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  1. How sad is it, that I find SCOTUS Justice Scalia a more inspiring speaker on the 2A than Wayne? I was lucky enough to see Charlton Heston several times speak. Dang….only can wish we find such a guy again.

    • My expectations were low, so I ended up actually quite pleased with the speech, mostly because he didn’t say anything that hurts rather than helps. Who would be our dream NRA spokesperson if we were allowed to pick ’em?

      • Boy is that the 64 thousand dollar question. I’ve been sitting here racking my brain with potential candidates. I come up with no one who jumps out as a clear leader to hold this post. If you look at the various worlds someone could come from think about the friends we really have:

        military or police

        What would be the characteristics I’d want:

        Well versed in firearms and the 2A arguments – a REAL freaking gun guy
        No compromise mindset on the 2A
        attractive (either a man or woman)
        appealing to or of a minority group
        aggressive in debate and actions
        young but not that young. Late 30’s early 40’s for a longish career as head honcho.

        In the last year or so, the only guy who really impressed me was Ben Shapiro of all people. His appearance on Piers Morgan was spectacular. A fabulous Talmudic scholar trained mind, but he has none of the other attributes above. I can’t think of a single entertainment person worth a warm bucket of spit. Including Tom Selleck, who once burned by Rosie won’t touch the gun issue with a 10 foot pole. Despite this he gets elected to the NRA board every cycle. Matter of fact half that board is useless.

        The likelihood is that Chris Cox will slide in when Wayne calls it quits. Sad.

        I’m sure folks will scream that the Nuge or Alex Jones is an exact fit. Sorry not me. But would like to hear others thoughts for sure.

        • Including Tom Selleck, who once burned by Rosie won’t touch the gun issue with a 10 foot pole.

          I agree that after that interview he got quiet on the subject, but “being burned by Rosie” is not what I saw happening. I saw a well spoken individual holding a civil, factual argument with an emotionally hyperventilating shrew.

          I think it has more to do with the fact that he was so blind sided that he’s now clammed up. He held his ground, but he wasn’t there for an argument.

        • At one point Selleck was considering taking over after Heston. Just because he is quiet now doesn’t mean he’s completely pulled away. Palin might be able to pull it off, as could Shapiro. It’d be interesting to have a tag team of Jolie/Pitt. Maybe Bruce Willis?

        • Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer, and Gary Sinise are okay. But if I had to pick one and stick with it, I’d go with Robert DuVall.

        • Big fan of Ben Shapiro.

          1) Ultra quick thinker
          2) Has destroyed the enemy on multiple occasions
          3) Highlights the intellectual side of gun owners
          4) Being Jewish will blow the minds of racist leftists (which there are many)
          5) Intimately ties 2A rights to tyranny and his holocaust familiar connection

          1) Has to backtrack on some statements he has made (said it was OK that full-auto rifles were limited)
          2) AFAIK, he’s not an active shooter….needs a lot of range time.

          Here is another mind-bender option for the leftists…. Alfonzo Rachel

          Click on this pic for a guaranteed laugh from Alfonzo

      • Exactly…low expectations…and he didn’t F up that I could tell (although who knows how the Left will manufacture and lie about it)

  2. Just reading the HuffPo comments about Wayne’s speech. It’s amazing how they universally refuse to equate gun rights with freedom. “You don’t need guns to have a job, a roof over your head, an enough to eat…” But when SHTF they’ll all be lining up to hide behind us, the armed ones.

    • Ever was it so, and ever shall be. That’s if the HufPo crowd ever actually gets around to doing anything.

  3. All I can say is you give the full speech.
    Msnbc gives less then 2 minutes……….

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