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“New York City police are looking into why a stun gun apparently failed before a knife-wielding man was shot to death by officers,” reports. “The NYPD says Emmanuel Paulino was shot several times after he refused to drop a 6-inch knife and lunged at officers.” Chronology people! Chronology! “A police sergeant had first fired a Taser stun gun. Police say the suspect pulled one of the prongs out of his body.” OMG! You mean you can shoot someone with a stun gun and they don’t drop like a stone? Why’s that then?

Something to do with adrenalin perhaps? Or a controlled substance? A cocktail of controlled substances? All of the above? Oh, and let’s throw in psychosis for good measure. People can do some weird stuff when they’re psychotic. Like surviving . . . bullets.

Paulino was hit several times. Police say officers fired a total of nine shots after the suspect backed them into a parked car.

Or not.

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  1. I think stun guns have a place on the spectrum of force LEOs should have available to them. But it has no place when facing down a person armed with a knife.

  2. There was a weapons show on one of the cable channels recently, I think it was "Fight Science" that showed an ex Navy Seal that was capable of pulling out the prongs and jumping up and back into action. He was totally sober, but required a bit of mental preparation for the taser. Tasers are often used on drunks that already have their nervous systems depressed by alcohol. As stated above, a criminal with his system hyper stimulated might be capable of anything, almost 😉

  3. It’s a proven fact that stun guns don’t work on all people. There have been several cases where a hyped up bad guy ripped out the prongs and kept on fighting.


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