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I don’t normally dip my toes in the political pool here at TTAG. I’m content to torture test scopes and look for the greatest trigger that God has ever bestowed upon the world. But make no mistake, I’ve followed the F&F series here and elsewhere from the beginning. I’ve called and written my congressman as well as Issa’s office. Short of occupying something, I feel like I have been pretty involved in the issue. So when I stumbled upon this little gem from by way of, I felt it might be time for me to finally clear my throat via TTAG . . .

Latino groups are going to demonstrate this weekend in Phoenix at Paradise Valley State Park. Members of civil rights group Nuestros Reconquistos believe that people have been lied to about the death of border agent Brian Terry, who was supposedly killed by Mexican drug cartel members.

“The misinformation about Brian Terry’s death is mind boggling. It was just a lie to get people all riled up about illegal immigration,” claims Nuestros Reconquistos President Manuel Longoria. “There is other information going around saying that Terry was accidentally killed by another U.S. border agent. The mainstream media is refusing to report this!”

There has been a lot of scandal surrounding Terry’s death. It was recently revealed that he was killed with weapons donated by the United States. Cecilia Maldonado, the President of Chicanos Unidos Arizona, calls the situation a tragedy. 

As they say, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I probably don’t agree with most of the members of NR. They evidently think it was some kind of dark anti-brown people conspiracy. I believe wholeheartedly that Mexican cartel members killed Agent Terry. So no, we don’t agree with them at all. I also believe that the Examiner has made an unintentionally dark joke when they describe the weapon that killed Agent Terry as “donated” by the US.

While the cliché train is pulling into the station, I’ll leave you with another. “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

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  1. Baseless claims of racism from a group that thrives on racial disharmony and is in itself racist?

    Just on another day in progressive America.

  2. “The misinformation about Brian Terry’s death is mind boggling. It was just a lie to get people all riled up about illegal immigration,” claims Nuestros Reconquistos President Manuel Longoria. “There is other information going around saying that Terry was accidentally killed by another U.S. border agent. The mainstream media is refusing to report this!”

    this is COMPLETE BS. These people have plenty of problems of their own. This “anti brown” conspiracy theory is total crap. Cartel dudes kill people and dump bodies in public areas in Mexico all the time, why is agent terry getting killed so hard to believe?!

  3. I personally don’t believe that another agent killed Agent Terry; however, the reaction of this group is one of those unintended consequences of sealing the case and stonewalling.

    If they are in search of the truth, I welcome them.

  4. Agent Terry killed by another agent? Yeah, sure, right after he was abducted by illegal aliens from Outer Space, not the illegaler ones from Matamoros.

  5. As if race didn’t play. It always has an influence on every action in politics. NR needs it 15 minutes just like everybody else. The fact is that the “donated” weapon came by way of F(fubar) & F(fouled up) is true and that those incharge need to be held acountable.As for NR LOOK AT MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the Cartels aren’t killing much? NR needs to look for more tunnels.

  6. Explain to me how another Border Patrol agent could have killed Agent Terry when their weapons were loaded with BEAN BAGS! Yes, they were ordered to chamber bean bag rounds, which is why when they were surprised by the cartel rip crew, Agent Terry was killed and it took some time for them to respond. The BP is hindered not only by a government that won’t control it’s border, but by it’s own leaders who saddle them with ineffective rules of engagement. Add on top of that a fellow Federal LEO, (BATF) that allows tactical weapons to walk into the hands of your adversaries and you have the situation which resulted in the preventable death of Agent Terry.

  7. I read this last night (via Fark as well) and it sickened me. The moment I read the article is the exact moment I lost my last shred of sympathy for the Latino cause. Years and years of ever more ridiculous demands have eroded my once solid support for them and La Raza is among the worst.

  8. Coming from the Latino pro-Mexican, anti-USA groups, this is not surprising.
    I always thought that most ethnic immigrant groups in the past put the USA first ( including some Native American Indians I know ) versus wanting to be annexed by a bordering foreign country.
    Wonder what would have happened if the German and Italian descended folk had supported the Axis in WWII?

  9. For the linguistically curious, “Nuestros Reconquistos,” if the Spanish were proper, would mean “our reconquests.” If their name reflects their agenda (which names often do), that would offer a good glimpse into what they’re trying to accomplish. Or at the very least, into their point of view.

