Judge Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Trump Nomination
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The NSSF released the following statement:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition and related industries, tonight expressed its strong support for President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to become an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

“We are pleased to lend our support to President Trump’s nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and urge the Senate to approve his nomination before the next term begins on the first Monday in October,” said Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “We are confident that Judge Kavanaugh will serve our nation with distinction as an Associate Justice of our nation’s highest court and that he will make decisions that will serve to protect the Second Amendment and other Constitutionally guaranteed rights of law-abiding Americans.”


About NSSF
The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 13,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, visit nssf.org.

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    • To be clear: the NSSF is the group of gun makers and sellers that the anti-civil rights bigots keep accusing the NRA of being.
      In other words – the NRA is the American Gun Owners group, the NSSF are businessmen. Since the goal of every business is profit, they might occasionally do or say something we (the POTG) don’t like in order to keep the dollars rolling in from the folks who are not as devoted to guns as we are.
      Not that this excuses them, far from it. But it does clarify their perspective.

      Oh, and lest we forget – the NSSF did excommunicate Dick’s, remember?

  1. Let’s not forget Kavanaugh used the Robert’s logic that Obamacare was a tax and not a penalty so this guy may screw us down the road. Hoping for the best though…

    • Kavanaugh voted to strike down Obamacare, calling the individual mandate “a law that is unprecedented on the federal level in American history.” He also stated that upholding the individual mandate would “usher in a significant expansion of congressional authority with no obvious principled limit.”

      Kavanaugh also noted that a different statute without a mandate might pass muster under the Taxing Clause.

      He could not have used Roberts’ logic since the Kavanaugh dissent was written in 2011, while Robert’s opinion was written in 2015. Roberts actually ignored Kavanaugh’s dissent since the law that Roberts upheld as a tax did have an individual mandate, which Kavanaugh opposed.

      • Oh look, another instance where he appeals to tradition. Not the Supreme Law of the Land (R), but “tradition”.

        • Well, you’re a big believer in tradition. For example, it’s traditional for you to be against everything. Everyfvckingthing. If I bought you a steak dinner, you’d complain that it was all going to turn to sh!t.

          You are nothing if not predictable. Whatever it is, you’re against it.

      • Law without a mandate would fall flat, no one would participate until in the throes of a preexisting condition, join up for $20 and immediately collect $100,000 in services, why would anyone do anything else? And once cured, quit again until free shit is again needed. That was the goal, except the individual mandate is necessary to even PRETEND you can pay for it. The answer is to forget preexisting conditions, there is a reason why commercial insurance companies do not cover them! Duh!
        If you think people are better than that, can I borrow your unicorn?

    • And 90% of the people who appose a bump stock ban either don’t know what they can truly do, will NEVER show what can be truly done with one or just flat out lie what can be done with one. So which are you?

      The ONLY reason they exist is the Hughes Amendment. When they first came out they were ‘range toys” but people have figured out how to configure Slide Fires to provide effective and accurate fire at over 600 RPM.

      Personally I think bump stocks should be classified as a machine gun and the Hughes Amendment should be repealed.

      At the same time, I’m under no illusions that we will lose a lot of our gun rights the moment some nut job opens up on a crowd with a M240. So while I would love to see the Hughes Amendment overturned, the flood of machine guns onto the market that will be the result scares me shitless.

      • If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!

      • A bump stock does not fit the definition of a machine gun. Period. Yes, the Hughes Amendment needs to be repealed (or just struck since it was never legally passed into law).

        And does freedom really scare you that much? Can your nightmare scenario not happen now with bump stocks, or homemade explosives, or an AR and a beta mag? Or someone just buying a legal MG? NOTHING stopped Paddock from dropping the coin for a registered lower, yet he didn’t. He had the money, the time, the clean record, yet… no registered MG… isn’t that odd? You need to calm down and chill out. It turns out that most people are not homicidal maniacs bent on making a name for themselves with a massacre.

        • Paddock was smart. If he had a registered lower and was busted with it going over state lines, he was hosed. With the stuff he had, all he had to worry about was local laws. He was legal up until he pulled the trigger.

        • And the ATF would have known about his carrying an MG across state lines how…? They only would have known after the fact, when a mass murder might be a more pressing matter than him not filling his 5320.20.

      • I imagine most people here understand what a bump-stock is and chafe at the restrictions on gun rights, no matter how small, given the past 3 decades and how incremental “common-sense” laws have led to where we are today (and it would be worse without Heller, as incomplete as it was).

        I consider bump stocks a novelty. That said, I consider lawn darts a novelty and don’t want them banned either. A lot more people have been injured by lawn darts than bump stocks.

      • I think the entire NFA is unconstitutional and as such don’t care that bump stocks are legal.

      • You keep up this argument that bump stock delivers accurate fire on targets 600 meters away. I’ve heard your arguments and appreciate you’re not a troll, but I’m posting my rebuttal so someone reading these comments will have a differing point of view presented.

