are few and far between, this looks like it will be a class act also.

  9. I have worked as a rifle instructor at our county’s “Youth Day” where kids can come and learn about gun safety, and shoot a little bit. It was ALWAYS one instructor per kid, and we had about 10 to 12 kids per group, with about 50 groups going through the range in a day. I was bone tired at the end of the day, but the kids all seemed to enjoy themselves, as did the instructors. We had each group for maybe 15 minutes as they came in from some other activity and left for yet another activity. Nothing bad happened, no one was hurt, and even got a few moms shooting as well. Now granted, I live in a rural area of PA that is MUCH more firearm tolerant than center city Philadelphia, but I could see that some of the parents (especially the moms) had never shot much if ever, so I would like to hope that we planted the seeds of good firearms safety and fun on those days.

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