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John Kasich stand your ground veto dirty politics
courtesy and Kyle Robertson

“I’m a Second Amendment guy. I also believe there are some important restrictions we need to place on the Second Amendment.” – Ohio Governor John Kasich in Citing ‘rotten, stinking politics,’ Kasich vetoes gun bill

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  1. I’m a womans lib kind of guy. I also believe there are some important restrictions we need to place on women.

      • They always have been. Remember, they’re the “elite” and we’re the meal ticket. They don’t want their meal ticket to have teeth. As for the “right vs left”, it’s just a show to occupy us and encourage us to fight amongst ourselves while they fleece all of us. You think any of them have integrity? Maybe some do. Maybe even several. But as evidenced by this sham of a collusion investigation, the rest not so much.

        • Exactly. And when a true conservative and Second Amendment stalwart ran for president, everyone became enamored instead with the billionaire carnival barker.

        • Are you deliberately stupid, or do you just not pay attention much?

          Whatever, I’ll play along, found this spending 15 seconds of randomly banging on the keyboard.

          2 years ago you mouth breathers were talking about repealing the NFA, national reciprocity/constitutional carry, etc etc etc… All we got is this EO and the “Fix NICS” bill… What is it 10D chess now? I’ve lost track.

        • Not a 2nd amendment issue. Sure, 5th amendment? Sure. 14th? Probably. The underlying law was passed in 1986. Hardly Trump’s responsibility.

        • @Evan… are you directing that comment at me? Or at the guy who’s defending the president who has overseen more infringements on 2A in the past two years than Obama was able to accomplish in eight? All while simultaneously not accomplishing anything meaningful to expand 2A rights in spite of having a republican majority.

        • Ok… once you use the words “republican majority” you lost the argument. The GOP did not and does not have enough votes in the Senate to pass bills with party line votes. So unless you can scare up a dozen or so “pro-gun” Democommies, the Senate “majority” means exactly jack shit.

        • Trump’s not a freedom hero but let’s be honest Hillary was the reason I voted for Trump….. It’s a mixed bag but we know it would have been end of days if screacher mcgoulag was elected

      • Yes Tex you’re an idiot. The President (any) does not PASS diddly squat. Demtards and swamp sucking RINOs passed it. What have you DONE about challenging it in the courts and overturn on appeal.

        Freaking useless toys bumpstock are not in any way equivalent to mag limits etc.

        • I only care about the bump stock ban in that it is an avenue to challenge the 1986 machine gun ban and that there are significant 5th amendment issues.

  2. “I’m not really a Second Amendment guy. I believe there are more (and more, and more) restrictions we need to place on the Second Amendment”….What he really meant to say.

    • “I believe that right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I also believe there are some important restrictions we need to place on the Second Amendment.”

      What kind of sense does this statement make? About as much as: “I’m all for it. But I’m also against it.”

  3. What the heck does politics have to do with “Stand your ground” anyway??? I hope they can override his veto. But then Ohio is still in the 20th century it seems.

    • That was fun to read Dale. 🙂 I’d love to know what you were doing whilst typing that.

      Er…wait. Maybe not. 🙂

  4. This guy can’t leave public office soon enough. Next, I’m guessing we’ll have to listen to him moralize to us on the tv shows.

  5. The second amendment has nothing to do with Stand Your Ground laws.

    The former is a matter of the people maintaining the means to protect against a tyrannical state (foreign or domestic). The latter is a matter of basic exercise of the right to life and liberty.

    The opposite of Stand Your Ground is Duty To Retreat, which is the state requiring law-abiding citizens to cede the right and freedom to defend their lives against mortal threats, when they are somewhere that they are lawfully allowed to be, while conducting activities that they are lawfully allowed to conduct.

    Duty To Retreat is wholly immoral, and John Kasich can go perform an anatomically infeasible act of self-fornication for subjugating law-abiding Ohioans to violent criminals.

    • A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      You can argue that “security” is very broad. You can say being able to defend your life, liberty and property is providing security to a free state. Stand your ground and castle doctrine is acknowledgement from your government of your right as free people to maintain liberty wherever it is necessary without having to muster the entire militia to do it for you.

      Kasich expressed disappointment the legislature didn’t come close to approving changes proposed by a bipartisan group he formed, including a “red flag” law that would allow a judge to temporarily seize weapons of a gun owner suspected of being a threat to themselves or others.

      “Why would I sign a bill that gives more power to the gun advocates?” Kasich wondered.

      “For the first time in my lifetime, the possibility of somebody coming through that door and shooting us exists. And we can’t do anything due to rotten, stinking politics.”

