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The Oklahoma legislature has wasted no time in pushing a constitutional carry bill through now that former Governor Mary Fallin has been replaced by Governor Kevin Stitt. The new Governor has promised to sign the bill into law.

The House passed HB 2597 last month. And the Senate passed the permitless carry bill just a few minutes ago. As in the House, it wasn’t even close.

As the Tulsa World reports,

The measure passed the Senate on Wednesday by a vote of 40-6.

The Governor isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet.

Stitt has set a ceremony for 4:30 p.m. in the Blue Room at the state Capitol to sign HB 2597, his office announced. It is the first bill to arrive on his desk.

And with that, Oklahoma will become the 15th constitutional carry state in the nation. All eyes now turn to Kentucky.


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  1. Very disappointed that OK beat KY, the 15th state (commonwealth)to join the United States.

    My disappointment is somewhat masked by personally knowing an anti gun liberal in Tulsa. Haha

    • We are going assbackwards as the North Easterners pollute our State. They just leave destruction in their wake. Screwed up NY and now doing the same to here.

  2. Fallon did a good job, until she let, “Oh my! A gun!” get in the way of the 2A.
    WE (Oklahomans!) finally got rid of Fallon sandcreplaced her with Stitt!
    Now if we can get rid of “RINO” Rep. Tom Cole it will help Trump get his agenda through!

      • I’m not one of those who shrieks about blood in the streets, I’m more concerned with people not familiarizing themselves with law before shoving a Glock in their waistbands.

        • You need to read the part of the 2A that states SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. You don’t seem to understand what that means.

        • Your fear has not been born out anywhere. 14 other stares have constitutional carry and most states allow open carry without a permit and things are fine. By and large nearly everyone is responsible when carrying

        • Constitutional Carry has been around a while and not been a problem. So there’s that.

          But anybody fool enough to stuff a Glock in their pants deserves to be doing all their pissing thru a catheter for the rest of their dumbass days.

  3. I hadn’t realized this would be the first bill Stitt will sign as our new governor. That kinda makes this victory all the sweeter. A big thank you to the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A) for working so hard to push this through the legislature.

  4. Does this bill only apply to Oklahoma residents? Or does it also apply to residents of other states travelling through Oklahoma?

    Oh, and does it also apply to open carry?

    And how about long guns in vehicles?

  5. Good to hear. The country is becoming more and more polarized, state by state. Even in the gun positive states the evil empire (Bloomberg, et al) throws itself rabidly against the beachheads time after time, salivating over the chance of turning us to the dark side. Scary times.

  6. Congratulations Oklahoma ,welcome to the Constitutional carry club. Not that long ago there was but one member of it all alone,now there are 15 members,hopefully one day soon it will number 50.

    • Not a snowballs chance in somewhere very very hot of 50. There are a few states that I’m 100% convinced would sooner start their own socialists country than give their subjects unfettered access to guns. I would, however, LOVE to see a soild 30+ state majority develop. Half way there already….

  7. If they don’t need a permit then you can’t force them to take any type of training. The passed constitutional carry to make things easier, not to add training requirements.

    • Some say that there are two motivating strategies, illustrated with either a carrot or a stick. The stick strategy for motivating training has never really worked effectively. So what will work effectively as a carrot strategy? First, identify the knowledge and skills that people need. Second, provide training in that knowledge and those skills at a minimal or no cost to the trainees. This strategy works for promoting First Aid and CPR skills and should also work for training a “well regulated Militia”.

    • You can still take training and apply for a permit. Advantage with that is greater reciprocity with other states if you have a permit. Some of the constitutional carry states permit it for their residents, only. Rather than a separate CCW I’d prefer that I be able to document my training and have the ccw as an endorsement on my d/l, state id issued by a local TAG agency.

