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That’s quite the jab.


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  1. No, Kyle, your three shots only killed two, and wounded one. God alone knows how many died, or suffered permanent effects, from the COVID Gnome’s magic jabs. Kyle at least had the stones to do it in person; Fauxi is a craven coward, in addition to being a liar and a grifter, and worked solely through proxies.

    And Kyle got prosecuted for his actions (and acquitted, by a jury of his peers); I’m still waiting for Fauxi to face justice.

    • Actually, Jeremy’s meme states “more effective“, not “killed more”.

      To this day, I remain in awe of that young man’s incredible control over his actions in the moment of stress. I should only hope to do as well if I ever find myself in a similar situation (makes mental note to avoid large crowds of crazy Marxists…)

      • “I should only hope to do as well if I ever find myself in a similar situation”

        Actually, I’d rather hope I never had to…

        • That would be the ideal — never having been put into a similar situation.

          But Haz said “if” he ever finds himself in one. I agree with both parts of his statement.

      • Haz,

        Of course you are correct. Even in this case, “more effective” does not (and should not, in the case of the COVID jab) killing more people – but that seems to be about the ONLY thing the COVID jab was effective at doing. IF the purpose of the COVID jab was to (i) prevent transmission of the disease, or (ii) prevent getting the disease, then it was pretty much a total failure. In Kyle’s case, three shots, two kills, one “no longer combat effective” wounding – sounds pretty effective, to me. So, I guess on that metric, Kyle was FAR more ‘effective’ than the COVID jab, and its articulated purpose (I have no idea what Mengele-esque designs that evil little gnome actually had, nor do I want to know).

        Thank you for the polite correction!

      • It can be both.

        Dead people won’t be re-infected with CoV-2. 100% of the jabbed will, at a higher rate than the refusniks too, it seems.

        2/3rds will never experience re-infection. That’s 66% effective. Stops transmission too.

  2. the covid vaccines saved millions of people, you fucking morons. vaccines are one of the pinnacles of human triumph, and the covid vaccines are themselves revolutionary.

    • “the covid vaccines saved millions of people, you fucking morons.”

      Asserting facts not in evidence, you fucking moron.

      When you have to change the definition of “vaccine” to fit the failure that is the jab, it’s apparent that the “revolutionary” triumph was anything but.

      You fucking moron.

    • “the covid vaccines saved millions of people”

      Prove it! With all of the healthy, but vaxxed to the max young athletes dying out there over the past couple of years I’ve been just fine with taking the risk. No jab for me. And damn- I’m still alive and walking around after testing positive twice. Neither was any BFD. I’m betting my body has greater natural immunities than most jabbed people.

      • Ditto. No jabs, caught it once, blood test a year later showed stronger immunity than the two shot average. May get the Novavax shot whenever it become more available.

        • Why? Your natural immunity has proven itself. If you’re exposed again, the response should be even stronger.

        • For me, covid itself was mild, but I am susceptible to secondary respiratory infections. Those kept me down for almost a month. I get flu shots every year, pneumonia shots every five, and since Novavax makes a covid shot that is the “traditional” style, I will likely get it whenever I can. If I get infected again, I want my immune system to knock out quickly before other things are triggered because for me, the other things are bad.

    • Fucktard. My sister died of a stroke at her home. Her official cause of death was covid. Covid was not involved. She didn’t even have a cold.

      How many fake covid deaths were there? I had covid. They didn’t have room for me at the hospital. So I went home. No vaccines. Old. Fat and a type 2 diabetic. I survived. Probably because I didn’t go into the hospital.

      • I currently have Covid, fever and chills over the weekend now just head and body aches tested positive Monday and Wednesday, third time since Dec 2019…

    • They may have helped the elderly. It is impossible to quantify how many, however, and for everyone else they clearly didn’t do shit because it wasn’t deadly to anyone except those with the most vulnerable immune systems in the first place. Every booster that comes out chases a variant that was yesterday’s cold.

      I was on a Zoom meeting yesterday, 2/9 people had covid. For some weird reason they were able to stay on the meeting the entire hour without a sniffle, I don’t even know why they bothered to tell anyone. But for 3 GD years goofballs like you have conditioned everyone this was the fucking plague.

      Do us all a favor and go to hell.

