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“Apple has asked some developers of gun-based iOS games to remove pictures of weapons from the promotional images used on the App Store.” Of course they have. Because as everyone knows, simply glimpsing a gat while casually browsing for something that allows you to play your favorite tunes on a fart piano can turn an unsuspecting yoot into a bloodthirsty killer. As makes clear, the censoring doesn’t apply to the actual applications – yet. So images like the one above from the game Tempo have been pixellated to obscure the offending firearm. Which brings to mind . . .

the anti-cigarette crusading senator in the movie, ‘Thank You For Smoking.’ In a similar vein, he wanted all entertainment, including classic films, to be digitally “enhanced” to remove any hint of tobacco.


How long will it be before that idea catches on and we see something similar proposed by hoplophobes?

You Cant Win 'Em All



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  1. I sat on a couple of extremely long flights last week and watched four movies including Fury, The Drop and 2 others.
    Guess what ALL four had in them? Guns and cigarettes, lots and lots of cigarettes. I never knew Brad Pitt could smoke so many damn cigarettes. These Hollywood types sure don’t mind promoting guns and death sticks.
    Wonder why they’re so against them when they’re not for them?

    • Oh, they’re actually very pro-gun and pro-smoking. They just don’t want you to enjoy those things. You see, in their minds, those (among a great many other things) should be in the sole providence of the rich.

      Typical ivory-tower, Hollyweird elitist hypocrisy.

      P.S.: I don’t begrudge actors for playing a period character according to the social structure of the time. However, when speaking to and about today’s society, it is entirely appropriate to point out the blatant and rampant disconnect between what they say and what they do.

    • Good points.

      Watching people smoke in movies has never made me want to. The same way watching a horror movie about a serial killer doesn’t make normal people want to kill.

  2. I wonder What would happen If the slave labor used To manufacture these Phones Had access to guns. Oh , no, they don’t have that right Because they live under the oppressive thumb of a communist government. I wonder if they voted for that?

    • But the elves in Candyland who make the iCrap toys are so delighted to work for slave wages that cover only their bed and food that FoxConn last year put anti-suicide nets around their plant so said jolly elves don’t make themselves into sidewalk pizza too often.

      • But Bill – that would suggest people can kill themselves with something other than guns … which we all know is impossible!

  3. much ado about nothing.

    Since the icons and previews can be seen by everybody they require these promotional materials to be age appropriate at the lowest level. It’s a parental control thing, and these rules have been around for a long time although not always enforced strictly. It’s like getting a ticket for jaywalking, it usually doesn’t happen but it’s on the books.

  4. My virgin mobile android cost 15bucks. And I’m ok with it. Apple,Google, Fakebook, Micros##t and the others all suck. I guess I could go live in a cave…

    • Its The One Ring: walled gardens where alpha geeks can control what people do with their computers and how they do it. If you agree to the EULA, they can thought control with abandon.

  5. We gun people have really got to get away from funding these gun ban billionaires like Apple and Micro Sucks. Its time that someone starting putting out commercial ready machines with Linux. Screw Bill Gates and Balmer.

  6. Apple… no surprise. Their business model is a walled off garden where the inhabitants hopefully never figure out there’s anything outside.

    • Outside?

      Why, there’s viruses and flash and all sorts of horrors outside the nice, clean, sterile, calming walls of Apple OS…

  7. With all the games out there and the popularity thereof, I’m surprised. Odd they would take the time to focus on such small issues. And to protect whom? from what? Seems like a Co. attorney is involved. They should remain neutral as a business is supposed to treat everyone with equality. They should reconsider.


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