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A quiet moment with the CIC, stage-managed for your dining and dancing pleasure (courtesy

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Minneapolis, “President Barack Obama said that if gun control measures are going to pass Congress, gun control advocates have to get as organized and well-financed as the National Rifle Association.” [Click here for full video if you dare.] “Honestly this is not going to change unless the people who want to prevent these kinds of mass shootings from taking place feel at least as passionate, at least as mobilized and well-funded as the NRA and the gun manufacturers are because the politics in Congress are such where even members of Congress who know better are fearful if they vote their conscience and support common sense measures like background checks, they’re worried they’re going to lose.” Roger that: they are going to lose. Because their constituents reject gun control. The Prez also . . .

. . . reflected back on the December 2012 elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, and said he thought that would have prompted Congress to take action.

“Since legislation has been controversial for some time, I thought that this was going to be a breakthrough moment,” Obama said. “It was probably the most disappointing moment I had in dealing with Congress.”

“This is the only advanced country that tolerates something like this,” Obama said. “We have what’s basically a mass shooting it seems like happening once every couple of weeks. Kids on college campuses, kids at home. We are not going to be able to eliminate all of that violence, and there is a strong tradition of gun ownership and wonderful folks who are sportsmen and hunters. I respect all that.

We should be able to take some basic common sense steps that by the way are supported by most responsible gun owners, like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic. It’s something I’m going to keep on talking about.”

Get that? Obama respects sportsmen and hunters. But not you, Bubba. Not you who believes that your right to keep and bear arms is a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right – regardless of why you want to do exercise it.

Which reminds me, reports that the Democrats are also talking about bringing back some mo’ federal gun control. With a bit of luck they’ll shout it from the rooftops, to help get out the pro-gun vote. That’s the kind of change I hope for.

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  1. Never going to happen. Fair weather activists and vapid hipsters will never be able to counter the NRA. The NRA is an ACTUAL grassroots organization. Gun control is a top down, statist agenda.

    On another note: oh Barry, only classy guys such as yourself were waiting with bated breath for Newtown to be a “breakthrough moment.”

    • People put down the anti-gun folks yet fail to realize it is aways the ones whom you least expect to succeed that end up succeeding.

      People claimed Obama never stood a chance and here he is screwing up the US even more his second time around.

      Never say Never

    • that maybe true and perhaps you don’t need to worry, but; “because the politics in Congress are such where even members of Congress who know better are fearful if they vote their conscience and support common sense measures like background checks, they’re worried they’re going to lose”, indicates that your President doesn’t have a clear understanding or any respect for the concept of Democracy. That should worry you, worries me and I live in the UK, after all if O`Bummer doesn’t respect your democracy can I rely on the USA to respect mine?

    • Totally agree. Never going to happen. They lack one critical thing, Honesty. NRA uses real facts, they are manufacturing “facts”. NRA does use emotion but it is based on a foundation of principles and rights. They use emotion but is based on empty promises and wishful thinking.

      Obama has failed the people in so many ways, transparency, honesty, spying on the American People, this is the short list. He doesn’t even have the conscience and sense to stop talking after removing all doubt that he has failed us as a Nation.

      This is a good reminder to support our rights by writing a check to the NRA, or CCDL or any real civil rights group.

      • Conservatives who keep saying that they and only they are the possessor of “facts” are delusional. Both sides at the extreme ends twist the facts but you can take it to the bank that on most news stories Faux News will be most slanted than CNN or that evil Mainstream Media. And that’s because reality and truth tends to have a liberal “slant”.

        Just look at all the paranoid conspiracy theories that get reported as factual in Bizarro Conservative Land.

        • I’ll ask again: do you even own a gun, or have ANYTHING whatsoever (pro or con) to say about gun ownership?

          Or, do you just come here to troll about “conservatives” and spout off-topic political nonsense?

          What is your position on gun ownership?

      • Part of underestimating the enemy is failing to understand the enemy.

        Pro2A folks continue to treat the Progressives like fellow human beings who have honor, character & class.

        It will only be when they realize they are more like the things that run & hide when you lift up a rock from the soil that they will beat them.

