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ATF Press release: Washington. DC – -( ATF has received a number of inquiries regarding the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes and its applicability to Federal explosives laws.

A number of States have passed legislation allowing the use of marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, and some of these States issue a card authorizing such use. Federal law under 18 U.S.C. § 842(d)(5) prohibits any person from knowingly distributing explosive materials to any individual who is “an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 802)).”

Further, § 842(i)(3) prohibits any person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. § 802)) “to ship or transport any explosive in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or to receive or possess any explosive which has been shipped or transported in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce.”

Marijuana is listed in the Controlled Substances Act as a Schedule I controlled substance, and there are no exceptions in Federal law for marijuana used for medicinal purposes, even if such use is sanctioned by State law.

The Federal government does not recognize marijuana as a medicine as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and lacks an accepted level of safety for use under medical supervision.

Therefore, any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her State has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal or recreational purposes, is an unlawful user of a controlled substance and is prohibited by Federal law from receiving or possessing explosive materials that have been shipped or transported in the United States.

Such persons should answer “yes” to question 14.b. on ATF Form 5400.13/5400.16 (June 2012), Application for Explosives License or Permit and “yes” to question 19 on ATF Form 5400.28, Employee Possessor Questionnaire (February 2013).

Further, if you are aware that a potential transferee, or an employee or responsible person taking possession of explosives on behalf of a transferee, has been issued a card authorizing the possession and/or use of marijuana under State law, then you may not transfer explosive materials to the person, even if the person possesses a Federal explosives license or permit.


DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: True of False: "No chance that ATF is coming after our guns"">Previous Post
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  1. One of the biggest surprises of Barack Obama’s presidency is that his administration continued to fight marijuana decriminalization and medical marijuana trends.

    I’m starting to think that maybe gun control was the ulterior motive as to why, given his own admitted extensive use of the drug while in college (per his book) and his general antipathy towards mass incarceration.

    • Obama didn’t get things done because he didn’t have decades to build up the political muscle to get anything done. See Jimmy Carter. If the Dems had pushed Hillary/Obama 8 years ago he’d probably be riding high in the current election cycle with alot more favors in the bank. I disagree with Clinton on almost everything but she most assuredly has the experience to be president,which Obama certainly did not.

      • Obama showed us time and time again that he was perfectly willing to refuse to enforce laws with whose points he didn’t see or didn’t agree with. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, de-facto Amnesty for illegal immigrants, unilateral change of date of enforcement of the most expensive ACA provisions, etc.

        So, why continue to prosecute dispensaries, etc. on the federal level?

        There has to be a motive.

        • The only thing Obama cares about is his golf game. He probably gets stoned in the oval office with weed brought to him by Jarrett from Ahghan or Iran.

          He is only doing things he is told to do and doing anything to MJ laws isn’t on the priority list. How can anyone get rich off of decriminalizing a plant? Obamacare, gun control, TPP/TPIP, destroying the economy, now these are different things entirely.

      • Hilldawg does have more experience to be a totally, utterly abject failure–everything this idiot does does she fails at (except lying)–most unqualified POS for president other than b. hussein himself

    • It’s no suprise when you understand it’s about money that’s why
      all those as+holes are being released from prison they can’t get money
      From inmates you got to turn them loose to catch the morons and
      Run them through the courts for money.
      Now you know why the Fed’s didn’t crack down on those
      States to legalize canvassed. SUCKERS

  2. Legalize it. People don’t become physically addicted to pot. Unlike alcoholics and heroine addicts there are no pot addicts.

      • Who would know better? I certainly have no idea, also don’t care, you can buy pot on any streetcorner in America, and somebody does, on every streetcorner, every day, to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars in sales every day, why in the hell is it prosecutable? Who GAS whether it is addictive, nobody is even asking for it to be legalized any more, I can get all I want from any of 27 places within 5 miles of my house. Anybody being prosecuted has pissed off the local LEO, or is pleading guilty to have the murder charges dropped.

        • BS. If some POS is dealing pot on YOUR streetcorner.;
          1.) notify the cops
          2.) move to a better neighborhood.

        • neiowa – I get it, maybe you don’t know anyone under 60, live in a deep rural area, and don’t like pot. Even if you just know 50 people, I guarantee at least 5 of them smoke pot semi-regularly, at least one is growing it, and they hide it from you because you aren’t down with that. That’s fine – I don’t smoke pot (always made me tired) but why care if anyone else does?

