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In the grand tradition of Plaxico Burress, another prominent Big Apple sports figure – Nicks guard Raymond Felton – has been nabbed on a weapons charge. And in the grand tradition of New York media outlets, put their vast knowledge of firearms (did you know the FiveseveN is a 28mm handgun?) on display in reporting the incident. “Knicks struggling point guard Raymond Felton allegedly pointed a huge, armor-piercing handgun at his estranged wife during an earlier domestic dispute, sources said. Ariane Raymondo-Felton – who recently filed for divorce – brought Felton’s Belgian-made pistol, an FNH 5.7×28, to the 20th Precinct on the Upper West Side . . . .”

Apparently not everyone loves Raymond. Like Burress before him, Felton is reported to have possessed the gun illegally.

Police said Felton was later charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the second, third and fourth-degrees after cops determined the gun was not legal.

He was expected to be arraigned later Tuesday in Manhattan Criminal Court – and could face jail time if convicted under New York’s tough gun laws.

Felton may consider himself lucky that minuscule Mayor Mike is no longer haunting the halls of Gracie Mansion. The tiny gun rights foe had no compunction about inserting himself into a pending legal matter during the Burress kerfuffle. We’ll be watch with interest to see if Mayor DeBlasio is able to demonstrate more self control in this case.

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    • It’s not about velocity, it’s about a specific type of 5.7 ammo that isn’t available to civilians. As and owner of both the PS90 and the FiveseveN, IMO, without that one particular ammo, which only LEO’s and Agents are allowed to have, the FiveseveN isn’t anything special in the handgun world. Lot’s of other pistols do what it does better. I LOVE my PS90, it’s just flat out fun at the range, but I own my FiveseveN as a novelty.

        • The image you linked is incorrect. It should be (said to the chickenhawk) “You’re built too low son, the quick ones go right over your head”

      • I think the joke was a play on the handgun itself, as opposed to its ammo, being characterized as “armor piercing”, which begs the question what kind of muzzle velocity would be necessary in firing the handgun itself as the projectile out of some cannon to achieve that effect.

      • A quick google search shows AP-capable SS190 is readily available on both GB and FN-specific forums, whether fully-loaded cartridges (~$300/50rds) or pulled bullets (for reloaders). Obviously, its not ok in many states to own it or use it in a handgun but to say its unavailable or restricted to LEO only is not accurate. New manufacture and sales by FN or other producers; yes, that’s restricted to LE or military only.

        <—also owned a PS90 and FiveseveN but "cashed out" at the height of the derpitude to the tune of $5K. Some day, I'll own them again…my favorite by far of my collection.

  1. Hey Bloomberg, SAFE sure did help, didnt it?
    From the article:
    -28mm handgun (WTF)?
    -Sources said the 28 mm handgun is one of the largest made- Haha, Ok, which one of you TTAGers trolled NYpost with that information?

    Just because this particular gun owner is irresponsible, do not put me in the same category as him.

    • 28mm is THREE TIMES larger than 9mm. Even people without perfect math skills get how much better 28 is over 9.

    • What’s the ballistics of a 28mm round? It’s gotta be at least 2000 grains, and if you can get the DU version, probably more like 3200..

      I wouldn’t want to waist carry a mag of DU though :p

      • Well, if you’re going to be limited to 7 rounds, you want to make sure you can still get the job done.

        “FN 28mm; when you absolutely, positively have to kill everyone in the building… by crushing them in the rubble that used to be the building.”

  2. Dang. All my steel targets are obsolete now.
    It’s so hard to keep up with this newfangled technology!

  3. Sources say this is the largest handgun ever made? really? Where do they get this crap? I’ll donate to the cause of getting these asshats to the range with a vest, gun, and a video so that we can video their shock and amazement that it does not penetrate anything.

  4. I wonder what kind of holster is necessary to contain an armor piercing handgun…some space age material or something.

    In light of the 30 magazine clip/half second debacle, maybe we will be treated to somebody winging a FiveseveN at steel plates. Sacrilegious in the highest order to destroy such a cool gun, but perhaps worth it for demonstrative purposes.

