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Move and shoot. Shoot and move. Shoot at stuff that moves. One more: move and shoot at stuff that moves. There. That ought to cover it. And if you’re looking to develop those skills for sporting or self-defense, buy yourself some land in a free state and commission Promatic to install their Running Boar targeting system. You get a 150-foot track, a wireless remote with speed control and a target board that auto turns at each end of the track so the target’s facing the right direction (boars aren’t very good at running backwards). Oh wait. What about targets that move front to back and as well as side-to-side? You’ll want robot targets. Only it’s only a Marathon man. And when it comes to hunting prep, it’s four legs good, two legs bad.

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  1. I can tell you, from personal experience, that the people behind Promatic are an outstanding group of people.

  2. I like it. Next up should be a flying drone covered in AR500 targets that can go up and down as well as side to side.

  3. I’m thinking you’d need to brine it at least 3 days & smoke it for a week to get that boar tender.
    But, I’d shoot it anyway!

  4. Anything that moves is better training than something that just sits there!
    Concider this the syban of shooting experiences

  5. It is absolutely standard in Sweden to go and practice on the “moving moose” target before moose season. Many game animals are shot on the move. Hunters therefore ought to practice the skill of shooting a laterally moving target. The target in Sweden is maintained by the hunting/sportsman’s organization, and is similar to the target shown in this post. The range is usually 100 yards.


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