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Comedian Chris Rock has gotten a lot of mileage out of his support for gun control. His routine on bullet control [click here to view] is more than somewhat legendary. In fact, both Chicago and Providence politicians took the idea and ran with it, trying to add punitive taxes on bullets. In the clip above, Mr. Rock claims that pro-gun rights advocates reacted to his pro-civilian disarmament agenda with death threats, leading to his promise not to discuss the issue again. I don’t believe either part of that statement. As for his comments that Americans shouldn’t be able to keep machine guns any more than they should be able to drive a NASCAR racer down the Vegas strip, click here to view one of the many clips (not mags) of just that. And no one died. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. Wish the death threats were reported and fully investigated. If they came from People Of The Gun, then we don’t need that kind of people armed. That kind of stupidity and bad press just makes the anti’s day.

    • I never found criss rock’s standup to be that funny, but he was hilarious when I heard him on Opie and Anthony. IMO there a much funnier comics than him

      • Rock said he went to a “Gun Control Rally” and received death threats after that. Who says he was threatened by the gun owners. If his stance wasn’t as opposite as the pea-brained lefties needed him to be to support their cause, perhaps the threats were coming from the other side of the fence.

        We all know how angry and vindictive those passive-aggressive lefties can be.

    • Since when do comedians in general, and Chris Rock in particular, shy away from controversial subjects, for ANY reason? He’s far more likely to get assaulted by hyper-emotional pro-LGBT or other various lefty activists, based on the stuff he’s said about them over the years, than any gun-rights folks.

      Just another lefty playing the victim card and demonizing legitimate gun owners, IMO.

    • If the “gun nuts” were as dangerously out of control as these guys claim–these guys would be dead already. I call BS too.

  2. COMMENT MODERATED. If he really got death threats, the NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, and every other circle jerk 3 letter federal government agency would come down on the perpetrator. Sorry Chris – BS flag.

    Maybe Chris is worried that people know he owns guns in his home and would out him for being another hypocritical hollywood elite?

    • What about his bodyguards? Should they be disarmed also. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  3. What kind of car was Justin Bieber driving while drunk and high? I bet it was faster than a silly old NASCAR racer, and turned right as well as left. Perfectly legal, too. Not that I could afford to own one.

  4. It’s not his right to say who needs what, in terms of either cars OR guns. Beyond that, unregulated car ownership isn’t necessary to the security of a free state. You don’t even have a right to keep and bear cars, or any other mechanized means of transportation. You DO have the right to travel freely between states, just like we DO have the right to keep and bear arms, with no implied restriction regarding the type or capability of those arms.In fact, the framers intended the American citizen to be armed with an eye on being as well armed as a standing army, and it’s states as much in the 2nd Amendment.

    Mr. Rock can have any opinion he wants, and he can shout that opinion from the highest hilltop. It’s his right to do so, until what he says infringes on MY rights.

    • But the Second Amendment doesn’t specifically state any given restriction is an infringement, which is why we have so many infringements (or restrictions) today. We could have our full right if the founding fathers included things like protecting the use of 30-round magazines and fully-automatic firearms, or at least that’s the argument the antis give on the subject.

      I never really found Chris Rock to be that funny. He just presents things differently and shouts really loud.

  5. Liar. And I don’t find him funny. BTW the bullet tax didn’t work out in Cook County,Illinois. I buy ALL my ammo in Indiana. And I do not plan on any gun transfers into Cook County.

  6. People make online death threats all the time for all kinds of reasons. Is it so hard to believe that some people who are into guns might do the same?

    • Entirely possible. In fact, I would guess that pretty much any high-profile public figure gets some kind of threat, including possible death threats, as a routine matter. Hell, I got a death threat myself over a ruling in a worker’s compensation case. What I call BS on is that the “gun nuts’ ” threats are any more significant than threats from any other source that they routinely get.

      • Agreed. He’s probably gotten death threats from all kinds of different people over the years. And as a comedian (and apparently a gun owner), he’s making a joke out of the gun thing. It doesn’t bother me.

        But then, I have a hard time being mad at the person who said, “Why the hell does Michael Jackson keep showing up for court dressed like Cap’n Crunch?”

  7. I believe his claim of death threats is an exaggeration similar to Mother Hysteria’s claims. Mr. Rock is an entertainer who allowed himself to be used in a political attack on the RKBA. He received a strong negative reaction from the public and now he says he won’t do that anymore. Good.