      As you can see it does tie into the 2A… The politician does not want you to be able to defend your life, liberty and property against anyone. He wants you to be guilty until proven innocent even in a defensive shooting.

    • Chip Bennett
      Sir you are so correct. You can Stand Your Ground with a single action revolver. If that is all you have.
      Or a break action single barrel shotgun.

      If all you have is your grandfather’s old gun, you use it.
      The governor can go “sit on it and twirl”.

  6. I think this may be the week the Republican Party signed its own death warrant with gun owners. The hits just keep coming, and we still today & tomorrow to get through!
    -Trump (twice)
    -NRA (twice)

    (This is just this week, mind you)

    • I hate to tell you “I told you so”, but I did. Politicians want control over the masses. Most have money, they are all power hungry. What makes you think that people like that approve of anyone of the “unwashed masses” carrying a gun? They gave lip service only because they got your vote on a single issue.

      We really need to look at true Libertarians to elect as our people in political power. Those that do not bow to other heads of state or to the powerful corporations that want to set policy across industrialized nations.

      • Keywords “true libertarians” as a libertarian myself there isn’t much of a refuge for those who abandoned ship when the LP pandered so much during the last presidential election.

  7. Something we can expect from a politician, So why are so many giving Rob Pincus a pass for saying turn in your magazines and bow to the king ?

      • Who said the LP was??? The GOP had a simple majority over both houses of Congress and a president in the White House and couldn’t get HPA or National Reciprocity passed. The LP couldn’t even get 5% of the vote in a presidential election.

        • It takes 61 votes in the Senate to pass any bill. A simple majority is useless except in appointing judges.

      • Still doesn’t change the fact that the GOP at the national level has done nothing to advance gun rights. Plus who said the LP was progun?

        • Ok… what were they supposed to do without 61 votes in the Senate? Get rid of a rule that has protected our rights from crazy democommies more than once?

          Please tell me what magic wand they were supposed to wave to get at least 10 democommies to break ranks. I’ll wait.

        • They could start by winning more winnable elections, instead of running 3rd rate witches and “legitimate rape” theorists. Then they might not be such slaves to the tyranny of the minority.

          Really, your defense of the party that can’t get shit done despite majorities in both houses and control of the White House… that they need MORE power????

          Besides, the fact is that they can get things passed when they feel like it. They just passed justice reform. Last year they passed the tax cut and jobs act. Plenty of bills pass, either with or without Democrat support.

          They don’t care about the 2A. Simple as that.
          Give the GOP all the seats you want. They’ll still use them to sit on their hands, rather than roll back infringements, and you’ll have to find new and novel excuses for their failures. Or not. Just re-tread some of the same old ones like you have here. I’ve heard ’em all before, going on a quarter century now.

      • Uh I acknowledged your point about that when I stated that still doesnt change the fact that the GOP hasn’t done anything nationally to advance gun rights. Now can you please answer the question I posed to you twice. Who I’m this thread said anything about the LP being progun????

      • When it comes your question I’ve told my associates in debates during the presidental election regarding HPA and National Reciprocity that neither bill had a hope in passing and the mention of them was to gain support from the progun crowd they flatout didn’t believe me when I predicted that the GOP or the Democrats would use a public tragedy as an excuse to let the bill’s die. I saw those two bills for what they were BS. But hey lets randomly mention the libertarian party……lol

  8. Headline and opening of the article are very badly written. As the full article reads, it appears that the SYG portion was removed by the Senate, and the veto was motivated largely by the failure to include a no-due-process confiscation (“red flag”) provision. The article does more to confuse than educate, as it describes what wasn’t in the bill rather than what was.

  9. That is the ttag we’ve come to know and… not love. Lazy driveby headlines for clicks = add revenue. And everyone commenting (including me) fell for it.

  10. You’re not really a “Second Amendment guy”, so quit lying and saying that you are. And while you’re at it, tell your security detail they can’t stand their ground, so they can abandon your sorry ass should you ever come under attack.

  11. Stand your ground isn’t about the 2nd Amendment. It’s about self defense in public places. Kasich’s veto implies that, if a mean drunk in a bar comes at me with a broken bottle, I should back away rather than kick him in the crotch. It’s the same mind set that tells British women they can only carry whistles for defense against rapists.