    • I did not get the covid vaccine, my son got all three, I was sick with covid two days, my son and his family have had it twice and were sick for two weeks or more each time.
      It always amazes me when someone does something under suggestion and another person does not take that suggestion and the person who took the suggestion gets all fcked up they defend their choice.
      I suppose it should come as no surprise as its similar to an addict defending their addiction of choice.
      MRNa, modify my genes, No thanx.

      • They figured out fairly soon that the mRNA jabs increased your resistance to COVID for a couple of months but after 6-8 months you were more susceptible to the disease than someone who never had it, let alone those with natural immunity. Hence the never ending boosters that continue to degrade your body’s immune system but to a great job of lining Moderna’s and Pfizer’s pockets.

    • jsled,

      It’s amazing to me that a complete, drooling moron (that would be you) can actually perceive PART of reality, and still step on every rake in sight.

      Yes, “vaccines” were a tremendous accomplishment in the advance of human medical technology. I got tons of them, when I was young, again when I was traveling frequently overseas. Apparently, they all worked (I never got polio, smallpox, or a bunch of weird tropical diseases). Of course, MY vaccines were all made using proven technology, after RIGOROUS testing. The mRNA vaccines (the COVID jab)?? Not so much. A new technology (mRNA vaccines had NEVER previously been used or approved for public distribution, prior to the COVID jab), and testing was minimal-to-nonexistent. Conception to release was far faster than the FDA would have even approved any OTHER vaccine for even clinical trials.

      But, of course, you would know all that, if you weren’t a drooling, Leftist/fascist moron.

      I won’t even get into the MYRIAD lies told by the CDC, NIH, White House (yes, under Trump, too), etc. about efficacy, effect, risks, side effects, etc., but, for those intelligent enough to avail themselves of online data sources (which most emphatically does NOT include the FDA, CDC, NIH, or White House), the data is readily available. Too bad you are too stupid to access it, and rely, instead, on your pre-packaged, data-free talking pionts.

      Cite me the studies that support your specious, prevaricating claim that the COVID jab saved “millions of lives”. Oh, didn’t I just read that “Doctor” Jill Biden caught COVID, after being fully vaxed (two jabs), and then boosted THREE times???? Why, yes, yes I did. Says right here in the paper that she is self-isolating in her Rehoboth beach house – like ANY sane person would do, if carrying a potentially dangerous, transmissible virus.

      Fauxi told us masks were not effective (then admitted he lied about that, to protect the supply of masks), then that they WERE effective . When actual data proved that wrong (anyone with the brains to pour p*ss out of a boot knew that when he said it), his new claim is that they are “ineffective for populations, but still effective for individuals” (‘Spain that one to me, Lucy). The jab will prevent getting COVID – oops, no it won’t. OK, but it prevents transmission – oops, no, it doesn’t. OK, but it prevents “severe disease” – oh, REALLY????? Cite me the rigorous, peer-reviewed studies that support that.

      The COVID gnome, and Senile Joe, blow smoke up your @$$, and you and all your Leftist/fascist friends line up and say, “Thank you, sir; may I have another?”. Tell me, how do you manage to wipe your own @$$ without instructions from Fauxi????

      You are too stupid to insult.

    • JSLED.

      First of all, YOU FUCKING MORON, the COVID shots are NOT VACCINES!

      Do you even KNOW what a vaccine is?

      The COVID jab is an mRNA modifying molecular DEATH MACHINE.

      Have you even BOTHERED to do any research? How about the presence of the immunodeficiency creating Simian Virus 40 that just happens to be in the jab?

      MORE people will DIE as a result of taking the jab, PLUS the imposition of COVID protocols like forced ventilation, REMDESIVIR injections, plus preventing the use of proven known anti-virals like Ivermectin, Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine and related drugs, etc. than the mRNA gene splice will EVER ‘save.’

      Autopsies and undertakers are finding 2 to 3 foot long clot-like thick structures in corpses, and they have NEVER been seen before the clot shot started.

      Increased rates of myocardial damage in YOUNG, HEALTHY people are cropping up all over the world as a DIRECT RESULT of the spike protein raising hell with all sorts of body processes, including crossing the blood-brain barrier.

      We haven’t even yet BEGUN to see full results of the damage caused by the mRNA manipulation of our cellular structures.

      Even the CREATOR of the mRNA process has come out and said that the COVID jab is trouble. For his effort, he is being silenced and ridiculed by the medical industrial complex.

      You wanna take another booster?

      Be my guest, but I won’t attend your funeral..

