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Excerpt from President Obama’s interview on Meet The Guy Who Broke the D.C. Law on Standard Capacity AR-15 Magazines But Wants More Gun Laws, via

“I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools. And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem . . . Will there be resistance? Absolutely there will be resistance. The question then becomes whether we are actually shook up enough by what happened here that it does not just become another one of these routine episodes where it gets a lot of attention for a couple of weeks and then it drifts away. It certainly won’t feel like that to me. This is something that – you know, that was the worst day of my presidency. And it’s not something that I want to see repeated.”

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  1. “… the vast majority of America… ”

    I love how all these people continue to think they are a voice for the majority. Even the freaking ever so biased Yahoo! articles that allow comments, a large chunk of the comments are in OUR favor.

    • Like the vast majority that showed up to protest a recent Denver Gun show? One lone individual. Yet, there has likely been sold 5-10 million new guns in the last few weeks and probably hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo and magazines. You would think politicians would understand which side of this fight they should be on?

  2. Is it the only answer, no of course not.
    Is it part of the answer? Yes very much so. There is precedent that this works and can be done quickly. Other things like mental health reform will take time to be done properly..

  3. If there was a majority it’s far past that point. Every day that goes bye the less people will be outraged for the sake of outrage. Even the NRA has higher approval than the president. He should stop this nonsense.

    • Yea well the NRA didnt immediatley get up on their podium and start defending guns and pointing fingers.

      I still think its hillarious that the White House issued that statment about it not being the time to talk gun control and less than 24 hours later

      • Do you recall what he said after that female Rep. was shot in AZ? He was blaming Republicans and Veterans/ Tea Party/ Everyone was guilty except the Crazy Leftist that did the shooting!

  4. Well I’m agreement with the President here… when it comes to the idea that more guns in schools is ‘THE ANSWER’. But it’s only PART of the answer. And even then I don’t think it’s even the biggest part IMHO. We need is a way to help people what are sick before they start to murder people. After all a firearm isn’t the ONLY way to kill someone. What will they say when someone decided to go after a school with chlorine gas?

    • Guns, when it comes right down to it, are about power. Those of you who don’t want power in the hands of the People, and want it only in the hands of government, might find that you don’t like it so much. Maybe we’ll find out. Don’t think tyranny can happen here? You are as a little child.
      As the Reverend Wright so famously said, maybe our chickens are coming home to roost? Our culture of coddling our children and eliminating discipline while praising mediocrity has set our young people up for traumatic revelation when they experience the real world as they reach young adulthood. In many cases, the result is homicidal rage. You might as well blame bombs, guns and box cutters for Al-Qadea.

    • The vast majority of people with mental issues, obviously, do not go on binge killing. It is incredibly difficult to get guardianship of a person of age. You can’t force treatment on someone 18 and older. You can’t know what any person is going to do until it’s done. Compared to other causes of death, tragic as mass murder is, it’s not statistically justifiable to have more gun control laws. It’s this administration’s red herring.

      Baning Gun Free areas would likely eliminate only one person there with a weapon. If one perpetrator got nailed by a civilian bet these incidents would go way down. Let teachers/couches/administrators conceal carry IF they want to.

  5. How many times in the past did someone here post something to the effect of “Obama is not coming for your guns”….. Well you were wrong.

    • “Obama is not coming for your guns.” You’re right about that familiar liberal refrain. Usually mentioned in some comforting tone of voice, or with some incredulity that firearm enthusiasts would even think he would.

      Liars. All of them. And strangely enough, they are no where to be found now. No more comforting lies about Obama not seizing legal firearms.

      Now they have a new lie. One that is even worse. I’ve read it a lot over the past few days. It is usually in the form of, “I support the 2nd Amendment and I even own a gun, but [fill in the blank].” Its that little word, that sneaky little conjunction, ‘but.’ But you don’t need an “assault weapon” to hunt with, But you don’t need high capacity magazines to protect your family, But even gun owners understand the need for reasonable (that other red flag word) registration, But…

      Call them on the newest lie EVERY TIME. Do not give an inch.

