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AR15s (courtesy

Congressional Representative Brad Schneider and two of his Democratic colleagues want federally licensed gun stores to report all sales of two or more long guns to the ATF. Who would . . . ? Keep a database! Which would . . .

“Address the gun violence crisis in this country.”

Yes, well, I wonder if this gun control troika know that the rule they seek already applies to rifle sales in border states (Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas ).

That’s thanks to an ATF regulation aimed at stemming the “iron pipeline” of [non-ATF enabled] rifles supposedly flowing to Mexican drug cartels. Which has done . . . nothing to stop “gun violence.” In Mexico or the United States.

Rational thinking aside, the Multiple Firearm Sales Reporting Modernization Act is an empty gesture with snowball’s chance in hell, designed to gain voter admiration. Assuming you need your blood pressure elevated, here’s the presser . . .

Congressional Representative Brad Schneider (courtesy

Reps. Brad Schneider (D-IL) (above), Norma J. Torres (D-CA), and Eliot L. Engel (D-NY) introduced the Multiple Firearm Sales Reporting Modernization Act. If approved by Congress and passed into law, the bill would require a federal firearms licensee to report the sale of two or more long guns, including semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and the AK-47, within a five-day period.

This bill’s introduction comes less than two weeks after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The shooter, Stephen Paddock, possessed an arsenal of deadly firearms, including a number of semi-automatic rifles.

“Each day more innocent lives are claimed, and more families are devastated by senseless gun violence,” said Rep. Schneider. “It’s outrageous that long guns such as AR-15s are exempt from the reporting requirements that apply when someone purchases multiple handguns. This bill is a commonsense update to apply the same rules to all firearm purchases.”

“This bill is a long-overdue update.” said Rep. Torres. “Our law enforcement agencies need to know if anyone is stocking up on AR-15s and AK-47s. The multiple sales reporting provision that is already on the books has helped our law enforcement go after handgun trafficking rings across the country. There is simply no reason why we should exempt semi-automatic rifles from that provision.”

“Too often after tragedies like Las Vegas, we ask why someone didn’t see this coming,” said Rep. Engel. “ATF is able to track the sale of handguns, but extending that to all firearms is an important first step to address the gun violence crisis in this country.”

A long-standing provision in the federal code requires gun dealers to file a report to law enforcement when two or more handguns or pistols are purchased in a five-day period. This provision dates back to the time when lawmakers and citizens were principally concerned about crime and violence involving handguns. Since then, however, semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and the AK-47 have become significantly more prevalent on America’s streets and have emerged as the weapons of choice for drug cartels in Mexico.

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  1. I bought a couple handguns the other day…one was a great deal…the other was OK. My transfer FFL cuts a deal on multiple transfers.$25 for one…$40 for two…and it saves me a trip (time and gas). So?

    • No doubt there are plenty of occasions where there is some legitimate reason (such as yours) for a buyer to conduct multiple purchases within a given 5-day period.

      Now, think about it. If there are lots of such occasions (relative to straw-buying) then these reports of legitimate transactions make it all the more difficult to sift though thousands of reports to discover the suspicious cases of apparent straw-buying from among the legitimate transactions. The ATF would discover that by investigating such cases they come-up with dry-holes; and, then, stop investigating many cases.

      Only if a straw-buyer appears far too often would they bother to chase-him-down.

      But the big problem I see with this scheme is that a careful straw-buyer can easily avoid detection. He sets-up a route and schedule to buy from FFL A on Mondays, then FFL B on Tuesdays, . . . and then back to FFL A on Mondays. He could keep this going forever and never get reported; not even once.

      I can think of a mechanism to foil such a serial straw-buyer; but, I won’t mention it. It seems to me that every effort taken to “trap” a straw-buyer is altogether too vulnerable to being defeated.

      Given the facility with which guns can be made by a hobbyist, they can also be manufactured in clandestine factories. CNC machine tools have rendered control over manufacturing moot; and, these will soon be supplemented by 3D printing.

      The Antis will use their anaconda strategy to tighten the noose around gun transactions, whether at FFLs or via UBC. Just as soon as the noose is tight-enough, the gun-runners will make their own guns. (This is to say nothing about burglary and smuggling.)

      IF there is to be any “gun-control” that has any chance of being effective then it will be via enforcement of felon-in-possession. An illegal transaction takes place within just a moment-in-time; very difficult to detect, trap and prosecute. A felon-in-possession is committing a crime continuously while keeping it in his home, carrying it on the street or in his car.

      Cops routinely encounter felons possessing guns; if the criminal justice system won’t prosecute these crimes then why do we imagine they will go to the effort of looking for illegal transactions?

      The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they have altogether too many minorities in prison. They are really only interested in intimidating OFWGs who may occasionally sell a gun or loan a gun to a friend. Now, they have a pool of “criminals” who will reduce the racial imbalance in the criminal justice system.