      BTW, the only reason my wife, (who tested ‘positive’ for COVID in ER and admitted for a cardiac issue,) is still walking the earth, is because she told them that I had power of attorney and when she was in the hospital, they had to call and get MY permission before they could stuff in an ET and hook her up to a ventilator. (Yes, I do really have it.)

      Didn’t matter if they had to call a code, THEY HAD TO CALL ME FIRST. They also wanted to put her on REMDESIVIR.

      Guess what, jerkwad, her cardiac condition plus a few other problems, are SEVERAL LISTED CONTRAINDICATIONS for NOT giving REMDESIVIR, and she told them no way in hell.

      But, again, guess what?

      The government was PAYING THE HOSPITAL a buttload of money if they put patients on a ventilator AND give them REMDESIVIR so they were pushing like crazy to get as many patients on the ‘COVID protocol’ as possible.

      And guess what for the third time…

      They STILL get a buttload of money IF THE PATIENT DIES!

      • Will be borrowing the using the healthy person as medical power of attorney and seeing how that would go up here as we saw some of the worst of that scenario. And yes hospital had massive financial incentives for dead covid patients vs anything else up until March when the funding mercifully got cut due to the emergency status being revoked.

    • Wrong jsled! The jab saved no one, else how do you explain people getting the disease after being jabbed multiple times. Many of those people who were otherwise healthy died fromthe disease. Some of us who got it ended up with heart problems because of it, and can’t even sue Pfizer for what they did to us. By definition an immunization keeps you from getting the disease clearly the jab failed!

    • “the covid vaccines saved millions of people, you fucking morons.” I suggest that you take an anti-Marxist vaccine. It’s called work, responsibility and self-sufficiency. However, it needs to be re-injected often.

    • I never got jabbed but I have been carrying a shiny rock in my pocket since 2019.
      Not once have I even tested positive for COVID in all this time while people around me tested positive three, four, five, six times.

      Obviously, it’s all thanks to the shiny rock in my pocket.

    • “the covid vaccines saved millions of people, you fucking morons.”

      You apparently don’t understand how the COVID vaccine works.

    • Yeah about that, NY had mandatory testing for all government employees that refused the vaccine and kept track of it for almost a year before they realized that the employees that did not take the shot were both getting infected less often as well as dying from (with more likely) Covid. When a journalist hit the data with a freedom of information request we suddenly and unexpectedly no longer had to test and stopped spending millions on test kits (which were connected by family relations to several politicians). You do you on unapproved gene therapy though.

      • no name,

        Hey, if “he” had been a “she” (or at least imagined him/herself to be one), and approached him walking backwards, he might have disaster. (Please tip your waitress, and I’ll be here all week.)

        • no name,

          Hey, I try, I try. I wish we could do a “peer-reviewed study” about the correlation between common sense and success and happiness in life – MajorLiar and dacian the demented and jsled would fail at the whole “common sense” part – but that is a ‘bridge too far’ for the academic community. Common sense would literaly threaten their jobs!

    • The are plenty of bolshie-girls ready to give themselves to those who sacrificed for the cause. Why l3ftist groups are so popular in colleges. The girls tend to be very “liberated” with their favors.

      • Southern,

        One of my high school buddies (a ‘hippier than thou’ type) told me he’d joined the campus SDS chapter (hey, this was way back in the Stone Age), NOT because he was all in on their program, but because “that’s where all the easy chicks hang out”.

        Thank God I had higher standards than “easy and stupid”, else one of my kids might have turned out as pathetic and useless and MajorLiar, dacian the demented, or jsled the moron.

    • When you spent years of your life under coercive threats to your ability to provide for your family from every level of society outside of church and gun groups to comply with “the science” it is absolutely fucking hilarious. Dark humor and not in the least nice but it was a troubling time that will have troubling coping mechanisms.

  3. Kyle: I’m sorry for the shit the justice system put you thru. Pleased and rejoicing that a jury found you “not guilty”. Best wishes in your life, and God bless!

  4. I had to come back. My father lived through a true epidemic. As an eight year old he survived polio. Years later it was the only thing that kept him out of WW II, but he was on crutches or in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Grandpa still expected him to help work the farm along side his sisters. His brothers, however we’re in the European theater. Except Uncle Leland. He was at Pearl Harbor on the Day of Infamy. He thought COVID was bullshit. Jsled, you sir, are the fucking moron.

