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This post could have just as easily been an Incendiary Image of the Day. TTAG reader Travis Pike reports that the antis are freaking out at this Instagram image of Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer – with a gun! was not impressed. Our dear friends at the Campaign for Civilian Disarmament (a.k.a., CSGV) labeled it “nihilism.” The instant vilification may have a little something to do with the fact that . . .

Meyer is engaged to Bristol Palin. Anyway, I believe a gun belongs on your hip or in a safe but – the Second Amendment protects Americans’ right to keep and bear arms anyway they see fit – save brandishing. I don’t see any intimidation here so … not ideal, but no biggie. Unless you hate guns, that is.

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  1. I think they’re just mad at a pic of a man taking care of a child (especially another man’s child). It undermines their ‘men are selfish man-child proto-rapist bullies and the source of all societal ills’ narrative.

    • Sure, sure. And I’m sure they would freak out even more if there were a bathtub visible in the photo, as a bathtub is like 200 times more likely to accidently kill a child than a firearm. Actually, the list of things more dangerous than a firearm to have in a house with a kid is really freakin’ long, from a television or other furniture than can tip or fall over to household chemicals to anything that could be a choking hazard to ladders to a swimming pool to… accidental firearms deaths are way down the dang list.

  2. As long as you’re in direct control of the baby or the gun I’m pretty sure you’re okay… unless you think the gun is going to literally leap up into to the air, turn around and pull it’s own trigger.

    Looks like the mag might be out?

  3. I just had my granddaughter visit, and she was left alone with my 9mm in the room. Since she is only a few months old, I really wasn’t worried. Maybe when she gets old enough to at least roll over I’ll start locking it up (the gun, not the granddaughter).

    • “I’ll start locking it up (the gun, not the granddaughter).”

      Meh, I could go either way.

    • Wait till she is about 14, then consider locking her up, if that is not possible, clean the firearm if she has “visitors” over.

      • I raised daughters, most of their lives as a single dad. Since I open carried everyday and mostly everywhere, there was no need to do any special firearms cleaning when visitors dropped by. Potential suitors already knew that her papa was well armed. Of course, the rifles and shotguns leaning against the walls in different rooms probably helped reinforce the concept. Honestly, I never gave it much thought at the time. The young gentlemen callers were always respectful because my daughters generally had good sense.

      • Cleaning is NOT “brandishing”, but should get the idea across. Plus, maybe he’ll be interested and want to go shooting with you and your daughter!

    • Yeah, my son is coming to visit this evening, but since he is 40 and shoots better than me, I’ll probably just let the paranoia pass.

  4. I said it when the engagement was announced. MOH or not, Dakota will be destroyed by the left. Mark my words. They are going to be merciless. Child Protective Services WILL be called and that will be just the start. The Palin Derangement Syndrome will apply to him.

  5. Accidentally clicked on the wonkette page…WOW. A Soviet flag banner. Take that comrade!

  6. Awwwww….dat is just a toy wottuh squirt gun…or maybe a chocolate gun…


    Well dam.

    Diss means we gotta take away Mr. Meyer’s MOH.

    Send Shannon Watts over to do it.

    Upload a vid of her success.

  7. And people of the left wonder why pro-RKBA people heap derision and ridicule upon them.

  8. “Nihilism”?? There has to be a word for such incredibly stupid people who think they are so incredibly intelligent. And no, I’m not going to any page labeled “wonkette” to find sound advice on firearms issues.

    • If you want to be polite, go with “pseudointellectual.” If you want to be accurate, there plenty of great words you can use that are a good 14 letters shorter.

  9. You know if you think about it this should be the antis dream. If we follow their “common” sense gun laws this should check out. Sgt Meyer’s is trained by the almighty .gov as a Marine. 1911s traditionally do not contained more than ten rounds. I don’t see the issue here.

    • As retired military I can tell you where your assumptions fail. The government training is reserved for government use, you are required to turn in your training and experience when you leave the service, no matter how long you have served or how many awards you have earned, you are instantly just another ignorant s**t and must be prevented from owning firearms of any kind, just like a university professor. Plus, PTSD may require you to be declared mentally unstable and therefore unable to possess a firearm, regardless of how much, if any, combat experience you have.

      Conversely, if you take a job with the IRS, ATF, etc, they transfer someone else’s recovered training and experience to you, so you can begin carrying instantly, without wasting time with that troublesome training, yourself. See how that works?

