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We don’t have a lot of hunting-related content here for those Armed Intelligentsia members who like to get out into the wild and bring home their own dinner. So we’ll try to rectify that by letting you know that you’ll have a chance next month to add the ultimate hunting vehicle to your garage. And no, it’s not one of those utilitarian, oh-so-common 4-wheel ATVs. This is a ride for the hunter who aspires to a higher level of comfort…

The cherry red 1925 Rolls New Phantom was built as a dedicated hunting car for Umed Singh II, Maharaja of Kotah by Rolls-Royce with coachwork by Barker & Company in 1925. Because what self-respecting Maharaja would be caught dead without his own specialized vehicle for taking down tigers and elephants?

On board is enough firepower to blow away the Bronx Zoo including a double-barrel howdah pistol and a mountable Lantaka cannon used for hunting elephants. There’s also a rifle stand in the rear seat and, especially for Bengal tigers, a machine gun that can be trailered from the rear of the car. Rifles and bird guns are stored in the rear of the car.

If you’re thinking of adding this beauty to your collection, though, you’d better be prepared to keep that hand in the air. You’re likely to have some bidding competition.

Due to the vehicle’s unique history, the Indian government once expressed interest in repatriating the car as a historical artifact. Then-owner Rubin Jurman said no, and also refused an offer of $200,000 more than what it’s current owner, Jim Faulknor, agreed to pay for it. Faulknor is putting the car up for sale during Bonhams’ annual two-day sale in Carmel, California on Aug. 18 and 19. The final sale price is estimated to fall between $750,000 and $1 million.

Good luck and happy bidding.

[hat tip to David for alerting us to this unique automotive opportunity]

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  1. Very cool. It would be great to see some period photographs of the car and the Maharaja out on a hunt. He doesn’t sound like much of a sport, though, with the cannon and the trailer mounted MG.

  2. I once shot an elephant in my Rolls Royce. How he fit into my Rolls Royce I’ll never know.

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