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Of all the guns-a-blazing, shoot-em-up movie trailers in the history of the cinema, Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s big budget effort is definitely among the most recent. While it’s undeniably star-studded and snazzily-produced, though, it’s really a non-movie trailer (hint: “coming never”), released yesterday to promote their upcoming ‘Run’ tour. But given all the vapors and pearl-clutching that followed other examples of ballistic prop usage, you have to think it’s only a matter of time before the disapproving tut-tuting and tsk-tsking begins in earnest, especially given their recent history of real-life violence. Who will be first to heap opprobrium on Mr. and Mrs. Carter for wanton gun glorification? Shannon? Dan Gross? Josh Sugarmann? The suspense is killing us.

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  1. What’s funny is that none of the usual pearl-clutching, anti-Humanist sock-puppets will poo-poo this video, but they will go ahead and heap all kinds of anti-rights vitriol and Uncle Tom racism on top of Colion Noir.

    In other words, it’s fine until someone not on “their team” does it. Double-standards for two-faced, double-talking hypocrites.

    And the beat goes on…

  2. Jay-Z is a twice-convicted felon (selling drugs and stabbing a man) and may not legally possess firearms.

  3. Jayz is a racist as well. Look up “jay z 5 percenter chain” and then what the 5 percenters believe. White people are devils and blacks are superior.

    • Actually, a lot of the 5 percenters were upset that he was wearing that chain, they felt he was just trying to cash in on their image.

  4. Jay-z isn’t a 5 percenter and I highly doubt he is a racist.

    I reallly don’t understand the promotion of Jay-Z and beyonce’s tour by this site. IF you wanted to be petty you could post 90% of hollywood trailers they all have people using guns.

    Seems to me you are just going out of your way to generate click bait for the ignorant user segment of your website.

  5. Jay Z is too busy sucking up to the POTUS . . . . as a felon, no less, who gets to kick it in the Lincoln Bedroom. . . . tells you everything you need to know about “artists” and Beyoncé, well, the weave alone says it all

  6. Beyonce was one of the loudest shrills in last spring’s disarmament push, so yeah, any time she makes an ass of herself, it’s worth pointing out.

  7. Somebody told me that I should watch this for the pictures of Beyonce’s ass. I didn’t know that he meant Jay-Z.

  8. Jay-Z can’t be racist. Black folks can’t be racist because they have no power. Only OFWG can be bigots. They keep the black man down so no one can be a billionaire or president or attorney General. Don’t cha’ know? From an evil old white man married to a beautiful black woman.

  9. I just do not watch there movies, won’t spend a dime to see those liberals. Now if is Eastwood, John Wayne and the other three stars lets go to the movies.

    • Why John Wayne? He sipped martinis by the pool while Jimmy S, Lee M, Charles B, Eddie A, et al actually went… I would say Bea Arthur made a greater contribution than the Duke

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