      • Wow, Larry, that’s me to a T! Mentally unstable ignorant piece of s**t who turned in the eight years of training and experience and all that so I could be a genuine bonafide Murkan derp.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta open up this box of Krispy Kremes, light up an unfiltered Marlboro, and open a can of Bud Lite from the case I just got with my EBT card. Don’t interrupt me, ’cause Murkan Idol is about to come on and then it’s a whole night of tee-vee and surfing the web for nasty smut later.

        It’s the MURKAN WAY!

  10. Well obviously they were going to say something. This picture touched on three of the major psychosis-inducing stimuli for leftists… Guns, the military, and the Palins. If only there was a cross and a Big Gulp, dozens of liberals would have immediately stroked out.

  11. Nothing wrong with it but it c’mon, someone should have screened the pic better to avoid the stupidity that everyone knew would be made of it. Unless that was the point, then no biggie.

  12. There is absolutely not a mag in that gun. Secondly, I dont on body carry on my couch either. Cocked and locked 1911 on my coffee table.

  13. Being the child of Dakota Meyer, the baby probably fastroped from the wound with a 1911..

  14. There can’t be anything wrong with this picture. According to the civilian disarmament complex, the military and police of course, are the only people competent enough to handle guns.

  15. He is a man who lives every day with a price on his head and a fatwah declared against him. This would include any of his loved ones. It would be irresponsible for him NOT to be armed and ready.

  16. Keep that gun and the baby apart! They can go off at any minute with destructive and ruinous consequences. And guns can sometimes be a little dangerous too.

  17. Pffft, obviously the presence of that pistol will drive the undeveloped baby’s mind crazy. He (or she, I’m not a lib, so I don’t stalk the Palins) will dropkick D.M. and grab that firearm (one hand on the beavertail safety the other on the trigger), and murder the whole family.

    I’m not clicking the link, but if anyone did, could you tell me how many paragraphs they got to before the penis references started flowing?

  18. It’s unloaded, look at the mag well. For all anyone knows it’s an air soft gun. And if it is a real gun no one has any idea what the circumstances of the photo are.

  19. Sadly, a prosecutor in California might make the case that he was committing a crime as the gun is not secured or in his direct control, despite the fact that the baby is physically incapable of firing it.

    • I could imagine some prosecutor trying to make a juvenile felony case against the baby by using constructive possession based upon the baby being a “prohibited person.”

  20. Meh. Not surprised, wonkette is the TMZ of politics.It’s not really about the gun in this article, it’s about the person. They will likely have a photo of an ISIS insurgent cradling a baby next and no one will so much as whimper about the AK slung on his shoulder. No skin off my back, whoever takes that website seriously is a lost cause anyway.

  21. It’s not loaded, hammer appears to be fully cocked though. He was probably dry firing it. Non-issue, unless you’re a bat guano crazy lockstep lefty.

  22. they’d flip their lids if I posted a pic of my kid in the room while I’m cleaning my handguns after range time wouldn’t they?

  23. Nihilism? You want to see Nihilism? just look at abortion, homosexuality, gun control , public schools, legalized pot and other mind altering drugs. Liberals and their pet causes are the poster roadkill for nihilism.

  24. Quit with all the over the top, super-safe gun PC crapola. My wife and I live in the country (worst thing if I discharged in my home would be to shoot through the wall and maybe hit my car). We are in our 50’s and have had firearms for decades. To suggest that it is not safe or good practice to set your gun down in your own home sounds like an newbe urban cowboy telling folks how it should be. Same for the idea of placing your ammo in a different room if you intend to dry fire????? Do you want to hold my hand while I practice too? How dumb do you think average folks are?

  25. I have been posting all over the internet for years. The only sites that have ever removed my comments have been left-leaning, and the Wonkette is gladly continuing that trend. They know full well that their ideas can’t stand up to strong debate, which is why they put so much effort into stifling it and creating their own “rah-rah” echo chambers.

  26. Thumb safety up and on safe. Grip safety on a 1911 to prevent a discharge, even if it fell off the end table and/or if the trigger alone was depressed. You could throw it against the wall and not have anything happen except damage to the wall. And yet the statist-ettes give us:

    “OMG! Eeeeeek! Aaaaaaak! It could exploooooode and blow up the baaaaa-beeee!”

    And these ladies are supposedly the representatives of progressive feminism? Perhaps they’re more angry that a baby that will almost certainly grow up to be VERY conservative wasn’t “chosen” for termination during pregnancy.

  27. Guns in the home should be holstered or locked up. Families that don’t get this seem only to learn by tragedy.

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