      • Unless Congress gives him new authority he may want to come for your guns but he can’t. If he had authority he would have issued the EO by now.

        • tdiinva
          Have you? Do tell more.
          FISA was recently re-authorized. No amendments. That, is what we all will be living soon….

        • Rotation from an intelligence organization to the FBI in 2002. Shared an office space with Linda Franklin. Go look her up.

          FISA has been around since the late 1970s and was one of the reasons 9-11 happened. Couldn’t get warrant because of lack of probable cause.

        • “Couldn’t get warrant because of lack of probable cause.”

          so was that the reason your comrades shut down the opposing viewpoints of muslim charity websites before 9/11?


      • Ruben, not all of them disappeared. AlphaGeek is still around and he was a big supporter of Obama and one of the people who thought we were crazy for thinking he would come after the 2a. The great thing about the internet is you cannot deny your past since it’s there for everyone to see. Just go back to early November late October and you can read the outrageous post by some of these people and see how wrong they were. Here is just one from AlphaGeek:

        “I’m looking forward to seeing the comments in 4 years, at the end of President Obama’s second term, theorizing how he’s going to slip in an AWB as an executive order during his two lame-duck months after not having done it in the preceding 8 years. What will his 2A critics say if his entire term as President passes without AWB 2.0?

        Conversely, if there is a successful push for AWB 2.0, I will endure my shame with grace and dignity even as I ensure that I’ve accumulated as much grandfathered “evil” equipment as is reasonably practical.”

        The scary thing is O hasn’t even started his second term and we are already fighting for our rights.

        • I was one of them and I’m still here.

          I maintain that Obama would have left well enough alone if he weren’t being backed in to a corner by a bunch of opportunistic bloody shirt-wavers capitalizing on a goddamn tragedy, but that’s neither here nor there.

          Bad things are happening and I’m in the fight, too.

          I like to think that maybe it carries a little more weight when I write to my Democratic representatives, since I voted for them and have never voted Republican (social issues carry too much weight for me, not to mention what Reaganomics has done to this country).

          Disagree with me on whatever, but realize that I, and many other left-of-center individuals, give a shit about the second amendment, too.

      • I am a liberal. I own a large quantity of guns, dreaded high capacity mags, and Ar15s. So your broad brush stroke of all liberals being for gun control is bullshit. I am a liberal because I don’t believe in ANY policies of the CONservatives (CON in capital letters for effect), OTHER than gun rights.

        So do I vote for my guns, or to put food on the table?? I vote for food. I know the die-hard CONservatives will think that means I don’t/haven’t worked and live off the system, but it is wrong just like all the rest of the bullshit lies that are told to people to get them to hate each other and vote for RepubliCONs. It means I think the government needs to worry more about the middle and lower classes, the rich can take care of themselves quite well.

        And I 100% agree with the NRA on the response.

        • I agree that no one should paint everyone with a broad brush, but what do you mean when you say “So do I vote for my guns, or to put food on the table?”

        • I no longer have patients for this babble–whether it be from ignorance or the socialist thought process. Truthy and his ilk are the reason my children’s future grows darker everyday.

        • That my friend is the sound of a brush being dipped into a big old can of paint. Logic is decidedly NOT some people’s friend.

        • on social issues i am slightly left leaning, but i think the role of government in our lives needs to be seriously re-evaluated due to the mathematical facts of our budget deficit.

        • Truthy, I’m someone who tended to lean democratic but voted independent. I think you can’t vote party lines because it’s dangerous. I think you need to look at each candidate and decide if they value what you do. I voted mostly republican this last time because of gun rights, spending, and Obamacare but that’s me. If you really want democrats in, I would think you better get more involved in the primaries and the convention to shape the party or gun rights will be ignored. Vote how you want but remember what happens when your people screw up the second amendment.

    • Perhaps it is you who are wrong.
      US citizens opposed to gun ownership or firearms they mistakingly believe
      are only for the military are pushing their agenda and trying to manipulate the President and Congress’s hand.