  12. So far the state I reside in is very non restrictive on firearms. It’s has both castle doctrine and stand your ground, and constitutional carry. So far, but it’s turning blue, I don’t know how long the good will last. I’m a bit concerned with the law emptying the prisons and all the gps satellites lifting off, Supposedly GPS. Facebook just got caught on releasing supposedly private information. I don’t need 3d chess, but things are getting a little disconcerting. Russian infiltrator’s, U.S. pulling out of the war with ISIS, physco doctors after guns, a crooked government, illegal immigrants filing lawsuits against the U.S.,opening up public land for natural resources, weird ass weather, drugs legal and illegal, cops , us against them, . Is there a bad moon rising? Looks like a maybe.

  13. If you were truly a “second amendment guy” you’d know that the 2nd is intended for military weapons. So, no, you aren’t.

    Thankfully there seem to be enough votes for an override, and even more thankful, you are out the door in a matter of weeks.

  14. “I’m a Second Amendment guy. I also believe there are some important restrictions we need to place on the Second Amendment.”

    or, “I believe in god, but I’m an athiest”

  15. Two things are very worrisome. The ignorant people that vote a straight ticket without bothering to join the NRA so you can get a score card on how your candidate has voted on guns in the past and the other worrisome thing is how many Republicans as of late are jumping on the anti-gun band wagon such as the traitor Governor of Vermont who banned more guns and magazines than any Democrat in the States History. It seems to be a growing trend among turn coat Republicans. Kasich also has made statements this year on how much he wants to ban AR 15 rifles besides vetoing the current concealed carry reform bill in Ohio. Now this clown is going to run for President against Trump in 2020 be sure of it. Does he really think he has a chance after stabbing gun owners in the back not once but twice. I think he should just join the Democratic Party and be honest with the voters he certainly is no Republican.

  16. Welcome to reality that every state will have special rules of engagement and gun ownership. Choose where to live carefully.

  17. Considering that Kasich provided the crucial 219th vote for the 1994 AWB when he was a member of the House of Representatives. Bill Clinton send him a thank you note..

  18. The Supreme Court opened my eyes one day when I read an opinion that said that the 1st Amendment, as part of the Bill of Rights, referred to the Right to Free Speech as a
    Pre-constitutional right.

    So the Right to free speech existed BEFORE the 1st Amendment was even drafted. So how exactly how did the 1st Amendment place any restrictions on the right to free speech?
    And in parallel, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms existed long, long before the 2nd Amendment was written. So it’s not the 2nd Amendment itself I believe in (however that can be interpreted) but I believe in the the right, my personal right to keep to keep and bear arms.
    I believe in the basic, God-given, fundamental right of the best means to protect myself.
    The 10 Amendment says that the powers the federal government has are ONLY the ones “delegated” to it This same principle applies to the States.

    So how has the 2nd Amendment allowed the federal government to put ANY restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms?
    Where has it been written that the people have delegated the power to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms?
    For this matter in the State of Ohio, where has it been written that the people of Ohio have “delegated” to their State government the power to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms?
    Tell me in what American government, State or federal, was DELEGATED the power to violate the people’s fundamental right to due process?
    If not, this falls outside the scope of their authority.
    This also falls outside their authority to determine their own limits on power.
    The have to speak.
    And the people have the right and duty to stop this without the permission of the government.
    No trial. No due process for those who violate this fundamental principle of the people.

  19. Dear illegal aliens.

    It’s rumored that John Kasich keeps thousands of dollars in loose cash and drugs in his car, office and home, and he has very weak security if any at all.

    BONUS if you video your adventure!

    • Actually the Stats show the bulk of terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been committed by Natural born Right Wing Religious Fanatics not Muslims, and not illegal Aliens. Christian Dillon Roof waving the Confederate Flag while standing in pools of blood would be highly offended if you called him an illegal Alien and his Right Wing followers in the KKK support him as a hero. The same could be said of James Alex Fields Jr. the White Supremacist and Neo Nazi who ran down people at Charlottsville and is considered by the Far Right as another martyr for “their twisted cause”. Just to name a few.

      Kasich is well aware that the Far Right would be most likely to attack him because he did not climb to the top of the Political Band wagon by being stupid or by being ignorant of the Stats. And do not be surprised if he does not end up being the next President either. I shudder to think of that! A Fanatical gun hating Republican cheering on the Democrat’s for a feeding frenzy of gun confiscations and ammo bans. We could all end up seeing the Constitution shrunk down to the size of a postage stamp and trying to read it through the lens of a magnifying glass while the Supreme Court is conveniently busy doing “other things” and thereby remaining popular with the general public opinion who today do not even own a gun or ever even want one.