        I hereby challenge any professional shooter with a bumpstock or even a full auto military m4 to put more rounds on a human sized target at at any distance amount over 100 yards and any time amount over 30 seconds than I can with the same rifle in semi auto mode. We will film it and put it on YouTube. I am located in Central Kentucky.

        • My mistake on RPM. I still maintain it is wildly in accurate even on a bipod with a recoil rail.

          Does anyone honestly believe they can achieve more hits on a target(s) in a given amount of time with a AR-15 equipped with bumpstock than the same rifle operated in semi-auto?

          That’s not what I got out of Vegas. I see lots of wounding shots when fired at a massed target during 12 or so minutes. Imagine 12 minutes of ACCURATE fire with a scoped bolt action hunting rifle.

    • And I’m betting the lawsuit will be coming shortly, in time for the SCOTUS appeal to include our new guy. Banning bump stocks is in clear violation of 2A, tell me how it does NOT infringe!! And off we go. Perhaps someone open carrying on her street will cause RBG to have an attack and retire to NJ, getting 7-2 and tossing ALL gun control.

  2. Good enough for me! JESUS wouldn’t make the list for some of you mopes!😩

  3. This pick makes the Gorsuch selection look like a lucky fluke. I’m not giving Trump any real credit for that pick, anymore. Gorsuch is good, but Trump just stumbled into that pick. If he had any real skill, he could repeat the feat.

    Kavanaugh used to work for Kagen at Harvard. He considers both her and his liberal colleagues on his current D.C. court to be personal friends. I’m not saying everyone needs to agree on every political point. A rousing political debate can be great fun and very educational.

    However, I cannot ever see me being friends with a diehard, America-hating, racist statist like, say, Sotomayor. Kavanaugh can, and that’s an issue. Huuuge issue.

    Trump missed an easy layup here and laid a huge egg with Kavanaugh. Expect this never-had-a-real-job, lifetime long insider to turn out being something between an Anthony Kennedy and a David Souter. Expect generations of heartbreaking 5-4 votes out of him.

    The Republican Party: Only slightly slowing the nation’s decline into socialism and global irrelevance since 1969.

    • scalia was good friends with ginsberg. not saying its not a concern, but lets at least see how he votes on a case or two before panicking

      • That would have been my point, as well. I don’t think anyone ever would have suggested that Scalia watered down his decisions to keep a friendship. To keep a majority? Maybe. But that’s a different story.

      • Can we all agree, they are all a bunch of dangerous dangerous fuckbags, and put them on notice.

        That was rhetorical.

    • trump wants a friend on the court in case he runs into legal trouble….this guy fills the bill…

    • ” Expect this never-had-a-real-job, lifetime long insider to turn out being something between an Anthony Kennedy and a David Souter.”

      Well, I guess we won’t know for sure until a case comes up for consideration.

      I have a hard time believing Justice Thomas will agree to vote granting cert. for a 2A case if he wasn’t comfortable with how it may turn out.

      So, how does your prediction of him turning traitor jibe with the ‘other’ Heller dissent by Kavanaugh concerning semi-auto rifles and mandatory gun registration?


      • We need for sh_t to go ‘terribly wrong’ in a hurry. It’s been going terribly wrong over too long a period now.

        Let’s get this fucking road on the show.

    • I have no problem with him being friends with the “enemy”. I have been good friends with a few radical liberals for over 50 years (since high school) and we get along great. We all agree that we will never agree on most major issues but it is OK. Knowing personally how the other side thinks is much better that what is said or published by the lame stream media.

      I don’t have a problem with the selection and I hope he is confirmed quickly.

  4. Should have picked Coney-Barrett to have a conservative woman on the court. Kavanaugh has some potential liberal tendencies and is the most big government “originalist” I can think of but he is still a better pick than Hillary would choose.
    Focus on getting Kavanaugh appointed and then let’s wait until Ginsburg is out.

    • Barrett’s on the short list for next time…and there will probably be a next time….

      • I like her as well, but I hope she is up to being ‘Bork’ed’ by the Leftists during her confirmation hearings.

        The ‘Progressives’ will be showing their true colors as they use every trick in the book (and a few new ones) to shred her alive…

        • Geoff, as you saw last night, the commies were bad mouthing Trumps pick 1 hour before the pick was named. It don’t make any difference who Trump names in the future, The left will bitch up a storm, and crucify any future Trump nominee. We should all be used to it by now.

    • Maybe Trump’s longer game is “if you don’t confirm Kavanaugh, I’m appointing Kethledge”.
      I can hope, can’t I?

      • Kethledge (like most of these fV<kstains) has a four-foot-deep wedgie from political fence sitting, but is mostly POS communist ifucked. We need him like we need our sun to supernova.

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