        • You do realize that the antis think of your kind as being subhuman, don’t you? With that sort of rhetoric they feel that you are childlike and akin to a child molestor morally.

          Therefore they have no incentive to meet your kind halfway. And sooner or later they will take away your guns.

  2. Can this guy ever just STFU? Ever? At least Clinton’s blabb was occasionally interesting. This effin’ guy is just a boring drone…..

    • He’s a “community organizer.” All he can do is talk. Because it’s cheap, and people remember only what they remember. Has he done anything?

      • He forced you to purchase health insurance from a for-profit industry under threat of tax penalty.

        So there’s that.

      • Well, there is that pesky detail about him teaching constitutional law at an Ivy League school, and having the degree to show for it, when his biggest critics in the conservative media are college dropouts.

          • But he’s won the vast number of decisions. So that’s a double LOL to you for picking an obscure battle and pretending to think you won the war.

            Besides, the biggest decision was the constitutionality of Obamacare. How well did that go for the Evil Unwashed?

        • “the biggest decision was the constitutionality of Obamacare”

          NFIB v. Sebelius? Where the Obama administration showed its leader’s vast knowledge of Constitutional law in arguing that Congress, under its Commerce Clause power, could force people to buy something and penalize them if they don’t. And when SCOTUS kicked that argument to the curb, Obama was forced to violate a campaign promise (no tax increases for families making less than $250k) by asking the Court to consider the alternative argument that the mandate is really just a tax.

          Yeah, that whole chain of events looks good for Obama. When shown to be an idiot, he then admits to being a liar.

        • What’s particularly sad about your comment is that you, like con law ‘senior lecturer’ called, by convention not actual title, ‘professor’, Obama, don’t appear to have ever actually read the Constitution.

          Also, the last time I checked, the University of Chicago isn’t part of the Ivy League.

          If you’re going to talk about ‘pesky details’ it behooves you to at least get your details right.

          Also there are a number of other con law professors (with tenure and everything) who disagree with Obama on some constitutional issue, including a number who otherwise support him. Tribe, among others.

        • Good old John G, the classic “I support the 2A but” troll. Amazes me that some of you think that you can vote for democrats at the federal level and still claim to support the right to own guns. Johnny G would be much more at home defending his God Obama over at the daily kos.

        • “But he’s [Obama] won the vast number of decisions. So that’s a double LOL ”

          Which SCOTUS cases are we counting? Those where part of the Obama administration has been a petitioner or respondent? Or also those where it’s filed briefs as amicus curiae?

          According to the June 2013 Washington Times article linked below, “the Obama administration has won 39 percent of the cases in which it has been a party in the litigation, and won 50 percent of the cases in which the government filed a ‘friend of the court’ brief backing one side or the other“.

          That’s a far cry from winning “the vast number of decisions”.

          And then there’s the fact that, since January 2012, there have been 12 unanimous decisions against the Obama administration’s position. Even his own appointees vote against him.

        • I hear from Modern Liberals claiming how smart Obama is, but when he says “…like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic” I seriously have to wonder.

          As my former Army XO told me after Obama got elected the first time: “I think it will be ok, as long as he doesn’t start believing his own words.” He tried to reassure me by saying Obama was a “Constitutional Professor” which I replied, “Great, so he knows exactly what parts of the Constitution to break”.

          • Why do you fear background checks? Something in your past that would disqualify you from owning firearms?

  3. IMO, the real danger we face is gun control supporters mobilizing .

    So far, that hasn’t really happened yet. The MAIG/MDA organizations are simply antipolar counterparts to the NRA, and are perceived the same way by the laypeople.
    Which is a big part of why we’ve been able to hold off advancing gun control, because a gun owner is much more politicially and financially invested then the extremist opposition.

    If the antis can mobilize the average American into backing minor gun control, we will have a serious PR problem. Obama’s failure to get Congress to pass legislation has a lot to do with the fact that he came off as he is-a gun hating extremist. Not even hardcore antis want to be a part of that train, because appearances are everything to the opposition.