      • “… that has any chance of being effective then it will be via enforcement of felon-in-possession”

        Except…… in the last big bunch of years there have been a lot of victimless crimes elevated to Felony status. And if the only way the gun-grabbers can grab the guns is by felon-in-possession you can bet they are going to try and make even more crimes a felony.

  2. Is a complete lower a long arm? If it’s still a “receiver” I suspect every company selling complete ARs will simply ship their lowers and uppers separated to avoid this. This will effect everything BUT ARs.

    • Depends, does it have a legit shoulder stock, then its a rifle. No buffer tube, receiver. Pistol buffer tube, handgun. Ultimately it depends on the incomming paperwork the FFL who sent it out classified it as that the receiving FFL files it as.

  3. From working in a gun store I have only ever filled out the multiple handgun sale form 5 times. Mostly a husband and wife who both bought guns together or someone transfering a collection that was inherited that no longer wanted it. Even the local LEO I had to forward a copy to had asked us on multiple occasions to stop. This will changr nothing.

  4. There’s nothing that would provoke more “gun violence” than an attempt to seize guns. But gun control isn’t about preventing violence, it’s about forcing the rubes in Flyover Country to knuckle under.

  5. I firmly believe the authors of these bills and others should immediately forfeit their life if so much as one other person is killed or injured after their bill becomes law. That is the price they should pay. In time, it will force a change in their thinking and behavior as they see their ranks dwindled by their own stupidity. And it will certainly improve the gene pool!
    It’s time to find out if they are willing to die for their stupidity!

  6. Perhaps these solons should just shut the front door and follow their fundraiser Harvey by masturbating into a potted plant. They’ll feel great and we won’t have to hear about their schemes.

  7. California has had a one hand gun in thirty days law for a long time. (Makes it particularly difficult to buy a matched set.) Interestingly enough, however, and in a rare “victory,” a bill this last session to limit long gun purchases to one in thirty failed.

  8. When shipping to CA, CA requires all receivers to be marked in their database as long guns.
    Guess it was too hard to get the software to list pistol, long gun and receiver……go figure.

  9. Hmmm all the liberal, democratic bastions of liberty. How’s the land of sanctuary cities doing? Sending out the sacrificial liberal to preach the communism to the poor subjects of those forsaken lands. Bet you the old line is referred to many times, you know “it’s for the children ” ….I am very pleased that Wisconsin hasn’t gone down that path, except for Madison and Milwaukee.

  10. 1). US CONSTITUTIONAL-BILL of Rights.
    [1st, 2nd, ,3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th amendments…]

    2).What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” DON’T these LibTard and RINOs not understand!

    3). There is NO SUCH THING AS PRE-CRIME!

    4). Murder is a “Capital Crime”.It is already against the LAW!

  11. Oh, FFS.

    This is just a larger demonstration of the ignorance of these guttersnipes posing at legislators.

    The ATF already had a form for reporting multiple long gun sales, and they’ve had a requirement for FFLs to report multiple long gun sales of “certain long guns” (ie, AR’s, AK,s – mostly semi-autos with DBM’s) in the four states bordering Mexico, the failed, third-world nation to our south, for the last five years. This regulation promulgated by the ATF in August of 2011 is set to expire on 30 November, 2017.

    The ATF could make a regulatory finding and fly a NPRM to simply expand what they’ve already been requiring FFL’s to do in those four border states – because, the original language inserted into the FR doesn’t exclude the reporting requirement to the four border states. Only the cover letter to FFLs did.

    There needs to be an IQ test enacted, as well as a civics test, before anyone is allowed to run for office. Those who attempt to run for office and fail these tests should be exiled to some third world nation – perhaps we can use Puerto Rico as our “island of misfit morons who want to run for office.” Or, perhaps better yet, we send them on rafts made of inner tubes and plywood to wash up on the shores of Cuba, where these same sorts of morons keep telling us about how great the health care system is.

    It’s time to end the practice of “government by the lowest IQs.”

  12. So,

    What crimes have been prevented due to the multiple-handgun reporting law?

    If you can’t point to any, why should I expect expanding it to do anything at all?

  13. It’s 4.15 am and I can make some phone calls and come home with s few SKS’s a couple AR ‘ s and AK 47’s, all of them off the books, so what’s this law going to do?

    • As per usual with the Dems it’s all about perception and emotions. They know this will NEVER pass, but they are even more certain that by putting their name on the ATTEMPT to pass it they will guarantee a certain number of low-information voter votes for their next run at the government trough, I mean political office.

      For them it’s all about getting and keeping power. It doesn’t matter if legislation accomplishes what it seems to have been written to do so long as it gets them a few extra votes and they can paint they guy they are running against as a monster for opposing it.


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