          The reality for the rest of the US is anywhere there are people, somebody’s selling weed. Everywhere. I live in an upper-middle ‘burb and nobody cares anymore. It’s as ridiculous as during Prohibition with booze (not that you’re that old, nor am I.) Everyday people fully and gainfully employed in high-skill, high-tech jobs smoke pot, just like your house painter or the clerk at the C-store.

          (Doctors, lawyers, judges, stockbrokers, vice-presidents and above are mainly cocaine people, because they can afford it, and cops well, they skim busts and they know when the piss-test is coming.)

        • ‘…maybe you don’t know anyone under 60…’

          What?!? You mean the hippies never smoked pot?

      • Where I live, it grows right alongside the road. You need only pull over and collect some. It absolutely can’t be controlled.

        All the weed smokers I knew were just average guys that didn’t commit crimes. After years of weeding it up in college they stopped smoking it to go get jobs.

    • I disagree with that based on personal interaction with dope smokers over the last 35 years or so.

      If there is a substance, someone can be addicted to it. Maybe not everyone, but I saw many that displayed addictive behavior. (As in – when they weren’t smoking, they were thinking about getting the next bag – and obviously Jonesing for it.)

      Maybe it’s an age thing but I’ve seen 30 and 40 somethings do it as well.

      Like saying people can’t be addicted to their electronic tech.

      If you think that then you’re not paying attention.

      • There are several kinds of addiction. I think what the poster above was referring to was physical … you don’t go through a physical withdrawal or detox when you stop marijuana cold turkey, unlike some opioids for instance.

        Psychological dependence, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. Humans are really, really good at coming up with crutches.

    • I have known a dozen people who have tried to quit pot and can’t go longer than a couple of weeks, or a month at most. Many people I know have lost their jobs because they got stoned on lunch break and came back and damaged something at work, or otherwise made costly errors. This is not the behavior of some one who is a casual user of anything. Few people I have known have gotten drunk during a lunch break, or showed up to work drunk, yet many of my old friends would go to work stoned, or get stoned during the day.

        • Not me personally, just my buddies’ fathers back in the day. A case (or more) of that piss-water swill was also part of the pay package. Some people’s parents had garages full of that carbonated horse urine. My palate was partial to whiskies by the time I was 15-ish, so I wanted nothing to do with that rotgut, but the majority of Americans still did back then.

      • Several recent exposes have shown hidden camera crap about guys leaving a factory at lunch break and meeting up someplace and pull the beer out of the coolers to slam a few. And IIRC, withdrawal, once addicted to alcohol, can actually KILL you.

    • Alcoholism is not a physical addiction, it’s psychological. Like gambling or porn. Or pot.

      • Un-huh, watch someone go through the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal- the DTs, etc- and then come back and tell me that it’s psychological.

      • You’re wrong, there. Take some wino off the street corner, lock him in a room with great food, water, ice tea, Gatorade, cigaretts, video games…He’ll be in seizure in 6 hrs, dead in 3 days. Alcohol is horribly, horribly physicallly addictive.

      • Alcohol is not only physically addictive, we now know it binds to the same mu-receptors as other drugs like opioids. Just because it’s a toxin, and not an stimulant or traditional narcotic, doesn’t mean it’s not highly addictive.

        In fact, we now know that it can take one year (and sometimes longer) for such dependencies to completely clear out physically – the psychological dependencies can last a lifetime.

  3. Self medicate all you pot users. Nothing good comes from the gubmint knowing your business. And I am NOT at all surprised at doesn’t want ANYONE but them armed…

  4. It’s quite simple. Theft, murder, assault, etc all these things are already illegal…they have a victim. So if someone commits a crime while high or drunk, whatever, it should factor into the punishment, but until that happens they should be free to do whatever they like so long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

    And if someone shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun because they are too dangerous to society then they should either be permanently locked away from society or no longer on this earth. If someone commits a crime and does their time and then is released back into society then they should be afforded all the same rights as any other free citizen…otherwise refer to my previous sentence.

    • That whole lock them up if they are dangerous B.S. will work when pre-crime is invented or when the government can lock up anyone for just the possibility of them committing a crime.

      • NSA subcontractors have been working on the algos for quite awhile. The white papers used to be easy to find, but as it gets more real, they started hiding them. If your google-fu is up to it, feel free to hunt.

        They’re referred to as ‘predictive algorithms’, and yes, the stated goal is to have Bluffdale monitor you if one of the nodes detects something. If your trackable behaviors match a “potential threat” template, Homeland or one of the alphabets goes and kicks in your door.

