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Civilian disarmament operations like Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords and the Brady Campaign disguise their true agendas by claiming they’re working for “gun safety,” a euphemism for ensuring that the fewest number of people possible own and carry firearms. Yet in a nation with over 400 million guns, they do precisely nothing to ensure that Americans — let alone children — are educated about safe firearm handling practices or protected from the Adam Lanzas and Nikolas Cruzes of the world.

On the other hand, the NRA, through their School Shield Program, has announced over $600,000 in grants to schools in 23 states for various projects to improve their security should the worst happen. And all we hear from Shannon Watts, Mark Kelly and Kris Brown is…crickets.

Here’s the NRA’s press release:

NRA School Shield Awards More Than $600,000 in Grants To Support School Security Projects Nationwide

FAIRFAX, Va. – NRA School Shield, in partnership with The NRA Foundation, has awarded more than $600,000 in grants to support vital school security projects and activities across the nation.

“The NRA is proud to be at a forefront of providing meaningful solutions to safeguard our nation’s schools,” said NRA President Oliver North. “Protecting our most precious resource – our children – with substantive measures that work should be the top priority for all Americans. Thanks to the generous support of NRA members, many schools will now have the necessary funding to enhance their security.”

John Perren, Senior Advisor to the NRA Executive Vice President, added, “Funding is a persistent challenge in most communities. By working closely with our dedicated field staff, we were able to initiate this first national grant cycle and look forward to growing this critical element of the program for many years to come.”

A total of 54 grants were recommended to schools in 23 states, including both public and private K-12 educational institutions. Grants were awarded to eligible applicants for proposals that aimed to make our nation’s schools more secure by addressing known vulnerabilities through the implementation of industry best practices in security infrastructure, technology, personnel, training, and policy.

Grant-funded activities include but are not limited to infrastructure enhancements and renovations, access control and visitor management systems, improved communications systems, emergency medicals kits, and perimeter fencing repairs and installation, as well as investments in life-saving training.

“Our grant program is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to making our schools more secure and protecting our children,” said Sheila Brantley, Director of the NRA School Shield program. “We have made significant investments in helping stakeholders learn more about common vulnerabilities and best practices in terms of school security – even working with law enforcement and school leaders to standardize the process for conducting school vulnerability assessments through our Security Assessor Training program. With our grant program, schools in need have access to the funding necessary to make meaningful improvements.”

For more information about NRA School Shield, including resources, visit, call (844) 467-7723, or email [email protected].

About NRA School Shield
The NRA School Shield program was introduced in December 2012 as a new initiative focused on improving school security in an effort to help prevent national tragedies at educational institutions in America. Recognizing that school security is a complex issue with no simple, single solution, the NRA School Shield program is committed to addressing the many facets of school security, including best practices in security infrastructure, technology, personnel, training, and policy. Through this multidimensional effort, NRA School Shield seeks to engage communities and empower leaders to help make our schools more secure.

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  1. If the anti-gun billionaires would donate a fraction of the money to upgrade school security that they do into taking away my guns, they could actually solve the school shooting issue. But no – in fact, the anti-gunners will be bemoaning this NRA effort as somehow trying to indoctrinate kids to become drooling, gun-fondling cretins.

  2. Its nice “not” to know the NRA is doing this . I don’t think it’s their responsibility, nor do I like the idea of a single cent of my NRA MEMBERSHIP DUES being spent on something that is not the NRA’S RESPONSIBILITY. Let the Leftards fund this , put their money where their mouths are. You can not placate ignorant Leftards. Well maybe if you’re lining their pockets.

  3. Not a terrible idea.

    BUT I’d suggest at least 50% of EACH grant must be for purchase of firearms for stockage in a school or ammunition/accessories for firearms. Must also have significant cash contribution from local NRA members into EVERY grant. Then put the arm on manufactures for “participation” with firearns, ammo, accessories.

    AND the local DIckless Sporting Goods must contribute significant $ for any grant within 50mi of a DSG store.

  4. This is a great start. I bet every state that’s getting these grants has strong 2A laws on the books already. Guns for voluntarily teachers will be coming soon.

    The blue states will just have to learn the hard way. Very sad for the children and their parents.

  5. I wish articles like this listed things like what states are we talking about.

    If mine didn’t get any I want to know so I can rag on my legislators.

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