      Instead of complaining online about the potential AWB gun owners and those who favor gun ownership even if they do not own one need to contact their elected officials from the lowest to the highest and let their voice be heard.

  6. But will you admit that at least putting guns in schools is part of the answer? If barry could wave a magic wand and stop all guns from being made starting today, there are still 300+ milliom guns and tons of ammo still out there. It’s too late to put the cork back in the bottle.

    The immediate prime focus should be on securing our schools. This will take armed people, lots of armed school staff and volunteers and police to co-ordinate it all. Anything else is wishful thinking that will simply add to the problem.

    The next step, and by far the most difficult, is to fix the busted mental health system in this country.

    Until we do this attempting to push still more gun laws, which aren’t going to succeed, is a waste of effort and resources. But, let’s be realistic here, barry’s been wrong a whole lot more than right since he took office. One more failure won’t matter to him.

    After all, his kids are protected by guns 24-7.

    • After the kids from Sandy Hook where moved to another school they placed two full time police officers in front of the school day and night including during Xmas vacation basically gaurding an empty school and collecting overtime. How do I know? I have to pass that school to get to highway so I see what is happening each day.

      Tell me, why is guarding an empty school now is a good idea but guarding a school full of kids before something happens is not?

      The Democrates of an unrealistic utopian idea of society that includes fairies and pixy dust. Having guards defend schools goes against their ideals even if reality says differently. They care more about symbolism and gestures than living in the real world.

      They are unable to come to terms that their fantasy may not be and they need to find a way to keep the fantasy alive.

  7. Isn’t it weird that he is skeptical of ideas that absolutely no one is suggesting?

    Straw man much, POTUS? The press absolutely sucks at questioning this guy. Heck, they don’t even need to question him. Simply state that he is an pompous, illogical, demagoguing, wind bag. And give examples. The press is bringing them to us every day anyway; they just need to point them out to the uninitiated.

    • What press? I’m still writing to congressmen and women (easy girls) about the Benghazi screw ups, lies, and high crimes and misdemeanors. No coverage of our fainting, head bangin’, concussion getting (can amnesia be far behind?), won’t testify before congress, Secretary of State, H. Clinton. They refereed to the USSR as being surrounded by an iron curtain, the US is blanketed by news media controlled by the state. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud.

      • And since I mentioned Secretary of State, hows ‘ol medal (oh that’s right, they weren’t his) tossing John Heinz Kerry reporting for duty at the S.D. sit with you? More dismantling of the US.

        • I can’t help but wonder if he’ll release his military record now. He promised he’d do that during his presidential campaign and even promised to do it afterwards. Still hasn’t done it as far as I know. But I’m sure he’s still working out the details on the complexity of signing a single document.

      • This. I wish we had real reporters from days of yore there to grill this SOB. They could call him out on national TV and ask “Mr. President – you say you’re opposed to having armed individuals in school for protection. However, not counting the Secret Service, your daughters school has 11 armed guards. To the average person, that would seem like you are saying that the elite should be protected but that the ‘commoners’ are expendable – how do you justify armed protection for the children of the wealthy but not for the children of ordinary Americans?”

  8. that was the worst day of my presidency

    In an administration built on bad days, the worst day of his majesty’s presidency was his inauguration. Equaled only by every day after.

    • A day may come when this happens, but it doesn’t mean anyone wants it or looks forward to it… A sad state of affairs we have found ourselves in

    • The left only cares about lower-case seals that PETA tells them are in danger. Humans are a menace to the planet to the leftists.

    • …and the innocent children of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and countless other places where our criminal enterprises (CIA) operate their drones.

  9. I didn’t write this, but it’s one of the best things i’ve read in a while:

    The purpose of having citizens armed with paramilitary weapons is to allow them to engage in paramilitary actions. The Second Amendment is not about Bambi and burglars — whatever a well-regulated militia is, it is not a hunting party or a sport-clays club. It is remarkable to me that any educated person — let alone a Harvard Law graduate — believes that the second item on the Bill of Rights is a constitutional guarantee of enjoying a recreational activity.

