Andrew Cuomo gun control don't kill bill

It’s hard to believe that any sane politician would mess with the provisions of a state’s penal code authorizing the police to use deadly force. Unless your “base” is so far to the left that it’s inches away from circumnavigating the political spectrum, telling the cops they have to shoot for an arm or a leg in a life-or-death situation is political suicide. And yet there it is: New York Bill A02952. New York City Assemblywoman—sorry, “Assemblymember” Annette Robinson sponsored the legislation.

It would change New York State penal state law to read  “A police officer or peace officer . . . uses such force with the intent to stop, rather than kill . . . and uses only the minimal amount of force necessary to effect such stop.” Send that one to our friends

Of course, the supposed anti-gun media is piling on. The pithy Post pillories the pernicious plan with particularly purposeful prejudice. It’s ‘kill’ or be ‘killed’ at NYPD range, the headline proclaims. What else do you need to know? Why they sent a comely female reporter instead of grizzled male crime beat reporter? I blame TV. Look for this one to sink without a trace.


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