Ocean City, NJ’s New AI Gun Detection System Can ‘Push Evil Off to Another Day’

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ocean city high school
By Smallbones – Own work, Public Domain

With decades of failed attempts at gun reform amid the frequency in mass shootings, some have sought alternative solutions through artificial intelligence.

The Ocean City School District in New Jersey, as well as the city’s boardwalk, have implemented new technology developed by ZeroEyes, a company that says it uses AI, paired with human experts, to scan camera feeds for guns.

“I don’t think anybody should question or be fearful of an artificial intelligence program that’s going to identify an immediate imminent threat of someone being shot or killed. You can’t put a price tag on saving a life,” Jay Prettyman, the police chief in Ocean City, told ABC News.

Prettyman said that AI gun detection could also serve as a deterrent from possible crime.

“If we can put something in the place that we can advertise about – that can scare people from coming to Ocean City and coming to any of our schools, and we can push evil off to another day – that’s what I think is our responsibility to do for our kids every day,” Prettyman said. …

“I’m 100% confident that we are going to have such a fast response compared to not having this system,” Prettyman said. “[It] is going to increase the opportunity of our officers to get into that building as quickly as possible and save lives.” 

— Lauren Lantry in New Jersey’s Ocean City Taps AI Gun Detection in Hopes of Thwarting Mass Shootings

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  1. All of this wasted effort on stopping mass shootings, the most infrequent and rare type of attack. Despite the effort, evil will find a way.

    All it is, is a stalking horse for the crusade to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

    • Perpetrators of the violence they are trying to stop target gun free zones. Perpetrators are stopped a large percentage of the time in non-gun free zones by gun wielding citizens.

      Instead of allowing legal guns into these gun-free zones they are trying to “peacefully” solve the issue. It will not work. Evil doers are picking soft targets.

      Abolish gun free zones. Evil doers will have less soft targets. They are cowards looking for fame or to somehow make their manifesto know. They will think twice if they know people are armed.

      Armed citizens stop a large percentage in non-gun free zones and that would hold true in a former gun free zone.

    • Gadsden,

      Because, we are all ‘safer’, ya know, when we let the ‘gummint ex-spurts tell us what to do’. My only conclusion is that they are entirely too stupid to realize they are far better guarantors of their own safety than the gummint could ever be. Plus, not having to think lets them be stupid ‘without consequences’ (in their one fevered minds).

  2. So what is the price of all the false positives?

    I predict a number of lawsuits over false positives that will cost so much that they will shut the whole program down, quietly with none of the ridiculous hype about how great AI is.

    • Or like shot spotter gets quietly phased out as it “incorrectly” identifies that most hits are on areas/people of politically incorrect demographics…………not that I saw exactly that happen in a few nearby cities here in NY.

  3. AI will eventually destroy mankind. The movie “The Terminator” was not as far fetched as people thought when it was shown back in the day.

    The Government already has a super AI system called “Carnivore” that can look into a home and detect guns as the cops drive by your house. So gun registration is no longer necessary if they want to find out if you have a weapon that they want to confiscate. If AR15’s are banned Big Brother will know if you have one registered or not.

    • Carnivore is an IT tool that I’m very familiar with. It has absolutely nothing to do with scanning a building to see if a firearm is in it. I build houses on the side and sell 3 to 7 every year. I’m going to start cutting out profiles of AR-15s out of sheet metal and putting them in the walls as I’m building the house just in case the government ever does start scanning people’s homes for firearms.

      • Bill,

        So, let me get this straight . . . you’re painting targets on your buyers’ backs, to ‘save them from government surveillance’??? Is that your strategy??? What’s your builder name; I want to make DAMN sure I never buy a house from you!

    • “The government knows everything, Big Brother will kill us all but we need gun control because they’re dangerous!!!!”

      The cognitive dissonance of dookian grows stringer every day.

