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New York’s SAFE Act was crafted in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, It was passed in the dead-of-night, 20-minutes after it landed on legislators’ desks. Governor Cuomo signed the bill immediately thereafter. He bypassed the usual three-day waiting period by claiming that the Act was an “emergency measure.” The result is an egregious an infringement on Empire Staters’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Amongst its Second Amendment-defiling provisions: a law prohibiting legal gun owners from loading more than seven rounds in their handgun’s magazine – unless the owner’s at a state-approved gun range. That particular stipulation was so obviously arbitrary and unjustifiable that the bone-headed federal judge that upheld the rest of the SAFE Act tossed the seven-round limit. On this, Governor Cuomo will not yield – and for good reason . . .

Cuomo said he believes the seven-bullet limit would be restored on appeal. The law only allows seven bullets to be loaded in a 10-bullet magazine.

He said the state had a 10-bullet limit before last year’s law, and New York City has a five-bullet limit for some firearms, he said.

“If you’re going to throw out this limit, you are going to have to throw out all the limits,” Cuomo said.

Still, Cuomo indicated that the judge’s ruling on the seven-bullet limit is now the law, unless it overturned. The case may make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The reports that the pro-gun side is also appealing the decision. Obvs. So, would the Supremes rescue New York from voters’ willingness to elect politicians who trample their gun rights as if they never existed? Watch this space. You know, eventually. Maybe.

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  1. “If you’re going to throw out this limit, you are going to have to throw out all the limits,” Cuomo said.

    Absofrakinglutely!!!! And throw yourself out while you’re at it governor. Cuba could use a man like you.

    • You beat me to it. As for Cuba using some one like him, NO, he isn’t as restrictive as the Castro’s like their minions.

  2. Unfortunately when you apply rigorous logic to MANY laws they don’t hold up to scrutiny. Unless their purpose is to consolidate power. Then they make perfect sense. Whelp, off to read Animal Farm again.

  3. Let me get this party *really* started.

    “I’m not sure why anyone is so worked up about this, if you know what you are doing, seven rounds is more than enough. It’s all about shot placement, don’t you know?”

    And there you go ….

    • And frankly why seven? Isn’t four ‘enough’? How about just one? If they find themselves in serious trouble they can just take themselves out, since that seems to be their advice for us.

    • James Bond often made do with a Beretta in .25 ACP that held maybe 6 rounds total. Worked for him, why not you?

      • It worked for “Bond, James Bond” because he and all the bad guys read the script and stuck to it, of course…

        • I think he pulled all of his amazing feats due to the “drunk focus” that his steady diet of martinis provided him. Like when I’m at the bar shooting pool or throwing darts.

      • Unfortunately, I’m not fictional and there doesn’t seem to be any way around it…

        If I were fictional, I’d aim for something more epic than James Bond (P. Galore notwithstanding). Like Gandalf — I’m even working on the beard.

    • The politicians who say such things should only be allowed to have guards / police / SS armed with single shot pistols. After all, a “highly trained professional” wouldn’t miss, right?

      • How about no taxpayer funded guards? let ’em fend for themselves like the rest of us or pay out of their own pockets for bodyguards like any other citizen. There’s no legitimate reason for the practice as it stands now.

    • Your right! perfect placement on paper/steel target always translates to perfect placement on a moving target that fires back we all know variables never change

  4. I’ll bet his body guards have more than 10 rounds in their mags. Laws only apply to the common scum.

    • If I recall correctly, they had to change the law a bit right after it was passed because the limit applied to everyone, police included. The day it was passed every officer in the state was in violation.

      • They sure did. They passed it in such a rush in the dead of night that they forgot to exempt the cops. I think it was a day or two before they realized this and had to go back and add that in.

  5. 12 gauge slug is anywhere from .50 to .70 caliber. But large caliber weapons shouldn’t be allowed, but shotguns should be allowed.. but M-15’s shouldn’t… wait, what the hell is this clown talking about?!

    • +1
      I asked myself the same question but in a much more colorful language. But this is the usual way low-information automatons function. I personally know nothing about NASCAR. I’m an F1 guy. Therefore I have no business giving an opinion on how NASCAR should be run and what should be allowed on their cars. But basic logic is not their strong suit, is it?

      • +1

        I have watched so many “interviews” that have taken place with average citizens in Manhattan. Stossel has some epic segments where people can’t even identify pictures of Presidential candidates (in an election year no less), but are quick to spout their radical political stances against/for those people that they don’t recognize. And forget about sports… I used to think there was a fairly knowledgeable fan base for all sports in the City, but now a days it just comes down to the standard responses of “spend more” (funny, they say that about tax dollars too) to repeating the random and idiotic babblings of Joel Sherman over at the Post. I’m going to be very interested how this new Mayor is going to work out. I’m seeing Dinkins part deux from his speeches.

  6. why do you need more than 7 rds?…well let me ask this too…why do u need more toilet papaer? why? cuz shit happens!