        For your protection, and to keep us free, of course.

        • … Bought ammo on a credit card
          … Registered Republican
          … Bought a Trump T-Shirt on Ebay
          Calling the FBI……

          Sorry, Dave. You’re f*****!

          They don’t need predictive algorithms really, just access to the right databases.

        • Tyranny, They already have access to pretty much all the databases. In addition to recording the entirety of the web, they’ve got back doors, hacks, and trojans that penetrate everything else.

          It’s still a work in progress, but in the next few years, they will put together some sort of ‘permanent record’ for all of us peons, even more invasive and over-reaching than facebook. You won’t know what’s in it, but I’m sure megacorp will have access…

      • Binder – what I’m saying is that if a crime was committed that is so heinous and evil that the person can never be trusted around civil society again then they shouldn’t be. Period.

        I am philosophically pro-death penalty, but not in it’s current form as administered by our ridiculous government. Nor am I a fan of life sentences or any of that crap. I’m much more amenable to restitution and rehabilitation.

        Say someone were to kill my kid – let’s say they were drunk or high and they hit him with their car. Does locking them away for 30 years give me any kind solace? No. I’d rather either be compensated by that person monetarily and/or have the court appoint them to accompany me to my son’s grave once a month to clean the headstone and put flowers there and reflect on what happened because of their choices. I see possible redemption in that and more than just mere solace.

        I am not advocating punishing pre-crime in any way, shape or form. Far from it. I abhor all the pre-crime nanny state bullcrap we have now.

        • That doesn’t make the crime any worse, they are still responsible no matter their state because they chose the state they were in. same crime, same punishment. The real reason for drug laws is that defense lawyers started using intoxication as an excuse and alibi and judges and juries bought it (wrongly).

  5. Bwaaahaaaahhaaaaahaaa.

    This is what happens when you have laws that get the “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” on enforcement from the Presidunce.

    Either its legal or its not on the Fed level. We know it’s legal in some states. Others, not so much, but the Feds don’t enforce it.

    Its funny and sad at the same time.

  6. Big Pharma would fight tooth and nail against any federal level pot legalization, as it would reduce dependence on prescribed medication for sleep and pain control, for example. The drug companies – huge contributors to the Clinton campaign, by the way-would lose billions of dollars in revenue if pot were legal at the federal level.

    • So much this. The IRS and batf are just thugs. Its all connected. Want to exercise your rights, pay. Want to use your education to fix a gun, pay. Want to manufacture? License fee, itar, don’t forget excise tax for each gun! Then once the batf is paid off now you can pay the irs, then state fees. Ohhhhhhhh boy.

      Still don’t think their thugs? The irs has guns for enforcement. Too poor to pay? To bad.

      F-em both.

      • Amen.

        But it’s not just the IRS and BATFE that are thugs. It’s all organized government. That’s just another way of saying “organized crime”.

    • I should like to point out that if the BATFE is using “possession of explosives” as their reasons why marijuana users cannot purchase firearms they are confused on several levels:

      1. The BATFE, NICS checks and the government denying anyone the right to keep and bear arms are all UNCONSTITUTIONAL – “…shall not be infringed.”
      2. Any firearm, in and of itself, is not explosive and does not contain any explosives.
      3. The DOT HAZMAT manual that classifies all hazardous materials for packaging and shipping, both internally and internationally, lists gunpowder, including smokeless powder, and small arms cartridges as FLAMMABLE, not EXPLOSIVE.
      4. Are they also going to set up a mechanism so that marijuana users cannot purchase or use Tannerite?

      Another administration attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment by finding some legal technicality and trying to do an end run around Congress and the Constitution

  7. In other news this week, the dea has refused to reschedule marijuana from a schedule 1 substance again this year, so it stays in the category of no known medicinal value, along with crack, pcp, meth etc. Known drug marijuana deaths to date: 0. The dea has also decided to impose an emergency ban on kratom, another substance which had caused exactly 0 known overdoses resulting in death. It did cause concern among those in the agency when it was discovered that people are turning away from traditional opiate or opiod painkillers and finding relief from addiction to heroin by using nothing more than ground up Kratom leaf. You cant even really get high on it, you puke before you can consume enough to o.d., its withdrawl symptoms are minor compared to the alternatives and it doesnt cause the respiratory depression that opiods do. But it does take money away from big pharma and provide the dea with a lot of soft targets, like pot smokers, i mean why risk your life fighting cartels when you could bust some hippies and make it home in time for Jeopardy. Nothing to see hear folks, theres no conspiracy to keep us all on the .gov tit, either Hilary or The Donald will make a fine president and surely have our best interests at heart. Im going to go down the corner to 7-11 now and buy enough booze, cigarettes and sleeping pills to kill a platoon of Rangers, god forbid somebody were to spark up a joint along the way.