  5. Most likely nothing at all illegal about the FN 5.7. That’s just liberal speak for unregistered (and unconfiscated!) firearms.

    • Im sure it violated the magazine restrictions with its 20 round mag. Do they make 7 rounders for the FN57? But I’m sure by the time this is all over they will be trying to have it classified an SBR because. It shoots “rifle rounds” !!!!!!!!!!!1OMG

    • He’s a big guy, and every knows that the 28mm blows the 12.7mm .50 cal away..especially with super AP incendiary Raufoss HEI black/red/yellow tungsten-titanium-depleted uranium AR500 diamond ceramic prairie dog hunting rounds.

  6. “Sources said the 28 mm handgun is one of the largest made, and that his wife took it from their home on West 63rd Street.”

    One of the largest made? Where can I get a 28mm handgun?

    • No, you need a .9mm bb to hit center of the 28mm RPG to blow everything up into 45acp sized armor piercing shrapnel!

  7. I don’t get it, why was his wife wearing body armor in the first place?

    Besides, I thought those 5.7 rounds were only armor piercing when fired from the carbine.

  8. A “huge, armor-piercing handgun?” A FiveseveN? It’s not that big. It’s kind of small, actually … But, even though it’s small, I’ve yet to be able to get it or any other handgun to pierce armor. Even the smallest handgun is a bit too large to get through the Kevlar weave of modern body armor.

  9. From other reporting it seems the sequence of events was….they filed for divorce, had the argument (whether or not the gun was pointed regardless), and the wifey THEN brought it to the police and reported the hubby. Sounds like the ideal woman to pick a fight with LOL…would rather see you spend 5 years in NY State jails then make millions of dollars she could split in a divorce settlement.

  10. “illegal, 20-shot clip”..
    Really? Are we still with “clips” in the ignorant media? Have they not heard the clip/magazine differences 100 times by know even if they know nothing else?

  11. I guess they must have mistaken capacity for size, but even so this is pretty embarrassing. It’s not that surprising, though, especially since the five seven has been on gun control groups radar even before the fort hood shooting

  12. Where can I get an armor piercing handgun? Is 28mm the only size they come in and how many magazine clips does it come in. Oh yeah one more question do they come in any other color than the scary black.

  13. By the way, the 28mm thing is obviously due to the drone who wrote the article Googling for ‘five seven’, finding out that it’s actually 5.7x28mm, and picking the bigger of the two numbers.

    See you guys later, I’m off to shoot my 54mm Mosin Nagant.

  14. “Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure…oh, we could also use the FiveseveN, that would work too.”

  15. Another “quality” New York paper, the Daily News, has this amazing quote in their article:

    “Cops were stunned when they removed the magazine from the pistol and a bullet fell out, indicating the weapon was ready to fire, the source said.”

    The bullet fell OUT and that means the gun was ready to fire? I think their source is full of it.

    • It’s the NYDN, for Pete’s sake. We’re lucky their cracker-jack reporters didn’t have the falling bullet explode and destroy the Precinct (pictures in the centerfold).

  16. Who knew that the FiveSeven had an Apache helicopter outgunned?! The recoil on that thing must be insane! I must have one!

    • The anti’s that keep saying ‘we can’t use AR-15’s against tanks’ didn’t count on the FiveSeveN!

    • The media literally can’t decide whether the handgun was the size of a light artillery piece or an insulin needle.

      Imagine if they reported earthquakes the same way: “It could have been a 0.15 on the Richter scale, only detectable with sensitive instruments, or it could have been a 15 on the Richter scale and wiped out all life on earth. We’re not sure which at the moment.”

      • “The media literally can’t decide whether the handgun was the size of a light artillery piece or an insulin needle.”

        To be fair, the media’s main sources are currently Twitter and FaceBook. Wikipedia is apparently even too much of a strenuous research endeavor now a days.