  7. A quick google search tells me there is such thing as an M15, but me thinks that guy doesn’t know what that is.

  8. FUAC. This guy is such a freaking dipshit. And now you can’t even order ammo online in N.Y.. Unconstitutional IMHO. 2A means jack shit to this asshole.

  9. I’m still wondering who’s bright idea it was to have a 7 round limit anyway. I get the 10 round limit goes back to when Bill Ruger said “No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun”. He was trying to save the Mini 14 from being banned, and encouraged lawmakers to go after magazines. 10 has become the standard number that numbskull anti’s see as “common sense”, but 7? Why not 8, or 4 or 1? Just pull a number out of your ass, the lower the better, call it “reasonable” and “common sense” and there you have it, I guess.

    • We won the Revolution with single shot muzzle loaders. Why isn’t one shot enough?

      (Because the bad guys don’t pay any more attention to the SAFE act than they do to any other law.)

    • There was some speculation that Kimber (located in NY) may have written in support of a 7-round limit, since just about all of their firearms include a standard 7-round magazine.

      • I would bet a dollar to a doughnut it has to do with the standard capacity of a 1911, and I would also put money on kimber having something to do with this in order to sell more guns/not lose home state business.

    • I don’t have a gun with 30 cartridges. I’ve got 30 teeny one-shot, single shot brass muskets, in a handy semiautomatic storage case, organizer, and firing actuator all rolled into one.

  10. It sounds like Cuomo didn’t even read the ruling. The 7 round limit wasn’t thrown out because it was a 7 round limit. It was thrown out because it did absolutely nothing to improve public safety (which is what the law claimed to do) as criminals could load 10 rounds into their legal 10 round mags just as easily as before. It did however, put a burden on law abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, which does not pass intermediate scrutiny.

    In fact, based on my interpretation of the judge’s ruling, I suspect that any round limit would have passed intermediate scrutiny had it been a limit on magazine size, not on how many you load into a mag. This was how the law was originally worded but it was changed when lawyers working for the state noted that the law would probably be overturned upon challenged as 7 round mags are not available for many guns.

    Now, as to why the judge used “intermediate scrutiny” (which apparently lets the judge throw out the constitution) is the real question.

    • What the judge actually used was “Rational Basis”. He just called it intermediate scrutiny, because the Supreme Court said that “Rational Basis” was too low a standard for second amendment issues.

  11. Fine, throw out all limits, because they never were meant to be there in the first place. Just like alot of those traitors who voted that crap into law shouldn’t be there in the first place.

  12. “If you’re going to throw out this limit, you are going to have to throw out all the limits.”

    Yes, I think he might be on to something there.

    Cuomo says you gotta draw the line somewhere … No more than 7 bullets and then the criminals have earned a chance to strike back.

  13. Like in Heller 2, this judge ruled that “Assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” are most definitely in common use for lawful purposes (and therefore protected). He also said that this law substantially burdens citizens from exercising their rights(and is therefore unconstitutional). The judge also used an interest balancing test on the case and an extremely shitty version of intermediate scrutiny on top of that.(Yes i know, interest balancing was specifically banned from use under Heller and McDonald, but hey, the 2A is different cause guns :D) So then why did these ridiculous laws get upheld in both cases? Well for an equally ridiculous reason of course; judge said that these weapons and magazines are above the bare minimum required for self defense, and since criminals might use them and there’s other options available, the govt can do whatever the fuck they want and we can go die in a fire; for the children. If your wondering “But isn’t that the same logic that DC tried to use on the SCOTUS in Heller that was specifically rejected and ridiculed by the majority?” Yes, yes it was. The lower courts do not care at all either. I think this case will be going to the SCOTUS though personally. God help us if it doesn’t though.

  14. a stupid, ignorant, and Tax-Wasteful Policy. Magazines in firearms are made SPECIFICALLY to rapidly reload a firearm. A bunch of fully loaded 7 round magazines can be loaded into the weapon, one magazine at a time, fired, ejected, and a fresh magazine reloaded within a second. Therefore, this is only stupidity, extremeism, grandstanding, and wasting the Taxpayers Dollars, on senseless Legislation that really would not accomplish a damn thing in the real World. Nothing but sensationalism from the Democommunist Politicians and their willing puppets, the mainstream news Media. Besides that, what Criminal is going to comply ? It’s just a ploy to harass and fine the Law-Abiding Firearm Owner.

  15. Disarm the average New Yorker, forget that bad guys can always get guns. DEFINITELY the way to go, you pea-brained SHEEP.

  16. The law was passed in 20 minutes. It will take years for it to be struck down, if it is indeed struck down. Then NYC and Albany will try something slightly different to screw its citizens, and it’ll take another 2 years to undo that. Can anyone tell me why a law that restricts constitutional rights is able to remain in effect while the State delays and delays?

    • That’s easy. The criminals are the ones making the laws with the intent of consolidating power. Do you think that Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Holder, etc. would ever supports any limits for *their* bodyguards? Now you get the picture.

