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Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OhioCCW) wants to be able to carry their legal firearm into their bank. THEIR BANK? Their bank. (Question: other than a liquor store, where are you most likely to encounter an armed robber?) And if OhioCCW members can’t carry their gun into a bank, they don’t want to do business with that bank. In fact, OhioCCW jefe Jeff Gervas sells members “No Guns, No Money” cards for on-the-spot protest / boycott action for any business that prohibits legal concealed carry weapons. Most recently, OhioCCW has their own financial repository in its sights. “As the PNC takeover of National City Bank loomed we knew there was a serious potential for the PNC ‘No Guns’ corporate mentality to be applied to National City Bank. Today branches across the State of Ohio are closed and newly rebranded PNC employees standing in the parking lot are advising customers of the weekend conversion from NCB to PNC. The NCB vinyl banners have come down to reveal the PNC signs and logos — along with the tell tale NO GUNS ALLOWED signs on the doors.” Uh oh.

With 200,000+ concealed handgun licensees and an untold number of regular gun owners in Ohio, every bank posting no guns signs is simply telling a niche market “We do not want your business” and we simply can not let this happen without a fight  . . .

Advise PNC and Burkhart that you will move your banking to PNC Bank if they reverse their PNC policy and adopt NCB’s long standing acceptance of gun owners at it’s branches. You can also contact PNC via regular Customer Service channels and express your intent to cancel your account if they don’t honor National City Bank’s long standing policy.

Is this the sort of re-action Starbucks was hoping to avoid by honoring local, state and national gun laws, rather than instituting a unilateral ban (which is their right)? If so, they have.

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  1. I personally spoke to a PNC vice president in Pittsburgh during the NCB/PNC conversion and he was very uncooperative, but eventually it looks like someone at PNC listened to us and hopefully the signs will come down or stay off at PNC.

    Major point…No Ohio gun owner (or OCC) should be unfairly accused of a BOYCOTT for informing other gun owners of gunbuster businesses. Choosing to follow the law, and choosing to follow [stupid] business owners’ [stupid] anti-gun policies… is not a boycott (because the business owner chose to reject our business, not us! A boycott is when we initiate the decision not to shop there. (If anti-gun idiots will not let us in their shop while we are legally carrying, and we comply with their [stupid] decision, our choice to follow the law is a signal that we are law-abiding citizens who are being negatively affected and [unfairly?] restricted because some business owner wishes to remove our rights. A boycott implies that WE have initiated an attempt to prevent the business from making a profit. In fact, we are merely victims of the business’s silly decision to boycott us!!!!! We are not the aggressor, but we are the victim of irrational fears and unnecessary discrimination by the business who boycotted us. Either way the business loses, but because of their own stupidity in restricting us, not because we chose to restrict them. A boycott by us would imply that we overtly attacked the business and voluntaily refused to shop there, when in fact they chose the restrictions and we are merely good citizens if we follow the law and tell our friends to follow the law (and not patronize places that do not wish to be patronized by law abiding citizens.


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