    • Unless said house is made of brick and/or guns are in a safe/behind a relatively thin sheet of steel. Do catch up Dacian using various wifi/thermal/backscatter radiation to image the inside of buildings has been done and countered for over a decade now. The interesting bit is using the home wifi to remotely map the areas of the house it coveres……… which is relatively easy to counter by storing anything where you do not have wifi coverage.

    • Here’s a clue, dacian. Crawl out of your mothers basement and get a life. Citing hollywood as a source is beyond sad.

      • Really.
        Lil’d thinks the Ahh-nold movie “Eraser” was a documentary.
        Optics that can see the beating hearts of intended targets (through walls no less) have been around, like, FOREVER. Right d? 🤪

    • A Marxist who is “DREAMING”…

      We had this technology in Iraq and Afghanistan, it didn’t seem to work..

      There are reports from Pilots of US Apaches, reporting how to counter these systems, they used..

      If the Gov’t ever decided to send them into combat on US soil!!!

  4. The gun is not capable of evil a gun is not capable of doing anything on its own, humans on the other hand are capable of great evil, again this is a program that will fail because it focuses on the wrong issue.

    Jeremiah 17:9
    “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

    • But but but anyone who would carry a concealed weapon in New Jersey MUST be out to do evil, amiright? Therefore, by focusing on the gun, we can get rid of ALL of those evil people who carry them!

      • “But but but anyone who would carry a concealed weapon in New Jersey MUST be out to do evil, amiright?”

        Anyone who wants to own a gun presents the classic case of a person who should be denied.

  5. “[It] is going to increase the opportunity of our officers to get into that building as quickly as possible and save lives.”

    That is all well and good if responding law enforcement officers immediately rush toward and engage the spree-killer. Sadly, we have multiple high-profile examples in the recent past which demonstrate that law enforcement officers will sometimes wait a very long time before seeking out and engaging spree-killers.

  6. Technology is not a solution to the human condition of inhumanity. The only power that can intervene is the Almighty.

    • I betcha “Prettyman” would be clueless I had my lowly Taurus 709 in my Nemesis pocket holster🙄😀

    • I think this tech is just to keep tourist dollars flowing, ‘specially mommy-dollars. It will probably work.

    • Naturally but the technological aspect of civil liberties has not gotten nearly enough attention even back during the PATRIOT act and that was when substantially more people cared.

  7. I would start carrying full-sized blue plastic training guns in a concealed holster if I lived in an area that had this system and prohibited the carrying of firearms.

  8. So will it notice the maniac headed to the school door in his rental truck loaded with 4 55 gallon drums of homemade explosives?

  9. I’m actually quite pleased that a city in NJ is using artificial intelligence. Better to have some intelligence, even if artificial, than what the political intelligentsia currently display.

  10. If the officers aren’t in the building, it’s still going to take many minutes to get there, get in, and find the shooter. I don’t think I have to say how much damage can be done in that time.

    In the minds of some fruitcakes out there, by announcing this system Prettyman has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet. How long do you think it will be before some nutcase says “Challenge accepted”? It would’ve been way smarter to announce the system after it successfully prevented a mass shooting. Which goes to the Defens comment regarding the intelligence of the politicians.

    • No, because the point is to make people FEEL safe, not to actually make them safer. Security theater needs to play to the audience if it’s to have any effect.

  11. Finally, a legitimate justification for defunding/reducing police. If AI can identify where crime is going to happen, no need for cops to be distributed throughout a town/city.

    Laws of Robotics:
    “(1) a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm; (2) a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law; (3) a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law; ” (4) a robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.”

    – Attention robot….kill me.

      • “If we could only have Isaac Asimov program those rules into all versions of AI today.”

        Likely Asimov would be declared a “prohibited person”, unable to access any computer.

    • Even the First Law is contradictory when it is human beings harming human beings. The logical conclusion would be AI locking up humans individually where they can no longer be harmed. Sounds like another moving on regarding robots.

      • “The logical conclusion would be AI locking up humans individually where they can no longer be harmed.”