    If he came off as a happy to lucky POTUS who advanced a modest restriction-like , say,national magazine limits alone- we’d be back to the days of $100 Glock mags. The moment Feinstein said ” confiscation is an option” on TV, we won and they lost.

    • Luckily most anti’s really don’t have much skin in the game. Sure they spout off the various regurgitated platitudes about “doing something” and “fer teh chillrens,” but no matter how much they complain about being fearful and afraid of mass shootings, most realize it doesn’t happen often enough for it to be of actual concern or to actually drag them away from their latte time to show up at a MDA rally. Crime is down, gun ownership is up and mass murder is flat (if not more sensationalized). Bottom line is violence doesn’t strike Middle America very often, which is why it’s such big news when it does… and it’s obvious that anti’s don’t give a rats ass about inner city violence as long as they have lower income populations voting “the correct way.”

    • I think because of the personalities that comprise it, the gun control gang is splintered and dysfunctional. They manage to exourinate one of their members about once an hour; that person goes home, pouts, and writes a scathing Facebook or Reddit post, which in turn exourinates another member, and so on. At their heart, if you take away the money and glam, they’re a bunch of spoiled brats who are completely and irrevocably self-centered and on a never-ending quest for self gratification.

    • And an even bigger danger to the gun-control crowd is if the pro-gun side actually does organize to even half it’s potential! Right now, most pro 2nd amendment types speak up when it’s national news. But year round, even election time, I’m willing to be there are not as many active 2ndA supporters.

  4. i thought the left was already better funded than the evil NRA. Bloomie with his 50mil. Who knows how much influence Soros tries to buy? Has anyone told Barry Soetoro we have something called The Bill of Rights? I guess not…

      • Exactly. I have been following Dr. Mireles on that site and the parallels to what the Progressives are trying to do are disturbing. We have more trucks transporting illicit drugs across that border than we have within the US distributing cigarettes but we are expected to believe the drugs are coming in via small shipments stuffed in someones colon. It’s coming in by the truckloads/shiploads/planeloads and distributed from warehouses yet Mexico arrests those who successfully fight to protect their family and villages and Obama beseiges those in the US who would do the same. I’m not saying it’s all about drugs because their vision is all about world domination. Drugs are a means to that end. Addicts do not prevent world domination but they can be manipulated and the worst they do is theft and murder of the general population. But a Dr. Mireles is a huge threat to them. He would fight to the death any group that would enslave him and his loved ones. He knows when the time to talk has passed and the time to take action has arrived. He knows his chances of victory are less than zero. No celebrity will champion his cause. His name will never be heard on the evening news.

        • And he was arrested yesterday. By the Mexican Army, Navy (SEMAR), and federal police who enforced the Law of Firearms and Explosives on them, since the autodefensaswere carrying high-powered rifles and also apparently grenades. Kinda reminds me of DHS and the ATF. Stay vigilant.

  5. “We should be able to take some basic common sense steps that by the way are supported by most responsible gun owners, like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic. It’s something I’m going to keep on talking about.”

    Ummm… What? You should not be able to walk into a store and buy a gun, huh?

    Yeah, lot of gun owners just hate that… 8\

  6. HAHA, Posting this after only reading the Title.

    First Thought, “O.K. Come Join the NRA. Thanks Obama! First smart recommendation out of your mouth.”

  7. Half the world is collapsing or in flames, the economy is in negative growth, his whole government is nothing but a criminal enterprise spying on its own citizens and using its power to tax as the power to destroy dissent, Putin schooled him like the empty suit that he is, he’s managed to antagonize Poland — Poland! — and Obama is still talking about his poor, poor hurt feelings when he couldn’t ram gun control up our @sses?

    Admit it — the President of the United States is insane.

    • Anything to distract attention from eh POTUS, even if it means his party destruction.
      I’m willing to bet those 70% of the democratic causes in the House are either not up for re-election, or from very blue districts of uninformed voters.

    • “the President of the United States is insane.” No he is not insane, just inane, empty suit, little to no real life experience. A man. child, who pouts and stomps his feet if he doesn’t get his way.

    • No doubt about that.

      and this is coming from somebody that once defended him during his first term because he did nothing in regards to firearms…

      I cant even stand to listen to the guy anymore, so I just ignore him.