    • They Jabbed the chit out of “doctor” Jill. 1st thing the nurse asked me today at the Medicare office was ” are you getting the flu shot today???”. I said he!! no! I told her I don’t think I’ve ever had a true Flu. And told her a guy at my church died 2 day’s after getting the jab in 2021. MY age of 66 at that time. Healthy as heck🙃And back to masks today!!! Kyle is a hero but a very lucky boy🙄

      • walker,

        Some philosopher, somewhere, once opined that “some people make THEIR OWN ‘luck'”. Pair with “luck favors the prepared”, and similar sentiments. What many people attribute to ‘luck’, is often explained by simple ‘they actually had their heads removed from rectal defilade’.

        Would that our Leftist/fascist ‘friends’ could be so cognizant!

  5. Some illness ripped through our house earlier this year. Could have been the flu, could have been covid, but it was harsh. However, we keep an inventory of Ivermectin, Hydroxycloriquin, Clorine Dioxide (aka MMS), and Methaline Blue. we were all 70% improved after 24 hours and 100% after 36 hours.

    Follow the science!

  6. My comment about how we successfully treated what might have been Covid has been censored.

    Pretty sure our censors are all clot-shotted. Them folk should be learning from us, not shutting us down.

    • LS
      “My comment about how we successfully treated what might have been Covid has been censored.”

      As did my rant directed towards jsled that mentioned alternative medications..

  7. mRna has applications. It just hadn’t advanced much past animal testing before they skipped to humans. They need more time to develop the technology for its use.

    I read about it in the early 2000s in the New England Journal of Medicine and had opportunities to speak to researchers and ask them layman questions. The idea was it would take 30 years or more to be able to grasp how well it could work. The theory made sense, but our knowledge of it isn’t there yet.

    I prefer true vaccines. mRna is not a true vaccine by the original definition. The definition changed with covid to convince people to take it.

    • Changing the name or definition of something in order to make it more acceptable is one of the main strategies of Liberalism/Progressiveism and has been going on since the 70s. As well as their attempts at revisionist history. Where that has failed. They simple don’t teach that particular part of history. Especially where our nations history is concerned. All made possible by their takeover of the Liberal/Progressive Educational Indoctrination system. Formally know as public education.

    • Lacking a targeting mechanism it basically can’t work as a vaccine without exactly the kind of shitshow you see today (1 in 800 with a severe AE, per the NHS, for example) or worse.

      Anyone who says otherwise obviously didn’t take or failed Immunology.

      It’s not the “spike”, well, not just the spike. It’s the fucking platform, which, by they by, they’re now going to try to adopt for all other “old” jabs because that way they can patent off patent jabs that are required for school and make stupid amounts of currency from the program.

      With a targeting mechanism you’ll still need another 20 years to get your QC down pat, as Pfizer and Moderna have proved with their inability to eliminate R-loops and therefore plasmids from their products.

      This is a tech that you really can’t make “safe” in the strict sense. It’s best uses, with a targeting mechanism, are going after cancer, where you want to kill the targeted cells, and treatment of genetic disorders where people fail to produce a native protein but can be induced to do so.

      Dose control, however, will always be touchy at best. With the two best uses above however, that matters a lot less since in one case you want to kill the target and in the other the cell can limit overproduction with post-translational controls.

      In short; expressing a foreign protein on a native cell in vivo is batshit crazy and probably always will be. Anyone who managed to get a D- or better in intro molecular or micro bio knows this, or at least they should. Anyone who passed those classes and doesn’t understand this is lying or will probably end up failing the program due to a lack of critical thinking skills.

      Q: If a cell expresses a foreign protein how does the immune system interpret that?

      A: As being cancer or viral infection. Both will result in the cell’s destruction.

      Q: Can this result in other problems?

      A: Yes, loss of cells in tissues with limited or no repair capacity is bad, very bad.

      It can also generate autoimmunity because we don’t really know fuck-all about how dendritic cells do what they do or how B cells really work. If we did know these things, most autoimmune diseases would probably would have been cured by now or would at least be much more treatable.

      You’ll get some arguments that this is untrue because mRNA jabs have been used in pork production since 2018. That argument is bullshit for three reasons. One of which is that the pigs mostly don’t live long enough to tell what this does to them. The second is that pigs are not people. They have different immune systems and cellular processes. Third, no one is actually looking at what this does to pigs destined for slaughter anyway.