      Its sad but the majority of the public have never even read the Constitution nor do they ever intend on doing so either. In a way you cannot really blame them as they are all tied up working 3 part time minimum wage jobs while still qualifying for welfare since most only make $7.25 an hour and that is part time work. Meanwhile in the evil Socialistic Country of France whose people take no shit from the Capitalvanians just got the French Government to raise their minimum wage to the equivalent of $11.85 U.S dollars and hour and $33.00 an hour on Sunday and all overtime pay no longer subject to any taxation at all. How dare a Socialist Country treat the working class like human beings, its being downright Socialistic. Oh think of the agony of making $33.00 an hour full time on Sunday at a Convenience Store and tax free. Yes lets hope this never happens in Capitalvania U.S.A. because the sharing of corporate wealth with the working man is downright UN-American. Jethro Bodine told me so.

      • All of those groups you just cited and their convenient consolidated coverage by the “free and open press” are created by the people who run this country, new guy. They fund them and they fund the media to cover them too. The entire construction of what is colloquially known as “liberalism” and “conservatism” is a long funded international operation, the purpose of which is to make you only see those two teams, but not ever (even once) consider that there may be a third team which hides on the inside, within both sides, pushing both of the teams in the same direction but never stepping into the spot light. Conservatism and liberalism cant even be defined as they are right now, they are in float-point terrain. Conservatism is actually called “fusionism”, liberalism is actually “marxism”. Their ethics and standards are constantly in flux and change from year to year, under the officialdom of political pundits and media. The concept of “communism” is actually a contronym. You see it as sharing wealth with all people, some who may be the poor, a kind and regulated charity. the actual purpose of it (intended by the people who conceptualized, introduced, and still maintain it) is to centralize all economic activity into the control of the world bank. Why would the wealthiest people in the world promote communism? It’s much more profitable and manageable than any alternatives. It’s mechanical properties are indistinguishable from totalitarianism. Money is simply a medium, value is established relatively between people. You could trade in sea shells or locks of hair, value is relative to it’s distribution among market participants. If everyone has $1M dollars and everyone knows that everyone else has $1M dollars, than the relative value of goods and services begins at $1M, not $0. That’s why the people who run the world and who are the source of all the death and misery which has befallen the world are in the game of money changing. Example: if a country decided that each citizen will get a 1M bonus, and the gov mails out $1M in a package to each citizen, the first person who receives the delivery from the mail man will take his $1M to the store and buy a value of $1M in goods from the store relative to their prices from $0. However, the very last person who receives one million dollars in the mail will go to the store and unfortunately discover that not only have all the prices adjusted to $1M+, but that their own personal savings is diminished in relative value to the new prices of goods and services. This demonstrates why the bankers always espouse socialism through their pseudo-proxy politicians and academics. You see, they are the people from this example who spend their money first. They enjoy its unearned exponential value relative to everyone else who are operating on the old relative value. This extreme advantage is achieved only at the detriment of everyone else, it cannot be achieved in isolation. That’s what socialism actually is, and is the reason for the development of inflation, the market rationalizes a relative increase in the money supply. You should be happy though, because necessarily, the united states practices technical socialism already and has for quite sometime. Although the exact type is not international socialism which is “communism” but is national socialism aka “fascism”, which is the exact thing which is embodied in the economic structure of proposed bills by people like bernie sanders. You see, “fascism” is when the government regulates goods, services and wages through regulatory barriers, centralized at the top. Well, in the united states we have minimum wage, mandatory insurance, fixed pricing on commodities and every single industry of goods and services has a regulatory agency which imposes taxes and fees as barriers of control to regulate who can do what and how much they get paid. That’s why the country is 20T+ in debt. Because every dollar that congress votes on is created when the federal reserve writes a check to the treasury and the treasury sells an equivalent bond on a closed bond market. The result is that the congress goes through an artificial selection proces which makes it vote for the things which allow maximum dollar production with minimal oversight, which is war and war preparation, not the constitution or law. isn’t socialism grand!? Woohhooo! Btw, the same bankers created the nazis which you cited and funded them through election after the communist revolution in germany failed in 1917 and the german people killed rosa luxemburg and karl letzchne. The bankers funded the development of the nsdap to guide the population to destruction, just like theyve done with the global war on terror, they (standard oil, ig farven, IBM, Ford motor company) funded hitler for the sole purpose of sending us to germany to kill 6 million germans who were just as confused where hitler came from and why he was doing what he did as americans are today confused and couldnt tell you which countries we’re at war with if their life depended on it.

  20. Maybe you ought to read it first Kasick. No restrictions is kind of intrinsic to what that whole 2nd Amendment thing is all about.

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