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From the National Shooting Sports Foundation . . .

NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to block state authorities from enforcing HB 5471, the recently-enacted “Protect Illinois Communities Act,” which bans the sale of several hundred of the most commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles in America, including all rifles on the very popular Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) platform.

That same law also bans the possession of standard-capacity magazines and certain models of semiautomatic handguns. This unconstitutional law unquestionably violates the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Illinois citizens and the state should be enjoined immediately from enforcing it.

“NSSF filed this motion for a preliminary injunction because every day this unconstitutional law is on the books, law-abiding citizens are being denied their right to keep and bear arms of their choosing for self-defense and other lawful purposes,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

“This ban on MSRs and other commonly-owned rifles, standard-capacity magazines and certain handguns was passed in open defiance of the Supreme Court’s Bruen and Heller decisions. The Second Amendment protects the right of a citizen to freely approach a gun counter to legally purchase commonly-owned firearms, unless, as the Supreme Court held in Bruen, the state can prove its law is part of a historic, national tradition and heritage of banning such arms – something the state obviously cannot do.”

HB 5471 is among the nation’s most expansive gun control laws. It bans the sale of hundreds of models of rifles, including commonly-owned MSRs, certain semiautomatic handguns and rifle and pistol magazines with a capacity greater than 10 and 15 ammunition cartridges, respectively. There are over 24.4 million MSRs in circulation today, more popular than the top selling Ford F-150 and hundreds of millions of standard-capacity magazines owned by tens of millions of Americans.

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  1. Cool😎 Someone asked why Illinois was a big deal? Because the Dims knew they legally couldn’t enact their draconian BS without an enormous backlash. Just like the national Dimscum© party they need to be swept out of existence. Or worse🙄

    • Based on treatment in certain states “Gun Owner” falls in line with the N-word used by demented Jim Crow era Gun Control democRats.

      Unfortunately the vast majority of today’s Gun Owners are too history illiterate to see the blatent discrimination happening to them right under their noses. Instead of the NSSF perhaps history illiterate Gun Owners need a NAAGO…National Association for the Advancement of Gun Owners.

  2. The only info I can find about the NRA’s involvement is that they are “Financially supporting” the NSSF in this.

    • Good, because it looks like the lawsuits are only feeding the lawyers.

      Is this the Dems demonstrating trickle-down economics?

    • Got it – You’re yapped enough times that you adhere to CNN/MSNBC/misc MSM and that you’re all butthurt over their narrative of the evil NRA. Got it.

    • I heard a coue interviews with brace inventor Alex Bosco of SB Tactical. He said the NRA has offered to pay for 50% of his lawsuit against the new brace rule. I’m still not happy with LaPierre’s leadership, but they’re doing the right thing here.

  3. Hopefully the injunction is granted, and will serve as a precedent for other states where the gun grabbers are attempting similar un-Constitutional measures.

      • If we hit them with Contempt Citations in Federal Court with a demand to fine each individual who votes for these measures, it will get their attention. It’s time to stop playin “nice” and hit ’em in the pocketbook.

  4. This whole thing is so absurd. There was a time when swords were the “common use” arm used. I doubt very seriously that anyone carrying swords pulled it on every single person they were face to face with. Yet we all understand and accept that these were at one time in history a commonly used arm.

    • Prndll:

      “They” want us to return to the era of muskets, “muskets”, “muskets”, “muskets” is all they talk about well every good musket rifle/flintlock pistol carrier toted a large knife and of course a tomahawk for “close-in” fighting, yup we must tuck these tools into our belts today as “backup weapons” and await the handwringer’s inevitable outcry that we’re acting like savages.

      • The ‘savages’ I saw was started with the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots and Chaz/Chop. Atleast as far as anything non-gang related. Burning down police stations and private businesses maliciously qualifies for acting like savages in my book. That doesn’t even consider the lives lost.

        Setting us all back (even to the point of muskets) is what the Democrat left has in common with militant Islam and the Taliban. All the progress humans have made gets erased with these people. It isn’t just about advances in guns. Biden and the progressive left are fighting battles the rest of us have moved on from.

      • Muskets were banned under NY’s new law possibly by accident (not the best writing) but doubt they want us having a sharp knife if they can help it.

  5. I like their quote “The Second Amendment protects the right of a citizen to freely approach a gun counter to legally purchase commonly-owned firearms, unless, as the Supreme Court held in Bruen, the state can prove its law is part of a historic, national tradition and heritage of banning such arms – something the state obviously cannot do.” But, you can do what they said in Illinois without a FOID card to legally handle, purchase firearms and ammo in a gun store any where in Illinois. Get ride of the FOID also.

  6. Beep… ba deep beep… broadcasting from behind enemy lines…
    “We’re strong and will remain so…. The Rulers believe we will behave in a certain manner… Good for them… Let them enjoy complacency…
    “ dicere leniter sed portare magnum lignum”- Theodore Roosevelt

  7. that photo at the top
    the ar15 with the troy industries alpha rail
    remember back in the day
    how those were all the rage
    and then mlok came out
    almost overnight
    the troy industries rail became almost…
    well…as gay as keymod

  8. The AR/AK ban has been in effect for a while now in Massachusetts,deemed necessary by the former AG now govenor. Why has no one including NSSF and NRA done anything about it. Her mandate was at her whim and had no basis in law. I sure would like to own one or two. She even chased S&W out of the state.

    • Chief, to do that, someone has to be the litigant in the matter. If no one from Mass. comes forward and files a suit or asks NSSF or the NRA to help, what can they do?

  9. Follow on to my last post. We also have a democrap liberal suburban lawyer representative who has proposed a law outlawing ALL semi automatic guns not just AR/AKs but handguns. We need more outside help than the local gun organizations can provide. these clowns have gone off the rails like cali and ny “let them sue it will still take effect and will take forever to get through the courts”.


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