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You have to wonder what took them so long. I guess our friends in the Chinese figurine industry strategized that the Obama Kill (sic) Osama commemorative piece would have more of an impact at the 10th anniversary of 9/11. You have to hand it to them on the level of detail, too. Well, mostly…

This highly detailed, hand-painted work of art features fine poits such as the Blackberry on Obama’s belt and his almost-empty cash box sporting the country’s newly-downgraded credit rating. The windswept tie. The flag lapel pin. That determined look of accomplishment.

But while Bin Laden, lying dead under Barack’s triumphant polished oxford, shows a realistic center-of–forehead bullet hole as inflicted by SEAL Team Six, he’s missing the center-of-mass shot they also reportedly meted out.

And then there’s the gun. The figurine sculptors armed the President with a highly detailed and just as highly improbable AN-94 assault rifle. You read that correctly. A Russki rifle instead of the HK416 that many reported the SEALs used to terminate the reclusive Al Qaida mastermind. And I’m pretty sure Obama’s a lefty. Left-handed, that is. But you have to admire that trigger discipline, right?

But we can overlook that, can’t we? Or can we. Anyway, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to commemorate the takedown of the most hated American enemy since Schicklgruber himself. And if you can believe the web site, they’ve limited this to a run of only 500, so order now. Operators are standing by!

All this quality and detail doesn’t come cheap, though. No siree. This impressive, mantel-worthy piece of memorabilia will run you $129. Plus shipping. But think about it for a minute. Can you really put a price on this much molded plastic awesomeness? Don’t you need a way to commemorate the gutsy call that finally took down Bin Laden? Of course you do. So raid the new gun fund and bring one of these babies home. Your grandchildren will thank you.

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  1. I dunno, I find this kind of disrespectful to the SEALs who actually did the deed. Yeah, Obama called it, but they’re the ones who made it happen. I doubt Obama’s ever even held a gun in his life, much less be able to muster the guts to risk his life in such a mission.

    • Really?

      You know, Conservatives are proving to have as poor a sense of humor as the Liberals did… If this was Bush yanking the trap door on Sadam’s hanging, nobody on the right would be talking about “Disrespecting the Iraqi justice system.”

  2. The AN-94 is supposedly a nice gun, is it possible that the Seal Team did use the AN-94? Is there something the toy maker knows that the American people don’t know?

  3. “I find this kind of disrespectful to the SEALs who actually did the deed. ”

    agreed in toto, but obama did not make this crappy piece of plastic, the Chinese did, this is actually ONE this that can’t be held against him.


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