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Since 1962, Navy SEALs have been training like fiends in the Coronado surf and unleashing all kinds of hell on our nation’s enemies. For the damn few who have worn the SEAL trident over the past half century, SIG/Sauer is offering the most exclusive commemorative firearm offer ever in the entire history of ever . . .

The Navy SEAL 50th Anniversary MK25 is sold only to SEALs or their immediate family members. If you’re not one of them, don’t bother asking. SIG/Sauer is a class act, and at $975 they’re taking a loss on every one of these tastefully-engraved guns as a gesture of gratitude to the warriors who made them famous.

Posers and shitbirds need not apply: SIG/Sauer is thoroughly vetting the credentials of every would-be purchaser. Interested buyers must provide their name, rank, serial number, unit, dates of service, commanding officer, and BUD/S class.

That is all. Carry on.


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  1. So is this Sig’s version of “Because you suck, and we hate you”?

    Kidding, because we all suck compared to the Seals. Carry on Sig.

      • Ok, speaking for myself I am not a highly trained “operator” that the govt spent boatloads of money and years of training to produce. Your opinion of yourself may vary.

  2. $1k for a quality pistol, and a sweet-ass limited one that’s only guaranteed to go up in value?

    I’m okay with that.

  3. I love that line from the SEAL who formed the hero-debunking organization Stolen Valor “There were at most 500 SEALs who served in Viet Nam, and I’ve met all 20,000 of them.” Aside from dealing with the VA, the most frustrating thing about being a vet (Cold War submarines, in my case) is the BS you wind up listening to from guys who obviously either never served or where never anywhere near where they claim to have been.

  4. Nuts! Are you telling me I have to get rid of the Delta Force tat and replace it with the Seal tat? I already did that with the SF tat to get the Delta tat…

  5. I think it’s great what they’re doing, but let’s be realistic. At nearly $1000 each, how can they possibly be losing money on this? They have established facilities, employees, and processes in place, and already produce existing lines. Producing a firearm is not a fundamentally difficult operation. They have huge markups.

    If they’re losing money on this at $1,000 each, they deserve to go out of business, because they’re clearly doing it wrong.

    • All of the custom engraving, inlays, etc. done to the gun post-production is what drives up the cost. If they’re selling this gun for around the same as retail price for a plain mass-produced model, then yeah, there’s a pretty good chance they’re losing money.

      It’s all marketing expense, though. SIG is doing this to highlight and promote the association of their products with Navy SEAL Operators. The halo effect on their brand in general and the Mk 25 pistol in particular is worth a large multiple of the “loss” on the custom pistols.

    • Can or no can, I doubt many of these will ever fire a single shot. Some will, but most will be held as collectibles or passed on to other SEALs in future years.

  6. Now if only someone could provide evidence that our military has done anything since 1945 that involved defending our nation from attack or protecting our freedoms….

    • Must be nice to make comments like that from your warm, cozy home while thousands make months-long deployments and take fire to defend your arrogant ass. Maybe you wouldn’t make comments like that if you had the balls to serve yourself.

  7. I saw one of these today, and not realizing the credentials required to buy one, I just drooled over it. It’s a badass elegant 226, but the man buying it was the real badass. Respect to anyone who can buy this.

  8. I just picked mine up today and all I can say is it is BIG PIMPIN! When you wile off the lube on the slide, it shines like a mirror. It is a great pistol and a great value. It even came with 3 mags.
    Thanks SIG!
    Steve Sparks

    • They let a boat guy buy a 226 with a Trident on it? Here come the “there I was” stories.

      BUD/s class 197, ST-1

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