    • Meth is Schedule II…or at least it used to be. There was at one time legit medical uses for it.

      10 sec duck search suggests it’s still Schedule II.

      • Last (Johns Hopkins if memory serves) study I read said that Adderall is for all intents and purposes, a well-regulated dose of slightly-better-than -Walter-White-quality meth.

        Big Pharma knows exactly what they’re doing when they create “new” drugs, that get broken down to the same old component morphine by the body. Let alone the SSRI’s…

      • It is still C-II because it is a last-ditch effort for people with extreme fatigue for which no other drugs will work. That doesn’t mean you should use it.

        BATF had wiggle room to follow Obama’s tolerance of states that legalized pot – just as the NSA does in their security clearance reviews. Clearly, the 2A isn’t as important as our national security to some in the Administration.

        • “Clearly, the 2A isn’t as important as our national security to some in the Administration.”

          All due respect, but that statement is wrong on so many levels. The atf and the dea need easy busts and cushy jobs later in life and big pharma execs need to eat caviar 3 times a day. Its actually the opposite national security.

    • Actually meth and cocaine are schedule 2 drugs they use cocaine for eye surgery and meth as a treatment for weight loss and adhd it is marketed under the name desyxon.

  8. So they can’t buy explosives but this rule, unless I missed it, says nothing about 4473 and buying a gun? Did I miss something?

  9. I may have missed something, too! Where was the reference to due process? I see a dictatorial declaration by faceless, nameless, unelected bureaucrats, drunk on their own imagined power, but I do not see due process.

    • It’s ok. For the most part, we have taken back the NRA. The NRA of today is not your grand daddy’s NRA. And that’s a good thing.

    • Seems to have attracted a few big government progressives, like yourself, who want tell us all how we should live.

    • Have you even seen pot, let alone smoked it? It’s not the death dealing, meth addiction, psychosomatic drug you think it is. As far as physical inhibition, it’s not even on the same level as any prescription pain killers or muscle relaxers. Or alcohol for that matter. Side effects? Hungry, happy, sleepy. Seems rather dangerous, dontcha think?

      People need to quit with their BS on pot, and drugs in general. If you’ve never done it, don’t say anything about how it should be legislated. If you have, and you still thinks it’s super dangerous and needs to be illegal, go back to step one and smoke some.


        Right. What was that again? Correlation does not equal causation?

        Much more likely that people with addictive personality problems start with marijuana, which is cheap and easy to get, than that marijuana causes you to become an addict of anything.

      • You wanna see a motivation killer? Take a Klonopin. I had a doc that Rxed me some of that stuff at one point (long story).

        I took one and sat on my couch for seven hours. I was so messed up that I had the TV remote in my hand and I couldn’t bring myself to move my thumb to change the channel away from reruns of Meerkat Manor that I didn’t want to watch. So instead I watched 5+ hours of Meerkat Manor until the stuff wore off to the point that I could summon the resolve to move my thumb.

        Seriously, if the house had caught fire I probably wouldn’t have made it out.

        Pot’s not dangerous. What’s dangerous are people who think that legislating away the right of armed self defense is acceptable as long as the people being legislated against are doing something that the other person doesn’t approve of.

        • Must hit you harder that it does me. I take half a mg before fencing and it improves my performance significantly (since I am usually too tense). I’d doubt they’d ever classify it as a performance enhancing drug though.
          No, it isn’t prescribed to me specifically for fencing:-)

        • The majority of people drive a race track smoother, better, faster on alcohol, heroin, or a wide swath of script meds.

          Until some point that you don’t. It’s been studied several times, but the funding dries up rather quickly when your message is not that “EVEN SLIGHTLY BUZZED IS DEADLY DANGEROUS!”.

          Grand Prix racers of the 20s and 30s were notoriously often drunk by the end of the race, all the while hustling haywagons on bicycle tires around the track at 120 MPH+.

        • ActionPhysicalMan:

          Everyone is a bit different when it comes to these things. These were 1/2mg Kpins and they fucked my shit up. I was told to take 1 in the morning, one at noon and two at night to go to sleep. I ended up skipping nearly all of them and taking one at night.

          If I took one at breakfast ~0600 I wouldn’t have been functional enough to take the noon dose let alone get anything done that day.