  8. Why not drive a NASCAR racer on the Strip? If the driver violates no rules and laws, it would be fine with me. Pretty exciting, too. More exciting than any recent Chris Rock concert.

    And, oh, I just got death threats from Demanding Moms and Everyclown for Something in America. Now please feel bad for me.

  9. I’m a big Chris Rock fan but I’m calling bullshit on this one. He came up with new material and the old gun control stuff was weaker, so it was dropped from his act. That’s it. I’m sure he got some crazy threats, every famous person does but that’s not why the routine is gone.

    • “Every mass shooting is done by a guy who lives with his mother. I honestly believe you should have to have a mortgage to buy a gun. No one with a mortgage has ever gone on a killing spree.”

      I LOL’d at that one.

  10. Death threats,eh? I’ll believe ya when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

    • start with deep blue icing off of a birthday cake. the kind of icing that stains your finger instantly upon contact. that should get the color issue sorted. I have no idea about the smell.

  11. Oh well. Lies. And he’s just another bigoted racist anyway. There’s no difference between his stand up and the grand wizard of the Klan making a speech at a rally.

  12. You missed California. Not only do we have Chris Rock, we have Senator Deleon, primary sponsor of SB53. Instead of a tax, the Legislature is going full retard with an ammo permit. To get one, one must pass a background check ($25), have a Handgun Safety Certificate ($10 every five years) and pay the processing fee for the permit (not determined). At the time of purchase, the licensed ammo vendor ($150 fee) must record name, DOB, address, phone number and thumbprint, and manufacturer, type and amount of ammo sold. I think the vendor is also supposed to verify that the buyer has not become prohibited since issuance of the permit. Purchases are reported to the DOJ. There is no procedure for reporting ammo that has been expended, so as far as the data base show, California buyers will be shown as having ever increasing stockpiles. It will be illegal for a purchaser to transfer ammo to any other person. And the license is only good for two years. To “soften the blow,” the background check fee is waived if a firearm is purchased at the same time. Oh, and all internet/mail order purchases must be sent to and transferred by a California licensed vendor in a face to face transaction (for which service, and the cost of storing deliveries for up to 30 days as mandated by law, the licensed vendor will be allowed to charge an unspecified fee).

    This bill has passed the Senate and is awaiting for its third reading in the Assembly before it will be passed by a party line vote and sent to Governor Brown (very soon I expect). Whether he will sign it is unknown, but he has vetoed a similar bill in the past. If it becomes law, it will go into effect July 1, 2016 (to give the DOJ time to build a nonexistent infrastructure and forms system for processing permits and ammo sales information).

    • “…passed on a party line vote…”? Surely you jest, any number of folks right here on this board will tell you that there’s no difference between the parties on gun control.

      • ” any number of folks right here on this board will tell you that there’s no difference between the parties on gun control” Quite a few of them in fact. Most don’t really believe that, they simply are liberal democrats and the 2A is not really a priority.

  13. Let’s take his analogy seriously. Now NASCAR is a bad analogy, because that is, more or less, stock car racing.

    Let’s improve the analogy, in fact take it to the greatest extreme. Take a rocket car, like the Thrust SSC. Not only not street legal, it would be suicide to take it on a public road. Even if you could make it function without blowing up or killing yourself, the exhaust would damage the road.

    Okay, easy solution. It is not allowed to drive such a thing on such a road. Indeed, many types of vehicles are not allowed on public roads, not street legal. Some for good reason, others for less good reason sure. But I can still building and own one. I can have a vehicle that is not allowed on public roads. Maybe I can only drive it on a salt flat.

    So by that analogy, I should be able to own a machine gun. Just where I can use it would be restricted. Firing it along the Las Vegas strip would be rightfully outlawed, just as any discharge of a firearm in a city would be (outside self-defense and certain specified cases, like gun ranges)

    That a machine gun may not be suitable in all times and places just like certain vehicles aren’t is true. The analogy doesn’t go any further than that though.

    • Yeah. Likewise you can put a rocket car on a trailer and tow it anywhere in the country; just can’t fire it up. If only guns were allowed in holsters as long as they aren’t fired.