  17. So let me get this straight: She shows up with an illegal handgun to give the cops, says he pointed it at her, and now he’s facing weapons charges – for a firearm that the cops didn’t see him with and can’t prove other than the word of a bitter ex. They did see her with it though…

    • He’s black, she looks white and he’s performing horribly for the Knicks. That makes him guilty in New York.

  18. Gods, it seems terribly unfair of you to place an upper limit on human intelligence without also placing a lower limit on human intelligence.

    Were the structure housing the NYT to collapse during an all-hands meeting, the collective IQ in NYC would rise by two percentage points.

  19. Lessons:

    – In NYC, you are a criminal for having a gun in your home. There are exceptions, but good luck getting one, and even with one you’re risking legal trouble.

    – A woman will do or say anything to screw you when things go south, which makes that ^ point dangerous if you own a gun. They should have arrested her for possessing it as well, communal property and all.

    • I’m glad to see I was not the only one who thought of that movie, hence my 88 magnum comment above. I was a bit intimidated by PC to continue the shoots through schools line.

  20. When i tried to put bullets in my clip, i realized i was missing something….primer,brass,powder and an M1 GARAND!

  21. How effective is the civilian 5.7×28 cartridge against unarmored bad guys? How many people have been shot with it?

  22. To all of you hip-shooters and large caliber lovers who never owned or shot a 5.7x.22… I’ve had my FiveseveN MK2 on my hip for years (in PA!). Yeah… a bit large for a concealed carry on the appendix, but comfortable (over time) with a top quality IWB kydex shell and leather back that molds to your hip over time. Too long & prints for most pocket carries, and same for ankles (unless with suit pants versus jeans). THE most deadly handgun you can carry (now relax Desert Eagle & 44 Mag Guys) and I’ll tell you why. #1 20-30 Round Mags; #2 You’re firing rifle rounds (at 2400fps+) with virtually zero recoil, so CRAZY Accurate (actually breathes fire too); it WILL defeat Kevlar (done it… and, AR500 hard shell level 3 body armor) with the right load (ref. SS190 – 28 grain steel core black tip). BtW, NATO itself commissioned FN Herstal (Belgium; the World’s BEAT weapons mfg! Can you say P90 or SCAR??😉) to creat the first Kevlar defeating handgun, and the result is the FiveseveN! This is the weapon of choice for US Secret Service & Special Ops worldwide! Another round that is nuts is the SS198LF – 27 grain hollow point (used by LEO/MILITARY for its devastating effects on soft tissue. The projectile is designed on impact to tumble causing massive destruction to soft tissue. All kinds of tests prove this, and the “tumble” is probably best illustrated when you stand 15-yards back, aim at the oldest, rock-hard golf ball you can find, and watch it slowly tumble a lousy couple of inches off its perch after you hit that sucker dead center! So, because bad guys have Kevlar too, you’ve got the SS-190, and for all other situations, the SS198LF is legit! Why the heck do you think this light polymer shell handgun with virtually zero recoil (with a sweet Picatinny Rail on board) is virtually impossible to buy for less than $2k++, retail ~$1,200$1,300 before tax)… because it’s sucks or is a novelty?!! No, my friends! I’m trained hands, this is THE BADDEST ASS HANDGUN ON EARTH!! Someone in this thread mentioned something like THIS is what you use to kill a building full of people. Sadly… he is exactly right! NOT an AR or AK!! Again, a concealable, light, super accurate, semi firing 30-(rifle) rounds is a sicko bastard’s top choice! Again, MOST SADLY, this WAS the Fort Hood Gun… and, all you ever hear is how “efficient” this killer was!! Since then, we all expected it to be banned (and it still may happen), hence, the $2k++ prices and dealers can’t order them (a few just show up in the mail every 6-12 months). Anyway, don’t diss the FiveseveN unless you own own (AND, know how to shoot), not because you just can’t afford one! Trust me (all my brothers throughout the ranks of law enforcement and gun enthusiasts)… The FNH FiveseveN MK2 is THE SH*T, and worth EVERY Penny!!👊🏻

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