    • As I’ve said before, you know when Obama is in a lurch: He starts talking about gun control.

      In short, Obama has nothing positive to show, and increasingly he’s racking up some huge failures that should demand serious accountability in the press.

      So… how do the liberals get the press licking Barry’s shoes again? This is so easy, it is like shooting fish in a five-gallon bucket with a Parker. Twice.

      Obama just starts flapping his gums about gun control. Now the press will adore him and his remarks, uncritically. This works every single time he does it.

      The press is too stupid to realize that they’re like a goofy, dim golden lab being told “Over there! Squirrel! Go get ‘im, boy!!!” They fall for it, every time, even when there is no squirrel “over there.” They just obediently point, then go after the non-existant squirrel.

      • The press is not stupid. They choose to align themselves with Obamination for the power/privilege he then bestows for their fealty.

    • Remember when a POTUS was a classy dude and commanded respect? Now we have this guy………

    • The President of the United States IS insane:

      Given that POTUS is an avowed leftist, I think it’s reasonable to assume he’s insane without even presenting evidence, but for those less inclined to make that jump:

      A leftist’s base level condition is one of well rationalized and concealed but ever present self doubt. They cannot believe that they are successful or capable without some outside influence (in takes a village, the government must help, we need a commune, lets organize the neighborhood). Because of this leftists mistrust anyone who appears to be successful or competent; if rich, you must have gotten it by taking it from some more deserving and less advantaged group, if successful you must have had help (you didn’t build that), if self reliant you must be unhinged and probably dangerous (gun nuts and tea baggers).

      Since reality doesn’t fit with the leftists paradigm reality itself must be wrong. Thus the leftist is mistrustful of and even hateful towards conventions and traditional parts of the establishment. Since these seem to be popular and successful they must be corrupt and thus should be destroyed. If anyone or anything is doing better than something else then either everyone is not equal, meaning the leftist might not be as ‘good’ as someone else, which is unthinkable, or someone has worked harder, suggesting the leftist doesn’t work hard enough, which is unthinkable, or the success is a result of deception, theft or corruption, which means it’s invalid and should be destroyed and redistributed. This means that while the leftist as base feels powerless and incompetent, their operating emotion is hatred and anger.

      A leftist is essentially a nihilist by nature, desirous to destroy anything that is useful or successful so as to blot out it’s interference with their carefully constructed but false view of the world that is insulating their ego from the harsh but possibly false light of introspection that is telling them they don’t measure up. Success to a leftist is the destruction of something others would call good and right or at least good enough and better than nothing.

      It is at the intersection of leftism and statism that leftists support big government. Since the leftist cannot accept that anything that is successful is legitimate the leftist wants radical change in every facet of life. Statism provides the power to bring about this radical and usually destructive change. The problem is that a leftist with unlimited power is still the essentially flawed and emotionally stunted person they were as a radical revolutionary and there are really but two ways this can go. Either the leftists remains the nihilist and carries out the radical changes they longed for, thus destroying everything functional in their society, or they cease to really be a leftist and instead become a despotic dictator interested only in maintaining their own power as a means of bolstering their damaged ego and resulting from their own sense of illegitimacy in the position to begin with.

      The perfect example of the former is Pol Pot, and the same for the latter is Joseph Stalin, while Mao Zedong gives us an example of a leftist who took something of a middle road between these extremes.

      In no place ever has a leftist coming to power represented a benefit to the people or their institutions, economies or lives. This is because leftism isn’t a legitimate school of political thought, but rather an as yet uncategorized type of personality disorder.

      So, yes, the President of the United States is insane.

    • By that standard the previous seven administrators have been about as batshit. I

      If it wasn’t Obama trying and failing in the open it would be Romney with doublespeak to the base, expansively worded signing statements and bills passed Friday at zero dark thirty.

      When are we going to acknowledge that we have a systematic and bipartisian problem here?

