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A Canuckistanian high schooler attends career day. At his own school. Members of the Canadian military are there posing for pics with some of the students. When Bryson Evans posts one of the pics – a pic that was taken at his school during a school-sanctioned event – to his Facebook page, the school suspends him. Because guns. Check out the full story here . . .

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  1. Reading crap like this is like hitting my head with a sledge hammer: it feels good when I stop. Oy!

  2. They would have freaked if they saw some of pics taken when we had our local NG unit come to the Jr. High with all the fun toys and the rifle range on HS property…even the woman over the yearbook took a great pic of my shooting with a training device that made it into the yearbook

    • Or when a classmate of mine in Cicero Illinois (1968) brought an actual Manlicher-Carcano to debate class to prove that Oswald could indeed have racked the bolt three times in the allotted time interval of the Zapruder film.

    • “The administration should be shamed out of their jobs.”

      Complete lack of shame is a requirement for a Progressive…

      • Shame from a progressive? The only shame a progressive feels is to deny that “white privilege” keeps the minorities poor, uneducated and in jail.

        The only shame a progressive feels is to fly an anerican flag to show pride in ones country and ones culture.

        The only shame a progessives feels is to say that there is an absolute right and wrong and to feel shame in violating those wrongs.

        The only shame a progressive feels is to say that there are no victims. That each person that is an adult is responsible for their own actions.

        The only shame a progressive feels is to say that there are evil people in the world and that the only cure for their evil actions is a lethal response, whether on a personal level, or as a national military action.

        To a progressive, there is no shameful action, since the ends justifies the means.

      • Having interacted with quite a few, I have to disagree!

        They’re ashamed to be male
        They’re ashamed to be white.
        They’re ashamed to be American.

        And they insist that YOU have to feel bad about it too.
        (Note that they’re not ashamed to be successful, rich, or that they have armed guards)

  3. Poor kid needs to leave that shite “school”…this is right up there with finger and pop-tart “guns”.

  4. After reading that story, I feel like I should go to the hospital and have my blood tested for derp poisoning.

    • An invite to the Obama White House, requires one to make a clock out of clock parts, have family ties to a radical cleric and a history of doing “pranks” at school.

      An invite to the Clinton WH just requires a checkbook…

    • In all seriousness my real complaint about that picture is that that firearm isn’t sitting in my safe right now.

    • Fortunately, that’s not really true, because it’s inefficient and bungling, and oftentimes subsidizes (out of one department) what it speaks out against (from another department).

      I am very glad we don’t get all the government we pay for, because we pay for an awful lot of it, something like four trillion dollars of it, and that’s just the federal level.

    • Sorry, no. They don’t necessarily get what they pay for.
      But when it comes to local school boards, they get what they deserve.

      You can grow a pair and run for school board yourself, or you can sit back and let the inmates run the asylum.

  5. Little surprise here, unfortunately. How Zero tolerance policies, or laws, are not thrown out on constitutional grounds pretty much explains the direction( and destination) of this country, regardless of which party in in power.

  6. Meh. From what I understand after reading the article elsewhere, the kid had some sort of stupid comment on the pic. Without any context, I still think the district overreacted a little, but not to the extent most of the posters here do.

  7. Even acknowledging my pro-2A standpoint (granted, this is Canada), I just don’t get what the problem is here. He has a school logo on. OK. He’s carrying a rifle. OK. So what?

    There’s nothing menacing about his pose or expression. There’s no threat toward anyone specifically or even generally. I’m seeing a legal rifle, as far as I know of Canadian law, and a teenage boy, which I assume is also still legal in Canada.

    As far as the school knew at first, this was completely innocuous behavior, off campus and unrelated to the school. That this ended up having been photographed at the school itself, during a school-sanctioned is the story’s hook, but even that shouldn’t matter. There’s no crime or violation of anything here.

    What an embarassment on the school’s part. The decision maker there really ought to stare deeply into a mirror and repeat until it takes: “This is who I am. This is what I’ve become. I NEED TO MAKE SOME CHANGES.”

    • I’m actually wondering, are para M249s “legal” firearms for Canadian citizens? From the story, it was actually brought in to school for some Canadian Armed Forces day. Which is actually cool in itself, seeing that even here in America, I can imagine plenty of snowflake teachers and parents freaking out if a Marine or Soldier brought in the same weapon into a similar school function.

  8. Why does the school have access to his facebook page (parents, get with the times, help you kids protect their own privacy)?
    Why is the school wasting time looking at kids’ facebook pages?

    • They most likely have access because of his security settings. Parents should absolutely be overseeing these settings to ensure as much protection as possible is being applied to their children’s privacy.

      From the school’s standpoint the time they’re spending is time well spent because without proper security settings, a child’s Facebook account and pages can be a gold mine of information that could be used against the student.

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