  17. I live less than 70 miles from NYC and I sure as hell hope the emanations of stupidity as expressed in those interviews can’t reach me here. Maybe it’s time to lead line the walls.

  18. Do any of the idiots realise you can get a shotgun with a 10 round tube? Or a lever action with 10+ rounds? How are those “assault weapons? Or my xd 45 with 13 in the mag?

  19. “Large calibers don’t belong in a home” WHAT? This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about…the law doesn’t discuss calibers.

    • You can never say 100%, but I’d bet $5 that none of the people in those interviews had much if any familiarity with guns.
      Yet they still have opinions about what “reasonable” regulations there should be regarding guns.

      Maybe before they speak, they should be just a little bit familiar with the laws already on the books and have a passing familiarity with the objects that they so strongly want to regulate.

  20. M-15…I want one of those! And half these people were mugged on the way home by a bad guy with a gun.

  21. // “… and New York City has a five-bullet limit for some firearms, he said. … Still, Cuomo indicated that the judge’s ruling on the seven-bullet limit is now the law, unless it overturned.” //

    Presumably, the ruling only applies to Western New York, and thus not to NYC. It should, however, apply to the City of Buffalo, which also, afaik, has some sort of 5-round magazine size limit. So, does the ruling mean the residents of Buffalo can now possess 10-round magazines, or does it only mean that in the parts of New York State that are covered by the ruling and that have the 10-round magazine limit one can load more than 7 round in a 10-round magazine?

  22. Those idiots in the video would also probably want to restrict a lot of things. If you asked them if cars like the one Paul Walker died in were just too powerful and too dangerous for the street, do you think we should ban them? I am sure they would say it should happen because, safety. Nobody needs more than 150 horsepower, it’s for the children of course.

  23. Here’s a solution ,Carry two guns with seven rounds each that’s fourteen rounds ,enough to take out two perps at the same time.My kinda justice and keeps the Governor happy!

  24. I think we should start loading hollowpoints with poison like in Jaws 2. Really make those gun control nuts piss their pants…

  25. “sheeple” and were done……….all i need to see to know the content and production of that video.

    so just because someone is ignorant of a fact, (because they havent been exposed to the culture or ideas) they are suddenly sheep? an elephant judged on his ability to climb a tree will go about his life thinking he is stupid.

    i dunno, just a buzzword i hate hate hate hearing because some people i know think they are far superior to the average human because they “dont listen to the mass media”

    • Agreed.

      The “sheep” that we so lovingly refer to are not necessarily stupid people, they are simply ignorant. Which, in and of itself, is NOT a bad thing. There are a great many things that I am ignorant of because I haven’t taken the time to study them. Name calling won’t win any converts to a cause, education will.

  26. Take your stupid round limits and go…

    oops, I’ve reached my seven word limit. I needed two more to finish!

  27. Cuomo is a shathead. Just like his old man. But if those chumps on that video are any indication, they deserve a shathead like Cuomo.

  28. I find it really disturbing when arrogant city dwellers express strong opinions regarding topics that they know nothing about. These idiots vote. A few follow up questions would easily expose their ignorance.

  29. Width these idiots speaking their minds like they have , I can see why they have the kind of idiot politicians like they do , and then the folks that put them in office blame everything else but the politicians for things going wrong , these folks do not see the type of world we are living in now , but I guess since there is so much crime and violence in New York City , they have become desensitized to it. I have grown up in Mississippi and we have a totally different attitude toward guns and incroachment of government into our personal lives , I guess it comes from what the Yankees and the Federal government did to the South long ago and still is trying to keep the South down.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  30. Yes New York. You can keep your Satanist Church too and put up Satan’s statue in bloomberg’s backyard.

  31. I just read a story about three Louisiana police officers who fired “35 or 36 shots” at a man holding a knife and hit him 29 times killing him. If these so-called highly trained officers need that many shots to stop a single person, how many would a poor civilian need?

  32. There is the proverbial “line in the sand” for NYer’s, now it’s on them, let see if they have the gonads to rise up and take it to the finish…

  33. Don’t ever ask anyone in a large city about guns. Chances are very good that the only GUNZ they have ever seen were on TV or in the movies. Ignorance is widespread.

  34. Yo Sheep, kinda member one ting, if ya give up one of youz writes, youz weakin’ dem all.

    And I am from N.Y. but got da eff out to Tennessee so I didn’t have to worry about this chicken excrement stuff that N.Y. is doing.

    I can even drink super gulp sodas (or is that pop) and not have the Bloomy tell me I can’t, but that got shoved up his “where the sun don’t shine” didn’t it.

  35. I am scared the Court will uphold an AWB. We saw how Roberts upheld O’Care. Do people really think he’d strike down the AWBs?

  36. the people in the video show true ignorance. one said how “because of recent events…” that just prove that these people judge things just based on their current emotions.

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