  10. He has the most expensive military in history at his disposal and he wants to take away 30-round mags for your Min-14. Weapons prohibition is never universal it is only for the surfs.

    • He just sent f-14s to Egypt (read Muslim Brotherhood). But we can’t be trusted with semi automatics. There’s sound judgement for ya.

        • Just got in from Fox News Senator Graham will oppose the Feistine’s AWB. The media said just last week he was going to back the ban now he says NO. I think the media is making it look alot worse than it is. They want the ban so bad they’re ling to get support in reality most americans want NO AWB and more and some more Senators get it call them!!!

        • Sorry. Even worse. I hate to misinform. I know it was f’n something that goes up in the air with those bomb things that go down and light up.

  11. Once again, I’m glad I didn’t vote for Obama. Our nation is in for a 4-year shitsorm of debt and mismanagement. He sure does look slick on TV, though.

    • I read a NYT article by Obama’s ad guy who bragged how their ad campaign successfully motivated “low information voters” to get out and vote for Obama. In other words this election was decided by least knowledgable voter who think free stuff is great. There is no way the Republicans can counter that in a Presidential election.

    • Debt and mismanagement? Bush took us from record surpluses to record debt, invading a country we had no right to invade, and in the process getting 4000 young men and women killed FOR NOTHING.

      • I’m not saying that G.W. was good, but one must realize the OBO has presided under the greatest accumulation of federal debt in US history.

        Regardless, this fight is about Feinstein and Obama and their ridiculous pursuit of ineffective laws.

      • truthy, youre absolutely correct.

        bush’s crimes do not vindicate obama, however. he merely continued and expanded Bush’s imperial shenanigans.

        i will not be satisfied until the likes of the bush’s, kissingers, brzezinskis, holders, and countless others are sitting in solitary confinement at the colorado supermax for the rest of their lives. ill gladly pay the taxes for their imprisonment.

      • Who the fvck on TTAG has ever said a positive word about Bush? Get over it. Being anti-Obama does not equate to pro-Bush!!!!!!

        • Thank you J&D. This economy is barry’s. As is gitmo and the warrentless tapping and the drone strikes and now the attempt to disarm law abiding Americans.

          For those of you still foggy on the concept. Bush has left the building. I say again, Bush has left the building.

        • Thank you J&D. The mentally challenged just can’t accept that their president and their policies have been a disaster to this country. NO ONE has mentioned republicans or Bush, yet here they are bringing both up and adding lame comments with CON for effect LOL.

          I am not loyal to republican or democrat I can give a shit about either of them but I can’t stand a majority of liberals. Not for their failed policies or their destruction of the country but mostly for their stupidity. Apparently it even exist on a pro gun site. Is there any place that is free from their BS? Again libs please learn to read and comprehend, I didn’t say all liberals are like this.

      • Yeah, some choice we have. The repub. top down crap or the dem. top down crap. Either way we wind up with a bunch of sh.t. I really did think O was a decent man though, although I was never under any illusion that they cared about this old white guy. I feel I was lied to by the dems. Lie to me once shame on you, lie to me twice… shame on you, Randy

      • Participating in elections and encouraging the federal government does equate to being both pro-Bush and pro-Obama, as you knew the possibility, and ultimately the reality, that you would permit both having power over you

  12. Was armed Air Marshals the only response to 9/11? No, but it was the first and the one that they are still doing, with no attacks on our airlines since. It has been so effective that they cut back on the marshals stating that no one would know which plane they were on and not on.

    Could you imagine if after 9/11 Bush came out and said “I don’t think armed guards on our plane will help, you know what would help, let’s get a task force together first and they can tell us that we need to ban box cutters”. In a statement from Obama when trying to sell Obamacare, “our kids need the same benefits that we offer to ourselves as lawmakers.” I wonder if Obama’s kids have armed guards at their school. I believe sdog has the answer to that above.

