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“Ten-month-old bearded collie cross Grizz was training to be an Aviation Security Explosion Detector [at New Zealand’s Auckland airport] when he escaped,” reports. “Handlers spent hours trying to coax him away from the runway. Sixteen flights were delayed before airport staff told police to shoot him.” Which they did, pleasing few . . .

SAFE for Animals Ambassador Hans Kriek condemned the killing, asking why the animal wasn’t tranquilized, but a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said he “didn’t believe” that had been an option.

Auckland Airport originally announced on their official Twitter they had captured the dog, before revealing an hour later that he had been killed.

Yeah, that’s not going to help the airport’s or animal handlers’ rep. Nope. Not one bit. Nor will this bit of PR prevarication.

The spokesman said it was too dark and the area too large to quickly find and contain the puppy.

“We tried everything, food, toys, other dogs, but nothing would work … In these difficult circumstances the Airport’s Emergency Operations Center team decided to have the dog destroyed,” he said.

If you were a passenger on one of those planes delayed by a dog, how long would you have waited before wanting Grizz to be euthanized? Would you wait a whole day so the dog could be caught in the daylight?

Meanwhile, animal rights groups are awaiting the airport authorities’ “investigation” into why no one thought to use a tranquilizer gun from a nearby zoo. It could be while.

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  1. Ok… Sounds like they have some shitty dog handlers. If you can’t get your dog under control in a half hour, it’s the human, not the dog.

  2. Would you wait a whole day so the dog could be caught in the daylight?
    That would depend on whether my plane was taking off, or landing.

    I’ve had dogs chase my motorcycle with no luck, I don’t think one can catch a jet on takeoff. And if it does, how is that worse than shooting it?

    • It’s the landing planes that would have been in danger. They can’t loiter for hours in the holding pattern due to limited fuel and rerouting to another airport isn’t an option either. Apparently everyone feels bad about the dog, the cops especially, but human lives must come first. No point busting the cops chops about it.

      • If they were commercial size jets then they could roll over that pooch on landing without anyone in the cabin feeling a thump.

        And the odds of that happening are pretty slim.

        • The problem isn’t running it over, the problem is ingesting it into the turbine. That little guy could do some serious damage to a very expensive engine.

          But to be fair, the handler should have been shot too, the puppy was just being a puppy.

        • Well now we’ve gone from saving humans lives to- maybe, possibly, but very unlikely- saving an engine on a plane that has already touched down.

    • Yeah… With handlers this incompetent, the breed doesn’t matter. Yet another example of a dog paying the price for human stupidity.

      • You’re right, I was just being dip shit with that comment… The dog was just a puppy. WTF! What ever happened to recall training and maybe even a little respect?

        • The dog was six months from graduating training, at this young of an age they don’t always return on command…

          May the earth swallow up this airport and all the people in it.

  3. I would want Grizz to be euthanized regardless because I’m a gun owner and that’s how I roll.

    Seriously though, did they try people food? Dogs love some people food.

    • Judging by the comments, most of us would be ok with feeding the dog food made of people.

      • Let’s be clear… very SPECIFIC people, like the cretins whose job it was to train that dog in basic obedience and to recover him when he ran off. It’s not rocket science. When my dog was that age, he ran off his leash all the time, he always stopped or came back when ordered because he had proper conditioning. The fact that they had a ten month old working dog that wasn’t trained to heel off leash is a fucking disgrace.

        • Bomb and drug dogs (that I’ve worked with) are not taught obedience skills. A court must be able to believe that the dog sat down because they smelled what they were supposed to, not because their owner told them to.

        • Really? Because every military working dog I’ve ever worked with was thoroughly trained in obedience.

        • Yes, really. I work with them while they’re on active duty and I can say without hesitation that the bomb and drug dogs are not taught basic commands like sit, heel, etc. As for retired military working dogs, I cannot say what the owners do with them then.

