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Two things sell guns in America, civil unrest and politics. Outside of Portland, the civil unrest has mostly disappeared in recent months (amazing, huh?) but with the inauguration of the Bidenharris administration and their anticipated assault on Second Amendment rights, the American gun-buying public as acted accordingly.

To wit: they’re buying guns as fast as manufacturers can crank them out. The NSSF has just crunched the numbers for February and their tally of the adjusted NICS background check totals show gun sales of 1,387,076 an increase of 7.2 percent over the year-ago numbers.

What do those three highest February totals have in common? (courtesy NSSF)

The NSSF’s Mark Oliva had this to say . . .

February’s adjusted NICS data shows us that Americans continue to purchase firearms in record numbers, while at the same time, their elected representatives in Washington, D.C. and the Biden administration plot to steal away their right to purchase firearms.

It’s not lost on the firearm industry that after a year of record-setting figures for gun sales, Democrats favoring gun control in both chambers of Congress are ignoring the will of their voters and introducing legislation to limit the rights of law-abiding citizens instead of concentrating efforts to reduce crime. It is staggering the tone-deaf response by politicians to attempt to curb gun owners’ rights and ignore criminals that break the law.

February 2021 was third highest on record and showed a 7.2 percent increase over February 2020. This is positive growth in the firearm market, even when compared to double-digit and triple-digit performance that has been sustained for a year. It isn’t clear that market demand has been satisfied and there are other factors to consider.

Firearm retailers in many locations are still showing empty display cases and low inventory, indicating that firearms are still sought after. February’s background check figures too may have been affected by the Arctic weather that blanketed much of the nation in February. Background checks for gun sales in Texas alone were 13 percent below last February.

Courtesy NSSF

Here are the obligatory caveats to the NSSF’s adjusted totals:

Please note: Twenty-five states currently have at least one qualified alternative permit, which under the Brady Act allows the permit-holder, who has undergone a background check to obtain the permit, to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer without a separate additional background check for that transfer. The number of NICS checks in these states does not include these legal transfers based on qualifying permits and NSSF does not adjust for these transfers. Michigan had law changes that affected their Brady Law standing which removed qualifying alternate permits usage for firearm transactions. These changes went into effect March 3, 2020. NSSF-adjusted NICS for the state of Michigan in January 2021 were 96.6 percent higher than January 2020 which accounts for an additional 24,539 checks over the same time period.

The adjusted NICS data were derived by subtracting out NICS purpose code permit checks and permit rechecks used by states for CCW permit application checks as well as checks on active CCW permit databases. NSSF started subtracting permit rechecks in February 2016.

Though not a direct correlation to firearms sales, the NSSF-adjusted NICS data provide an additional picture of current market conditions. In addition to other purposes, NICS is used to check transactions for sales or transfers of new or used firearms. 

It should be noted that these statistics represent the number of firearm background checks initiated through the NICS. They do not represent the number of firearms sold or sales dollars. Based on varying state laws, local market conditions and purchase scenarios, a one-to-one correlation cannot be made between a firearm background check and a firearm sale. 

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  1. Well I helped my 70 year old friend buy 2 guns in February. And one today. I got a gat in January. IF I get 1400bucks I’ll get more…there was a gazillion 4473’s being. processed at Westforth guns in rural Gary,IN today. Stacks…

  2. Sales would be even higher if so many people were not pinching pennies. However there are other brands that sell for much less than Glock, Springfield, etc. For example I will never own another Glock 17 after discovering the Sar9. It feels better in the hand and it literally points itself and once setup it spits projectiles like no tomorrow.

    Then you have a lot of folks wanting an AR15 but cannot afford one. Well most people can afford a stripped AR15 Receiver and over time piece a rifle together. Anderson makes a decent multi caliber receiver that they package in a blister pack. I personally prefer the closed trigger guard Anderson for a few dollars more.

    For a fair priced semi auto shotgun try the Citadel Warthog II. For conceal carry the new striker fired SCCY advertised on this forum is a lot of bang for the buck if you can find one. And of course when it comes to firearms it pays to shop around and only do business with reptable sellers.

    • I’m going to buy one of them Sar9’s, bullets or not. Just to see if they’re as good as you say they are. Then I’m going to take it out and shoot it, ,,,,,,,,,,, with a 12 gauge that’s Made in America.

  3. As noted in the article, it’s important to remember that in states such as Iowa, none of the current permit holders (either carry or permit to acquire) who purchase a firearm are entered into the NICS system since the permit is proof that the prospect has already been cleared and there is no call into the system as part of the 4473 process. Taking this into consideration, there have been many more firearms legally purchased from FFL holders than will show up in the official NICS figures.

  4. I haven’t bought anything of late for several reasons. One, my firearm safety certificate (required for a purchase in California) expired and I don’t feel like spending $25 to get a new one on top of DROS, tax, and the cost of a firearm. Two, I just moved and my driver’s license doesn’t match my “other forms of identification.” Three, anything I might be interested in is selling for $100 north of MSRP if it is even available. Plus I don’t “need” another gun, I have enough (but that doesn’t mean I don’t want another one).

    • If I buy another gunm it will probably be in a caliber I do not have, that means I have to buy another 2 boxs of bullets, they only sale one box at a time, who wants a gunm with no bullets.?
      I’d like to buy so many bullets , fill my bathtub full , and just sit in all those lovely bullets.
      A nice long hot bubullet bath. Ahhhhhh

  5. Bidenharris administration? I thought it it was a harris admin along with Joe biden?

    Also, more ammo please

    • It’s a regime. Administrations don’t need thousands of troops to protect them from their voters for weeks on end. Most popular administration in history my ass.

  6. Doesn’t matter what # of background checks are done or what the people want, the left is gonna do what benefits them & their power with just a few decision makers. The rest will just fall in line no matter what “letter” they claim to be for, the D’s & R’s are getting hard to tell the difference! One thing for sure….They all bleed RED.

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