      There’s a reason that animal testing is done on “animal models”. They’re models. Even if humanized in some cellular manner, they’re models. Nothing else on the planet has our exact cellular or immunological makeup.

      If nothing else, the fact that they used DOTAP for the LNPs should alarm everyone. 1,2-Dioleoyl-3-trimethylammonium propane is NOT approved for human use. Here’s the MSDS for it.

      Note the following (and more if you like):

      Section 1, Application: “This product is for research use – Not for human or veterinary diagnostic or therapeutic use.”

      Section 2, Hazards “This product is not classified…” Oh, look, there’s basically no safety data.

      Hardly shocking since

      Section 9, Physical Properties: All they know is that it’s a solid, it has an odor, the molecular weight and some solubility information. Every other physical property is unknown. And this MSDS is from 2022…

      But hey, I’m sure this is all very safe and effective. I mean, it technically has an MSDS. It’s mostly empty but… I’m sure it’s safe.

      You can look it up on PubChem or anywhere else you like too, you’ll find the same thing. Strange how an MSDS from 2022 reads identically to one from 2018 even though at the end of 2020 we started injecting this thing into billions of people, huh?

      • I should note, however, that DOTAP may not have been used after the reformulation of BNT162b2. You might remember that there was a “reformulation” and then they stopped recommending storage at -70°C.

        This coincides, approximately, with when numerous groups stopped openly bragging about using DOTAP in the shots. Time was, if you Googled “1,2-Dioleoyl-3-trimethylammonium propane chloride” there would be a highlight a bar on the right side of your screen, under the Wiki entry blurb, that would say that this was used to make the Pfizer shots.

        That eventually disappeared. Sometime in 2021 there was a published list of ingredients that claimed to use 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine as the phospholipid. Which, honestly, is a bit odd because that’s what Moderna used and claimed was part of their secret sauce to increase transfection. In fact, the Wiki entry for it contained a list of “Moderna COVID-19 vaccine nanoparticle ingredients” under See Also.

        It is listed as an ingredient on the entry for “Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine”. But that page is edited so often that I have no idea when it was placed there.

        I’ve only seen, and yeah I’ve looked behind the paywalls for journals and read until my eyes felt like sandpaper, one paper that really covers a complete ingredient list for BNT162b2. The first ones, and that specific paper as well, appear after the “reformulation” and the care/handling directions changed. The only thing that’s 100% for sure about the change is that it was not only to the mRNA, nor was it the introduction of pseudouridine. What exactly they changed is, really, rather unclear.

        So, it’s very hard to tell what they actually changed but there were major companies claiming DOTAP was in the shots for at least a year, including Google, yet those claims are later quietly removed, suggesting this is probably something that was, in fact, changed in the reformulation.

        As for actual 3rd party analysis, I haven’t seen anything serious. They either claim “nanobots” and only use light microscopy or they say nothing useful. Pfizer doesn’t seem to want people doing analysis on this aspect of their product, which makes some sense in a legit way, since the platform is the money maker.

        Honestly, the use of DOTAP and simply lying about it wouldn’t surprise me. Pfizer doesn’t exactly have a sterling record of telling the truth about their products and has admitted in the past to scheming to defraud the government itself about several drugs.

        • Oh, yeah, forgot something else too. Apparently my brain’s entirely fried.

          There’s the 2022 MSDS for the DSPC too. Same basic shit, a bit less on solubility and a lotta “we don’t know”.

          Same “This product is for research use – Not for human or veterinary diagnostic or therapeutic use.” tag too.

        • 9,

          I posted a long rant at jsled that got moderated, but lets’ see what happens if I repost a short chunk of it with the drug names redacted..

          First of all, YOU FUCKING MORON, the COVID shots are NOT VACCINES!

          Do you even KNOW what a vaccine is?

          The COVID jab is an mRNA modifying molecular DEATH MACHINE.

          Have you even BOTHERED to do any research? How about the presence of the immunodeficiency creating Simian Virus 40 that just happens to be in the jab?

          MORE people will DIE as a result of taking the jab, PLUS the imposition of COVID protocols like forced ventilation, -drug names DELETED- and related drugs, etc. than the mRNA gene splice will EVER ‘save.’

          Autopsies and undertakers are finding 2 to 3 foot long clot-like thick structures in corpses, and they have NEVER been seen before the clot shot started.

          Increased rates of myocardial damage in YOUNG, HEALTHY people are cropping up all over the world as a DIRECT RESULT of the spike protein raising hell with all sorts of body processes, including crossing the blood-brain barrier.