          The working dogs such as those that MPs work with are trained on obedience and offense. The key distinction I am making is that this dog we’re talking about was a bomb sniffing dog so he would not have learned sit, stay, heel, roll over, shake, etc.

    • In-freaking-deed….

      Did those pieces of human excrement ever hear about tranquilizer darts? Hell, even our animal control here in Podunk Alabama uses them.

      What a pitiful excuse for humans they be….Hope that puppy comes back as GhostDog and chews off what’s left of their collective azzes…..

      Yeah, it’s the Makers Mark…sorry..

  4. “Ten-month-old bearded collie cross Grizz was training to be an Aviation Security Explosion Detector [at New Zealand’s Aukland airport] when he escaped,”

    Um… maybe that’s the first problem. Usually dogs are trained as *explosive* detectors, not *explosion* detectors. That side of things is a bit hard to conceal…

  5. “The spokesman said it was too dark and the area too large to quickly find and contain the puppy.” Well apparently you could find him because you shot him, and I don’t know how effective you can be at ANYTHING if you are unable, presumably with significant manpower, to contain… a puppy.

    If the choice was between shutting down a major airport for an indeterminate amount of time (with planes waiting to land) and shooting the dog, I can see why they went with the latter.

    BUT I can’t, for the life of me, understand how it could ever get to that point and how, over a span of hours, no one could figure this one out. Get on a little airport buggy and run him tired. Go find a tranq gun. Think outside the box.

  6. I’m confused. A bunch of grown men couldn’t corral a 10 month old puppy or chase him off the runaways into a less critical part of the airport.

    I owned a lovable but completely batsh!t German Shorthair Pointer from puppy hood and it got loose several times so I am sort of an expert.

  7. 1.) Article title needs to be re-written. Placed under category; “This is what you get in a Disarmed Populace !”

    2.) EU Globalist EURO-Trash Police needed to go back to fighting WETA Goblins, and Orcs from “Lord of the Rings” that were attacking the airport !!! That’s why the puppy dog was shotdown—“like a dog.” Yeah, that’s the story !!!

    3.) New Zealand SHOULD be looking into the “Euthanizing ” of incompetent personal, and staff…..

    4.) Call ” Dog Whisper” ! Maybe that would help….

    5.) Puppy dog “eliminated” to prevent it from falling into enemy hands !!!!!

  8. The Auckland Zoo really ISN’T far from the Airport. I’d guess half an hour or so and this situation took “hours”.

    Or just call animal control. We had animal control when I lived in Dunedin so I’m sure the fancy-pants folks on North Island have that too.

    As others have noted, this is a people problem, not a dog problem. Whoever was involved with training/attempting to capture this dog was completely retarded.

  9. Well we all know not to travel with our pets to new zeland now. Bunch of primitive savages. Not that I’d ever go to such a dump anyway. Ruled by ultra lUberal f*cktards who panic at the sight of a wee dog.

    • I thought ‘primitive savages’ voted Republican and ‘liberal cucks’ voted for Democrats? Seen as New Zealand is out of the running for your next vacation, please enlighten me as to what countries do make safe ideological sense to visit?

  10. Sounds like the little puppy just found out what the explosives he was being trained to search for actually do, and it blew his tiny mind. “It was too dark to see” and yet they managed to shoot the little pooch. I’ve been to Auckland a number of times, and the number of idiots per square mile is a very high ratio there. I couldn’t wait to get out. But this is not a disarmed populace by any means. Well, maybe Auckland is.

    I suppose safety of the traveling public always comes first, but each passenger whose passage was enabled by this slaughter of this innocent, should immediately make a donation to their closest animal shelter.

    The rest of New Zealand is not like Auckland. That is now a foreign country overrun by recent immigrants, hucksters, shysters, con men, thieves and gangsters. The house prices are so high that only the shamefully rich can live there. I have nothing good to say about Auckland, only the fervent hope that one of their many dormant volcanoes revives and erupts the whole shebang to Kingdom Come.

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