  8. “We’ll pay for it all; Mr. Bloomberg has already fronted us $50,000,000. You’ll get all the free positive media attention you need, we’ve already made sure of that. We just need you all to become anti-gun and show up…”

  9. “Tolerate” this, my ass. We’re pushing for lots of things that would prevent and reduce the damage of these incidents. They just happen to be diametrically opposed to what you and yours have been pushing with varying political success for years. Too bad your ideas have been shown to either be ineffective or actively make situations worse.

  10. Where can you “just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic” without a background check?

    • In Texas, if you have a valid CHL, they don’t perform background checks, because that would be pointlessly redundant. But then, what background check isn’t pointless?

      • Here in Florida, if I remember correctly, with a CWFL they still run the background check but you get to take the gun home that day instead of having a 3 day waiting period.

      • Isn’t that because to get the CHL you had to pass a background check?

        At least here in NC it’s that way. Background check to get the CCH, then present that (rather than a SEPARATE piece of paper from the Sheriff) to buy a gun.

        “Walk in and buy a gun without a background check” is spin, which is what we now call what we used to call “a lie.”

      • ” In Texas, if you have a valid CHL, they don’t perform background checks,”
        Are you sure about that? I’ve purchased a number of handguns since getting TX CHL, still had to go though NICs for each one..If you could provide the source, would really be helpful when most recent purchase arrives at local gun storein a week or so.

        • No, he is wrong. EVERY firearms transaction processed by an FFL MUST have a background check under federal law. It is only in free states that allow person to person private transfers that background checks are avoided. (Obviously not California.) All interstate sales of firearms MUST be processed by an FFL, and again, background checks are required.

        • And, I should clarify what I wrote, too, since I botched it.

          In NC, with CCH, don’t need a separate PERMIT from the Sheriff.

        • “EVERY firearms transaction processed by an FFL MUST have a background check under federal law.”

          If a person has a state-issued permit to possess a firearm, that permit was issued no more than 5 years ago, and the state conducted a background check before issuing the permit, then federal law does NOT require a background check before an FFL transfers a firearm to that person.

          18 USC 922(t)(3):Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a firearm transfer between a licensee and another person if—
          (i) such other person has presented to the licensee a permit that—
          (I) allows such other person to possess or acquire a firearm; and
          (II) was issued not more than 5 years earlier by the State in which the transfer is to take place; and
          (ii) the law of the State provides that such a permit is to be issued only after an authorized government official has verified that the information available to such official does not indicate that possession of a firearm by such other person would be in violation of law;

        • Follow up…

          The ATF is “kind” enough to list the states where, if you have some kind of permit or license to purchase or carry, that permit exempts you from the federal requirement of a NICS check when you purchase a firearm from an FFL in the state of issue.

          West Virginia was the most recent addition to the list, though only permits issued after 3 June 2014 qualify:

          Whether the state still requires a background check is a different issue.

  11. “…like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic. It’s something I’m going to keep on talking about.” Please continue, I’d like to hear more about this magical land.

  12. Ok, what kind of quintuple negative, multiple fallacy, talking out your rear end is this sentence?

    “We have what’s basically a mass shooting it seems like happening once every couple of weeks”

    The sentence structure literally gave me a definite figurative headache, maybe.

    What’s basically it seems like? Sooooooo…. How can I lie to your face while trying to complete a sentence? Can he walk and chew bubblegum at the same time?

    • Remember, in the world of the Elite, a mass shooting could involve as many as one victim. While mass executions in Iraq aren’t even a tic on his radar.

      He’s completely out of touch with reality.

  13. Last time I bought a semi-automatic rifle in a store, I had to go through a background check. And the time before that, and the time before.

    If I didn’t have my Florida CWFL, I would have still had to wait 3 business days, even if I passed the check.

    That’s half the issue here, these antis don’t realize there’s already systems and laws on the books that do a lot of what they want. And those laws are enforced every day. The US has gun control, and for some reason they aren’t seeing it.

    • Because THEY DON’T WANT TO SEE IT is why. It does not fit with their understanding of their world. Clear enough?

  14. But…but…aren’t the NRA baby killing domestic terrorists who are hijacking the will of the people so they hold onto their phallus substitutes


  15. I don’t know about yall but I’m gonna go buy guns from this shop Barry & the antis keep talkin bout where a full auto costs a dollar, the rounds cost fractions of a cent, & they don’t make you fill out a 4473.