          We haven’t even yet BEGUN to see full results of the damage caused by the mRNA manipulation of our cellular structures.

          Even the CREATOR of the mRNA process has come out and said that the COVID jab is trouble. For his effort, he is being silenced and ridiculed by the medical industrial complex.

          9, whaddya think? Am I on the right track?

          (I’ll ask my cousin about what you’ve posted as she has a Masters in Chemistry and another one in some kind of field that involves gene sequencing and manipulation …)

          Edit: Interesting. No ‘intercept’ if I leave the drug names redacted.

        • 1. I’ve seen the claims about SV40 but I haven’t seen a genomic analysis that I trust on it. Stealing things from nature can be good or bad. With regards to the SV40 enhancer, nuclear importation (to the cell’s genome) requires very specific portions of the overall SV40 enhancer and I am not fully convinced that those specific portions are present. See link below before going much further.

          First, I’d like to see deep sequencing of it, to the single base level and I’d like to see that repeated multiple, multiple times to eliminate several things including QC issues by the manufacturer.

          Further, things like a BLAST analysis are more complicated than some would like to suggest, and throwing around the term “homology” has a meaning that most of the people using the term don’t understand.

          For example, let’s assume that we have this enhancer, which is 72 bases long (bp being the usual abbreviation even thought it may not have a pairing if it’s ssRNA/DNA and no loops or other 3D structures are present) is, in fact present in this with 90% homology.

          Well, it also has very specific short regions of that 72bp enhancer that are required for nuclear importation. ~90% homology means they could have changed a single bp seven times. If those seven point mutations are in the critical binding site sequences then the enhancer doesn’t work the way it *should*. How does it actually work IRL at that point? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          Is this what happened? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          Questions like this are still not acceptable to ask at a major institution, which is why all the work that has been done has been done by private labs. It’s getting better though, almost daily it’s more acceptable to say certain things.

          All of this is complicated by the irrational nature of people on both ends of the spectrum who can’t admit that they don’t know something. It’s either poison or it’s the safest thing ever. Anything that supports the preferred claim is looked at entirely uncritically by a huge number of people. Nuance and unknowns are simply lost to that filter process.

          Now, this is actually pretty easy to test if you can get a sample, but getting a sample that has the proper chain of custody to write a paper on the findings is a different kettle of fish. People don’t realize that, even in chem, if you write a paper about your experiment and use reagents, technically, there’s a paper trail of exactly where you got them if you’re challenged on the subject. No one really does this though because everyone buys their reagents from trusted sources, so there’s little reason to question the QC on them and it’s more likely that oddities are due to contamination later in the chain than at the chemical company.

          While I’ve never heard of it happening, and neither have my parents with a combined 80 years of PhD level chemistry experience as experimental chemists and numerous publications, one CAN be challenged on the source of a reagent used in an experiment that has a published paper came from during both peer review and later on if there’s an issue duplicating the experiment.

          Generally, this system is welcomed by reagent companies because they consider an extra layer of QC keeping them honest and catching anything they miss, in theory. Pharma doesn’t seem to have this mindset. Interestingly, most biotech companies DO have this approach. Bad custom PCR primers? They wanna know about it. NOW. They’ll fix it for free and they’ll do it fast. They have a reputation to protect.


          Clotting issues are real. Of this I’m certain. European biomedicine is far more interested in it than their US counterparts. The preconditions for it, and how that relates to the S-protein are reasonably well worked out. Overall it seems to be more rare than some would like us to believe and, OTOH, much more common than others would like us to believe.

          Since I can’t give you a lot of links to papers, I’d suggest checking out the Merogenomics YT channel. Dr. Raszek gives reasonable explanations and links to anything he cites.

          But pay close attention to the disclaimers contained within those papers rather than just jumping to the Discussion on prevalence. Note that these papers have to say certain things to be published and that while this isn’t as true as it was in 2022, it’s still the case to some extent. But if you read the whole paper you’ll find statements like “The prevalence figures of ME/CFS are blurred by inconsistent case definitions, self-reporting assessments, and a large proportion of undiagnosed patients” which basically means that their final statement on prevalence in various populations is just lip service to TPTB because otherwise they can’t get the paper published.