  10. I don’t smoke pot, but I may or may not have used it recreationally in my younger years.

    To me this is ridiculous. Some people like to have a drink to unwind and some people prefer a joint or a bong.

    Since when does having a preferred chemical relaxant that isn’t on the government’s “approved” list negate your right to self defense?

  11. I’m confused. The text goes on at great length about explosives, but I didn’t see anything about firearms. Though clearly they would use the exact same legal logic for firearms without even pausing to blink first if directly asked.

    Even though I live in a state that allows cannabis use, federal overreach like this is precisely what keeps me from trying it in any form or amount. It’s perfectly legal in my state… but illegal under federal law… but the federal law is flat-out unconstitutional if the particular “herb” plant never crossed a state line. But let’s say, knowing the federal law is bogus, I try a bit, then the next day after totally sobering up I go out to dinner while armed. Let’s also say in that case I come under attack and must use deadly force in self defense.

    The cops show up and see a dead body. They give me the hairy eyeball. They question acquaintances, and one says he saw me eat a few funky gummy bears the night before. They use that person’s statement (or some other legally allowed pretext) to arrange a drug test. Hello federal drug abuser with a firearm add-on charges! Even if the shooting was legit, they’re going to nail me on that one.

    Thus I stay away from the Rocky Mountain Herbal Remedy. Incidentally, similar reasons I don’t drink in public much anymore. Having a blood alcohol level above “zero” automatically negates my right to carry under state law. Bah. Oh well, drinking at home is a heckuva lot cheaper anyway.

    • If they get away with the explosives, we will have a precedent for their authority to expand to whatever strikes their fancy. They do not have the authority, are attempting to establish it.

    • If you’re talking about Colorado, the statute is “under the influence.” not “zero tolerance.”
      However, as this is not defined…you are wise in your approach.

      • Yeah, this is in CO. Because blood alcohol numbers are undefined for firearms purposes (to give the arresting officer on the scene more leeway to account for actual behavior, maybe?) in practice it’s “anything above zero”. Or so I was told in concealed weapon permit class, and as I’ve heard from others. At the very least, the cops will ask “have you been drinking?!?” And of course you’ve been drinking, this is Colorado where local craft beer is about as common as forks. Sure it was only one beer, but wow man, you just admitted to being under the influence… So drink water and keep a lawyer on speed dial.

        Actually I’ve been told they could theoretically bust you for having a gun accessible while drinking at home, even if the cops are called for non-firearm reasons. Noise complaints for example. But that’s why I prefer to be a *quiet* drinker, not very much and not very often. And hope no home invaders turn up.

  12. And before anyone says “alcohol and guns don’t mix! hur hur hur!” – by “drinking” I mean having 12 oz of fine local craft beer with dinner and then waiting a reasonable length of time before leaving the table. I don’t mean going out bar hopping and getting sloshed. If the sobriety standard works for driving, it ought to be good enough for being armed too.

  13. Who needs pot? Seems like a waste of time and money to smoke stuff just to feel better. There are plenty of productive things to do instead.

  14. Almost anyone here with some still functioning brain cells knows drug use like anything else. Isnt the worst thing a person could do. Its where they do it.
    Keep it in the privacy of your home. Do what you want to. I for one dont care. Step outside your door high. Your then as responsible under the current laws of say alcohol use as we all are.
    These laws when put on the books were for the most part a racist act. To control a lower class of supposed people.
    99.9% of what this or that drug does to a person or how it affects a persons mind. Are facts from a group or person who has NEVER taken said drug. Therefore has zero practical experience with the drugs affects and are anecdotal at best.
    What Im tring to say here is simple Unkle Sammi says pot is a Class 1 drug. As bad as heroin. Some but not all states say hold on here a second. No its not.

    Has Unkle Sammi done any heroin lately?? Or taken morphine for pain?? I doubt it.. Smoke pot?? Which I personally havent since I was a teenager, many decades ago.
    If Im on a prescription pain killer am I supposed to say Im taking an illegal drug on a 4475?? Of course not. Its legally supplied to me. So it cant be against the law to stop me from purchasing a handgun. If i live in a state that has decriminalised pot possession and or use. Im no longer breaking any laws where i live.. Just because these Federal Laws were written by the old farts who were the ones we used to beat up in school as kids a few decades ago.
    I sat screwem. Just as I do to alot of outdated useless other federal laws still on the books from a bazillion years ago.
    Just a small aside. Chucky Schummer got the snot kicked out of him on an almost daily basis. Look at how he turned out.