  16. More of the Beltway Syndrome we keep hearing about. If he actually had any connection to the American people he’d realize this is not just an “enthusiasm gap”.

    Poll after poll and study after study show that there are far more pro-gun citizens than anti-gun citizens. Your gun control crowd is a VERY vocal minority who amplify their lack of numbers by their incessant push to pass some sort of law.

    With the proposed gun control, gun sales went through the roof. Anyone who understands markets that was in politics should have had a big “Uh oh” moment right then. When you talk about banning something and that same something is no longer able to be found because people have bought all of it, maybe the citizenry is not onboard with this plan to make it illegal?

    Gun control is a losing issue. It is not supported by a majority of the citizenry and it seems like more and more people are jumping on the gun rights bandwagon because of this constant push to take their guns away. NRA membership is climbing, more guns than ever are in circulation, and pro-gun control politicians were smacked down in Colorado. Violent crime is down, gun deaths are down, even school shootings are down. Reality is not reflecting the wants of the gun control crowd and I think the collective consciousness of the American people are picking up on the fact that gun control proposals simply won’t solve any problems.

    But by all means. Keep pushing that agenda so we can knock a few more of your cronies out of office.

    • Anyone who understands markets that was in politics should have had a big “Uh oh” moment right then.

      This is the administration who brought us bailout after bailout, too big to fail, cash for clunkers… The LAST thing on Earth they understand is the market.

  17. At this point my Hope is that of impeachment and desire is to Change to a less sh!tty administration.

    • Impeachment would turn him into a sympathetic figure. Let’s just neuter him by having the Republicans control both Houses of Congress.

      Nobody as narcissistic as Barry will be able to handle that level of rejection. Besides, if BO was impeached and convicted, it would leave us with Biden as POTUS. Biden! The mind boggles.

        • Nixon was hated by the media — the same media who loves Barry. Besides, Nixon’s abdication left us Ford, which led to Carter, who was Obama Light.

        • or the republicans can appoint a special prosecutor and bring about the slow chinese water torture of more hearings and investigations on scandal after scandal after scandal leading up to the 2016 elections

  18. So disconnected. Your average liberal is more concerned right now with trying to buy food and gas, just like the rest of us. Not only are they not concerned with gun control right now, a lot of them are asking themselves if they’re better off than they were 7 years ago, and they aren’t liking the answers the come up with.
    His “big push” for the next two years? His own party pushing away from him like the kid that shit the swimming pool.

  19. I know Im not supposed to imply any negativity here.
    But Im going to anyway.
    With all the other problems in the world this man has helped along by doing nothing or helping to fan the flames by doing nothing.
    For a President. Or any person.
    What a imbecile.

    • I believe you unbellyfeel love for Big Brother and need to stop your duckspeak about crimethink which is doubleplus ungood and speedfully blackwhite your thinking back into orthodoxy, which is doubleplus good before your become an unperson!

  20. I am so tired of hearing how “advanced” these other countries are supposed to be when compared to us. If your favorite team can win without scoring, and if you can get paid to take a month long vacation, and if you can have someone arrested for hurting your feelings, you would probably FEEL very superior, but you, you know, WOULDN’T BE.

    God bless America.

    • I agree. That often referenced truth usually omits the fact that other countries, regardless of their state of development, do not guarantee the right to keep and bear arms in their Constitution. If we didn’t have that we wouldn’t have them and it will take more than a pen and phone to change it.

      • no – his statement does not also indicate that these “advanced countries” rely upon the US, our military and military industrial complex to protect their sorry a$$es

  21. They can never be like the NRA. The NRA represents real voters. The anti’s grassroots organizations are, as we all know, AstroTurf. This has been their problem all along since, thanks to the interwebs, the voters can find The Truth About Guns (see what I did there?)

  22. So the last time we did this rodeo, the calls coming into the Senate Switch Board were something in the order of 442 to 1 against. We are not talking about 500 or a 1000 calls, but thousands upon thousands.
    I think the people spoke out, and the politicians got the message. Not only did the Manchin Toomy bill not pass, but Feinstein’s AWB amendment failed by a veto proof majority.