        A movie where robots keep humans in ghettos, so there will be people to maintain the robot society.

    • Just remember the movie. The central AI understood we humans can be violent and self destructive, so it applied law #4 as it saw fit. Exactly like the government wants to do.

      • “The central AI understood we humans can be violent and self destructive, so it applied law #4 as it saw fit.”

        There’s always a party pooper.

        Have a little faith in your government.

        Or, maybe none.

  12. I don’t see how this will alert authorities any quicker than the typical scenario of a gunman walking in and immediately starting to shoot people.

  13. “I don’t see how this will alert authorities any quicker than the typical scenario of a gunman walking in and immediately starting to shoot people.”

    I guess you haven’t read up about AI. In this application, the intention of a person with a gun can be determined long, long before that person can decide and arrive at a destination to use the gun illegally.

    Follow the science.

    • They’re using cameras to ID weapons on a person within view. The AI tags, the operator confirms.

      Follow the article, science is always changing. (pun intended)

      • “They’re using cameras to ID weapons on a person within view. ”

        That’s what they are telling you. In truth, the AI knows who has guns, and directs the appropriate cameras to track the individual…based on the AI knowing beforehand who will actually commit a gun crime.

        There is a known connection between UFOs and AI. It is all controlled from Alderaan.

  14. Looks like another shoe in the door. Until the first big failure, the ‘remarkable success’ of this program will result in more and more cameras everywhere. All tied into the ‘AI’ that, with just a slight change in software, will be able to scan for anything the police want to look for. The ‘wrong’ patches on a backpack (Gadsden flag maybe?) or some of those dangerous White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists that attend PTA meetings. I think they used to be called ‘parents’.

    • Is the CCP willing to export it’s Panopticon surveillance system?

      The CCP spends more on “internal security” than it does on it’s military.

      Unlike Russia who’s senior officers embezzled more money on their private yachts than was spent on their Navy.

  15. If this was used in conjunction with alerting on-site school resources officers and armed teachers, this might actually be useful. Oh, but what am I talking about…this is New Jersey.

  16. shotspotter 2.0- won’t do anything but be used for cleanup.

    “identify an immediate imminent threat of someone being shot or killed” cue the retired guy from PA with a carry license getting sent away for 10 years because he was too ignorant to know that you can’t carry on it in other states and his revolver printed slightly through his shirt

  17. @VNVet69
    “You’re in rare form today Sam!”

    Laid in a new supply of vodka, ripple, and cheap champahgna, yesterday after noon. Feeling quite brilliant, now.

    Except this brand new tattoo; it’s a real beauty, a Mexican cutie, but it won’t wash off. Still wondering what happened.

    • Was never really a Buffett fan, but my roomies in college just plain wore that album out. I still remember it even after all these years.

      • “Was never really a Buffett fan, but my roomies in college just plain wore that album out.”

        Only liked “Margaritaville”, and “Come Monday”.

  18. What is so wrong about just using a metal detector that can be manned by two cops with guns? Oh wait, it’s a gun free zone, and cops would scare the chilluns.

  19. @jwm
    “If you’re doing nothing wrong you should not mind the cameras in your bathroom.”


  20. @LampOfDiogenes
    “And here, all this time, thought it was Chthulhu. I need to keep on top of the narrative!”

    Indeed. Do come along, old Boomer. “The candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!”

  21. @LampOfDiogenes
    “Or, as my dear daddy used to say, “I may be wrong, but I am NEVER uncertain!”.”

    Agree with your dad’s statement, but….

    There was a reason for using a capital “R” on the word “Right”.

  22. I wonder just how much money would be spent, if these scumbags were fiscally responsible for the failures? In other words, if your idea is a failure, you’re responsible for paying it back. Sounds pretty logical to me, that’s why it would never ever be considered. Just like million dollar contracts given to athletes before they even play. At least most of that is from the owner…….just kidding, we foot the bill for that too!!!!!

  23. Now all they have to do is get AI to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys. This system is not going to help anything.

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