  13. Always remember, Obama’s rhetorical speeches are written to appeal to the uninformed and his minions. Unfortunately, the uninformed and the minions have the press continuously feeding them misinformation along with the president.

    Let’s hope that the congress people that have supported our rights in the past will not be intimidated by the Chicago machine that has been working for the last 4 years.

    We can’t count on the Supreme Court as we found out with obamacare.

  14. “This is something that – you know, that was the worst day of my presidency.”

    Other than the absolute false nature of this statement– Every day of any presidency is a day when liberties are denied to US citizens. It’s time we elected an empty office chair that will mind its own damn business, and won’t issue any ignorant public statements to the effect of threatening guaranteed freedoms.

    • Notably, the people of the United States, ironically much like the family and friends of Abdulrahman_al-Aulaqi, have no means of redress against despotic executives and their agents who enforce illegal laws and take illegal actions against private property. Voting is not a remedy, because the laws and their enforcers demonstrably grow more and more onerous with each passing election.

      • you two are absolutely correct.

        one could argue that the signing of the 2012 NDAA was the worst day in obamas presidency but ill agree with you too.

        given the monstrous crimes our government has committed against its own people and people around the world, its really hard to pinpoint a single bad instance.

    • It’s ironic that, much like the family and friends of Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi, the people of the United State have no means of redress against the illegal actions often taken by agents of the federal government. The system of voting and representative government are not a solution either, since, demonstrably, these infractions become more and more onerous with each passing election.

    • Such are the fortunes of an ongoing struggle against those who thought it a peachy idea to fly jetliners into the World Trade Center towers on 09/11/2001. The 16-year-old American citizen killed was Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the son of Anwar al-Awlaki, who perished in a drone attack about 2 weeks earlier, and who, in addition to having been the “spiritual advisor” of one of the 9/11 hijackers, had been urging jihadists to devise other acts of mass destruction against the United States and its allies. While I deplore Abdulrahman al-Awlaki’s death, I’m not losing any sleep over it, and find myself thinking that if, after his father’s assassination, young master al-Awlaki had simply returned from Yemen to America, the land of his birth, he’d still be alive. I suspect, but cannot prove, that the boy had the same terrorist aims as his father. Tough darts.

      • Such are the fortunes of an ongoing struggle against those who thought it a peachy idea to fly jetliners into the World Trade Center towers on 09/11/2001.

        The US military is far worse than Al-Qaeda, yet they are exalted by the majority of Americans. Only about 3k civilians died on 9-11, whereas 50k American civilians died in the civil war. No other organization has deliberately killed more American civilians than the US military. It isnt a recent development either, and goes back at least to the Whiskey Rebellion under Pres. Washington. When you factor in non-American civilians in other conflicts, the number reaches in to the millions.

      • Right off the bat I’ll stipulate that al-Awlaki deserved to die because it’s beside the point.

        If you can make a US citizen’s Constitutional protections evaporate just by slapping a label on him and saying he did or supported bad things, then the Bill of Rights is just a bunch of Charmin. Obama just declared al-Awlaki guilty and then assassinated him. That’s a monarchical power and as un-American as it gets. Just like the Second Amendment, the Fifth and Sixth Amendments were included in the Bill of Rights for very good reason. We shouldn’t disregard them so casually, just because we don’t like who might be using them, or because we think we’ll be “safer”. Who’s behavior does that remind you of?

  15. Any member of the AI who has not written to their US senators, state senator, US representative and state rep. should do so today.

    Also it would be a good idea to at least join the NRA and GOA at a bare minimum. Don’t waste your time telling me about the NRA–I know, but they are the best we’ve got.

    • Wouldn’t do any good, my Senator is Harry Reid. He has no interest in what the people of Nevada want. Our other Senator is Dean Heller. I trust him to do the right thing.

  16. I gotta agree with Nick L above, in my experience if your not a liberal then you apparently dont exist, therefore dont have a right to speak.
    Id like to call Obamas bluff on his “worst day of my presidency” thing. If you have to stop mid-sentence saying “ya know” to think of how bad it was, then you probably dont really think so.

