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Contrary to the breathless narration above, the BAE Systems 57mm MK 110 Deck Gun can’t be programmed to do everything you want it do whenever you want to do it. Coffee? I don’t think so. But the system can automatically switch ammo types and fire up to 220 rounds per minute at targets up to 10.5 miles away. A little expensive to run but so worth it. Well, Uncle Sam thinks so. reports that “The U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard are each to receive a 57mm MK 110 deck guns from BAE Systems. The contract for the Mod 0 guns, to be delivered in 2014, is worth more than $20 million . . . One gun is destined for the Coast Guard’s fifth National Security Cutter, while another is for the Navy’s training facility in Dam Neck, Va.” Those would be U.S. guns number 20 and 21. Hey guys, 22 is my lucky number! Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. OK, I have changed my mind. Forget the 5-1/2 inch(bore size) muzzleloading howitzer from South Bend Replicas, or the .22LR Gatling gun.

    I want one of these 57mm babies. PERFECT for shooting ground squirrels!

  2. To be fair, BAE is selling a Keurig attachment rail so if you have the appropriate K cups your sailors can have coffee, tea, chai, or hot chocolate….. while cruising around on their death-dealing boat.

  3. I guess that takes the heavy and slow versus fast and light debate to the next level.

    Very interesting.

  4. Just the thing a bankrupt America needs to acquire before our $200+ trillion dollar national debt implodes, we experience hyper-inflation (food, medicine, ammo) at the same time as hyper-deflation (cars, houses), and the FRN federal reserve note gets recognized as the most over-valued asset on the planet. The Chinese will probably be the first of many to cash-in their Treasury Bonds before the international herd does. Meanwhile the printing presses have gone Weinmar Republic style cranking out useless paper. Foreign nations will be selling off their $10+ trillion held for international exchange thus ending US world currency domination and when that comes back here our currency will be devalued even more. Hope you guys have physical gold and silver that you are holding, and a good rifle for hunting small game. I could go on but I might end up causing depression and alarm 🙂

    • Alarm needs to be the norm. The idiots in charge are going to sell us off to the highest bidder if something isn’t done…like yesterday.

    • The Chinese have been dumping their US paper all over the world for quite some time. Look at the mines and wells they have been buying, on every continent, especially in Africa. I read an article that the African local’s call all non Africans “Chinnee” or something to that effect, as they see endless Chinese geologists, mine operators, Drillers.etc. And the Chinese are also building the infrastructure. Railroads dams airports roads. Check out for a 20 min primmer on what time it is.

      Oh yea, the topic. We need defense a hell of a lot more than we need these vote buying programs fronted by the white house. We are not building enough weapons. I sit at the feet of the military industrial complex because they keep us as close to free as we allow our politicians to ordain. If it weren’t for the treasonously leaked military secrets, that really picked since the early 90s, they wouldn’t be even close to militarily parity with us. As someone said a while ago, ” Weakness is provocative”

      • Defense? Defense from what? The military budget has almost doubled since 2001, and none of it went to protect us against what attacked us then.

        There are so many ways to replicate that attack. Run a U-haul across a bridge with 100 gasoline cans dribbling gas … and light it on fire. Load a couple of tons of stolen dynamite on a boat and sink it at the face of a dam. Hell, blow that dynamite up in the U-haul truck mid-span.

        None of the military budget has done squat to prevent that. It goes to buy F-22s and F-35s when the Air Force says the F-15 is still the best air superiority fighter in the world. It goes to buy $10B aircraft carriers and the several $B more planes which populate them, $1B destroyers, and multi $B submarines. None of them have squat to do with defending this country against any current threat.

        You know why we haven’t had a repeat of 9-11? The same reason only four of the 19 9-11 hijackers knew the mission was a suicide mission; the grunts thought it was a regular hijacking they would survive. When the enemy can only get four people for such an attack, and has only been able to get the pathetic shoe bomber and underwear bomber since then, who were so incompetent they couldn’t even set off their bombs, then the enemy isn’t worth doubling the budget of sooper dooper airplanes and ships which are no more capable than the previous ones in any practical sense.

        This country could build sooper dooper airplanes and ships a whole lot faster if we needed them, so if the Chinese and Russians start ramping up, we will have plenty of notice. I see no point in building them now when there are no enemies in sight that can even counter the previous generation.

  5. Pull out the 40mm Bofor’s cannon trom the C-130 gunship and drop one of those in. What a hoot.

  6. Whatever happened to Mac? Did he piss off the history channel since when they do rerun montages they cut out his face and etc.

  7. It can automatically switch ammo types, but will you remember to switch back to less-lethal? And does it come in a yellow furniture version? That might prove handy for anybody patrolling interdiction routes along the sandy coasts of Afghanistan, where you cannot fire unless fired upon first. (Yes, feeling a little peeved at the recent reports about the results of bait patrols in that fair landlocked country.)

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