    The problem is that these incarnations of civilian disarmament are run by elites. They throw big money into states in which they do not live, and use their connections to make it appear they are doing something. The NRA, GOA, SAF and hosts of others might have professional front men, and women, but they are funded and supported by us. The little guy.

    A good litmus test will be the Colorado elections this year. What happens will like the recalls send a clear message to the politicians.

  23. Don’t be foolish, Obama is not going to come after your guns.

    Someone said that once here on TTAG.

  24. Background check? Barry Soetero never had a REAL BACKGROUND CHECK…the only folks who remember him drank & smoked pot with the once & future potentate. I guess the bad guys would never get the irony.

  25. “Honestly this is not going to change unless the people who want to prevent these kinds of mass shootings from taking place feel at least as passionate, at least as mobilized and well-funded as the NRA and the gun manufacturers are because the politics in Congress are such where even members of Congress who know better are fearful if they vote their conscience and support common sense measures like background checks, they’re worried they’re going to lose.”

    So, only anti gun voters want to prevent mass shootings? And then by extension the NRA and gun manufacturers want to CAUSE mass shootings?! Is he serious!? I expected so much more for a man who was a college professor then to be so flippant and general. What an ignorant and hate mongering statement.

  26. “We should be able to take some basic common sense steps that by the way are supported by most responsible gun owners, like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic.”

    So this lying liar is going around telling people that you don’t need a background check to go into a store and buy a gun. And then Sally Soccermom says to herself, “Well gee, that doesn’t seem right. I guess Mr. Obama is right and there should be a law, goshdarnit!” I sure hope the NRA uses this lying liar’s lie to attract more dues-paying members.

    • How can something exist for twenty frickin’ years and the pResident try to pretend there’s no such thing??

      • Control of the Press coupled with control of education.

        The first allows what message is sent. The second pre-programs the listeners to interpret the message properly.

        It takes a while to set up. They’ve been at this a long time.

  27. I think this would be a revision to the second amendment Obama would accept. Just delete one word and replace it with another.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of some people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  28. The thing about emotions is they are great for getting hyped up, but that feeling cannot be sustained. This is why in sports emotions can often get you to achieve a seemingly impossible moment, but rarely do they sustain you to victory.

    Short term emotions do not trump those fully vested to a cause.

    Many of today’s gun grabbers are old and tired with little new messages and lies that can be quickly vetted with some internet searches. Once the old guard dies or retires they will have nothing, the NRA will live on because you cannot kill the ideas of liberty and freedom.

    One more thing, unless they have an answer for self defense, the vast majority who buy guns specifically for self defense will NEVER stand for gun control because it means compromising their safety to sued someone’s hurt feelings

  29. They can’t be like the NRA, though. They never were and they are never going to be.

    There is one simple reason: they do NOT have any so-called “grass roots” activism or the broad public support that comes with it. They haven’t had it for a good long time, either.

    Literally all they have now are groomed PR schleps to do advertising, tax-dodging billionaires to simply buy enough advertising slots, and an all too willing and complicit (not to mention sexist, racist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist) lamestream media propaganda machine that is dying a very slow death to flood with those advertisements. That’s it.

    And they are still LOSING the ground game.

  30. “This is the only advanced country that tolerates something like this,” Obama said…

    If you look at the amount of innovation, wealth creation, and productivity that has come out of the United States, it is a legitimate to question if there would be any so-called “advanced” countries if the United States were more like sclerotic Europe.

    • If you read between the lines in their state-controlled media, China has a pretty big ongoing problem with mass killings too. Cops now carry guns (and have NDs); “terrorists” don’t have them, and use cars, knives, gasoline and bombs.

      I haven’t heard about anything in Russia, but I don’t follow them closely. I think the Moscow subway bombings were the last big thing there.

  31. And some are surprised that the domestic and foreign policy of the US is a shambles! The guy is a delusional moron.

    • Indeed. Two examples.