    • The irony is that Reconquista generally time period of European nations reclaiming formerly Christian territory from Muslims.

      These people apparently are thinking they are doing the same. Some also seem to think they are in someway related to the Knights Templar.

      These groups seem to be anti-white, yet they speak the white mans tongue, practice the white mans religion, and integrate the white mans history in to their culture, yet identify as native americans…

          • You do know that Jesus was born in Jerusalem in the Kingdom of Judah, just south of the Kingdom of Israel so he was not “white” therefore Christianity is not a “white man’s religion”. You could argue that Catholicism is but that’s a stretch considering that by that point Christianity had went global.

            • Which is why I said ‘technically the Caucasoid’s religion.’

              The Mayans and Aztecs are considered to be part of the Mongoloid race.

              And no Christianity had not yet gone global by the time Catholicism came around. The first references to Catholicism came in the year 107, and the Americas weren’t discovered by Christians for well over 1000 years.

              • You are right. I stand corrected. Thanks for the links, I’m learning quite a bit.

                It’s interesting to see how we classify, name and further sub-classify and label any minute difference within our own species, like we do to other less intelligent animals, possibly leading to “racism” and segregation. Maybe the one discerning the differences sees himself as above whatever he is classifying since has to be more intelligent to notice the differences. I firmly belive we’ve done this in error as I believe we are all one human “race” and are merely brought up in different cultures.

                To the topic at hand, I am concerned by the message of this group, especially if their chosen name is any indicator. If anything, Mexicans should be upset with themselves as they themselves have created the condition from which they want to escape from. I’m not surprised though, as the Mayans practically destroyed themselves. Although the great majority of latinos in the USA may be Mexican, the majority of non Mexican latinos do not consider themselves part of their culture at all. There is much racism in the latino community.

                I also despise any immigrant that wishes to change their new country into their own instead of embracing the new culture and assimilating into it. Those like that will only turn the USA into the hellhole they fled from. There’s nothing wrong with mainting ties and traditions of your homeland, but if you want to be American then you have to drop your baggage off at the door.

              • Different races of people have been proven over and over again thru genetics. Is it wrong or immoral to call one dog a Pit Bull and another one a Golden Retriever? If not then how is it wrong to do the same to people. And its not the human race, its the human species.

                I always thought it was the Spainards who destroyed the Mayans/Aztecs and created the Mexicans. Regarding the racism in the latino community, i think thats rather universal, look at the chinese/japanese, the Israelis/everyone else in the ME, or anywhere in europe.

                I cant reconcile your second paragraph with your last. Can you elaborate?

              • Correction. If by “well over 1000 years” you are referring to that Italian dude, please know that it has been documented that Leif Ericson came to Newfoundland around 1003. He and at least some of his fellow viking travellers were by this time nominally Christian.
                See and for more info.

                Of interest to this forum would be that a free man was to be armed and slaves disarmed. This is clearly posted at the viking ship museum in Oslo, Norway.

                Long time reader, first time poster.

  10. If DOJ could have pinned this on a BP agent they would have done it by now, then again maybe that’s what Holder will claim next week
    Their goal of reclaiming 20-25 % of USA for Mexico will only result in 20-25% more area that’s fucked up
    Ain’t gonna happen

  11. I’m sure mexico is a paradise and the illegals come here to educate us on the error of the white mans ways. too bad the government conspiracy won’t let the truth out. I’m planning on sneaking into mexico right now

    • Actually, Mexico is a paradise geographically speaking, and therefore has some nasty serpents in it. See the cartels. But a funny thing about the people who want to give the western U.S. back to Mexico is that they’re generally Americans of Latino descent who have precious little first hand experience of life in Mexico. Life is not easy for most people there.

  12. I thought Manuel Longoria was appointed by AG Eric Holder to a position in the White House. What happened to that, as I know that a lot of people, including myself screamed bloody murder over that. Could it be that Holder was trying to keep Longoria quiet about the later’s continued contention that the unfortnate killing was by agent(s).

    Or, could their be a connection between the arms of ‘fast and furious’, but not a connection to recently armed Mexican drug dealers, but to a recently armed member of ‘Nuestros Reconquistos’, trying to expedite the ‘Aztlan’?

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