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NRA commentator Colion Noir was none-too-happy when reality TV star Kim Kardashian “celebrated” National Gun Violence Awareness Day with an open letter advocating gun control. So he fired up the NRA cameras and let Ms. Kardashian have it with both metaphorical barrels, suggesting that KK’s call to keep guns away from the mentally ill could very well include herself. Like this:

“Kim, let’s be real. You have a book of selfies. You are the epitome of a narcissist, which, last I checked, narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness. Not to mention your self-admitted dealings with anxiety and the PTSD you suffered from being robbed at gunpoint.

“My dear, you have several mental illnesses. So should we make your name number 75,001 of people who should not be allowed to own guns? Then again, you are an elitist of the highest order, so I’m sure you’d consider yourself an exception.”

Seems like standard-issue Noir, no? Perhaps so, but it proved too much for the NRA, for reasons we can only surmise. Such as the gun rights group’s desire not to alienate Kim’s tens of millions of followers. Whatever.

Anyway, the NRA pulled the video. If you don’t mind giving the rabidly anti-gun Huffington Post and Media Matters the clicks, click here to watch Mr. Noir’s polemic.

On the positive side, I reckon more left leaning Americans will watch the “banned” Noir rant than would have watched it if the NRA hadn’t deep-sixed it. Heck, they might even like it. Secretly, of course. Seriously. Big win.

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  1. The Kardashians make me fear for the gene pool. Quite frankly, not one of them belongs outside of a padded room.

  2. More power to them making $$$ by exploiting themselves and acting like trailer trash. Hey it’s America go out and make a buck. But for the love of all that’s holy will they just not STFU. I don’t know who is worse the Kardashian family or the drooling idiots that watch them.

    • Absolutely never watched them and never will just like a never slow down traffic by watching a train wreck. Which the K and J family is

      • I’ve never seen any of these “reality” shows either but that’s not the same as rubber-necking at a car crash.

        If I have to sit in traffic for an hour to get past an accident scene, when I finally get there, I’m getting my money’s worth. I gawk it up.

        I am a morbid onlooker.

        • Ever rubbernecked at an accident scene and seen a motorcycle helmet in the middle of the road?

          With a head in it?

          Stop your rubbernecking. You slow down the rest of us, and you really, REALLY don’t want to see what you think you want to see.

        • I rubbernecked at an accident scene where a motorcylist had ducked around a stopped lane of traffic… only to plow into the back of a stopped semi in the next lane he hadn’t seen. Judging buy the size of the splat, he must have been going full speed. Not sure there was a helmet left afterwards though. Whats your point tho? And the day you buy my car, pay for my insurance and gas, and pay for my time, THEN you get to tell me how to drive. Otherwise worry about your OWN speedometer and let me worry about mine, jacka$$.

    • No Kardashians on my YouTube feed, Colion is however – highly recommended.
      Actually tried to give HuffPo’s link a whirl, so many damn popups the vid wouldn’t play right. Pity, I love Colion’s rants…

  3. Given the image the NRA has been pushing lately, I would think the intersection of NRA fans and Kim Kardasian fans would be fairly close to a null set, but I could be wrong.

  4. Don’t know why it was pulled, everything said is true, oh that’s right , we can’t handle the truth.

    • I wondering yhe same thing. If huff po and the like start showing NRA videos it might be the beginning of the end for the left.

  5. I guess those European crooks that stole her jewelry were just too nice to her. I would’ve thought after that incident even she might’ve realized that when seconds count, your bodyguards are only minutes away.

  6. Kardashian is obviously suffering from Celebrophrenia, a mental afliction which causes people to believe that fame makes them wise.
    Unfortunately, it’s a very common disease for which there is not yet any known cure.

    • Agreed 100%! The NRA proves time and again that they don’t have any intention of representing true patriotic Americans, for them it’s all about the dollar. Colin should call them out on their bullshit…I’ve come to fuckin HATE the NRA.

      • The problem with the NRA is its still infested with FUDDS. Get rid of them and its a much better organization that could actually get shit done.

        • I say let the fudds have the NRA. They bow to social order but are incurably convinced they’re holier than everyone else. That’s the pecking order in the fudd mind. So if you join an org where they’re the majority you will be seen as and used as a tool. No two ways about it.

          Best thing is to leave them alone. Gun Culture 1.0 had their chance, the less attention they get now, the less new blood in the NRA the quicker it can finish assuming it’s proper place as just one of many pro gun orgs, the special-interest one for frumpy old farts.