  17. Everytime this tool opens his mouth gun and ammo prices triple.

    CTD has Lake City 5.56 for 999.00 per thousand, two weeks ago it was 329.00.

    So the same ammo sitting on pallets tripled in price in a week, beer drinkers better hope he doesnt start whining about DUI deaths because of 12 oz. cans contain too much fluid.

  18. What is clear to me is that the left’s only objective is to disagree with anything the right supports. For example, the anti’s have been screaming for years that we need to leave our protection exclusively to the police, claiming that they are the only people that are qualified to carry a gun in public.

    Now that someone from the ‘right’ makes a public call to do just that by putting an armed cop in every school, the left thinks it’s a bad idea, opting instead to take the line that it’s the gun that’s bad, not the person wielding it. I actually heard one of the anti’s actually say “Now you want to bring more guns into schools”. Do they want the cops to protect us or not?

    • Especially the NRA. If LaPierre held a press conference to announce that water is wet, he would be immediately denounced for pushing a radical “moisture agenda”.

    • I actually heard one of the anti’s actually say “Now you want to bring more guns into schools”.

      To which I’d say “Well yea, I want good guys to have guns in schools too. I’m rather appalled that you think only murderers should be allowed to have a gun in a school.”

  19. Obama is a socialist demigod, the fact that millions of his potential soon to be subjects are heavily armed worries him. Remember the children the Democrats murdered in Waco Texas. It is not the kids it is control!

  20. I agree he is full of crap almost every poll shows low support for a AWB and higher for mental health and guards for schools but Fuhrer Obama says they’re all wrong only banning guns they wants.

    Time to call your progun Reps and Senators guys.

    • Which fan would that be:

      1) The Fienstien AWB Bill
      2) The Fiscal Cliff
      3) Or the fact that they silently killed the Office of Congressional Ethics that investigated over 100 congressional scandals and actually got convictions….now gone the congresscritters are free to scam again.

      • I’m one of the most small government people out there, but I say we need to create a committee of non-government employees (professors and such) that review all laws for Constitutional basis before they are allowed to be voted on – if they find that it is unconstitutional, the people who drafted / supported the bill should be fined.

        • You would think there was a branch of the government that handles this task…That’s right, they rule on these things AFTER they get voted into law.

        • @Rambeast

          They don’t just inspect it for Constitutionality after it’s law, they ONLY do it if you have enough money to get the Supreme Court to look at it. How f-ing absurd is that?

  21. You have to understand that these people have a world view that is not American, not Christian or pro Israel or even pro moral … When the law is what you say it is for now … and the law is something else tomorrow … You get what is real MARXISM but you do not call it that… they call it the NEW WORLD ORDER .. but it is control of the mass by a few… that is why these laws make no sense ,, they do not … and never will, and that is why they never work or never will… that is why we are right WE HAVE THE HIGH MORAL GROUND (God given!) NEVER EVEN give up the cause of LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!


    The media is heavily exploiting and nurturing the White race’s hysteria and vulnerability. It buries the New Black Panther radio broadcasts that have callers phone in and remark on air time the desire to throw hand grenades into kindergartens filled with White children. It makes a meal of this mass murder case involving a White male armed with the ‘typical’ rifle many serious sportsters, defensive and huntsmen carry while the case linked above gets VERY quickly buried despite the innocence and defenselessness of the victims.

    This web blog also too seems to have problems with reprinting the name of the criminal in the story above.

  23. “This is something that – you know, that was the worst day of my presidency.”

    — Politicians at Obama level are inhuman. They don’t see, think, or feel as does the common man and woman. All events and crises are opportunities to take advantage of to advance their political agendas. The murders of the children and teachers is in Obama’s mind an inconsequential price to pay to enact more gun laws and to further government’s controls and power over the American people.

  24. “… you know, that was the worst day of my presidency. And it’s not something that I want to see repeated.” Easy fix on that one, Bamster: RESIGN! That would make a lot of people happy, and you could spend the rest of your life on vacation in Hawaii.


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