  15. Until marijuana is regulated, I disagree with the assertion that it’s harmless & has no affect on whether marijuana users should or shouldn’t have any nanny management.

    I stand by this opinion because of one simple yet prominent reality all you pro-pot supporters know but omit in your talking points. This reality is marijuana laced with other drugs.

    My stance is until it’s regulated for purity, I don’t agree with the basic argument that it’s harmless. And there’s no way to do so with any certainty without some kind of regulating & enforcing body or association.

    • Wow… do you even… I mean come on… this is the dumbest thing I’ve read. This kind of thinking leads to more government. That’s exactly what we need.

      • Nowhere did I say that I wanted the government regulating it.
        I said without certainty of purity the “weed is harmless” logic is crap flat on it’s face.

    • What weed are you talking about? Street weed? MJ is already regulated, by the customer, if you go to a dispensary and you don’t like their products you go to another dispensary and vote with your dollars. Very simple concept. Many of these comments about cannabis read like anti-gunners comments on guns, you have no idea what you’re talking about. “oh I had some friends that smoked weed and they were useless so cannabis must be bad”

      • There’s this massive amount of the country where marijuana isn’t “legal” and dispensaries don’t exist.
        If you’re buying from dispensaries, you’re dope is regulated. Licensed dispensaries can’t sell what I’m talking about. And the majority of the pro-pot people are like the commentor right above your reply; they don’t want any government involvement, they want everything to stay as it is but without it being illegal. Big difference between the two systems.

  16. Well, that kinda makes the case for getting the Feebs out of the gun regulation business, out of the drug regulation business, and in general out of exercising general police powers – the formal meaning, of enforcing internal order.

    For the denser advocates of “The Right Philosopher-King (or Queen – ed) Will Save Us!” … this is the problem. If the Feebs regulate guns, you can’t. Their laws preempt. If the Feebs regulate drugs, you can’t locally. Their laws preempt.

    So, all those poorer folks living in bad neighborhoods, who happen to be in a jurisdiction where they’ve decided, locally, that the whacky tobaccy ain’t so bad … No guns for you!

    You don’t get to live the way you want, because you, *you*, YOU people insisted that the Feebs enforce your every preference and prejudice on other people you’ve never met. Well, occasionally the Feebs don’t agree with you, either. Happy?

  17. Would anyone sell a gun or ammunition to a customer who smelled of alcohol which is a legal product????
    Decriminalize Marijuana.
    But that does not mean you get to do anything you want while under the influence.
    With freedom comes responsibly and accountability.

    • Would anyone continue to practice at a range when a group or individual showed up selling of alcohol, slurring their words, stumbling around the range?
      I have seen Marijuana intoxication do the same thing to its users.
      And then they began handling their weapons.

      Would you stay at the range or would you leave????
      Would you call “cease fire”???

      • I’m sure ranges have rules regarding intoxication and would not admit anyone if they seemed like they would pose a danger to others. That applies to basically anything. Alcohol, marijuana, bath salts, glue, heroin,etc. So what is your point?

  18. I don’t expect anybody to understand but the whole Medical Weed thing is for MEDICAL USE, meaning it actually cures or alleviates health problems. That’s the whole reason its still a schedule 1 substance, it actually heals people if taken orally in very high doses. So the ATF is saying if you want to heal yourself then you can’t buy new gun.

  19. Sounds like a lot of gun owners are pretending to be law-abiding citizens when they’re not. Maybe there does need to be further restrictions to control their access to guns.

  20. In the state of Colorado recreational marijuana is legal. Anyone with a government issued ID (state ID, license, etc.) that shows them to be 21 years of age or older has been issued a card authorizing the possession and/or use of marijuana under State law. So does this mean no one 21 or over can receive explosives/ammo/firearms?

    “…if you are aware that a potential transferee, or an employee or responsible person taking possession of explosives on behalf of a transferee, has been issued a card authorizing the possession and/or use of marijuana under State law, then you may not transfer explosive materials to the person…”

  21. The stance the federal government takes on marijuana is outdated and ridiculous. I am in favor of legalizing it because I love liberty and believe people should have a right to explore their consciousness as much as I should have a right to own firearms. Not enough evidence exists to show marijuana does any real harm to those that use it. The real damage to society is caused directly by the criminalization. I’ll admit that I partake every now and again, maybe once a month, and I hate that in the eyes of the law I am doing something illegal due to these ridiculous laws made by people with no real experience with the subject of debate.

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