  8. I used to think living in Virginia would be something that would never make me have concern over my rights, but with all the encroachment of the Liberals from DC and Maryland in Northern Virginia, things aren’t looking too promising. Don’t get me wrong, we are fighting back and through the VCDL (the state gun rights organization) we held our own this legislative session, but it gets tougher every year with all the Liberals controlling the governorship.

  9. I grew up in Oklahoma, but have been in Dallas almost 30 years. I have my Texas LTC (license to carry) and Texas law allows LTC holders to open carry, which I think is a terrible idea, although I appreciate being able to if I want to (maybe when going to the range).

    I believe those states that have passed constitutional carry are doing the right thing and honoring the spirit of the 2nd Amendment and I wish Texas would follow suit. However, after taking the required four hour (too short) training class and shooting proficiency test, I decided that training is essential even though I already knew how to shoot. I think those states that pass constitutional carry should run public service announcements encouraging every carrier to take self defense training and become familiar with the state laws and warn of the consequences of improper use. The best phrase (meme) my instructor used was “Every bullet has an attorney attached to it.”

    • “… Texas law allows LTC holders to open carry, which I think is a terrible idea…”

      What is the terrible idea and why is it terrible? Allowing OC? Requiring a permit to do so? OC itself?

  10. Doesn’t become effective until Nov 1, 2019, in order to give the flunkies time to edit effected existing law at the State and local levels. There’s a huge trickle down effect when a State passes a permitless carry bill. Been there done that.

    And there will be some county, city and other jurisdictions that will try to weasel out of it anyway they can. Expect a number of legal issues that will need to be fought for several years. Reason is that this strips a lot of power from local officials and they really hate loosing that little bit of power they have. We still have to take judges and mayors to court after nearly 4 years of having permitless carry. The real toe to toe slugging match for the people of OK is just getting started.

  11. Please accept my apology for the following–THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE, reading this post does not create any type of attorney-client relationship.

    For those coming to OK, you need to know several things.
    1. The Effective Date of all new laws, that do not have emergency provisions, in OK is November 1 of the year in which they are passed. (this one doesn’t) Don’t change your behavior until that date.
    2. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the legislature really did a great job making a cohesive rewrite of OK laws. (They must have had professional help.)
    3. There are still many gun free zones, read the statutes.
    4. Ammunition restrictions are still in place for carry (pistols, nothing exceeding .45 cal. nor with cartridges principally designed for rifles–no .460 Ruger or 5.56)(.454 Casul is an open question).
    5. The bill significantly alters the transportation of long guns, can now be mag/tube loaded, just not chamber loaded.
    6. Does not address the statutory ambiguity over AOW’s like the Shockwave/Tac-14.

    • The legislature did have professional help in rewriting the SDA act to include Constitutional Carry. That came from the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association, which has suggested, sponsored, and advocated for 2nd Amendment laws for many years now. Its president, Don Spencer, has been particularly active in advocating for such things as Constitutional carry.

    • I want to see the south get into the action. Where is GA, AL, TN, SC on the list? They have GOP legislature and Gov and should get the job done

      • Hopefully, Al will make it this year. The problem lies with county sheriffs not wanting to lose the revenue. Legislative session starts soon. I have not heard any speculation on the odds this go round.

    • KY Senate Bill 150 passed in the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon. Should be on to a full House vote. By my own count, Constitutional carry passes.

  12. 15 down
    25 or 30 to go
    theres at least 5 states that will never ever do this
    thats why they were left off the list
    we all know who they are
    they constitute occupied america
    theyre behind enemy lines

    • When Gov. Stitt ran for the office last year, there were questions about his dedication to upholding the 2nd amendment, especially in the wake of the treachery that former Gov. Fallon displayed in the waning moments of her administration last year. I believe those questions have been put to rest.

  13. Welcome neighbor. It would be nice if we (MO) could be surrounded by Constitutional Carry states, but alas, about 2/3 of the eastern border is that hellhole called Illinois, and we all know free and open carry will never (at least in my lifetime) allow its subjects anything remotely approaching gun freedom.


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