  14. “In the clip above, Mr. Rock claims that pro-gun rights advocates reacted to his pro-civilian disarmament agenda with death threats, leading to his promise not to discuss the issue again.”

    If, as he claims, pro-gun rights advocates made him not discuss control again, then why he is he talking about in the clip?

    It’s B.S.

  15. What about all those guns he was playing with in movies. Made him some money. He’s just another Hollywood loudmouth!

  16. I seriously, sincerely, and rightly doubt he received any death threats to begin with — much less any credible threats to his person.

    IF he did (which he probably didn’t) they damn well should have been fully investigated so we can all call these idiots out for their rampant stupidity, because these are the kinds of people that nobody need in their movement. Certainly not the kind of people you want armed, either.

    Until there’s at least some audio/video/stills of this kind of shit, preferably with some police reports to show us that it’s been reported, it didn’t happen. End of story.

    • I used to work in media, and *I’ve* received thinly veiled threats of physical harm. It happens. And he’s not even complaining–he’s making a joke out of it.

  17. I cant pay my parking tickets cause death threats
    I cant do the dishes cause death threats
    I cant show up for work on time cause death threats
    Mow the lawn? Change the oil? Walk the dog?

    death threats death threats death threats

    Its all true.

  18. I figured death threats are just a measure of how famous a person is. These death threats are the only ones? No other death threats on any of his topics?


    These are the death threats that he is allowed to claim victim from. He can’t claim his lack of success because, well he’s Chris Rock. He can’t claim racism because we’ve all seen his standup. What else? Drug policy? On down the list is something he CAN claim and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s the very thing that the president (aka “Daddy” continues to campaign against.

  19. “As for his comments that Americans shouldn’t be able to keep machine guns any more than they should be able to drive a NASCAR racer down the Vegas strip,”

    Amercians can keep race cars, they just can’t drive them on public roads. Then why should Amercians not be allowed to keep machine guns as long as they don’t bring them out into public places like the Vegas strip? Keeping (which I guess he means owning) an item and using said item in a public place are two very different things that can’t be compared. Which is why his argument falls flat on it’s face.

  20. What Rock is conveniently leaving out is he is anti-ammo, that’s one the comedy bits he is most famous for.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s a comedy bit, not a real-life statement of political belief. Unless we’re also supposed to believe that Chris Rock really believes that gun ownership should be restricted to people with mortgages, because “All the people doing the killing still live with their mothers.”

  21. “…Americans shouldn’t be able to keep machine guns any more than they should be able to drive a NASCAR racer down the Vegas strip”

    Its funny because Mr Rock knows as little about racing as he does about firearms.

    For those of you racing impaired…. NASCAR is the acronym for The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. And NASCAR racers *are* ‘stock cars’ meaning they are stock, like what you could get from a dealership. The seat-belts are a bit different, and the upholstery options kinda suck, but mechanically they are stock and no better than what Mr Rock drives daily.

    I will go and put my geek hat back in its box now…….

      • Yes…. “Stock” Cars.

        The air-quotes are important.

        Yes, they use a very liberal definition of ‘stock’ but it still doesn’t change the fact that Mr Rocks Corvette is just as much a ‘racer’ as any of those NASCAR racers he mentions.

        • Apparently you have never spent any time around racecars. Do you know what racecar spelled backwards is? NASCAR vehicles are very non-stock, the merely have to look stock, having shapes that match templates of the appropriate car.

        • “…Apparently you have never spent any time around racecars.”

          No. I am into Le Mon’s style racing. The real race cars, with real drivers, who have real talent. Still not sure I like Grand Am being in charge of what was ALMS, the Tutor proto-turtles did not impress me at all.

          • I doubt it, anyone who has spent time around Le Mans racers would know how to spell the name.

          • Straight from that website….Endurance racing for $500 cars. It’s not just an oxymoron; it’s a breeding ground for morons.
            If the shoe fits….

        • So when did this become a pissing match between you and me instead of us together showing what kind of an idiot that has-been Chris Rock is?

  22. Is it legal to have machine-guns? Yes, Sort of… they have to have been made almost 30 years ago and they are therefore cost prohibitive because the supply is low. Almost nobody has machine-guns… and people that have them spent way too much for them. When is the last time you heard of anyone actually using a machine-gun in the commission of a crime? back when the mob was big? back before the NFA laws were enacted?

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