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“Come along with me as I learn how to fire a gun for my upcoming ‘secret project,” Canadian Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell asks her YouTubers. “In this video I discuss the proper procedures, safety, rules & etiquette for going to the gun range and also cover some basic firearm safety tips.” So, let’s log this under winning, four rules and all. Although . . . “I don’t ever want to have a gun but -” A Hollywood anti-gun hypocrite in the making?

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  1. Looked like she was legitimately having a fun and safe experience. My guess would be that she is saying she wouldn’t own one to save face with her antigun fans and friends

    • Yeah you’re probably right. It seems like being progun is almost as bad as being anti-gay for Hollywood celebrities these days.

      • Or being a Republican. However, I don’t ever want to have a gun. She is probably being honest. She just wants (whenever she is big enough to have them) her bodyguards to have them.

        • Robert Downy Jr.
          Clint Eastwood
          Jerry Bruckheimer
          Chris Pratt

          Just off the top of my head, A-list conservative Hollywood celebrities.

  2. Gotta’ keep the employment window open. She is one fine hypocrite though…

  3. If she had fun, she’ll be back. And that’s a win.
    And the thing about not wanting to own a gun isn’t that unusual. I bought my daughter a handgun, and at first, she kept it unloaded, locked, in locked gun case at the back of her closet. Even though she’d been shooting many times, the thought of having a loaded gun in her apartment scared her. But ever since someone rattled her door knob at 2 in the morning, it has taken up residence by her bed. Loaded.

    • “But ever since someone rattled her door knob at 2 in the morning, it has taken up residence by her bed. Loaded.”

      Fascinating how the lightbulb over the head suddenly illuminates. Good on her. 🙂

      On ‘Twinkle’ the actress: Who knows where her head is really at?

      She could be hypocrite, fence-sitter or closet POTG.

      Chances are, she’ll spout Hollywood propaganda if she wants a career out there…

    • Admit it, you weren’t happy she kept it unloaded and locked up in the closet, so you snuck out at 2am to rattle her doorknob so she’d dig it out and load it. It’s ok, I’d do the same thing.

  4. I dont want to ever have a gun ..but Ill use one in a flick for a giant payday.

  5. Hey, good for her. Watching someone learn for the first time (and have fun doing it) always makes me smile.

    Still had a little bit of chick lean going there, though.


  6. Here is what I saw: I saw a fence sitter who had a great, safe, and positive time on the range. Based on what this looked like, I think that was her first time ever firing a gun. Hopefully she will hold an appreciation for the tools that they are. Who knows, maybe it will gnaw on her mind, sitting around there in the back of her head, and she’ll want to some back for more. We can only hope for that. In the meantime, I hope she had a great time and gained a sense of respect for weapons.

    Please let me be commenter 1,000,000 with this comment!

    • “Please let me be commenter 1,000,000 with this comment!”

      The count was short something like 3,000 comments as of yesterday, so it’s a way to go.

      Hey, we can’t have jet jocks getting freebie guns! There might be another US Airways pilot butter-fingers in the making…

      Hm. 8,000 feet on approach. Nice sterile cockpit discipline that guy had. Or is ‘finger on the trigger’ a part of the checklist? 🙂

      EDIT – Ah! I see it was an Airbus A319. Never mind. Justifiable shooting…

      • Geoff, I think the only guy that has to worry is my pilot, who is sitting about 4 feet in front of me in our super hornet. And if I have a gun with me, so does he haha. But hey, a guy can dream of winning a free gun, right?

        • Free guns are cool with me. 🙂

          Hornet backseater…it would weird me out a bit being in something that size and not having flight controls in reach.

          I gotta ask, I heard a few days ago that O-club bars are being phased out as part of an anti-alcohol culture the brass is pushing. Any truth on that?

      • No flight controls does suck. Thank god for lots of trust and outstanding pilots…..and ejection seats for the last resort.

        As for the O-Club thing. They aren’t phased out, just merely never used anymore. I know Pensacola still tears it up pretty good every Friday late afternoon/early evening. The O-Clubs definitely aren’t like they used to be. We don’t won’t to be seen as big drinkers by our commands. There are just too many bad things that can come out of that. Unfortunately, that means it happens out in town now, where things aren’t as controlled as manageable. Of course, in every big military town, there are a few that show up on the police blotter every weekend. All together, it’s a sad state of affairs in the military now that we’re afraid to down a few beers in front of our bosses at the O-Club. There are still a few good skippers out there that know how to handle business at work, and fun at the O-Club. They are few and far in between tho.

    • Shooting ups a girls hot factor by 20x. When my wife realized that… Well our life has been more fun and she gets her way more haha.

  7. Not bad. Anytime someone in the entertainment biz has a good, fun experience with real guns, it’s a win for us.

    As for her “I don’t ever want a gun,” that’s only a bad thing if she extends “I don’t want one” to “nobody should have one.” I’m not holding out hope that anyone can be plugged into Hollywood at such a young age without succumbing to the progressive poison, but you never know.

  8. Seed planted. She seems to have enjoyed the experience.
    Even if she doesn’t initially own one herself, she is an actress and will likely be around many gun-related scenes over career. She could be the type to point out Hollywood fallacies to others and tell them about her own experience. Not everyone in the cultural war will be an overt fighter.

  9. That gun range is the same one that offered for sale the smart gun armatix. Full of celebrities and wanna-bes.

  10. seed has been planted…that’s one way to turn em, take them for a fun range day!

  11. Hopefully it was enough to get her hooked and get more friends to come try it out too.

  12. I couldn’t watch the video, so maybe there was more to her statement, but based on what was quoted, I don’t see anything hypocritical about enjoying shooting but not wanting to own a gun. I don’t particularly want a classic muscle car (too much maintenance and too little fuel efficiency), but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy riding in one every now and then.

    • I’ll agree! Same could be said for boats, horses, private planes and .50BMGs!

  13. Why dies the video’s cover image features fke muzzle blast with no recoil and no finger on the trigger? Who thought that would look more “dramatic?”

    Then again, her finger DOES appear to be outside the trigger guard…and her grip isn’t bad at all. Someone was paying attention to instructions.

    • Also, why does the hole in the wall, looking down, appear to show a cloudy sky? Does that range lie on the border of some alternate, inverted dimension, or something?

  14. A women talking about guns is probably more digestible than a tacti-bearded dude extolling the virtues of the glock 19.

  15. Pretty gal. Would love to help her with her stance! Or anything else. A pretty girl proves the existence of God!

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