          Heart issues are unsurprising, as are neurological issues for the same base reasons. These tissues have an increased preference for cholesterol as compared to many other tissues. The LNPs contain cholesterol and other fats, like the phospholipids, that mean that it’s entirely unsurprising to find higher uptake of the LNPs in certain organs. Notably you’d predict, nervous cells particularly in the CNS, the heart, bone marrow and reproductive organs. Which, funnily enough, is where the LNPs concentrate according to Pfizer’s biodistribution data.

          In fact a lot of this was listed in other Pfizer paperwork as a series of things that they notified the FDA of being potential issues. They also had a post-marketing commitment to study them and release those findings. The findings were due last year and so far as I know the data is still not available and the FDA doesn’t seem to care. At all.

          There’s also the issues noted with organs meant to clean things out of us, like the liver and kidneys. These are also not surprising when you think about it for a few seconds. Even without preferential uptake, anything in the blood stream goes to these places pretty consistently, which is part of why certain things are known to cause cancer in these organs. It’s not a preference so much as a concentration issue. Just check those MSDS sheets and think about cleaning your blood stream with that stuff in it.

          From there, the issues are not hard to figure out. Some of these tissues have very limited repair capacity. Damage to them is something we have limited repair capacity for. A paper from Europe called “Sex-specific differences in myocardial injury incidence after COVID-19 mRNA-1273 booster vaccination” shows that sub-clinical heart damage is common, 1 in 35 people.

          Now, that’s actually kinda illuminating in terms of what people call SADS. The people in the study were warned and sent to a cardiologist if anything was detected. Normal people are not. This means that the people in the study had a major leg-up, avoiding exacerbating behaviors during their period of vulnerability to cardiac arrest. Other people didn’t know they had a problem until they had a really big problem.


          As per usual, my concerns about problems are different than many people. The fact that my wife and I have a combined batting average of over .900 on this concerns me. The *odd thing* is that we tend to be contrarian in any established camp but that’s because we’re not looking where most people are and I can leverage my wife’s superior understanding of the immune system and how certain things up and down regulate it. Most people, even in molecular bio, don’t have access to that kind of specialist and most people wouldn’t think to go look for a parasitologist in this area either.

          In that vein, I suspect that plasmid contamination is a rare but very serious problem. It’s also probably relatively easy to fix, at least in most cases.

          I also suspect that playing games with cutting up a genome for non-self proteins has unexpected regulatory consequences with post-translational processing for which we have no native down-regulatory machinery. The methods used for stabilization of mRNA in this case are not well understood but I suspect that there’s an effectively random distribution of certain byproducts that act as down-regulators or silencers for transcriptional activity within the cell for an undetermined amount of time. This has another element of randomness added in because the dose really isn’t controllable since the amount of protein produced in any of these instances, and the time that the mRNA message is available in any of its potential forms is also a function of cellular processes that vary enormously from person to person and cell type to cell type.

          Viruses are extremely crafty in terms of creating multi-use genes for themselves because of their space constraints. The results of how that one thing works can therefore be unexpected.

          All this stuff has huge numbers of regulatory mechanisms when it’s native. Cells can control and up or down regulate every stage in multiple ways to fine-tune the end product. With a foreign protein, that’s impossible and that, right there, is a big problem if your message isn’t both flawless and very, very, very well understood. Optimizing for a single thing, like picking a protein that has a really good antigenic effect, will almost certainly lead to problems because under those circumstances you’re not ever going to look at what else it might do.

      • Have you come across suppressed immune system responses in your study of the topic? While I have seen a lot of coworkers get sick a lot more often (know damn well I was the only one in the section that didn’t take any shots) I also have heard rumblings of suppressed immune systems and/or autoimmune issues.

        • Yes.

          Downregulation of cytokine response to viral infection has been documented in small, observational studies (see below for an example in children, at least one other study have been done in adults). Ditto some oddities in toll-like receptors and their associated ligands (signaling molecules with a metal atom in them), which are mentioned in the paper below as well, particularly those used in immune signaling for cancer but that’s a different proposed mechanism than the TLRs in this paper.

          This is going to get messy AF. Much will be made of “small observational studies” in humans, by which I mean the studies will be “debunked” as being small, observational and, mostly, post-hoc.

          The one below isn’t bad since it compares samples immediately before the intervention then repeatedly after but it does lack a control group, which given the situation makes logical but not scientific sense, strictly speaking.

          Secondarily, mechanisms will be hotly debated in terms that most people can’t understand, which will be mostly quibbling minutia. In the wider public this will be sold as being a debate about the downstream effect, which it’s not, and also a key to if that effect exists, which it’s not.