      (1) Saw it with a new local tax in SC a few years ago. Got defeated something like five years in a row. Fatigue set in and people just got tired of fighting it. It finally passed.

      (2) Going on in NC right now with an issue related to the State’s economy (not firearm related). Been a bill defeated in the Senate three times, and it is STILL coming back again.

      Was on one the activist sites for that bill earlier today, and one of the more rabid regulars posted stuff like, “We outnumber them. We’ve got to get that passed NOW!”

      Some of their discussions rival what we saw on crooksandliars the other day. Amazingly tolerant and open minded they are.

  32. I was sharing this post with a friend and Google Chrome tried to warn me of “Malware”. I guess Google is against our Bill of Rights!

    You may want to let readers know to spread the word, that Google Chrome is falsely scaring off people who want to view your site!

    Keep up the Good work Truth About Guns Team!

  33. As others have said, they can never match the NRA because the NRA is genuine. Warts and all.

    Many things can be said about today’s American, good and bad. One of the positive things is that in general my countrymen are not dumb enough to blame inanimate objects for homicides.

    Many Americans are concerned about the present state of social collapse and they understand that state of affairs is leading to such horrible, attention grabbing acts of violence. They also understand that even if they don’t presently own one they or someone who cares about them might need to use a gun to protect what matters some day.

    Obama and his compatriots will never win favor for anti-2A tyranny by dismissing the reality that us peons face the reality of violent crime every day. Mass shootings are tear jerkers, but they pale in comparison to everyday criminality which is what people are really concerned about.

  34. Damn…TTAG has just came back online for me. Another malware attack? Came up saying that ‘page cannot be displayed’. Anyone else?

  35. that maybe true and perhaps you don’t need to worry, but; “because the politics in Congress are such where even members of Congress who know better are fearful if they vote their conscience and support common sense measures like background checks, they’re worried they’re going to lose”, indicates that your President doesn’t have a clear understanding or any respect for the concept of Democracy. That should worry you, worries me and I live in the UK, after all if O`Bummer doesn’t respect your democracy can I rely on the USA to respect mine?

  36. We shall see. I personally don’t buy this stuff about the NRA being an overwhelming force. McCarthyism was an overwhelming force in its day and you see how well that has gone for conservatives.

    Everything comes and everything goes. The far right is getting pretty outlandish, and their unwillingness to meet their critics halfway is going to bite the gun community in the ass. Badly.

    My 3 year plan involves buying some of the firearms that appeal to me across several calibers. And that’s because I don’t see being able to do that more than maybe a few more years. Not even three.

    And, frankly, the creepy gun freaks like the kneejerk haters of the 47% of this nation, and the Texas Open Carry clowns, are going to push the rest of the nation into severely restricting the availability of many of today’s more modern weapons.

    • There is nothing “far right” about resisting the gun controls that the left want. There is no meeting “halfway” on that. I agree that the NRA is not an “overwhelming” force however.

    • Why do you post here johnny boy? why not just slink on over to the democratic underground where crazy is on display all day every day?

  37. Obama seems to think that the NRA is a front for the gun manufacturers. As long as he and gun control proponents continue to think this, they will continue to be at a disadvantage in this war as they do not understand that they are not fighting a well-financed industrial lobby but rather a grassroots organization.

  38. I think it’s amazing that everyone is focused on everyday citizens as the target is “gun control”. If they want actual gun control, they need to target gangs and cartels, drug dealers and felons. That is gun control that will actually make a difference! We need someone with common sense and balls to stand up and go after the “bad guys” and leave us alone law abiding citizens alone! Stricter laws for bangers and felons and criminals in general are what we need!

    • Because that’s too easy and has too much, what’s the term? Oh yes, Common Sense. Sorry, it’s been misused so much by politicians in power I almost get confused by it.

  39. Gun control has nothing to do with crime reduction. Gun control is people control. Gun control is a vehicle to government autocratic power. Power is an end to itself.

  40. “the people who want to prevent these kinds of mass shootings from taking place feel at least as passionate… as the NRA”

    The NRA (and gun manufacturers) don’t want to prevent mass shootings? They’re all totally fine with mass shootings? Zing.

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