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“The ‘demon’ Rikers Island officer who killed himself after shooting his ex and executing a Massachusetts cop should have been stripped of his gun more than a year ago, a source told the [New York] Daily News. Correction Officer Shawn Bryan was not allowed to carry a gun because he hadn’t been qualified at a firing range since September 2010.” I’m confused. Is the News saying that if the Corrections Department had confiscated Officer Bryan’s gun, he wouldn’t have shot anyone? Because he couldn’t have secured access to another one? What about the fact that Bryan didn’t have a Massachusetts LTC (License to Carry)? Or that he was under an order of protection? Once again, it’s always easiest to blame the gun.

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  1. The notion he was bat shit crazy takes a back seat to the ever present evil that is a machine known as the gun.

  2. I’m sure glad that people like the guy closest to the camera are “protecting” us … the guy that is leaning backwards (rather than forwards), grimacing, and trying to get that handgun as far away from his face as possible.

  3. S&W 3rd Gen, we meet again. Great guns.Too bad their owners in this picture shoot like stormtrooper extras from Star Wars.

  4. His Single Mom Parent of the Year blames his girlfriend for all of it, and alleged that Shaun was axually (SIC) shot by someone else. This is the insanity we are dealing with.

  5. Most law enforcement agencies are very reluctant to add their employees to the rubber gun squad, but it needs to be done more often than what the norm is now.

  6. If you’re expecting sense from The Daily Snooze, then you must be crazier than its editors. The Snooze is a left-wing propaganda rag.

    As an aside, there was a time when the Snooze was somewhere to the right of Barry Goldwater and the New York Post was somewhere to the left of Josef Stalin. Then Mort Zuckerman bought the Snooze, Rupert Murdoch bought the Post, and the two tabloids flipped editorial positions.

  7. The article you linked to in your post doesn’t mention anything about the gun, his qualifications, or anything of the sort. The article does mention that his mother blames the woman he shot in the head for “perpetrating” the whole thing. If you have another link to the article you referenced, please share it.

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