  7. Meh. Everyone is a little crazy.

    (No, really, look hard enough at the DSM and everyone displays symptoms of one or more disorders.)

    In this case Kim K is just a run of the mill hypocrite.

  8. C,mon, Colion, you know she’s got to be adjudicated, first. Well, maybe not, in Kommiefornia.

    I never watch the K’s. Only reason I knew she’d even had a minion write an “open letter” was because it was posted here.

    • Huffing COMPOST is more like it. But, Truth Doesn’t Matter is a new one, to me — and pretty much equally applicable to the entirety of the lamestream “news” media!

  9. Why do people watch the Kardashians if they are all a train wreck? The same reason people rubber neck every time they drive by an accident. They enjoy watching other peoples pain. That way they can feel that they are no worse than famous people.

  10. Noir is too good for the NRA. I can see using it as a stepping stone but I hope he separates from them soon.

  11. I don’t care for Mr. Noir and absolutely have no use what so ever for any Kardashian.

  12. Noir nailed it, and not just at one of them, but all the Hollywood types and progressive celebrities.

    Wonder why the NRA pulled it.

  13. Apparently neither Robert nor any on else here can understand why the NRA pulled the spot. You should not take people’s guns away because of any mental illness. The only people with mental illness that you should take guns away from are those that are likely to cause harm to themselves or others. Narcissistic personality disorder is not going to harm themselves or others.

    People that own guns must be paranoid. Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others. Therefore we can take your guns away. See the problem with Noir’s statement?

    • I was going to post this, so I’m glad I read through. You are 100% correct. Do you do your own taxes? No? Then you are mentally disabled. No guns for you!

  14. Nobody with an ass the size of the back end of a ’56 Buick should be allowed to have a gun.

  15. It was probably wise to pull the video. He’s up there in their name slandering her name. He isn’t qualified to make mental health diagnoses about individuals in public. Neither is it really in the NRA’s interest to engage in a tit-for-tat spat with a pop culture figure. It’s beneath them and actually smacks of cyber bullying.

    • Cyber bullying? Oh, give me a fucking break. You can’t bully someone who has that much pull.

      It’s a pissing contest. The NRA said, quite sensibly, that they wanted no part of no pissing contest.

  16. I literally see nothing wrong with a single word he said. He has always articulated his message very well, this is classic Colion Noir, and it should never stop.

  17. I work in the psychology field. I would have to refer her to another clinician. And her husband needs therapy in my opinion too. My client list is full though. At capacity.

    • Look at the men in that family. Bruce Jenner? Lamar Odom? Kanye is the normal one. I hope he gets out soon…

  18. monday after work i’m going to call and cancel my membership. America needs to show washington we are not fu<king around, even if it is our team.

  19. I took Colion’s video to be an attempt to point out that Kardashian idiot’s idiocy, not an attempt to diagnose her with any disorders.

    The NRA pulling the video is just more justification of why I left the NRA in favor of Gun Owners of America and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. Colion is well-spoken, rational, and civil, exactly the kind of spokesman we need representing us. The NRA shouldn’t shy away from him just because he stepped on someone’s delicate little toes.

    • Hey, give my regards to Dudley. Tell him I just LOVE having to break the law to get standard cap magazines, and the best thing he ever did was killing the bill to remove the 15 round limit. Give him my email addy, too. Somehow I dropped off his list when I didn’t respond to his Al Sharpton-inspired polemics and demands for dollars.

      If you donate money to RMGO, you are being taken. Dudley Brown is a fraud. I stand by my comparison to Sharpton.

  20. The success of the Kardashians is scientific proof that the first 7 minutes of Idiocracy was really a cautionary documentary somehow leaked from an alternate future reality.

    And then Matt Groening seems to be Gen-X version of Nostradamus/Jules Verne, only without the hellfire or cool steampunk submarines & subterranean dinos (unless I haven’t seen those particular episodes of Futurama). And according to his shows, the future is going to be overrun by idiots too.

    Yup, society has been doomed for a while. It’s only just now becoming obvious.

  21. I’m glad Colion Noir called out a rich white woman who has private armed security on her hypocrisy. As far as mental illness goes, the things he describes has caused many people to be denied, at time of gun purchase. He is being brutally honest. NRA you let me down.

  22. This kind of crap by the NRA is exactly why I’m not going to renew my membership with them. They have become WAY too politically correct!

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