        • (n)IgG4 please, yeah I don’t expect to see much in the way of admissions of adverse effects but I have a sinking feeling life and probably health insurance are going to be unaffordable within the decade. Cancer is going to be a growing field of study I think.

        • Is anyone talking about monoclonal antibodies? It seemed like they worked on the elderly with Covid if you started it early. The last I heard, the Puppet Admin bought them up to control it. Did they want it off the market because it’s existence would get rid of the Emergency Use Authorization for the vax? I never really heard.

        • Dude,

          We had a friend who got really sick from the Wuhan Flu, and they did wind up giving him monoclonal antibodies. It was dramatic, in his case. In only a few hours, his fever broke, and in 24hrs he was almost completely normal. I don’t know the specifics, but his wife is an RN and she was keeping close tabs on him. We heard about it a few days after the dust settled.

        • “Is anyone talking about monoclonal antibodies?”

          Yes. There’s a pre-print on previous monoclonals against the “new variant” below.

          It’s all about finding ones that work against what they care about and then cloning the effective cells.

          At this point, outside of transplant patients, cancer patients and those already within a few months of dying there’s really no need for such things. If “BA.2.86” was worth discussing they’d be screaming about it like it was 2020 again.

          Even docs that were “pro jab” two years ago are now in GTFO mode about this, quite publicly too. The hospitalization rate at this point for the disease is about 0.0x% unless you want to play that “with Covid” game again and count the people who had a car accident and test positive.

          But then the tests are still shit, both PCR and LFA are basically garbage, which IMHO, is by design because we know how to do both in a way that’s meaningful yet no one does.

        • Dude between that, ivermectin and a oddly familiar antimalarial medication a lot of lying cheating and double talk was needed to maintain EUA eligibility. Thankfully most were available in differing levels of ease over in New Hampshire but if the elderly of the family were to fall ill I would have had a long drive to Florida.

        • What I find odd is that it wasn’t getting much fanfare in the media when it seemed like a wonder treatment. Despite that, word began getting around. Then the federal government bought it all up. I remember DeSantis complaining that the Puppet Admin controlled the supply, and wouldn’t give them any. Then it was suddenly declared that they no longer work because the virus mutated (yet they were still pushing the 5th pfizer booster). I feel like this is probably a huge scandal that no one was talking about, unless I missed it. It’s easy to get lost with the constant scandals surfacing these days.

        • @Dude:

          The people who argue that they basically had to get rid of anything that threatened the EUA have a point.

          If you want to go down that road, monoclonals (mAbs) created a problem in regards to the EUA for the shots. As they were, mAbs couldn’t force a revocation of the shots because both were EUA and an EUA can’t cancel another EUA.

          However, the mAbs were effective and safe enough that they should have probably been given a normal approval.

          At that point the FDA has a threefold choice.

          1. They can approve the mAbs and pull the jabs.

          2. Or they can revoke or allow the EUA for mAbs to expire and keep the jabs.

          3. They can give full approval to the jabs and mAbs. They can’t just approve the jabs at this point because everyone knows they don’t do shit, aren’t safe and that the mAbs work. No way the FDA puts itself in the cul-de-sac that they can’t use what works but must use what very obviously doesn’t.

          What they chose to do keeps all their options open. Neither has approval but both can get EUA as long as the FDA likes, apparently. New variant of concern? Just EUA them both until you don’t need one, the other or both.

          And the money flows forth like a river to the sea.

        • 4. They can buy up the mAbs to control the supply, then claim they no longer work. Now you have to get your sixth booster so you won’t get Covid. I mean to stop the spread. I mean so you won’t die. I mean so you won’t get as sick. Just trust the science. Get the shot(s)!!!

          (And the money flows forth like a river to the sea.)

    • Whiskey works too.
      I’m testing with Knob Creek.
      To make sure the test are not slighted I believe I will test with Kentucky DeLux, and if that dosen’t kill me nothing will.

      • the willets family keeps me healthy, keep an eye out for johnny drum and/ or pure kentucky.
        kentuckdelux is 20% bourbon and 80% neutral spirits… an odd blend w/ an unknown mashbill.

        • FB
          The Russians routinely drink blue barber sterilizer.

          In small quantities it won’t make you go blind, but it’s a fine line to walk, from what I’ve been told…


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